Women's mountain tourism

Women's mountain tourism


Mountain Tourism Club


The X-STYLE Mining Academy is launching a mountain tourist course in 2020. The course is designed for people with zero experience. Experienced tourists also learn a lot. Lectures are given by experienced tourists, rescuers, climbers and doctors.

Danil Zarubin is a certified expert in promalp. Works on oil platforms. Practicing mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting and kayaking, mastering the bicycle. Leads mid-range seminars, writes equipment reviews and articles

Alexander Cojocari is the founder and owner of the X-STYLE outdoor center, certified mountain leader, champion in paragliding. Carried out expeditions to Nepal, Peru, Bolivia and Patagonia. He paraglided over the dormant volcano El Misti, while the residents of Arequipa gave him a standing ovation. In love with the mountains and sport fishing. He loves his family even more, so right now at Santa Claus in Lapland.

Anna Marushchak is an expert in the field of orienteering, is fond of running, participates in marathons. A tourist with experience.

Mikhail Shcherbatyuk is a certified expert in promalp, a traveler, an experienced climber, rock climber, is fond of slackline.

Marian Angel is a certified mountain guide, International Mountain Guide (IML), ski touring and mountaineering instructor in Austria (Schi und Hochtouren Uebungsleiter), President of the Association of Mountain Guides and Leaders of Romania (SGLM). Professional with 20 years of experience in Romania and in the international arena.

Mountain rescuers - S.. ... SALVAMONT Argeș, Fagaras mountain range in Romania; as well as a number of invited speakers.

  • - Introductory lecture on tourism;
  • - Equipment;
  • - Planning, orientation, distance calculation;
  • - Setting up a camp, assessing hazards, food;
  • - Safety: avalanches, rockfalls, snow searching skills;
  • - Driving in the snow: types of snow, movement techniques;
  • - Moving on ice: work in crampons;
  • - Technique of working with an ice ax;
  • - Working with a rope;
  • - Fundamentals of survival and the first help in the mountains;
  • - Organization of parking on the snow.

We invite you to an introductory lecture on tourism at the X-STYLE Mining Academy.

Equipment store for hiking, outdoor activities and extreme sports. Extreme tourism agency: mountain climbing, river rafting, paragliding, hiking, weekend tours. Moldova.

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For him

For most male tourists, this type of vacation is a chic way to cool off daily business negotiations or brighten up your bachelor loneliness. The main destinations are Asian countries, where girls are easily accessible, young and ready for anything for a crisp bill.


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Be careful not to bump into your ex! Sex reassignment surgery is very common in Thailand.


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