Why cycling tourism is attractive and what features

Why cycling tourism is attractive and what features

Sooner or later, every actively riding cyclist comes to the idea that it's time to expand the radius of the run-in places. The ability to travel by bike in a different type of area, in a different city or even in another country beckons. For those who have never gone on hiking trips with a bicycle, it seems that it is difficult - the organization of the trip itself, moving, route, food, hiking program, etc. It is not difficult to choose a suitable method, you just need to ask experienced tourists what, where And How.

Every tourist club, organization, group or just a company has its own traditions in organizing and conducting trips. Cycling tourism involves the use of the bicycle as the primary means of transportation. Cycling can be both educational and sporty in nature.

Any hike in which a bicycle is involved can be considered an active vacation, because a tourist pedals, walks to the mountains, views local attractions without the help of a bus and a guide's loudspeaker and lives, as a rule, according to the principle "everything is off "(" All excluding "), that is, without a buffet table, buffet and banquet hall with white tablecloths.

Cycling tourism can be divided into several types, but, despite the division, they can be similar and overlap in some points.

Sports Cycling

Sports cycling may not be the most popular type of cycling, but it is certainly very interesting. The idea of ​​sports tourism is competitive in nature. The leader of the hike - and this is a seasoned tourist with the title of a professional - sets certain limits: the number of kilometers, the number of days, driving conditions, soil/asphalt, climb, air temperature, and so on.

At the end of the trip, the trip is assigned a category, the complexity of which is determined by the above conditions. Events-competitions have come down to our time, the conditions of which include rewarding the fastest, strongest and most enduring cyclists.

Expeditionary Cycling

Expeditionary hikes in their essence resemble sports tourism, but only without competitive features. This type of cycling has become widespread thanks to the advent of reliable mountain bikes and accessories for them (durable bike racks, light bike backpacks and camping equipment).

The group of the expedition hike passes the route along good roads and off-road, overcomes mountain passes and arid desert spaces, visits attractions, purposefully moving along a thoughtful path. These hikes don't have to be super hard. You can arrange a "bike ride" along the South Coast with two nights on the beach and with visits to the main palaces of the coast, or you can ride for two weeks under a heavy downpour of the Carpathian climate, plunging head over heels into the soft mud of the mountain ranges.

Self-catering on a fire or a burner, spending the night in a tent, swimming in ponds, landmarks distinguish tourism from “mattressing” when sanatorium workers or smiling Egyptian hotel staff are worried about you.

Educational Cycling

Educational cycling tourism is very similar to expeditionary. It differs in that for the participants of such a campaign, the main thing will be the knowledge of the surrounding world, distant regions and countries, raising the cultural level. The number of kilometers traveled is not important - the main thing is seen, heard, eaten or drunk.

Types of cycling tourism

Do you have a mountain bike? Then here's a short video with good music on how to ride it correctly:

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thoughts on “Brumotti Mountainbike freestyle - how to ride a mountain bike”

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Yes, well done! That's what years of practice and a specialized bike give you. That, I see, there is only one or two stars in the back, voluminous tires for additional grip and shock absorption, a low-set saddle, disc brakes for better control.

Cycling tourism involves the use of the bicycle as the primary means of transportation. Cycling can be both educational and sporty in nature.

Civilized Cycling

Such trips are organized mainly by travel companies. You choose a tour, get a route and drive 50-70 kilometers every day, admiring the nature and surroundings, from one camping camp to another. All organizational issues are taken over by the travel agency. This type of cycling tourism is very widespread abroad, Israel, Finland, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Peru - any tours for every taste, however, in our country this type of tourism is starting to gain momentum.

If you decide to go into civilized cycling tourism, you have two options. First: contact a travel agency and purchase a tour to Finland, the Czech Republic or around Ladoga. It will be easier, but more expensive. Second: independently organize a civilized journey.

Sports Cycling

During the Soviet era, sports cycling tourism was quite popular in our country. This style appeared when they decided to equate tourism with sports. For various achievements, they began to give titles, categories, categories. We began to hold competitions and trainings in sports tourism, standards and rules appeared. Overcame 400 kilometers in 6 days on asphalt - I earned the third category, 600 kilometers with soil sections in 8 days - the second category.

However, every bike trip had to be confirmed, and this was a problem. Unlike other types of tourism and mountaineering, where competent schemes have been developed, in cycling tourism, the confirmation of routes has not been fully established. It was proposed to be photographed at key, recognizable places on the route (road signs, etc.), to send telegrams from various settlements. But it was difficult to confirm that you really drove through this or that pass or drove around it. As a result, the main slogan of that time was - "the best controller is conscience" and no matter how seriously some people took sports cycling tourism, it was perceived as a game. Ultimately, it fell into complete decay. However, even now you can find clubs that are supporters of sports cycling.

Racing Cycling

In this type of cycling tourism, cyclists ride on good roads, take with them a minimum load. They move as quickly as possible, driving 200 or more kilometers per day. They spend the night under the roof and take food in cafes and restaurants. For the most part, they do not spend time at sightseeing and the main task are to overcome the maximum distance. Most often, such bike robes are arranged former athletes and for their travels choose loud names: Petersburg - Vladivostok, or Arkhangelsk - Odessa.

Expedition cycling

began to develop massively after the appearance of reliable mountain bikes. Its essence lies in the fact that the cyclists choose a route on which there are areas with difficulty sites (mountain trails, swamps, ice fields and others). For almost all of their travels, "Exedioti" put a certain goal for example: visiting waterfalls, monasteries, churches or other interesting places. In contrast to the fans of sports cycling "Expeditionists" do not make any papers on their routes, and therefore do not receive awards and letters. The main thing is to be a honestly passed complex route and there is the best award for a cyclist.

The complexity of the route in the expeditional tourism does not play the main role, the main thing is that the basic rules are observed: overnight in tents, marching. It is already similar to civilized tourism, with the difference that you yourself repair the bike, prepare food on a primose or a bonorable, develop a route, oriented on the ground.


between the words "off-road" and "Russia" (as well as the CIS countries), conventionally, you can put a sign equal. Where, as not in the post-Soviet space, you can move from the main road and to be mired in such "swamps" that we will easily choose from them. But fun!

That is why in Russia the most popular bike is MTB - Mountain Bike, or in Russian - a mountain bike. One of the most flexible types of bike, which has many subspecies and, as a result, a lot of disciplines. The most popular type of MTB in Russia is cross-crate.

It is them most often adapted for tourism and make more functional. If you already put the trunk, bought a lot of bags, then pay attention to your steering wheel. Is it suitable for your functionality and have you enough free space for extra bags and accessories? Or, maybe you want to make a ride on a bike more comfortable?

If interested, then this selection of roads for off-road is just for you!

By the way, the data of the steering wheel will be perfectly suitable not only for # MTB, but also for fatbikes. On the latter, they will look, even more harmonious.

What is "alternative" FlatBar?

A little mat. parts for those who do not know: <

  • FlatBar (from English. - straight handlebar) - the classic handlebar, which is installed on most city and mountain bikes
  • An alternative flatbar came to us from the tourist segment. Often, it has a larger number of grips, more space for bags and accessories, and as a result, more room for creativity and adjustment of the steering wheel "for yourself". The main feature is that the edges are turned towards the rider.

It is the segment of alternative rudders that we will consider today.

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A selection of alternative off-road steering wheels

Cycling tourism has some peculiarities compared to other types of tourism. This is, first of all, a high intensity of traffic and, as a result, a cyclist has time to see much more than, for example, a pedestrian or a mountaineer. A cyclist travels using a more complex technique - a bicycle, and a cycling group and each of its athletes individually is a road user and must obey traffic rules.

Let's consider the main features of cycling tourism. The first of them is due to the strong influence on the development of cycling tourism, ski and mountain tourism, as well as sports traditions. This feature lies in the sporty style of hiking, which is expressed in time saving and clear organization of work on the route and in the camp. During the movement, any stops are prohibited without the permission of the commander, tents and belongings of the participants are collected while breakfast is being prepared; when breakfast is ready, almost all things should be collected. The mode of movement is the same as in other types of sports tourism: 50 walking minutes and 10 minutes of rest. After the third crossing, lunch. Lunch, as is customary in other types of tourism, is never hot, and is, as a rule, a sandwich with sausage or cheese, washed down with clean spring water. During each halt, dried fruits are distributed, and after every 50 km. and a chocolate bar is laid on the passes.

The second feature is that routes should be planned so that they do not include pedestrian areas. If a pedestrian section occurs, it must be justified (for example, it connects two interesting areas). We believe that cycling tourism should be done by bicycle. But, nevertheless, I want to see places that cannot be reached by bike. Therefore, a feature of the tactics of cycling tourism is radial pedestrian exits or radials on empty bicycles. This allows you to see the sights with a minimum of time.

The third feature is that cycling routes must be run as fast as possible. This allows you to look more, and, if everything goes according to plan, make several radial exits to interesting objects along the route. In addition, the high pace makes the route more interesting in sports terms.

The fourth feature is respect for nature. In each trip, the position of an ecologist is established, who brings the parking lot to the proper form before leaving. And also collects all the garbage created by the group on the route in order to burn it at the stake in the evening.

Cycling tourism is one of the types of sports tourism, which consists of cycling routes containing general and specific obstacles for cycling tourism.

There are six categories of hiking difficulty in cycling tourism. The first category is the simplest, the sixth is the most difficult. The difficulty category of the hike is determined by the Cycling Hike Categorization Methodology

The minimum length of a bike trip of the first category of difficulty is 300 km. Among the types of sports tourism, where only human muscle strength is used for movement, cycling tourism is the leader in terms of speed of movement and the length of routes.

But cycling must be done wisely, of course. Great importance should be attached here to training.

Despite the fact that you go on a hike only in the warm summer season, you need to train systematically, all year round. In winter, it can be skiing, ice skating, athletics. Even with short breaks in training, the process of developing endurance is disrupted, and each time you have to start all over again.

A gradual increase in the load, the complication of training sessions - this is the key to the correct development of fitness.

The rational daily routine of the athlete is also of great importance here: sufficient rest at night, proper diet, rest and sports activities in the fresh air, systematic morning exercises, etc. For those who have successfully completed the training period , you can safely go on a bike trip.

Those who have not yet taken part in a big bike race should not go on a too far trip right away, but first take a few short walks.

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