Winter rest in Kazakhstan, description of ski resorts

Mountain tourism in Almaty

Kazakhstan is a huge country, the area of ​​which is comparable to the territory of Western Europe. In the west, it borders the Caspian Sea and the Volga plains, in the south - with the foothills of the Tien Shan, in the north and northeast - with the peaks of the Altai Mountains and the Siberian lowland, in the east - with China. Russian-speaking tourists rarely choose Kazakhstan for travel, but among Europeans it is very popular. People come here for the unique mountain landscapes, canyons, pristine lakes, protected areas that have just recently been opened for mass visits, and traditional hunting with golden eagles. The distance between cities and attractions reaches hundreds of kilometers, so we carefully plan routes so that you can visit as many iconic places of this amazing country as possible.

Climate Features

The climate is sharply continental, the distribution of precipitation in different regions is very uneven. Summers are hot and dry with a maximum temperature of +40 ° C, winters are cold and snowy with a minimum temperature of -45 ° C. The best time for tourist trips is the period from March to November. For those interested in winter sports, it is best to plan your trip from November to February.

Popular destinations

Almaty is a friendly and safe city located in the southeastern part of the country at the foot of the Tien Shan. One of its largest parks is the Park named after the First President. Here you can admire the fountains, take a break from the bustle of the city. The center of active winter recreation in this southern capital of Kazakhstan - the high-mountain sports complex Medeu - is known all over the world. Another symbol of Almaty is the Kok-Tobe Park, which can be reached by public transport or by cable car. There are observation platforms, attractions, a petting zoo, an exotarium, a restaurant.

On the spurs of the Tien Shan, there is the Charyn Canyon, which is considered one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. Here you can admire the incredible natural architecture, organize unique photo sessions, take a walk near the Charynka mountain river.

Reserved places of Kazakhstan, which have become available for tourists, are the first and second Kolsai lakes, surrounded by the Tien Shan firs. Their depth reaches 50 m, among the fauna - rainbow trout. These lakes are called the pearl of the Northern Tien Shan.

Types of tours in Kazakhstan

Peculiarities of travel in Kazakhstan

The starting point of the routes depends on the tour chosen. No visa is required for Russians. Passport - foreign or domestic.

Tours to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country with many historical and natural attractions. Here you can spend your vacation, traveling from city to city, but the ski resorts of Kazakhstan have gained great popularity. Thanks to the Altai Mountains, many tourist centers and sports complexes were built. The task of a tourist or independent traveler is to choose the most convenient one.

How to get to the tourist centers in Kazakhstan

Usually, to save time, they choose to buy air tickets to one of the country's international airports - Astana or Almaty. From here you can quickly get to the desired point in the country. Domestic airlines are well developed, almost every large city has an airport. But most of the ski resorts in Kazakhstan are concentrated near Almaty.

How to get around within the country:

  • Regular buses. There are regular bus connections between the city and routes to ski resorts. But their frequency depends on distance and season.
  • Electric Trains. This type of transport is less developed, the railway system is not established throughout Kazakhstan. The advantage is the price of the tickets.
  • Taxi. Recommended for short trips only.
  • Car rental. A convenient option for a long trip around the country.

The route is recommended to be drawn up in advance, most of the ski resorts in Kazakhstan are located in remote regions. An exception is tourist centers near Almaty. Here the distance to them does not exceed 40-50 km from the city boundaries.

Altai Alps

The Altai Alps recreation center is one of the newest in the country. It is located on the territory of the Krasnaya Ulbinka tract, next to the ridge of the same name. This area is located in the eastern part of the state. The specificity of this tourist complex in Kazakhstan is that it is designed for professional snowboarding. For this, several tracks have been developed here.

Features of the tourist complex:

  • Height above sea level - 660 m.
  • There are classic slopes and tracks with lots of trees.
  • There are special obstacles for freeriding.
  • A total of 13 tracks have been made, some of them are discussed at night.

Active tours in Kazakhstan: prices, routes, photos and reviews. An unforgettable journey through the most interesting and picturesque corners of Kazakhstan awaits you. Go on exciting hikes with the Adventure Club!

How to train for mountain hikes

“How to train for hiking in the mountains” - all people who started hiking in the mountains thought about this question.

It's spring already, which means that the marching tourist society will soon come out of hibernation and start going out into the mountains more often, breathing fresh air.

But before running headlong up the mountain, you need to prepare, first of all physically.

So, let's figure out which exercises will help us to comfortably reach the peaks, of course, it's all individually, but preparation won't hurt, especially if you are far from sports and have never been in the mountains before.

1) Running. Starting distance: 2-3 km, then increase the distance by 20-30% every week. If you can run 10 km light jogging without physical or breathing difficulties, then this can be considered a good level, you are ready to go on any average hike.

Also, for more difficult ascents, experts advise running with interval loads. T. You alternate 100 meters of running at your maximum strength and 100 meters of slow running to recover. If you can repeat this 5-6 times, then we can assume that you are ready for almost any hikes in the Zailiyskiy Alatau, including hikes with categories of difficulty.

2) Squats. Initial level: 2-3 sets of 15 times, increase the number of squats by 10-15% each workout. The more you can sit down, the easier it will be for you to climb.

3) Lunges. Initial level: 10-15 lunges per workout, adjust the number of lunges comfortable for you, this exercise will comprehensively strengthen the muscles of your legs.

4) Steps. Initial level: 5-6 floors by running up and down. Also, increase the number of floors with each workout. Exercise will help strengthen the lifting muscles as well as the descent muscles. After all, a hike in the mountains does not end on the rise, you still need to go down, but not many are ready for this.

All these exercises can be performed in combination or divided into parts by day of the week. The main criterion for success is to train at least 3 days a week.

Lobbyists and top managers of European mountain resorts, celebrities of the entertainment and travel industry are traditional speakers of the annual Almaty Mount Forum

The meeting of the guests and experts of the III International Mountain Sports Festival began with a minute of silence: those present honored the memory of the 25-year-old Olympic medalist and sports brand of the country Denis Ten, who tragically died the day before. The attractiveness of the megalopolis for foreign and domestic tourists in the context of the crime and environmental situation in Almaty, however, was not included in the agenda.

According to the organizers, this is one of the authoritative platforms for discussing the development of the international tourism market, ski resorts and popular mountain sports. The experts gathered in Shymbulak to talk about the mechanisms of development of mountain tourism and mass sports in Almaty: today and tomorrow. Informburo. z retells the main points of the speakers' speeches.

What are the interests of tourists?

Today's $ 19.5 thousand GRP per resident of Almaty corresponds to the level of the capitals and largest cities of Central and Eastern Europe, said Asel Zhunusova, deputy mayor of Almaty. And the city authorities intend to keep the status of one of the main drivers of economic growth in Kazakhstan for the megalopolis. Tourism is one of the most important directions of development of Almaty. A fifth of all visits, including internal 40%, are in Almaty. The city is ranked third in The Economist Intelligence Unit's list of the cheapest cities to live in. Over the past three years, the number of tourists has grown by 14%, last year thanks to the Universiade and EXPO - by 20%. In the period from January to May of this year, 232 thousand foreign tourists have already arrived through the airport, which is 20% more than in the same period last year.

The akimat even conducted a survey of tourists - both domestic and foreign - to determine why they come here. The overwhelming majority of foreign tourists from Europe and Asia (about 60%) choose Almaty as a place with pristine nature, that is, they are attracted by ecotourism. 55% of Kazakh tourists are more likely to come in search of "various activities and entertainment," Zhunusova said. In this combination, she sees the uniqueness of the city.

There is a growing interest in the city of Almaty and on the global TripAdvisor platform. For two years, the number of views of our microsite has increased 140 times: mainly citizens of Russia, the USA, Great Britain, India and Germany visit the Almaty microsite. The mountains, which are 30 minutes from the city center, represent a huge potential for the development of ecotourism: in this regard, the akimat began to develop a master plan for the development of mountain tourism - together with the Ile-Alatau Park, the administration of the Almaty region and the Kazakh Tourism company. Within its framework, there will be both the development of ski resorts and mountain trails for hiking and trekking with a total length of more than 500 km.

Even the number of visitors to the International Mountain Sports Festival has grown by an order of magnitude over the year - up to 23 thousand people in 2016. This year, 25 thousand guests are expected here. Three days of the festival are Almaty Mount Forum plus competitions in sport climbing, mountain biking, plus climbing Molodezhny peak.

The Big Austrian Secret

In Austria, the development of local tourism on a free basis, more than half a million people are involved in social work - these are members of the Alpenverein Österreich club. Moreover, for the honor of being a member of the club, they pay contributions (Mitgliedsbeitrag) - 57 €/year (children and pensioners - a discount). The average age of a club member is 42 years old, its most important component is volunteers who enthusiastically approach their unpaid business. However, a strict distinction is drawn here between volunteering and amateurism. Correct and unified marking of mountain paths and roads, clarification of routes is the club's area of ​​responsibility. The club operates over 20,000 kilometers of such infrastructure. This is just part of "the big Austrian secret of how our infrastructure works," Michael said.

Hiking in Almaty mountains

Hiking in the mountains of Almaty is a popular direction of domestic tourism in Kazakhstan, which in recent years has grown in its scale several times.

This growth is characterized by a great interest of the population in a healthy lifestyle and outdoor recreation; also, several factors have appeared that complement this interest.

For example, in the city of Almaty, several active tourist clubs have appeared, which, on a free basis, offer participants to show and guide them along mountain paths. Gradually, such clubs are switching to commercial activities, developing and organizing outing tours in the Almaty region, hiking with overnight stays, bonfires, etc. This has a rather positive effect on the economy, since the services of accommodation, transport and guides are used, as well as eco-posts are paid, which affects the attendance and development of natural zones.

Development of domestic tourism in Kazakhstan

In turn, travel agencies contribute to the development of domestic tourism, if you go back in time for 5-10 years, then perhaps the layman could not find a guide for hiking in the mountains, and normally would not go to the Kolsai Lakes , and now, here! You are welcome! Take it! Yes, cheaper, preferably through a chocolayf.

Routes in the Almaty mountains

Hiking in the mountains of Almaty has now become very affordable, because their organizers have described the routes in detail, but you need to be careful with this, you can easily get lost yourself. By the way, we have also made several guidebooks. You can read them at the links:

There are many routes in the mountains of Almaty, you can organize both one-day excursions and overnight stays. One-day hikes are good because, despite a busy week, you can go on a hike on a weekend and forget about calls, the office and feel life with all your limbs. Camping with overnight stays, in turn, is much more soulful, sitting in a group near a fire, cooking something, watching the sunset, watching the sunrises, what could be better?

The guides of the Almaty Mountain Club can help you organize your trip to the mountains.

Program for May 2017:

Multi-day hikesPrice, tg

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