Why does Barnaul need a tourism development program

Gorny Altai tourism development

In October, the city administration unexpectedly and quickly adopted a tourism development program in Barnaul for 2012-2016, for which 10 million rubles are going to be allocated from the city budget in five years.

The program developers want more tourists to come to Barnaul. The money is planned to be spent both on quite tangible goals (reconstruction of display objects) and on intangible ones (promotion of the city at industry exhibitions). The concerned public, judging by the observations of the newspaper "Vashe Delo", is worried about the question: why does Barnaul need this program at all? Whom and how can the city impress?

These are the first steps

The committee for the development of entrepreneurship, the consumer market and labor issues is both the customer and the developer of the document designed to bring tourism in Barnaul to a new level. Its chairman, Alexander Sarychev, believes that our city has lagged behind its Siberian neighbors in this matter. And to start the development of tourism, in his opinion, it is necessary to develop a brand.

- For those who have just heard about the program, tell us what it is about?

- Today the Altai Territory is actively developing as a tourist region. Many Siberian cities have established brands. And Barnaul, being not only the capital, but also a large business, cultural, transport center in the south of Siberia, with a unique history, cannot stand aside. In this direction, the city needs to develop, to form its own tourist image. Moreover, the beginning of the new route "The Big Golden Ring of Altai" is Barnaul.

In order to create conditions for the development of tourism in Barnaul, a long-term target program has been approved, which we are talking about. It provides for the implementation of 20 events, eight of them will be financed from the city budget. The program defines several directions for the development of tourism - business, event, scientific and educational and children's. The city has a rich history, a large number of architectural monuments, it was one of the two cities of tsarist Russia, where the mining business developed, was a large trade center, now it is the capital of the agrarian region.

Events are held in the city, the participants of which are residents of the Altai Territory, near and distant regions of the country. And all guests, residents, transit tourists should be provided with quality services. Therefore, the program provides for the development of excursions and tourist products, a tourist cluster and bringing into proper form interesting historical objects of display.

- Who contributed to the creation of the document?

- The working group included representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, travel agencies and tour operators, hotel managers, university professors, museum workers, representatives of the Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, professionals and practitioners who complemented each other. Of course, there were discussions, some proposals were questioned. They discussed the tools for attracting transit tourists, the development of domestic children's tourism and the accessibility of travel and accommodation for young residents of the region's districts. The main directions are determined taking into account the relevance and reality of implementation. All participants are not indifferent people who shared their experience and knowledge free of charge. We continue to work together to implement the program.

Why does Barnaul need a tourism development program

Explore the tourism product of the region at webinars and a stand at the exhibition "Know Ours: Continuation"

A rare place on earth can be compared to the Altai Mountains in beauty! Crystal clear lakes, river valleys and mountain slopes attract more than two million tourists every year. Every year it becomes easier to get to the region and move between the most remote areas. Since 2020, intra-regional flights have been launched, thanks to which various attractions have become more accessible, including two UNESCO sites.

All news and novelties of the travel industry in Russia can be found at the online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry "Know Our 2020: Continuation". From May 18 to May 31, federal and regional tour operators, tourist centers, hotels, resorts will present an assortment of tourist products that will be in demand and ready for sale after the movement restrictions are lifted.

As part of the exhibition, experts from the tourism industry of the Altai Republic held webinars:

Topic: “Altai Mountains. Features of an amazing region. Everything a travel agent needs to know. "

Topic: “Altai all year round. Group and family tours, MICE opportunities in the region, current programs for 2020-21. in the context of a pandemic and after the lifting of restrictive measures ”.

Topic: "Possibilities of the tourist complex" Manzherok "in Altai, a variety of tours in the region from the company" Big Altai ", as well as retreats and corporate programs from" Altair-tour "".

Topic: “We are studying the all-season services of the Manzherok resort, looking for a source of longevity at the Maryin Ostrov eco-resort, as well as premium rest in Altay Village Teletskoe 5 * and Cosmos Collection Altay Resort 5 *!”.

How to get to Altai

Gorny Altai is located in North Asia and Siberia, it borders on three states - China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The geographic features of the republic have led to the development of two types of transport - automobile and aviation. But there is no railway and river transport. The nearest railway station is in the city of Biysk, 100 kilometers from Gorno-Altaysk.

Air traffic is carried out in the following directions: Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, St. Petersburg. The number of flights Moscow - Gorno-Altaysk, which are operated by Ural Airlines, Nordwind, S7 and Pobeda, has also increased.

In October, the city administration unexpectedly and quickly adopted a tourism development program in Barnaul for 2012–2016, for which 10 million rubles are going to be allocated from the city budget in five years.

The Altai region is a complex territorial entity that includes the western regions of the Altai-Sayan Mountains and the southern regions of the West Siberian Plain. Gorny Altai is an amazing and very beautiful land, about which many enthusiastic words have been said and written. Due to its striking resemblance to the Swiss Alps, it is called Siberian Switzerland. And they are often compared with Tibet.

According to many legends, somewhere here there is an entrance to the mystical Shambhala - the land of touching the Mystery, knowing the truth and enlightenment.

Altai is a country of contrasts. There are many unique and completely dissimilar natural and climatic complexes. Here are the highest peak in Siberia - Mount Belukha (4506 m) and the first deepest cave in Russia - Ecological (345 m), as well as the third deepest lake in Russia Teletskoye.

In a narrower sense, the Altai region is usually considered within the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic.

How to get to Altai

To see the legendary beauty of Altai, you must first fly by plane to Barnaul or Gorno-Altaysk. Or go on a long train journey to Biysk across the whole of Russia. Further, only buses and minibuses running between the settlements of the region will help the tourist. On them you can get to Belokurikha, Teletskoye Lake and tourist centers located along the Chuisky tract and the Katun river. Unfortunately, there is not much public transport; it runs to a number of places once a day and only on certain days of the month. Many travelers travel to Altai by car, covering thousands of kilometers. At the end of the journey, a well-deserved reward awaits them: the Chuisky tract is one of the most picturesque roads in the world.

For details, follow this link.

Shopping & Shopping

From Altai it is customary to bring products made of wood and stone, birch bark, rock crystal, and also carpets-syrmaks, honey, pine nuts, local liqueurs and balsams.

Treatment in Altai

The Belokurikha balneological resort is located in the river valley of the same name. There are no large differences in atmospheric pressure, and the air saturated with beneficial ions gives vigor and good health. The main wealth of these places is underground warm springs of nitrogen-radon water.

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