With light steam: TOP-5 of the best thermal springs in Ukraine

The best ski resorts in Ukraine

Winter is a great time to relax! Someone likes to change their surroundings and soak up the hot sun, swim in the sea or ocean, while others prefer more active rest. Many tourists are eagerly awaiting the start of the ski season to ski on the dazzling snow-white slopes of the mountains, fully enjoy the beauty of winter forests and feel the warm atmosphere of local restaurants. Often, many people associate ski resorts with a trip abroad. However, you don't have to travel far to get to the ski resort. Ukraine has long become a country worthy of the attention of ski lovers from many countries. So where to go skiing in Ukraine?

Ski holidays in Slavske

It is worth starting with a popular holiday destination for skiing tourists - the village of Slavskoe. This is a ski resort that can easily become an alternative to Bukovel. If we touch on history, it is worth noting that the village is several hundred years old, and at one time, nobles from Poland came here to improve their health and relax. Slavske is well suited for families with children and for those who recently began to ride. "Valley of Dummies" is the name of the slope in Slavske, on which beginner tourists ride. In addition, the Slavskoe ski resort accommodates slopes of varying difficulty, there are 12 of them in total. Slavskoe has a well-developed infrastructure, so tourists who like to actively spend their leisure time will love the numerous bars, restaurants, discos and bowling centers. For those who are just planning to learn how to ride, ski schools at the resort will help.

Weather. The climate in Slavske is rather mild, and the season is from December to March.

Prices. On Mount Trostyan, a ski pass will be about 450 hryvnias, in the area of ​​Vysoky Verkh - 400 hryvnias, on Mount Pohar, the price for 1 lift is 30 hryvnias, if you take a ski pass for the whole day, it will cost from 300 hryvnias. Discounts for children of different ages are available almost everywhere. On average, a ski resort rental will cost from 50 hryvnia, snowboards from 70, sledges from 30 hryvnia per day. Accommodation in Slavskoe for every taste and budget. For one person, the average level of the cost of living is from 350 hryvnia per day.

Helpful hints. It is better to choose light and warm clothes and shoes for skiing. The queue on weekends for the lifts can take up to 20 minutes.

Resort of Western Ukraine - Dragobrat

Dragobrat is the highest ski resort in the Carpathian mountains, due to this the season is longer here than in other ski resorts in our country. In addition, the length of the season is associated with the unusual location of the mountains. The mountain ridge surrounds the resort like a horseshoe and because of this the snow melts here much later. Dragobrat welcomes fans of snow trails from November to May. The undoubted advantage of the resort is the availability of trails for everyone. 16 snow-white trails up to 2 kilometers long - this is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders! There are ski jumping tracks specially created for freestyle and participating in international competitions. In addition to the pleasure of driving on the slopes and conquering the top of Mount Stog, Dragobrat offers its guests many restaurants and cafes. There is a school for everyone who wants to learn to ride at the resort. In 2-3 days, you can go through express training and acquire basic knowledge of snowboarding or skiing. The school's instructors are mostly former top athletes. Dragobrat is called the "highlight" of the Carpathian Mountains for its unique beauty of nature and mesmerizing views.

Weather. The best weather for skiing is considered from February to April.

Prices. Accommodation in the private sector will cost from 200 to 450 hryvnia per day, in hotels from 230 to 380 hryvnia. The average price for a dish in a restaurant is from 60 hryvnia. The price for one lift is from 20 hryvnia, you can purchase a subscription, for example, for 50 lifts, and it will cost you from 800 to 1000 hryvnia.

The best ski resorts in Ukraine

Lockdown is over, now you can go to rest to the thermal springs. Because winter is the perfect time to steam in hot mineral water. "Vesti" has selected the five best places with thermal pools and vats, with different properties and types of water.

Vats in Lumshory: this is where the tradition started

Carpathian vats - what can be surprising in them? Almost every village with a more or less decent hotel has its own vats. But few people know that the tradition of taking a hot vat appeared in Lumshory. In this small mountain village, located 45 km from Uzhgorod, healing hydrogen sulfide streams flow from the mountains, flowing into the mineralized river Turichka.

The tradition of bathing in vats with heated mineral water appeared in Lumshory long before they became a popular entertainment. Local residents made wooden barrels, into which they poured water from streams, put in it stone boulders, red-hot on a fire. And then they steamed, alternating sitting in hot water and dipping into an icy river.

Today the Lumshor tradition has practically not changed - the same healing water, the same red-hot stones, only instead of wooden barrels there are cast-iron vats, under which a fire is made, heating the water. And the infrastructure has also appeared: there are changing rooms, huts, hotels, so that after the procedures there is no need to rush home, but to spend the night among the beech forest. Vats with hydrogen sulfide water strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate the skin, calm the nervous system, and improve the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

  • The cost of a vat for 4 people in Lumshory: from 750 UAH/h
  • Address: Transcarpathian region, Uzhgorod district, s. Lumshory

Beregovo: Hungarian thermal traditions

Transcarpathia is the land of thermal springs. In the foothills of the Carpathians, tectonic layers are still moving, which causes the formation of hot underground springs in the underground depths. One of them is located in Beregovo, a Transcarpathian town on the border with Hungary, famous for its thermal waters. A modern thermal complex "Skylark" was built at the place where the spring came to the surface of the earth.

The composition of thermal water in Beregovo coincides with the mineralization of waters in New Zealand, Iceland and the Kuril Islands - volcanic activity does not stop there either. Thermal waters in Beregovo promote rapid healing of wounds, postoperative sutures, elimination of pathogenic microbes, improvement of hormonal levels and stabilization of the endocrine and nervous systems, treats cardiovascular diseases. When interacting with oxygen, water oxidizes and takes on a rust color. Due to the presence of hydrogen sulphide in the water, there is an unobtrusive specific odor, which, upon contact with air, quickly evaporates.

Zhavoronka has indoor and outdoor pools in winter. The water temperature in the Beregovo spring reaches 57 ° C. For comfortable bathing, the water is cooled to +33. +36 ° C. The indoor pool, decorated in the style of Roman baths, has a hydromassage, a geyser and two waterfalls, and in the jacuzzi, the water temperature reaches +42. +45 ° C. In addition to swimming in the pools, visitors can visit the salt room, steam room and sauna. The complex has its own cafes and restaurants, as well as a wine cellar with a good collection of Transcarpathian wines.

"Thermal waters of Kosino": European baths in Ukraine

One of the best thermal resorts in Ukraine is located in the village of Koson, Transcarpathian region - this is the health and recreation complex "Thermal waters of Kosino". Hot water gushes here from a depth of 1190 m, and its temperature reaches +45 ° С. Thermal water from this hot spring is recommended for the treatment of skin and cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, biliary dyskinesia.

Kosino has several thermal pools with different water temperatures. The largest - the "Golden Tap of Health" - is designed in the form of a huge bowl, which is filled with a tap with hot mineral water hanging in the air. There are also four "Kneipp" jacuzzi pools, made in the form of traditional Transcarpathian drinks: beer, wine, coffee and palinka - Hungarian fruit vodka.

The best ski resorts in Ukraine - helpful tips, climate, prices. Find out the most popular resorts for active skiing

Camping does not mean a savage vacation. For a civilized holiday in a tent in Europe, campings have long existed, which are gradually appearing in Ukraine. For those who love nature and want to enjoy it without giving up basic amenities, we have selected eight campsites in the most picturesque corners of Ukraine.

South of Ukraine

There are plenty of options for resting with a tent by the sea, but there are not so many places with the necessary amenities. They are sparsely scattered across the Odessa, Kherson and Nikolaev regions

Gribovka, Odessa region

Gribovka is located 25 km from Odessa and 7 km from Chernomorsk. There is a wide strip of sandy beach, there are enough small shops to bribe the necessary provisions. Large purchases are best done in neighboring Chernomorsk in large supermarkets, where prices are not so high. For motorists and tents in the camping "Gribovka" parking spaces are equipped, the price of which includes: connection to electricity, use of fresh water, shower, toilet, summer kitchen, garbage collection is organized.

Price - 50 UAH/person. per day until 01.06.19; 70 UAH/person per day after 01.06.19

Children under 10 years old - free.

Parking for guest cars (for those who come for one day) - 50 UAH/day.

How to get there: coordinates - 46 ° 10'47. "N 30 ° 34'18. "E. The recreation center "Gidrostroitel" serves as a reference point. From Odessa by minibus No. 86A Odessa - Gribovka, which departs from the Privoz bus station.

Walk along the embankment in Chernomorsk, find a monument to St. Bernard, who lived on the streets of the city and was everyone's favorite.

Spend the whole day in Odessa. Those who like cultural rest can go to the famous Odessa Opera - only gilded interiors and a multi-ton chandelier will leave impressions for a lifetime. For those who are not indifferent to exhibitions and museums, there is a direct road to the Museum of Western and Eastern Art, where you can see the "Kiss of Judas" by the great painter Caravaggio (this painting was stolen and found several years later). Fans of gastronomic delights can enjoy Odessa cuisine in one of the restaurants, and then stroll through the city, covered with greens of acacias and chestnuts. And those who like to dance all night until the morning can linger on the dance floors of nightclubs in Arcadia.

Karolino, Odessa region

Camping "Karolino" is located in the village of Zatoka - the most popular holiday destination on the Black Sea. In the summer months, hundreds of thousands of people come to Zatoka, and in May and early June it is still not crowded, the sea is clean, the beaches are half-empty, but bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment are already open. In this part of the Zatokskaya Spit there is a wide beach with white sand, a gentle entrance to the water, a rescue station is working. Camping "Karolino" is located on the side of the Dniester estuary, a 20-minute walk to the beach, in the park area of ​​the Zatoka resort. In the campsite, you can live in a tent or rent a house with all or partial amenities. The camping site has all the amenities: electrical connection, toilet, shower, own cafe with 60 seats, guarded parking and even a library. More information at . om. a

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