Youth camp in Aktru 2020

Youth camp in Aktru 2020

Russian Mountaineering Federation


The program contains a full course of the mountain school, which can be changed and refined depending on weather conditions, the state of the routes.

Youth shift program

Dates: June 29 to July 13

1. Mountaineering is a set of practical exercises: the technique of moving on various mountainous terrain, working with a rope, knots, rock climbing and, of course, climbing routes of varying difficulty.

2. General development programs are a combination of versatile activities that help develop leadership skills in a child, the ability to work and communicate in a team. Also the ability to conduct research projects and create various technical means (design of drones, design of 3D maps of the area).

Every day from 1 to 3 lessons from various educational blocks are held with children:

Mountaineering training (Appendix 1)

Educational block of the harmonious development program (Appendix 2)

educational block from Technopark Quantorium;

Hiking, trekking, hiking - what is it and what is the difference

The Federation of Sports Tourism of the Perm Territory is a non-profit public organization uniting tourist clubs, tourist sections and individual tourists. render completely. The Federation organizes and carries out general management of tourist activities: hikes, competitions, contests. Conducts Championships of the Perm Territory by type of tourism.

The aim of the Federation is to develop sports tourism and all related activities in the Perm Territory and beyond.

Anyone who is interested in or is engaged in sports tourism can participate in the activities of the Federation. The meeting is maximally open for cooperation with all interested people.

Friends. If your passion for sports tourism has grown into something more than just a hobby and you feel like a part of the sports tourism community, then it's time to officially join the Federation of Sports Tourism of the Perm Territory, becoming a collective or individual member of the Federation of Sports Tourism and paying a membership fee.

fee for an individual member of the federation - 300 rubles per year; fee for a collective member of the federation - 3000 rubles per year

application and receipt of payment must be sent to fst59 @ list. u then you will receive a membership notification.

In 2020, 53,219 initiatives were submitted to the "Volunteer of Russia" competition. One of them is our Green Kilometers of Health. We worked on it for more than half a year, sometimes it was so difficult that I wanted to give it up more than once, but we made a dream plan for our Federation. And I ask those who know about our work and trust me: these days, your support is especially necessary for us! VOTE LINK: . u/application/7248

To reach the quarter-finals, we not only prepared a project, but underwent training and online testing, learned how to use ZUM and entered 1557 semifinalists who defended projects in the framework of the district online forums. The final test was online protection at the Russian level. And so we, not believing our eyes, reached the final. There are only 210 finalists, and we were happy to be among them - because this is very necessary for our people - the elderly and retirees who have to observe the strictest regime during the coronavirus period - despite the fact that fresh air and movement are needed to maintain health and immunity.

The last stage remains. The results of the popular vote will amount to 30% of the overall project assessment, and the remaining 70% will depend on the choice of the jury.

Yearly Training Camp Calendar

New Year's training camp in Crimea

Preliminary departure dates: 26.2.020 the first group leaves, 29-30. 2. 020 - the second, it is possible to get there on your own. Departure home is scheduled for 08.1.021./p>

Fees program. Meeting the New Year 2021.

Rock lessons, ascents. For beginners, compliance with the standards for the "Alpinist of Russia" badge. For arresters climbing rocky routes 1b-6a k/sl. to Mount Falcon.

For all questions, please contact tel. +7 987 537 55 93

Resuming classes in the hall

From September 1, we were allowed to resume classes in the hall. Maximum number of people: 15. Visits are possible by appointment only. Until the epidemiological situation returns to normal, there will be two groups: from 17:30 to 19:30 and from 19:30 to 21:30. You can sign up in personal messages to Alexey Bogdanov on VKontakte. At the entrance, masks, gloves, and the use of antiseptic agents are required. In case of signs of ARVI (fever, cough, runny nose), please refrain from visiting.

Climbing training camp in Uzunkol

Dates: July 14 - August 13, 2020

Region: Caucasus, Karachay-Cherkessia, gorge of the Uzunkol and Kichkinekol rivers

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