Yeseninsky places of the Ryazan region - unusual excursions in Ryazan

Tourism needs an upgrade

The countdown of days to the New Year has already started. And the magic will certainly happen. In the meantime, you can start making plans for the holidays. Wander along the snow-covered trails in Ryazan Meshchera, explore architectural masterpieces, bask in hot springs, find an ancient mosque in the center of a Russian city, stroll along the old streets and admire the scattering of domes and colorful merchant mansions. Choose your winter with us.

We tell you what to do in Ryazan and the surrounding area during the New Year holidays and not only. And you can find the best holiday tours here.

Winter Fun

Prepared tracks suitable for different levels of skiing, comfortable lifts, experienced instructors are waiting for the guests of the Semeno-Oleninskoye complex. It includes two slopes up to 400 m long and up to 50 m elevation difference. A nice bonus: all this is just a 10-minute drive from the city.

A lot of activities can be found at the Oka recreation center: 3 tube and 2 ski slopes, an ice rink, a cross-country ski track, rental of downhill and cross-country skis, snowboards and skates. A fascinating view of the Oka opens from the territory of the base.

The Almaz biathlon complex is very popular: ski tracks with a length of more than 10 kilometers, a shooting range for pneumatic biathlon with 20 lines, a shooting range with 30 firing lines, stands for 300 seats, as well as an illuminated roller ski track 3.3 km.

Do you want something unusual? Go skiing with your husky. Waiting for you: the most picturesque routes of the pristine Meshchera, the opportunity to live on the Meshchera farm in the hut of the poet-fisherman, unforgettable emotions from communicating with four-legged friends. See the link for details.

Those who prefer quieter entertainment should go ice-skating on the frozen lake in the "Okskaya Pearl" or rent skis and go to the Paustovsky trail in the village. Solotcha.

Cozy master classes

Back in the distant 19th century in Ryazan, they came up with their own recipe for lollipops. You can find it out at the Lollipop World Museum. Also, everyone can try themselves in the role of a sugar maker and paint the lollipop with chocolate on their own. After a winter walk, it will be very pleasant to have a cup of aromatic sbitn in the Tea Museum. The menu also includes traditional Ryazan dishes, for example, loaf pancakes.

Take a look at Yesenin from a new perspective on a journey to the poet's "small homeland"

Excursion rating: 100% 4 reviews of tourists Individual excursion for 1-10 people Price: 4200 rubles.

Yeseninsky places of the Ryazan region

The life of Sergei Yesenin is closely connected with the Ryazan region: here the poet was born and grew up and returned here several times - first during his studies from the nearby Spas-Klepiki for the holidays, then from European and overseas capitals. Having left for Moscow in July 1912, the poet always remembered his "small homeland" and never tired of singing it in poetry. On this journey, you will visit Yesenin's native village Konstantinovo, the places in which he performed, you will recognize Sergei Alexandrovich not as a hero of the series and scandalous publications, but as a close, homely, dear person.

Ksenia guide in Ryazan Conducts 3 excursions Usually responds within 10 hours. I represent a tourism and educational project. Each of our events and excursions is preceded by serious work with factual material, verified sources and archival data. We believe that knowing your history, traditions, and just a walk around the city or a trip out of town can be atmospheric and not boring. Provides 3 excursions

Individual excursion for - person

Duration: 5 hours Children: Allowed with children Best Price Guaranteed If you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion


The excursion will take place along the route of Sergei Yesenin from the Divovo railway station to the village of Konstantinovo. It was in this way that Yesenin got to his home from Moscow.

  • At the Divovo station you can visit an exposition dedicated to the life of this village and the stay of Sergei Yesenin in it. You will find out where the poet drank tea, which houses he drove past, with whom he communicated and met during his stay in this village.
  • In the village of Fedyakino, which we will visit, Yesenin read his poems to grateful fellow countrymen. You will see the house where the poet performed.
  • In Konstantinovo, where Sergei Aleksandrovich was born and lived, I will tell you about the life of the village, about its traditions and way of life, I will show you the places that Yesenin visited. You will learn the history of his family, see where he studied, where the great poet had fun and rest. Meet his first love and the woman to whom he dedicated a whole poem.
  • Going out on the high birches of the winding Oka, you can see the same Russian expanses that Yesenin himself saw and which inspired him so much.

Thus, you will see the native places of the great poet of the Silver Age, about which he wrote more than once in his poems, imbued with the atmosphere that inspired him to work and instilled immeasurable love for Russia, get to know Yesenin from a new side : not a joker and a womanizer, but a romance with a vulnerable soul.

The head of the Tourist Information Center in Ryazan, Ekaterina Lukyanova, answers the questions of the editors. I went to visit her after the May holidays. But it was not possible to immediately communicate with a specialist - Ekaterina told the elderly couple for a long time about what can be visited in our region.

A lot of work ...

- Where were these tourists from, Katya?

- Do many tourists come to you?

- On average, about 200 tourists visit us per month. And these are individual tourists. I do not count the groups that the guides bring to us.

- Where else are tourist information centers in the districts?

- In addition to Ryazan, in Skopin and Kasimov. Everyone can receive tourists, help them to stay, and conduct an excursion. The TIC office will soon open in Spas-Klepiki.

We are friends with our neighbors

- Can our region be considered a tourist center, if not for the whole of Russia, then at least for the Central Federal District? Or are we just approaching this status?

- Of course, the Ryazan region is a full-fledged tourist center. Moreover, every year tourists are showing more and more interest in our region. It helps that, firstly, we are close to Moscow, and secondly, our region is very conveniently located in terms of road logistics. For example, we have a lot of tourists from St. Petersburg. Every fourth guest is from there. People come to Ryazan by night train, walk during the day and leave the next night. A lot of young people come, a lot of companies, couples in love. But most of all, of course, tourists from Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as from neighboring regions - Tula, Vladimir.

- And from Nizhny Novgorod?

“More and more often people want to see tourist objects not licked, lacquered and sharpened for visitors, but real and alive. Even if they are unsightly and unkempt "

Today in the "Guest of the room" section we are talking with the head of the tourism and educational project "I'll show you!" Ksenia Panacheva. The main topic of the conversation, naturally, is tourism. Or rather, its problems and possible solutions.

Everything is less rosy in the outback

- The regional authorities constantly say that tourism is developing successfully in the region. What do you think? Is there really any success in this business? Or is it still too early to talk about it?

- The fact that there are more tourists is a fact. It is also true that there are positive changes, albeit small ones, in the appearance of the city: new museums are opening, art objects are being installed, and catering establishments appear. But there are still many problems, including with the improvement of the city. Tourism is developing, but not as fast as we would like. This concerns Ryazan. Unfortunately, everything is less rosy in the region.

- The main thing: what hinders the development of tourism in our region? It seems that there is a desire to deal with this issue on the part of both regional and local authorities. We seem to understand that we need, for example, hotels in the districts, but ... things are still there.

- There are many problems. Ryazan has two main problems: improvement and architectural monuments. The city should be convenient, first of all, for the residents of Ryazan themselves, only then will it become comfortable for tourists.

Cleanliness, good roads and markings, convenient public transport, lighting, well-kept facades of houses, green areas, convenient parking. All this is needed by the locals first of all, and the tourist will catch up.

So far, we see mountains of garbage on Shchedrin, unlit monuments to Yesenin and Evpatiy Kolovrat, a completely dark park near the art museum, bad asphalt in the Cathedral Park, a crowd of cars around the monument to Oleg Ryazansky. The sad list can be continued for a long time.

Unfortunately, these "little things" greatly influence the perception of the city by tourists. All efforts to attract tourists will go to waste if you do not pay attention to the improvement of the city. And the most important thing, of course, is the preservation of the historical appearance of the city.

The districts are still sadder. With the improvement first. Garbage in the Kasimov ravines has already become a kind of attraction with a minus sign. But Kasimov is far from the worst example.

There is also a problem with hotels and catering. Hotels are not being built because there is no demand, there is no demand, because the tourist is not clear where to eat and sleep, what to see from the sights. Vicious circle. As a result, the tourist simply does not go to such places. It's good if the place is not far from Ryazan, such as Starozhilovo, and you can eat and spend the night in the regional center, but if you go to Kadom? Here all the hope is for local enthusiasts who are ready to shoulder food, lodging and even guided tours of visitors, as in Sapozhka, for example. But not every locality has opportunities for this kind of activity.

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