Where to relax at; Altai: top 7 popular tourist places

Where to relax at; Altai: top 7 popular tourist places

Altai Territory is located in the southeastern part of Western Siberia. The climate in the region is temperate, in some areas turning into sharply continental. The winters are frosty, the summers are hot, with a lot of sunny days. Tourism in the Altai Territory is well developed and is ahead of the average Russian indicators in terms of growth rates. Belokurikha and Yarovoe annually take hundreds of thousands of people for rest and treatment. Travelers are attracted by clean air, saturated with ozone and useful microelements, mineral waters, curative mud, and the beauty of pristine nature. In winter, alpine skiing fans come here.

Altai Territory: tourism and recreation

There are about 13000 lakes in the region, among which there are fresh, salty, alkaline. Biya and Katun run through the territory, attracting lovers of rafting. Active leisure enthusiasts will find many exciting activities for themselves:

  • hiking, horseback riding, skiing;
  • exploring caves;
  • mountaineering;
  • river rafting;
  • fishing, hunting;
  • excursions to the most interesting places of the Altai Territory;
  • delta and paragliding;
  • ski tourism;
  • swimming, scuba diving.

The resort complexes of Belokurikha, Yarovoye, Zavyalovo will offer a health improvement program:

  • radon and antler baths;
  • balneotherapy;
  • water and mud therapy;
  • health courses, physiotherapy exercises ;
  • inhalation, a visit to the "salt cave";
  • thermal, climatic and ozone therapy.

Phytoncides secreted by coniferous forests naturally purify the air, making it curative.

A stay at the resorts of the region strengthens the immune system, helps to restore health in case of diseases of the respiratory system, skin, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system.

The tourist infrastructure is developed in Altai, supporters of extreme and "wild" recreation, youth companies, families with children come here. A large selection of sanatoriums, boarding houses, mini-hotels and bases will make it easy to find both budget and luxury accommodation.

Excursions around the region will acquaint travelers with its rich history, natural and archaeological sites. Festivals are regularly held here:

  • "Shukshin Readings" dedicated to the work of the writer;
  • "Sandy" with competitions in the 7 most spectacular types of sports tourism;
  • " Cheese Festival ", during which a tasting is held, quizzes, contests are organized;
  • " Wings of Siberia ", gathering fans of aeromodelling.

The variety of leisure activities, the favorable climate and the unique nature of the Altai Territory attract tourists from all over Russia and Europe.

Tourism in Altai Territory - all directions

Breathtaking views of nature, climatic features and mineral springs attract a large number of tourists to Altai every year. Altapress. u prepared a list of places for which it is worth going to the Altai Republic and spending the whole vacation on it.

Turquoise Katun

It should be noted right away that the Turquoise Katun is a tourist complex located on the left bank of the Katun River, in the area of ​​the Red Stone Mountain. There are alpine meadows, forests with various types of trees and a mountainous landscape. The total area of ​​the complex is almost 33 sq. km.

There is an artificial lake on the territory. It is heated to 23 degrees. The temperature in Katun on the hottest days can hardly exceed 10 degrees. Nearby there are cafes, a water park and a children's pond with attractions.

Turquoise Katun includes 8 recreation centers that offer various entertainment programs. For example, excursions, rafting, horseback riding and cycling.

Lake Teletskoye

The largest lake in Altai and one of the largest in Russia is Teletskoye. Its depth reaches 330 meters. More than seventy streams and rivers flow into it, and only one flows out - Biya.

The shores of the lake are mostly steep, represented by mountain slopes, which are overgrown with forest.

Swimming in Lake Teletskoye is not comfortable. The water temperature does not exceed 10 degrees. Even in the summer. More often tourists come here not to splash in the water, but to look at the unique beauty of nature.

Artybash village is located near the lake. In summer it becomes one of the tourist centers of Altai. Most of the most interesting and active routes start from here.

Tavdinskie caves

Tavdinsky caves are easy to get to. They are located in the "Turquoise Katun" zone near the village of Izvestkovy.

There are about 30 caves on the five-kilometer rocky ledge, which are interconnected and have several entrances. The most popular is the Maiden's Tears cave.

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