Winter tale of Altai: description

Top 8 places worth seeing in Altai

Gorny Altai in winter is an opportunity to touch the Fairy Tale and hear the Silence. Taiga in all its splendor, snow-white peaks, shimmering in the rays of the winter sun. Mighty cedars and pines covered with a snow-white blanket, extraordinary patterns created in the Siberian winter. And also amazingly clean, crystal air and water. Waterfalls and mountain rivers that have subdued their violent temper for a while at the behest of Winter. This is an opportunity to live in the cottages of foresters in a real taiga camp, where even time flows in its own special rhythm.

And the starry sky! In the icy mountain air, the night sky looks especially mesmerizing. At no other time and in any other place you will not see it in such a stunning form.

Our tour to the Multinsky Lakes will include several snowmobile trips to the reserve, to the lakes and to the observation peaks. We will see the largest ridge of Gorny Altai in all its splendor. The huntsmen of this reserve will personally take us on excursions to the protected areas, and at the base there will always be a melted bath, crackling firewood in the oven and hot food. A real Fairy Tale created by Altai!

Accommodation in warm houses on the shore of the lake. Conditions are very simple, sleeping in sleeping bags. Stove heating. Cozy in a marching way.

Also, at the end of the hike, we will visit the Old Believer village of Verkh-Uimon, where we will be able to touch the culture and customs of Russian Old Believers.

Join our journey, it will be interesting!

Features of the program:

  • For a comfortable stay, you will need warm clothes, the temperature during the day is -10. -30 ° C.
  • Overnight in stove-heated houses (it is necessary to keep the fire going at night). Accommodation is very simple: bed linen and a blanket are provided, but we recommend you have a small sleeping bag. The house has 3 bunk beds, each level is double, but the house can accommodate a maximum of 7-8 people.
  • We will move on snowmobiles (4-5 people per 1 snowmobile) - a snowmobile pulls a sled with passengers.
  • In addition to warm clothes, you need to take a balaclava or a warm scarf that covers your face. And also a ski mask or goggles (the wind blows heavily on the face on the go).
  • We cook ourselves all together, but every day the responsible (duty) from among the participants change.
  • On the lakes, you can wash in the bathhouse, it is available at least every day (the price includes 2 visits).
  • Electricity only in the evening for lighting and recharging photographic equipment in the administrative building.
  • A trip to the New Year. Of course, we will celebrate the New Year itself with champagne and tangerines :)), but we do not provide for any special New Year's entertainment program. We go to a quiet, reserved place where you can enjoy the silence and beautiful views of winter Altai.

Daily program


Meeting of the group in Gorno-Altaysk. Transfer to the village of Multa. The road will take all day. We eat on the way to a cafe (we also recommend that you stock up on the road with a snack and water).

Winter tale of Altai: description

The last winter month in Altai will appeal to those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. It's time to disconnect from everything and be alone with yourself, put your thoughts in order, and your inner state - to harmony.

Rest in Altai in February is calm, there are very few tourists. The roads are empty. And all around it is so quiet that you can hear the echo of your own breathing. In short, this is a month of romantics and those who need privacy. The special energy of Gorny Altai charges you with vivacity, helps relieve fatigue, stress and forget about problems.

Holidays in Altai in February are mainly wellness, since there are not very many entertainments at this time, and in 2021 the sanatoriums offer a rich set of treatment and prevention services. Tours at the end of winter can be taken at a fairly budgetary cost.

Where to go and what to see

If you come to Altai in winter, you will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the primordial Russian way of life. Just imagine: a crackling Siberian frost, outside the window - a winter forest wrapped in a snow-white shawl, and a real stove is heated in a rural house, dishes made from natural, ecologically pure products are served on the table.

There will be no problems with housing, if you have chosen a vacation in Altai in February: in 2021, there are about two hundred guest houses in the region, most of which are located in the outback. So those who want rural exoticism are welcome. For lovers of comfort and convenience - camp sites, which have modern rooms, restaurants, spa areas. All this is surrounded by high mountains and age-old cedars. And the waterfalls continue to make noise even under the ice. During winter holidays, slides, skating rinks, ski slopes, baths are open at the tourist centers. Extremists can plunge into the ice hole.

Holidays with children

February frosts are not a hindrance for excursions, especially to museums.

Choose the best camp sites in Altai

Vacation Prices

February is the cheapest month for a vacation in Altai. Compared to summer, you can save up to 50-60% of the cost of the tour.

Renting housing from local residents From 400 rubles. Accommodation at camp sites from 900 rubles. Lunch in a cafe from 200 rubles, in a restaurant - from 600 rubles. Excursions from 100 rubles.

Altai - want to go there? Winter tale of Altai: a detailed description of the route, a trekking plan and other useful information.

Altai's climate is a delicate matter. For me, the weather is one of the main components of a pleasant and rewarding trip. For each of us, it is of great importance when choosing a travel date and in the process of packing luggage.

While the mood of nature can be predicted in many popular tourist places, the climate of Altai is a separate topic. Even if I recall it well, I will not be able to find in my memory two winters of the same characteristics or two identical summers.

The mountain climate here is famous for its clean air, solar radiation and relatively high oxygen content. It has a hardening and healing effect.

What is the climate in the Altai Mountains

The type of climate in mountainous Altai is sharply continental. Accordingly, it is changeable. This is the main thing to remember if you are suddenly going to visit these places of unique beauty. This is due to the relief, due to which a kind of climatic zoning is formed, differing in height above sea level and depending on the height of the mountains.


In summer, the Altai climate is cooler than in ordinary areas, which allows active rest (hiking, climbing, rafting, walking) to be pleasant and, most importantly, useful. During my travels, I came across a variety of incidents of nature. So, for example, during the first summer visit to Chemal, there was a terrible heat +30 and a cloudless sky, and during the second - +13 and hail. These two trips were separated by only 2 years.

Altai mountains are located far from the seas and oceans, and the weather variability is caused by the moist sea air moving from the west. High mountains block its path and take away the bulk of the precipitation. The most changeable climate of Altai I have met within the Teletskoye Lake, where the weather can change several times in one day. For me personally, and perhaps for you, this is much more interesting than the monochromatic summer heat.

The photo below is to compare a thunderstorm and a sunny day.


The weather in Altai in autumn can safely add variety to your morning. A barely noticeable frost appears on the grass, and a slight coolness is felt in the air. In September and October, the temperature is still above zero (+8 - +4); it rains more and more. In November, in some places ice covers lakes and rivers.

In winter

During the winter months it is much warmer in the mountains than in the plains. Together with the abundant snow cover, favorable conditions are created for spending time on the ski slope. In my opinion, for people who want peace and relaxation, Teletskoye Lake will be the best choice. The average temperature is kept at around -9 degrees. Mother-of-pearl snow envelops the coastal slopes, and the great lake spirit will help restore your peace of mind. It is extremely undesirable to admire in January the fabulous originality of the Chuya steppe (the most severe place in terms of climate in the Altai mountains) - it happens that it even reaches -60 at night.

Indeed, the sights of Gorny Altai are unique. Foreigners call this land "Russian Switzerland" - for that unique landscape, untouched by civilization originality, which once, even before the arrival of people, reigned in the Alps. It is difficult to imagine another place like the Altai Republic. Here there are stormy rivers and calm lakes, streams gushing from under your feet and endless steppes and everywhere, wherever you look, mountains, as ancient as the planet itself. A wild land, where the mysterious and unknown awaits at every step, where the past and the present meet, where each stone has its own sacred meaning, where even the air is filled with the inexplicable energy of Mother Earth.

The most beautiful lakes of the Altai Republic

Almost all lakes in this fabulous mountainous country are fed by melted glaciers, so the water in them is clean and transparent. There are also steppe, which have the most incredible shades, striking in their mystery and beauty.

Lakes Ak-Kem (Akkemskie)

  • Coordinates on the map: 49.06884, 86.46327.

They are extraordinarily beautiful and harsh - these two ice lakes formed by an ancient glacier. Even in summer, the water temperature does not rise above +4 ° C. You just can't get to them. The lakes are located on the territory of the Belukha National Park and you first need to obtain permission to visit it in the Katunsky Biosphere Reserve.

Altaians call them Ak-Kem, which means "White Water" and they live up to their name. Both lakes are filled with murky white water, which sometimes turns gray due to the high concentration of mineral impurities. The reservoirs are of the moraine type, they are sandwiched from all sides by boulders and rocks.

The Lower Lake is located right at the foot of the majestic Belukha and fills the pit formed by the sliding of the glacier. Even its bottom is glacial silt. The upper one is 2 km higher, but due to the fact that the final ridge of boulders, which served as a dam, is shifting, soon there will be only a reminder of it. Even today, it is full only during the spring flood. The rest of the time it is swampy or the Ak-Kem river drives its few waters through it.

The shores are covered with plantations of cedar and larch or are swampy. The lakes are of great interest to scientists, because they can be used to study ancient glaciation, climate change and everything related to the activity of glaciers. Tourists are attracted by the wonderful alpine landscape opening onto the mountain valley.

Mountain Spirit Lake

  • Coordinates: 49.76747, 86.74183.

Everyone who grew up in Russia dreams of going to see Altai. This is already an axiom. So why does travel remain a dream for many? Each point of preparation causes difficulties: how to make a route in Altai? Where should you go? What to see first? How many things do you need to take with you? Is it possible to see everything in one trip and is it worth going to the other end of the country if you don't have time to cover everything at once?

Finding answers to all questions is almost impossible, but we are not giving up! Earlier, we have already told in detail how to organize a trip to Altai, from which cities to start the journey and what to take with you on the road, now we will share a list of places for which it is worth going to the end of the world and spending your entire vacation.


Altai sights on the map

Seminsky Pass

You need to go to the Seminsky Pass for views from the observation deck - to see how beautifully the sun illuminates the mountains at dawn, how a light breeze excites the tops of trees and nature wakes up from sleep. Time stops here - there are no more plans, reports, bustle of city life. You will admire the wild nature of Altai, inhale the aromas of medicinal herbs and meditate by the lake nearby.

The most important thing is that all this will be available without a big break from civilization.

Seminsky is the highest pass of the Chuisky tract, but at the same time it is the easiest to climb. It is easier to go to see it: the road is completely asphalted, at the top there is an observation deck, tourist centers, parking, shopping arcades and the Seminsky training camp.

How to get there

The Seminsky pass is located at 583 km of the Chuysky tract, 238 km from Biysk. The nearest settlement: the village of Shebalino. The ascent to the pass is straight and soft, only nine kilometers, without sharp ascents and serpentines, so out of inconvenience - unless your ears are blocked. What you need to start your trip to Altai.

What to see around

The lower reaches and the top of the Sarlyk mountain - the highest point of the Seminsky ridge; a monument dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the voluntary entry of Gorny Altai into Russia; Seminsky and Tuyuk lakes.

Which month to choose for the trip

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