Winter in Altai

Holidays in Altai for the New Year 2021-2021

With the approach of cold weather, some residents of Russia begin to plan a trip to distant countries, where there is eternal summer. Others are looking forward to an exciting trip across the vast expanses of their homeland to Altai. The main attraction of Gorny Altai - Teletskoye Lake - is especially delightful in winter. The snowy peaks of the surrounding mountains, cedars and fir trees in white caps and the glass surface of a frozen lake sparkling in the sun - many connoisseurs of ecotourism would not exchange such beauty for anything else. Find out what to see on Lake Teletskoye in winter and what kinds of entertainment await you.

The nature of Lake Teletskoye in winter

The climate on Lake Teletskoye is sharply continental. Winters are snowy and cold here. The air temperature often drops to -25 degrees. The average daytime temperature ranges from 10 to 15 degrees. This is several degrees higher than in Siberia as a whole. The mountain ranges located around protect the Teletskoye Lake from extreme cold. Altai in winter is quite hospitable for tourists. Therefore, you should not be afraid of severe frosts, but you still have to stock up on warm clothes.

Is Lake Teletskoye freezing?

The question of whether Lake Teletskoye freezes in winter is of interest, perhaps, primarily to those who like winter fishing. They will be pleased to know that Teletskoye Lake has indeed been covered with a layer of ice since November. In December, the ice thickness is such that it is possible to safely move along the surface of the lake not only on foot, but also by ATV, horseback or even by car.

However, Lake Teletskoye has an unusual feature. Even in the most severe frosts, it does not freeze completely. Lake Teletskoye stretches for 78 km. Its southern part is surrounded by sheer cliffs. The climate here is somewhat different from the climate in the north of the lake. The air temperature is higher both in winter and summer. Therefore, in the winter months, the water in this part of the lake rarely freezes.

Most tourists come to the north of Lake Teletskoye, where the villages of Artybash and Iogach are located. It is easy to get here from Gorno-Altaysk, and in winter the lake is always covered with a thick layer of ice. This opens up many possibilities for a wellness stay.

Types of recreation on Lake Teletskoye in winter

What will be the rest on Lake Teletskoye in winter 2018 - 2019? Various travel companies organize all kinds of excursions, organize festivities, walks, eco-tours, trips to the Altai nature reserve and much more.

No matter how beautiful Lake Teletskoye is in itself in winter, the majority of visitors to the lake are lovers of skiing. In 2016, on Mount Kokuya, near the village of Artybash, the Teletsky ski complex was opened. There are several slopes of various difficulty levels and two lifts (drag and chair). Experienced skiers and beginners alike will have a lot of fun skiing or snowboarding on the slopes of Kokui. Prices are quite affordable (slightly lower than on popular Russian alpine skis). The infrastructure is quite developed: here you can rent the necessary equipment and use the help of an instructor. There are cafes at the foot of the mountain. But most importantly, these are stunning landscapes, which many compare with the landscapes of Switzerland.

Types of recreation on Lake Teletskoye in winter

A real skating rink is being arranged on the frozen Teletskoye Lake. Skates are rented. During the day, ice skating on the glassy surface of the lake is very unusual. After all, the ice is so transparent that the bottom is visible several meters deep. It seems that you are "hanging" in the air. And since it gets dark very early in winter, real romantics will appreciate the evening skiing. Overhead is the night sky, strewn with stars, which are seen brighter and closer in the mountains.

A real winter fairy tale meets tourists who come to Gorny Altai for the New Year. Snow-covered trees and houses, streets decorated with garlands, ice figures and slides give the feeling of being in a magical kingdom, and a large number of entertainment allows you to have fun and interesting time.

Where to celebrate the New Year in Altai?

A variety of New Year's tours to Gorny Altai are presented on the Internet sites. You can use package deals or plan your trip yourself.

The region is quite developed in terms of tourism. Many bases have been built here, and there are entertainment, cultural and sports services. Among the directions for winter holidays, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • the vicinity of the Katun River, the turquoise waters of which do not freeze even in 30-degree frosts;
  • areas of Lake Teletskoye, famous for picturesque waterfalls and clear water, which in winter the period freezes and turns the reservoir into a "big skating rink" of amazing beauty;
  • the territory of Lake Aya, which is equipped in winter for family recreation: slides, snow towns and special trails for young tourists are erected here.

During the New Year holidays, a large number of ice rinks, as well as slopes for skiers and snowboarders, function in Altai. Fans of active recreation will be especially interested in the ski resorts "Manzherok" and "Teletskoe". The latter, located in the village of Artybash, is known for its 1.5-3.5 km long trails.

Winter weather

Gorny Altai is characterized by cold winters with 20-degree frosts, winds and an abundance of snow. The most comfortable area for recreation is the area of ​​Lake Teletskoye, protected by mountain ranges from strong air currents. In January, in the daytime, the thermometer drops here to around 10-12 degrees. below zero, at night - up to 17-18 with a minus sign.

When going on a winter vacation to Altai with children, it should be borne in mind that it is warmer in the southern part of the lake. Ulagansky and Turochaksky districts with the famous villages of Bele and Yaylyu, as well as Chemal are distinguished by a mild climate.

The Ukok Plateau and the Kurakai Basin are characterized by a harsh climate with strong winds, blizzards and temperatures down to 30 degrees. Those who come to Altai in winter for the first time will not be pleased to stay here.

Gorny Altai is unusually beautiful in autumn. It seems that all the artists of the world gather here and paint the mountains and hills with their colors - the nature in these parts is so picturesque. There are several more advantages: the scorching heat subsides, precipitation is extremely rare, prices are much lower, and there are noticeably fewer tourists. Therefore, rest in Altai in autumn is considered ideal, and we have selected routes that will be interesting in 2021.

In the first half of September in the Altai Territory, it can be up to +20 degrees during the day, but be prepared for strong temperature changes: at night, thermometers can show only +4. In Gorno-Altaysk, the weather is about the same, there are many sunny days. Nevertheless, do not forget that you are in the mountains, and you should definitely take warm clothes.

It often rains in October and November is considered the windiest month.

When to go

In search of the white-eyed chud

Climb mountain lakes in September

September is one of the most successful months for excursions to the mountains and alpine lakes. You will not be tired of the summer heat, while the sun is still gentle. Picturesque landscapes in yellow-fire colors will give the trip a special atmosphere. If you want impressions and irrepressible emotions - go to the Karakol or Multinsky lakes. Due to the difference in elevation, they fall into different natural and climatic zones. Therefore, do not be surprised how the terrain will begin to change before your eyes: either the impenetrable cedar taiga, or the tundra, or the alpine meadows. There will be caves and waterfalls along the way.

The lakes are so clear that the visibility is 10 meters deep. At the same time, they are very cold. It is difficult to climb here on your own: there is no road. When planning a vacation in Altai in the fall with a visit to the lakes, book an excursion: in 2021 they are offered by various companies and private traders. Off-road you will be driven by GAZ-66, and near the lakes there are camp sites where you can spend the night.

Go to the Rock Temple in October

Arriving in Altai in October, stop in the Chemal region - there are many interesting places here and there are all the benefits of civilization. Be sure to visit Patmos Island - this is a rock that "grew" right out of the seething mountain river Katun. The road to the island lies through a high suspension bridge, you look down at the rushing whirlpools, and your head starts spinning: a real adventure for extreme people!

On Patmos there is a wooden church of St. John the Evangelist, whole pilgrimage groups come here. In the summer there is a huge queue to the temple across the suspension bridge, and in the fall you will pass completely calmly. Among the attractions here is an image in the rock, which was carved by one of the nuns.

Holidays in Altai are becoming more and more popular lately. Every year people more and more strive to touch untouched nature and this is commendable.

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Picturesque landscapes of Altai

Hundreds of thousands of Russian and foreign tourists visit this place every year. Here you can choose a tour according to your preferences.

Having once visited Altai, many come back here again to breathe in the purest mountain air and enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

The mountain range located in the center of Asia contains unique natural resources: rapid rivers and lakes with clear water, dry steppes, jagged mountains, fabulous meadows and impenetrable taiga.

This piece of land has been attracting travelers for several thousand years, in these places there is some kind of inexplicable magic.

But despite the seemingly wild nature, there are all conditions for active winter recreation.

Lost Land

In the heart of the Altai Mountains is the Lost Land. The Ukok plateau, on which it is located, is included in the UNESCO List.

In translation "Ukok" means "Word of Heaven", local residents believe that in this place the road to the higher spiritual world opens.

The plateau became world famous after the discovery of the body of a Scythian girl frozen in an ice lens.

Here you can also find petroliglyphs, stones with images of spirits and animals, burial mounds with ancient warriors buried in them.

Winter is a special time in Altai, endlessly white mountains, clean frosty air, snow flickering in the sun and the constant feeling as if you are in a fairy tale from childhood.

The benefits of this trip:

  • we will enjoy all the splendor of winter Altai;
  • we will drive along the largest federal highway connecting Russia and Mongolia - the Chuisky tract;
  • we will see two Altai "Mars" - in the valley of the rivers Kyzyl-Chin and Kyzyl-Shin;
  • we will visit the amazing Geyser Lake, which does not freeze even in the most severe frost;
  • we will taste the national Kazakh cuisine.

The tour runs from January 2 to March 1 any day on request for a group of three or more.

Search for tickets for all airlines directly in the Big Country together with Aviasales!

Tour program

Excursion along the Chuysky tract.

Today it is the largest federal highway with a length of 962 km, connecting Russia and Mongolia.

This road was known more than a thousand years ago as the Mungalsky tract - trade caravans went along it from the East to Russia and back.

Tourists will learn more about the history of the unique tract during the excursion.

The group will stop at the famous mountain passes Seminsky and Chike-Taman, as well as at the confluence of the two great Altai rivers Chuya and Katun.

This excursion is a great opportunity to get a complete picture of Altai.

Accommodation in the tourist complex "Nomad".

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