Wild Altai: rest and return alive

Wild Altai: rest and return alive

The tourism industry in the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic has been waiting for the lifting of all coronavirus restrictions for a long time. After the recent opening of tourist centers, vacationers from all over Russia came here. But, along with this, there was a surge in accidents at tourist sites. Altapress. u figured out what this is connected with and what needs to be done to avoid this.

What the experts say

Over the past month, a large number of accidents at tourist sites have been registered in the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic. On August 1 alone, two people were injured in the Altai Republic, and one more died.

Earlier, the Kremensky family, consisting of four people, died at the Globus base, and because of the fire that broke out at the Mountain Sun base, guests from Novosibirsk were forced to jump out of the windows of the third floor. The sensational disco with a hundred participants in the area of ​​Lake Aya during a pandemic can also be considered as an emergency.

Natalya Gordeeva, a member of the Altai Regional Tourism Association, said that incidents in tourist areas are associated with several factors. Firstly, this is the congestion of the recreation centers, which arose in connection with the increase in tourist traffic. And, secondly, it is non-observance of safety precautions.

All tourist centers must observe safety precautions properly. Do not rely on chance, but think about providing quality services. Short-term profit is not about tourism.

What's going on with the tourist business in Altai

Natalya Gordeeva also spoke about how a series of accidents affected the tourism business.

Any negative background affects the choice of destination for the vacation. Tourists always consider holidays in Russia from the point of view of safety. Therefore, those living in more remote regions from our region, having read such news, may refuse to rest in Altai in favor of other destinations. As for the residents of the Altai Territory and our neighbors, empathy and sympathy for the affected people is certainly present, but recreation in the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic continues to be a priority.

Some travel agencies in Barnaul, which provide tours to Altai, claim that the flow of tourists in this direction has not decreased due to the increase in accidents.

The demand for vouchers to Altai has not decreased. Compared to 2019, it even grew by 15%. At the tourist centers, the load in summer has always been one hundred percent, the only negative for the agencies is the increased number of independent tourists.

How not to disappear into the impenetrable wilds of Altai, why do tourists go to give birth to Belukha, why do those who follow the "Roerich's way" die and what is the danger of searching for fellow travelers on the Internet? These questions were answered by Nikolai Degtyarev, a 1st class rescuer of the Altai search and rescue squad, which has been helping careless tourists for more than a dozen years throughout Gorny Altai and beyond.

Altai is great both literally and figuratively, says Degtyarev. Here you can do almost any kind of tourism, up to the sixth, most difficult, category of complexity. And the greatest danger lurks in the fact that people without elementary skills and knowledge choose the most difficult routes, where an experienced traveler would not dare to dare.

Sofa Experts

“You have to understand that rescuers are trained people, strong, but not gods. It is impossible on a very large area in bad weather to find people in distress in the dark, who, moreover, cannot give a signal. We do everything that depends on us, but it is better not to bring us to such a situation when we may be needed, ”says Degtyarev.

And they are brought to such a situation, as a rule, when they do not compare their goals and possibilities. “There is plenty of space here for climbers, for water enthusiasts, and for bicycle or motorcycle tourists, they go on foot, by car, choose for every taste. Such a fan of possibilities sometimes awakens people's imagination when they sit at home in warmth, in comfort, find a point on the map and for some reason are eager to get to Belukha right away, ”the interlocutor continues.

Carelessness and rock

Overestimation of one's own strengths and experienced travelers can become fatal. This is exactly the mistake experienced climbers from Tomsk made in August last, who ignored warnings about worsening weather and set off to climb the Maly Aktru glacier.

“As a result, four people froze to death on the slope. It started raining, it got very cold, and they didn't even have spare things with them. Due to the deteriorating weather and darkness, help could not arrive in time. And the guys were experienced, hardened, and the route was of an average degree of difficulty ... ", - says Degtyarev and specifies that no experience justifies overestimating one's strength.

However, tourists themselves are not always to blame for tragedies, tragic coincidences of circumstances also happen, as happened at the end of July 2014 in the Kurai Kosh-Agach region of the republic at the paragliding championship. Then a squally wind carried four athletes towards the Kuraisky ridge, two of them were soon found alive, two more crashed to death on the rocks.

“They received a signal about an impending squall, the guys began to descend, but did not have time, the weather changed dramatically, they were simply unlucky. Such a fatal coincidence of circumstances ... ”- recalls the interlocutor.

Nature is stronger than man

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