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What a touring bike should be

Cycling gives a lot of advantages to the cyclist. Especially if cycling walks are part of a person's life every day, or at least with periodic constancy. Cycling is a great mood, beautiful landscapes, a fun company or for lovers of solitude, secluded routes, a great start or end of the day. In addition, it stimulates the body, maintains muscle function and helps the cardiovascular system. And the psychological aspect in the form of prevention of stress and nervous breakdowns is an invaluable advantage of a bicycle.

Today, such a pastime is gaining more and more popularity among the urban population, and this is not surprising. After all, biking can be a great way to escape from your daily routine, among other things! With a mountain bike, a person can enjoy the adrenaline rush to the fullest. After all, what could be more exciting than a trip to nature on wheels over difficult terrain? In order to choose the right bike, it is worth understanding its features as a concept and in terms of technical equipment.

Mountain bike concept

A mountain bike is a two-wheeled vehicle designed for special riding. This classification of special riding includes an off-road area, hilly and impassable terrain, mainly with a rocky surface.

But don't think that he is highly specialized. On the contrary. And in the city, such a bike is very convenient and good to use.

Due to its specialized features, the mountain bike has a unique structure. This design, which will be discussed below, distinguishes it from other types (highway, track, road or city).

In addition to all of the above, the concept of "mountain bike" can be interpreted in the context of a sports discipline. This means that this definition can include all the elements of various names associated with sports disciplines aimed at the implementation of actions with mountain bikes.


Mountain bike, due to its narrow specialization, has a number of unique features. It is these features that make the bike unique in its characteristics, distinguishing it from any other type of bike.

These features include the following characteristic features of MTV:

Cycling has many benefits for the cyclist. Especially if cycling walks are part of a person's life every day, or at least with periodic constancy. Cycling is a great mood, beautiful landscapes, a fun company or for lovers of solitude, secluded routes, a great start or end of the day. In addition, it stimulates the body, provides work

How easy it was to choose a bike thirty years ago! For ordinary consumers, they were divided simply by age categories - they bought babies on inflated tires, then the kids mastered the "Shkolnik", a little later - "Eaglet" and, finally, everyone switched to "adults", in the usual or "ladies'" version. Some variety was introduced by folding models or touring bicycles, which, however, did not differ much from the usual ones - "hand" brakes and a small range of gear shifting.

Now the variety of assortment of bicycle shops is simply amazing! A huge number of models of a wide variety of categories are presented, differing in their purpose and operating conditions. Mountain bikes, mountain bikes, or MTB for short, are especially popular.

What mountain bikes are for

Although all mountain bike models are united by the words "mountain", their area of ​​application is very diverse. Before choosing a specific bike, you need to clearly define: "Why do I need MTB?"

If everything is limited to the desire to show your friends and girlfriends your “coolness”, and you are supposed to ride on city roads, then you should not spend money either, because a good mountain bike is not cheap.

So, mountain bike applications:

    Extreme descent from the mountain slopes: downhill - on a prepared track, or freeride - off-road descent.

    Cross Country - High-speed cycling over rugged terrain.

    Street - extreme bike driving and overcoming artificial obstacles in urban environments.

    All mountain is a cross between cross-country and downhill, flat and mountainous terrain.

    Cycling tourism combining trail and off-road driving. For this, the so-called hybrid models are used, which combine the strength of the structure and the cross-country ability of MTBs with the good driving characteristics of road bikes.

    Dirt - aerial cycling acrobatics, performing tricks while jumping from one or more trampolines.

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    Cycling is developing very rapidly, and many people get bored with boring city riding, they want to ride comfortably over rough terrain. However, on an ordinary bike, off-road riding turns into a real horror: everything shakes and rattles, and every pebble means a blow to the steering wheel. Riding a regular bike over bumps is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous: even a slight unevenness can cause you to fly off the bike. City bikes or road bikes are simply not designed for bumps and bumps. For such a ride, a special off-road bike is required.

    Differences between an off-road bike and others

    A cross country bike is very different from an urban bike. The most obvious differences are:

    • Frame. The shape, design and material of the frame directly affects the characteristics of the iron horse. Typically, urban models have a very light, stiff, but not strong enough frame. This is necessary to increase the speed.
    • Depreciation. In the rough terrain implement, good damping is installed: at least one wheel. This ensures comfort and safety when traveling. In the urban version, this is not foreseen as unnecessary: ​​the shock absorbers will take some of the energy that you put into pedaling.
    • Bushing materials. The bushings take the full load of the cyclist. During impacts, the pressure on them increases many times over due to overloads. Urban models are equipped with soft aluminum bushings. They are of a two-cone design and are not designed for heavy loads.
    • Tires. This is a purely personal thing, since everyone puts them to their own needs. But it's worth noting that the bumpy and bumpy models feature aggressive tread tires for better traction.
    • Protection against moisture and dust. Rough-terrain bicycles are most often equipped with industrial bearings that are protected from moisture and dust, which significantly extend their life.

    Off-road bike types

    There are quite a few types of bicycles for rough terrain. They all differ from each other in characteristics and prices. It is important to correctly define your riding style and, based on this, make your choice.

    Bike from the supermarket

    This type of bike is usually sold in supermarkets, markets, in other words, in non-specialized stores. At a fairly low price, it has good characteristics at first glance: an aggressive look, disc brakes, 2 shock absorbers. With all his appearance, he pushes to buy. Here is a striking representative of this category:

    Despite its attractive appearance, this bike has a huge number of disadvantages: the quality of all elements is extremely low. The front fork has a spring-elastomer design, and the rear shock is just a spring that will cause more inconvenience than more comfort. With a very high probability it will start to "roll in" in the first week of skiing. In no case do we recommend this type for purchase. It is better to add money and take another option, it will give you much more positive emotions.


    This type is characterized by the presence of large wheels (wide and high in profile). This distinctive feature allows him to overcome a variety of obstacles, including even small swamps. Due to the low pressure in the wheels, this type allows you to move with comfort even without a suspension fork.

    However, a fat bike has one big drawback: wheels with such tires have high rolling resistance. In other words: it will be much harder for you to pedal and turn the steering wheel, and climbing a hill will be a real challenge. At the moment, the price of such monsters is biting.

    As the name suggests, a touring bike is a bike designed for travel. But this definition is very vague, since you can travel on both an old Soviet bicycle and a modern bike. But the ride comfort will be different.

    Yes, and tourism can be different: someone likes to drive on good asphalt, and give someone off-road or dirt roads. Therefore, there is no clear definition here, but there is a general wish that should be adhered to.

    So let's take a look at what a travel bike should be.

    Basic Principles

    When looking for a touring bike, look for reliable options. You should not chase weight by buying a lighter model. With a full load of trunks with things of varying degrees of usefulness, 1-2 kg will not play a significant role, and 200-300 grams even more so.

    Be guided by the rule "if something breaks, it will break". Avoid bicycles with moving joints and vulnerabilities (suspension forks, hydraulic brakes, folding frames) whenever possible.

    Touring bike parts

    Many cyclists assemble their own touring from various components. But such a step can only be taken if you have a certain experience behind you and know exactly the requirements put forward to this or that node.

    If you do not consider yourself a specialist in bikes, then it is better to buy a ready-made factory version. But here, too, there are some nuances. Depending on which hikes you are going to participate in, you may need a different bike. But there are still common points.

    Touring Bike Frame

    Touring bikes usually have either steel or titanium frames.

    Steel frames are notable for their high maintainability: they can be welded in the event of a breakdown. Also, such frames have a good roll and dampen vibration well.

    As a rule, chrome-molybdenum alloy is used for the manufacture of steel frames. It features good corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio.

    Choosing a bicycle for a city or country trips is not such an easy task as it might seem. Before you go and buy the first one that you like, it is worth paying attention to a few questions that must be answered in order to make the right choice. Which model would be more suitable for a girl or a small child who is just learning how to ride a two-wheeled companion?

    Three important questions before buying

    The technologies of this world are advancing so fast that even a five-year-old great seems to be a real fossil. To choose the right device for skating, you need to answer three questions to yourself:

    • Who will skate? You need to know the weight, height and physical capabilities of the future rider in order not to be mistaken when choosing a bike. The wrong choice will primarily affect the forks and shock absorbers, they will quickly fail if the load is excessive.
    • Where to ride or what? The choice of the terrain on which the bike ride will take place also has a great influence on the choice of bike. If a buyer chooses a bicycle for the city, and then goes to the mountains with it, then such a choice will not last long. The type of riding is also important, as aggressive riding and normal highway riding are very different, as are the bikes you should choose for it.
    • Cost amount. This is also a fundamentally important question that the seller asks, who will then show suitable models for the selected price group. It makes no sense to consider a model of a mountain bike for 150 thousand rubles, when the budget and the chosen area for walking insist on buying a bike for the city.

    What types of bicycles are there

    When the future happy bicycle owner has decided on the answers to these questions, it is worthwhile to understand the classification of the devices. After all, it will be sad if by chance the house turns out to be not an attractive city bike, but a drain or even a mountain one. It will be a pity for touring and breaking a folding bike on the mountain slopes, and this riding will not be effective either - it will not bring either pleasure from riding or benefit from training.

    Not so long ago, bicycles were mountain bikes, road bikes and ordinary city bikes. Now this classification has expanded greatly due to the emergence of many hybrids, cyclocross touring bicycles. Indeed, many bicycle owners take their two-wheeled horses for a walk along the asphalt path of the city and on the off-road of grandmother's summer cottage, and for a picnic in the nearest forest. So how not to be mistaken with the choice and model? It is worth taking a closer look at them.

    Mountain bike

    This is one of the most common types of bicycles, which includes several types of iron horses that are quite different for their purpose. These bikes are by default suitable for off-road riding and poor quality roads, but they will not be able to reach a decent speed. Most of the equipment of the average price is suitable for skiing even in the city, since it is not equipped with specialized excesses that will interfere with skiing within the city.

    Author Solution, Scott or Pegas can be named among the generalists on which you can later hang all the necessary attributes. The Author Outset variety can be considered walking at all. The purchase of an average mountain bike without special purposes will take about 15-20 thousand rubles, since buying devices with shock-absorbing forks reinforced for mountain slopes is not worth it.

    Cross-country mountain bikes should be noted as a separate type of mountain bikes. These bicycles help their owner to move with maximum speed and minimum effort both on mountainous terrain and simply on rough terrain. They also have good cushioning to keep the rider's arms and back healthy. These include Instinct from Author and Scale from Scott.

    Not only the label and the seller can tell that this is a mountain version, you can see for yourself. In these types, the frame will be strong, but relatively small, there will be a large gap between its parts. Front wheel damping will be mandatory, in some models and rear. Wheels are always made in the form of "cogged" relief, they look strong and powerful.

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