Winter holidays in the Krasnodar Territory of the season 2020-2021

Krasnodar region

We travel across the Krasnodar Territory to the Otradnensky District.

A bit of history

The district is located in the southeast of the region, borders: in the east - with the Stavropol region, in the south - with Karachay-Cherkessia, in the north and west - with the Novokubansky, Labinsky and Uspensky districts of the Krasnodar Territory.

The Otradnensky District of Krasnodar was founded in 1924 on the basis of a resolution of the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of June 2, 1924. The village of Otradnaya and other villages of the region were founded in 1856-1859.


In the valley of the Urup River, mineral water deposits have been discovered, which are located between the villages of Convenient and Peredovaya. They are concentrated by spurs of mountain ranges covered with forest, as well as in the villages of Spokoynaya, Fearless, Otradnaya and Poputnaya.

The protection of the valley from three sides by mountain spurs creates in it its own microclimate, the characteristic features of which are the absence of winds and the rich saturation of the air with oxygen.

Otradnenskaya land is rich in medicinal herbs: hawthorn, black elderberry, rosehip, etc. These are the rarest components for the pharmaceutical industry.

At the base of the foothill part there are limestones, shales, shell rock and gypsum, which are covered by sedimentary rocks: sand, clay, gravel, pebbles.

The forest occupies 12% of the area and is located in its southern part and the valley of the Urup River. Main tree species: oak, hornbeam, beech, alder, maple and others

Mineral waters

Otradnensky district is characterized by a wide range of mineral and geothermal waters of various chemical composition and varying degrees of water abundance. There are 6 types of mineral and thermal waters in the region, recommended for practical use.

Foothills of the Krasnodar Territory (Part 1)

Krasnodar Territory is located in the south of the European part of Russia, on the coast of the Black and Azov Seas. In the south, it borders on Georgia and Karachay-Cherkessia, in the north - on the Rostov region.

The Kuban River flows through the Krasnodar Territory (which, in fact, gave the region its second name). The river divides the entire territory into two unequal parts: most of the northern part is occupied by plains, and one third, southern, is the foothills of the North Caucasus.

Remember the famous ad slogan? "If there is a paradise in the world, this is the Krasnodar Territory." So. We will honestly tell you that calling the Krasnodar Territory a paradise is still a little rash (I would like to believe that the service in paradise is better), but the places here are really very beautiful.

The main resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik and Tuapse. Many tourists go on vacation to the cities of Novorossiysk and Yeysk, and to the village of Taman, of course.

Below we will tell you more about each city - beaches, prices, entertainment - and nearby resorts. But first, a few general points:

  • How to get to the Krasnodar Territory >>> which cities have airports, which can be reached by train and which resorts can be reached only by bus
  • The climate of Krasnodar regions >>> where summer is hotter, and where is it worth going for coolness
  • Beaches of Krasnodar Region >>> where are the best sandy beaches of Krasnodar Region, and where to go to see marine life
  • Districts of Krasnodar Territory >>>
    • Greater Sochi: Sochi, Adler, Khosta, Lazarevskoe, Matsesta, Krasnaya Polyana, Dagomys, etc.
    • Anapa and its suburbs: Bolshoi Utrish, Sukko, Dzhemete, Vityazevo, Blagoveshchenskaya
    • Bolshoi Gelendzhik: Gelendzhik, Divnomorskoe, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Kabardinka, Dzhanhot, etc.
    • Tuapse and its suburbs: Nebug, Olginka, Novomikhailovsky, Lermontovo, Dzhubga
    • Novorossiysk, Myskhako, Shirokaya Balka
    • Yeisk and the village of Dolzhanskaya
    • Taman Peninsula (Taman): the villages of Golubitskaya, Taman, Kuchugury
  • Summary >>> Which resort of Krasnodar choose the edge for families with children, where you can go surfing and where to go to heal joints

How to get to Krasnodar Territory

by plane

There are 4 airports in the Krasnodar Territory.

    • Sochi (Adler)

We are traveling across the Krasnodar Territory to the Otradnensky District.

Even with the onset of cold weather, tourists from all over the country come to the Krasnodar Territory to enjoy the beautiful nature and mountain skiing. In the mountains, tourists are waiting for snow-covered slopes, and the whole range of related entertainment.

Ski resorts of Sochi

Sochi is a unique corner of Russia with favorable tourist conditions. In summer they come here to the warm sea, in winter - to the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. For the 2014 Olympics, three modern ski resorts were created here: Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana and the mountain tourist center of PJSC Gazprom with a total number of rooms of more than 6 thousand rooms, allowing more than 15 thousand people to be accommodated at a time.

In the winter season of 2018-2019, 70 cable cars with a capacity of 73 thousand people per hour and 108 tracks of various categories of complexity, with a total length of 154 kilometers, operated in the Sochi mountain cluster. By the current ski season, 5 more cable cars have been launched in Krasnaya Polyana, and the length of the tracks has been increased by 8 km. Soon, due to the construction of additional cable cars that will connect the routes of all resorts on the Aibga ridge, it is planned to create a single ski area.

Photo by Evgeny Reznik, Kuban 24

Rosa Khutor Resort

Now there are 29 modern lifts. You can go freestyle skiing and snowboarding. The simplest trails are green. On them, a novice skier can ride in a straight line, practically without picking up speed. The next most difficult are the blue slopes, on which a skier who has already mastered the basics of the art of skiing feels comfortable. The most interesting - red slopes - have even more steepness, are characterized by the absence of gentle slopes or a combination of short steep places. The next class of tracks - black - for experts.

The total length of the tracks is 102 km. The artificial snowmaking system allows you to ride on Rosa Khutor 140 days a year. It is possible to hire a personal trainer or sign up for group classes at the school.

The resort provides hotels with different star ratings. The chalet-style houses have everything you need for relaxation: there are spa centers with pools, art studios, restaurants, a Husky center, you can rent snowmobiles, go winter fishing, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities.

It is better to take care of housing in advance. There is an opportunity to get a promotion, where the price for the reservation will include a ski pass (electronic pass) for the lift.

Krasnaya Polyana Resort (formerly Gorki Gorod)

The resort can receive up to 10 thousand vacationers at a time. During the 2014 Olympics, there was a media village where journalists from all over the world lived and worked.

Now in winter there are 30 km of ski slopes of various levels. The highest point of descent is at the peak of the Black Pyramid mountain of the Aibga ridge - 2340 m above sea level. Available for night skiing and trails with artificial snow, 13 ski lifts, equipment rental, children's ski club. Accommodation at the resort - in an apartment. The most affordable ones are at the level of 540 m, but if you want with a view of the mountains, then you should choose a height of 960 m.

Winter recreation in the Krasnodar Territory is strongly associated with many Krasnaya Polyana ski resorts. It is the largest and most modern ski center in Russia, rebuilt for the 2014 Winter Olympics. In terms of prices and the intensity of fun, it is not without reason called the Caucasian Courchevel.

The coastal zone of Sochi, in which life does not stop with the arrival of cold weather, also enjoys unchanging popularity. The big city is really interesting at any time of the year. But what about those who have been to Sochi many times and want to see something new. And someone simply does not like too noisy rest, but wants a calm atmosphere.

In the summer, there are no problems with this - choose any city or village on the coast to your liking and prosperity. But in winter, the Black Sea is cold and only walruses or very seasoned people can swim.

But if you want to see flocks of swans in unlimited quantities, then this on the coast is possible only in winter.

This is interesting: swans flock to the Black Sea for the winter and are always grateful to people for the treat.

So you shouldn't completely abandon winter walks along the coast, especially since the sea air is cleaner and richer at this time.

Krasnodar Territory is interesting not only for its long coastline. The huge area contains many unique places and natural attractions, for which there is simply not enough time in the summer.

We have made for you a small selection of unusual and interesting places in the Krasnodar Territory, where you should go in the winter of 2020-21.

Book your vacation in advance! This is a guarantee of low prices and availability of recreation.

Recommended services:

We traditionally recommend starting your acquaintance with the region with the help of exciting and unusual excursions.

Inexpensive housing can be found and rented on the Daily website. y or s by filling out the search form below.

Krasnodar Territory is an incredibly attractive region for tourists. It is not for nothing that it takes first place in the tourist rating of Russian regions! There is everything here: the vast steppes of the Kuban, snow-capped peaks of the North Caucasus, wonderful lakes, rivers and waterfalls, mud volcanoes of the Taman Peninsula, springs of thermal and mineral waters. And the mild climate and fantastic natural beauty create favorable conditions for active recreation here all year round: from active tours and hiking in the Caucasus in summer to ski tours in winter.

The most important thing for tourists who come to this fertile place is, of course, the proximity to the sea, because the Krasnodar Territory is washed by two of them at once - Black and Azov. Here are the beloved resort cities of Sochi and Gelendzhik, the latter of which, in addition to beach holidays, is also famous for its dolmens. But recreation is just one of the features of this area. Along with it, hiking is well developed here. Hikes in the Krasnodar Territory annually attract a huge number of tourists from all over the post-Soviet space.

We invite you to go on one of the hikes in the Krasnodar Territory together with our club:

Hike in the Caucasus "Dolmens of the Caucasus"

Duration: 75 km. Duration: 9 days/8 nights. Difficulty level: medium

About the route "Dolmens of the Caucasus" ⇓

Trekking in the Caucasus "Acheshbok - Big Thach"

Duration: 75 km. Duration: 9 days/8 nights. Difficulty level: medium

About the route "Acheshbok - Big Thach" ⇓

Hike in the Caucasus "Psebay - Krasnaya Polyana"

Duration: 95 km. Duration: 7 days/6 nights Difficulty level: medium

About the Psebay - Krasnaya Polyana route ⇓

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