Your Kamchatka: volcanoes, geysers and the Pacific Ocean

Holidays in the Kamchatka Territory in winter 2020-2021: where to go and what to see

The unique Kamchatka will give you much more than a simple contemplation of the fantastic beauty of the landscapes. This is a unique land of contrasts with incongruous natural reliefs: amazing snow caves and black sand, snow-covered hills and inaccessible canyons, stately waterfalls and acid lakes and rivers. Smoking vents of volcanoes, warm thermal springs, active fumaroles, gushing geysers, boilers with boiling mud and encounters with bears - all this excites the mind. The incredible beauty of Kamchatka will touch your soul and give a sense of harmony with the outside world! Hurry up to sign up, there will be an increase in prices!

Upcoming hikes

How to get there

By plane to Yelizovo airport. Gathering of the group on the first day of the hike at 15:00 local time at the airport building. Please note that the time in Kamchatka is +9 hours to Moscow.

Return tickets can be taken on the final day starting at 13:00

If for some reason you are limited in time, and you need to fly out earlier, this can be done on the 11th day of the hike, starting at 17:00. And also at any time on the 12th day.

Those who arrive earlier or fly back later may need to check into a hotel. We advise you to choose and book in advance. And decide where to stay - in the town of Yelizovo, where the airport is located, or in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (30 km).

In the village. Yelizovo is more convenient. it's closer to the airport. There are two interesting museums and hostels and hotels for every demanding taste. You can also rent an apartment. In high season, the chances are high that inexpensive options will be busy. Therefore, it is better to book accommodation in advance. For example, hostel ViLa +7 (4152) 332232, e-mail: hostelvila @ yandex. u, address: Elizovo, st. Uralskaya, 2. Cost from 1000 rubles. Link to the site for booking rooms in Yelizovo hotels here

Feedback from participants

Kamchatka is a fabulous place, but the review is more about organizational issues. Preparing for the trip: The manager of the KP, who coordinated our application and the availability of personal equipment, said that our personal tent is Red.

I will not repeat once again what has been repeatedly noted by other participants in the campaigns: Kamchatka is really beautiful and unique! And this route allows you to see many beauties and fully appreciate the exoticism of it.

Your Kamchatka: volcanoes, geysers and the Pacific Ocean

Trekking in Kamchatka "To the ends of the Earth", climbing the volcanoes Gorely, Mutnovsky, Tobachik

Hike in Kamchatka without backpacks "Acquaintance with Kamchatka"

Climbing Klyuchevskaya Sopka (m), Kamchatka

This is a land of contrasts and extraordinary impressions, the region has only three cities and is distinguished by unique natural phenomena. You can live your life dreaming of visiting this unique peninsula, but why do it if you always have the opportunity to buy a tour to Kamchatka or go there on your own.

Meeting with Kamchatka begins on the plane on the way to the airport. The eye is attracted by volcanoes, bays and endless expanses. And when you get off the plane, you are "greeted" by two mighty volcanoes - Koryaksky and Avachinsky.

Two thirds of Kamchatka's area are mountains of volcanic origin. The formation of mountains continues to this day, you can see for yourself. Thanks to volcanoes, mountains form here quickly - one and a half to two years and a new peak may appear ready. And if you're lucky, you yourself can watch the volcanic eruption.

The peninsula is adorned with 100,000 lakes! They are small, have different origins, so they never look the same. The deepest freshwater lake is the Kuril Lake, it is of volcanic origin. There are hot springs around it, and a volcano rises nearby. Ilyinsky.

One third of the area of ​​the peninsula is occupied by forests, mainly conifers. White birch and stone birch forests are also famous for their incredible beauty.

The territory of Kamchatka is unlike any other corner of the planet. The area of ​​the peninsula is 270 thousand square kilometers. First of all, Kamchatka attracts with its wild nature, practically untouched by humans, active volcanoes, geysers, bears and red fish, of which there are a lot.

One way or another, everyone should visit Kamchatka. Hiking is perhaps one of the best ways to discover Camachatka

When Vasily Peskov, one of the best journalists in Russia who wrote about nature, was asked what his favorite place was, he invariably answered - Kamchatka. There he wanted to return again and again, despite the fact that he could go anywhere in the world.

Kamchatka! It seems to me that there is no such almost fabulous chest with the riches and wonders of nature on Earth, ”wrote Vasily Mikhailovich. But he was in love with the summer, autumn and spring peninsula. Meanwhile, rest in the Kamchatka Territory in winter is no less beautiful, despite the severity. Since it is here that two elements converge - ice slopes and boiling geysers. Kamchatka is valuable because adventures on it are not only possible - they are inevitable. Unless, of course, you do not hide from it behind the fences of comfortable villages, but take the risk of going out into the cleanest and wildest region of Russia. And gain impressions that will last for a lifetime. Although, no ... Perhaps, for two or even three lives - after all, those who once visited Kamchatka will definitely come back again. Any route, even the most light one, will give you a full impression. What can we say about a real extreme if you have chosen to rest in the Kamchatka Territory in the winter of 2020 or early 2021.

Conquering volcanoes

There are almost three dozen volcanoes on the peninsula. Arriving on vacation in the Kamchatka Territory in the winter in the season 2020-2021, you will certainly see them - tours to them are open all year round, and the price depends on the distance and inaccessibility. Some can only be reached by helicopter. But if this is your first time on this blessed land, then it is better to pay attention to the volcanoes close to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the so-called home volcanoes, whose cones are visible right from the windows of the hotel.

The most accessible and popular is Avachinsky. In summer, an inexhaustible stream of tourists rises on it along two paths. In winter, for obvious reasons, it dries up ... But so much the better! The hike takes up to six hours. And with snow there is a chance to climb to the top on a snowmobile - the local internet is replete with offers of one-day tours. And such a path is accessible even to inexperienced researchers; in extreme cases, you can be tied up by a passenger.

Tours are arranged for almost all home volcanoes.


To conquer distant volcanoes, a more prepared snowmobile expedition is needed - for a few days. Even though it is much more difficult and requires certain skills in extreme snowmobile handling and special physical preparation, it is much more interesting than weekend tours. This is already a ride into the unknown, which in any case will be remembered for a lifetime.

There are a lot of options for snowmobile tours - for every taste and budget.

Here you can give only one piece of advice - choose the average duration of the expedition, which will include crossing the passes, driving through frozen lakes and fabulous forests, storming one or two volcanoes. Most often, these tours include visits to hot springs, which are magically rejuvenated.

Mastering Alpine Skiing

Given the relief, it is not surprising that ski holidays in the Kamchatka Territory are in demand in winter, in the 2020-2021 season you can ski both in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and beyond. The pistes here are of such a high level that the Japanese do not consider it a shame to come for the weekend.

There are several quite decent bases equipped with modern lifts.

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