Why Bashkiria is needed in the assortment of travel agencies all year round

Golden time

Stunning natural landscapes, mountains, lakes and a good transport network created the preconditions for the growth of Bashkortostan's popularity as a holiday destination

Bashkiria is a beautiful region of Russia, where there are mountains, plains, rivers and lakes, waterfalls and caves. It is also rightfully called the honey land, since only here the traditions of onboard beekeeping have been preserved. And the mild climate of the region will appeal to any tourist - there are warm summers and moderately cold winters.

Health is the most important

Autumn is a great time to take care of your health. Many tourists go to Bashkiria precisely in the off-season, when there is neither heat nor cold. The republic's health resorts meet the highest standards. Among them are the resorts "Yangan-Tau", "Krasnousolsky", "Assy" well-known far beyond Bashkortostan. So, tourists with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, and kidneys should go to Yangan-Tau. Those who want to say goodbye to diseases of the digestive tract and dysfunctions of the endocrine glands are welcome at the Zelenaya Roscha sanatorium. Currently, there are 25 facilities in the health resort sector of the republic's health care system, of which 9 are sanatoriums for the health improvement of adults.

Ski or snowmobile?

Ski tours occupy a significant place in the winter assortment of travel agencies. With Europe closed, expanding the range of Russian ski resorts is a vital necessity. Not to mention that our resorts are worth it. For example, skiers and snowboarders love Bashkiria precisely for the variety of slopes and the high quality of the resorts.

Among the popular places for skiing are the peaks of Iremel, Aigir, the Inzerskiy Zubchatka mountain range. Even the capital of the republic, Ufa, has something to please active travelers: the city has two ski centers - "Olympic Park" and "Ak Yort".

Year-round ski resorts - Abzakovo, Metallurg-Magnitogorsk or Bannoe - have long been known outside Bashkiria. By the way, this is the first center in Russia equipped with an Austrian-made high-speed gondola lift with a capacity of 2,800 people per hour. And "Mratkino", for example, offers skiing on eight tracks of varying degrees of difficulty. These resorts are united into one of the most dynamically developing tourist and recreational clusters "Mountain resorts of Bashkiria" Legend of the Urals ". Lake Bannoe is regularly visited not only in winter, but also in summer.

Those who have not yet started skiing will also not be left without work. Local tour operators offer a variety of tours for this winter. Thus, the Ural-Tengri company has prepared a snowmobile tour “Conquest of the Ural peaks” - this is a fascinating journey along the snow-covered ridges of mountain spurs and forest snowmobile tracks. The Ural Batyr company also has new products; their program is called Winter Adventures in Bashkiria.

Active summer

In spring and summer, when rivers and lakes are cleared of ice, opportunities for active tourism in the region expand. Travelers go hiking in the mountains, rafting on rivers, of which there are about 13 thousand in the republic. There are more than two thousand lakes in the region, there are also reservoirs - Pavlovskoye, Nugushskoye and Yumaguzinskoye. The active tourism segment has enormous potential for development and a rich history. Since the days of the USSR, travel companies have gained a wealth of experience in developing sports routes. Today, knowledge of modern technologies and the practice of organizing non-standard events have been added to it. This allows tour operators to create interesting and safe programs for different groups of tourists.

Bashkiria is rightfully considered one of the main winter regions of Russia. Here, in the midst of the majestic nature, sports festivals and competitions are constantly held. There are 3 ski resorts in the capital of the republic alone. With them, we will begin our review of the ski centers of Bashkortostan.

Ak Yort Ski Resort

The year-round sports complex "AK Yort" welcomes guests every day. The location of the center is within the city of Ufa. This is one of the favorite places for outdoor enthusiasts, because you can ski down the slope even in the dark, after a hard day. AK Yort has 2 slopes with a vertical drop of 75 meters and a length of 450 meters. These two slopes are intended for experienced skiers. Beginners can master this sport on a separate slope. Instructors always work here to help you master the technique of skiing or snowboarding. The surface of the slopes is ideal, it is looked after by snow-compacting equipment, and when there is a lack of snow, the snow cannons start to work.

T-bar lift Ak-Yort

To climb to the height, use the drag lift. There are two of them on Ak Yort - big and small.

Below are the prices for services at the Ak Yort resort.

Cost of services at Ak-Yort for 2017-18

On the territory of the center there is a repair and equipment rental service, as well as a store with a large assortment of alpine ski snowboards, masks, helmets and much more. Anyone who wants to save money on equipment can buy a used one in good condition. You can have a tasty meal at a local cafe located on the territory of the complex.

Olympic Park Ski Resort

Within the city of Ufa (Bashkiria) there is Olympic Park - a place where winter fun and winter sports fans flock in winter. The complex quickly became one of the city's main attractions. Getting to the resort will not be difficult, as there are several route taxis and buses. The ski season starts here in mid-January.

Scheme of the Olympic Park complex

Every year the number of people traveling in Bashkiria is growing. But mostly people leave the republic for other regions and countries. And so far it has been difficult to attract tourists to our republic, which is famous for its natural attractions. Experts are sure of one thing - the whole problem is the underdeveloped infrastructure.

Almost a third more

At the end of 2017, the number of tourists visiting Russian resorts remained at the last year's level. At the same time, people began to fly more to Moscow, Kazan and Yekaterinburg. In addition, planes appeared in Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad.

On foreign routes, Istanbul, Prague, Dubai were most quoted, new flights appeared to Bodrum (Turkey), Krabi (Thailand).

From March 25, a transfer to London is available from Ufa with a transfer in St. Petersburg with a minimum connecting time.

New flights were opened to Nizhny Novgorod (from March 1), to Rostov-on-Don from April 1, as well as summer flights to Sochi, Gelendzhik, Simferopol. From June 16, residents of Bashkiria will fly directly even to Batumi (Georgia).

Traveling to a nearby area

People are traveling more. How did this affect inbound tourism? Bashkiria took 11th place in the ranking of popular tourist destinations. And the Burzyansky cluster and the recreation center "Lake Bannoe" were included in the five best Russian ski resorts, said Vyacheslav Gilyazitdinov, Chairman of the State Committee for Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus.

Answering a question about the calculation methodology, the official admitted that tourists are not only guests from outside, but also residents moving within their region. And if statistics on organized tourists are quite simple to compile, then it is extremely difficult to count the “savages” who choose mountain trips or rafting, since they do not use the services of hotels and catering. But a person who bought a ticket to a museum or a bus in a particular locality is automatically entered into the statistics of the tourist flow. For example, even schoolchildren from the region of Bashkiria who arrived by bus to Ufa are considered tourists in the capital. Also, the traffic of mobile calls is taken into account.

“Residents from neighboring small towns arrive in Barcelona, ​​but they are also there in the status of tourists,” Vyacheslav Afrikovich explained.

That is, we want to develop inbound tourism so that the republic will profit from it, but at the same time we count the people who travel to the neighboring area to work and rejoice at good performance. By the way, in Crimea, 5.2 million tourists in 2017 are those who arrived by plane, arrived through the Kerch ferry and Dzhankoy. These are the people who brought money to the peninsula and left it there.

Meanwhile, according to preliminary data on the occupancy of hotels in Ufa, in 2017 they were filled only by 60-65%.

Outside the window is that very beautiful time when "forests dressed in crimson and gold". And this is the main reason why autumn trips and hikes in nature are more than justified. But tourists who have passed the republic along and across, can highlight several places that are really better to visit in the fall - at this time all their charm is revealed. So, the top 7 places according to the travel club "Aventure".

Inzerskiye Zubchatki, Beloretsk District, (the nearest settlement is Tirlyanskiy)

Tourists unanimously agree that this favorite corner of the Beloretsk region is especially attractive in autumn. When the lush greenery descends, the rocky outcrops of the ridge are exposed and appear in all their glory, confirming their "toothy" name. Framed by rare yellow foliage, the rocks create an amazing picture.

The only negative is that it is difficult to get to these places because of the roads broken by timber trucks and narrow mountain paths. If there is no prepared transport, it is necessary to overcome 17 km on foot from the village of Tirlyansky.

Hat of Monomakh, Meleuzovsky district, with Nugush

There is in the Bashkiria National Park, at the confluence of the Uryuk and Nugush rivers, a towering peninsula, which, when viewed from the water, resembles a Monomakh hat. That is what the people called him. But it is in autumn, when the trees acquire a multi-colored color, that this place begins to fully justify its name. Here it is, a truly royal headdress, embroidered in gold and multi-colored stones! You can see this miracle while walking on a boat along the Nugush River and the reservoir of the same name.

In addition, in autumn, when there is less vegetation, it is easier to see the leader's rock from the water - a drawing depicting V. Lenin. If you come to the National Park during the golden season, you should definitely take a walk along the eco-trails and climb small mountains with beautiful views. Other famous sights of these places are Kuperlya waterfall, Karst bridge, Kutuk-Sumgan caves - for those who like more active types of tourism.

Khazin gorge, Ishimbay district, Khazinovo

In the autumn, any gorge covered with forests will look spectacular from a height. We have several of them in Bashkiria. Of the well-known, except for Khazinsky, - Muradymovskoe, Gumerovskoe. A multi-colored fluffy carpet spread out at your feet smoothly covers the slopes - you just want to run on it.

In the Khazin gorge, you can combine two in one - walk through the cave and admire the view from above. The fact is that before entering the Khazinskaya cave, you need to climb the mountain about 150 meters. After walking along the underground passages, you need to climb a few more meters and then stunning autumn landscapes open up. Not many people know that along the gorge there are several more lesser-known caves - Olympiyskaya, Sokolinaya, which can be reached by leisurely strolling through the autumn forest.

Bashkortostan is sometimes called "Russian Switzerland", and those who have been there completely agree with this. The unique nature, mild continental climate make it possible to enjoy the seasons at dignity. Summers are hot with little rain, and winters are snowy but mild. The mountains of the South Urals, national parks, caves, rivers and ski slopes will conquer outdoor enthusiasts. For details, see the article by FederalPress.

"It's a sin not to use such potential"

On the territory of the republic there are about 300 karst caves, 600 rivers, 800 lakes, many mountain ranges, three state reserves and five natural parks, more than 3000 monuments of history, art, culture, archeology. All this makes it possible to develop almost all areas of tourism: sports, adventure, ecological, cultural and educational, health and wellness.

From merchant mansions to skyscrapers. Architectural Ufa yesterday and today

Great attention is paid to the development of the tourist cluster in Bashkortostan. Thanks to the sanatorium cluster and ski resorts, of which there are quite a few in the republic, the region has risen in the national tourism rating from 20th to 10th place in three years (from 2015 to 2018). Bashkiria also occupies leading positions in the country and the Volga Federal District in terms of the volume of tourist traffic, the size of paid services to the population in the field of tourism, as well as the number of hotels and sanatoriums.

The head of the republic, Radiy Khabirov, has repeatedly stated that tourism is a serious sector of the economy and he intends to constantly engage in this area. “We have a unique tourism potential, but everything else, starting with infrastructure, information and so on, does not correspond to it. We do have anchor points, but they will take time to develop. At the same time, we need to saturate what is already there. It seems to me that this has not yet been fully done, it is a sin not to use such a high potential as ours, ”explained Radiy Khabirov at a meeting on tourism development.

After considering the concept of development of the tourism industry, which provides for the creation of unique tourism facilities, the organization of major event events, the establishment of systematic work on business tourism, the formation of a modern tourism infrastructure, the development of complex turnkey routes, the promotion of tourism products to the foreign market, systematic work was started.

The concept of tourism development indicates that until 2030 the main projects of the tourist cluster, which will be developed, will be the projects "Mountain resorts of Bashkiria" Legend of the Urals "," Nugush "," Burzyansky "," Asly-Kul ", "Kandrykul", "North-East", "Pavlovskoe reservoir".

The KPIs are indicators that need to be achieved by 2030: double the area of ​​the room stock, the number of beds should grow to 85 thousand units against 33 thousand (according to the optimistic scenario), investments in the fixed capital of hotels and so on should reach 18.2 billion rubles.

The volume of paid tourist services provided to the population should grow to 16,298.06 million rubles - three times compared to 2015 according to the baseline development scenario.

As good as Switzerland

Bashkiria is, first of all, active rest. From December to March, the ski season starts in the republic, in May - September you can go on a hiking trip, rafting down the rivers.

Alpine skiing in Bashkiria can be done by everyone - from beginners to extreme sportsmen. There are nine large ski centers in the republic, there are 14 of them in total, and some of the tracks are located near Ufa. But "Abzakovo" (Beloretsk) is considered a Mecca for skiers. On the slopes of the Kryk-Tau ridge, there are 13 tracks of various difficulty categories. All of them comply with international standards, are equipped with modern lifts, the tracks are illuminated even at night. The season runs from October to May, thanks to the artificial snow system. Major sporting events are held in "Abzakovo", there is a ski school. The sports and recreation complex is annually visited by more than 500 thousand sports lovers, which can be accommodated by about 200 hotels and cottages of different price categories.

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