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Welcome to the official website of Asia Travel Discoveries. We have been organizing tours to Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries for over 25 years. It is important to note that many tourist routes of varying difficulty were developed by our guides. Therefore, if you have long been attracted by the mysterious and hospitable East, the Asia Travel Discoveries tour operator is ready to offer you the best vacation in Uzbekistan (as well as: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan) with a full range of services.

With the help of our company you can order the following types of tours:

  • Historical and culinary tours (ancient cities and national dishes).
  • Active and adventure tours (bike tours, alpine skiing, horse and camel tours).
  • Trekking, biking, tours along the Great Pamir Highway.
  • VIP tours, business tours, incentive tours, individual program tours.
  • Corporate and team building programs.
  • Tours to the Aral Sea.

We also provide our clients with additional services:

  • visa support (for the republics of Central Asia);
  • hotel booking (at more favorable prices than on Booking and other international services);
  • transport services between cities, as well as airport-hotel taxis (cars, buses, minibuses, jeeps, executive cars).

Contact: what is the best way to reach us?

  • You can leave a request for a tour or hotel using the contact form. We will respond to these requests within one working day.
  • If you want to contact us right now, you can call + (998 94) 650-00-99 (Director - Khasanov Shukhrat), + (998 90) 323-87-73 (Chief manager - Tatiana).

Before you head out to the ancient cities of Uzbekistan, watch this video Want to know what Uzbekistan looks like now?

What tours to Uzbekistan should you choose if you are coming here for the first time?

One of the most popular tours to Uzbekistan among foreigners is the excursion tour "Under the blue domes of Marakanda" (now this tour program is called "Classic Uzbekistan" and is held all year round). During this tour, in just 8 days you can visit the main tourist cities of ancient Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva. There are vacationers who have long dreamed of visiting a certain city and order an individual tour. A separate category of tourists is extreme lovers and gourmets. They love adventure and delicious national cuisine. And we, in turn, are happy to fulfill the wishes of all our clients.

We understand very well that choosing a suitable tour to Uzbekistan is not so easy. Currently, there are already more than fifty of them. What can we say about a trip to Central Asia. It's easy to get confused here. Therefore, we try to provide people with as much useful information as possible. For more than 25 years of work in the travel industry in Central Asia, we ourselves have experienced the most popular tours and routes. Trust us, we have a lot to tell and show you. Please do not hesitate and ask any questions that concern you.

Our staff will guarantee you a rich tour program, comfort and safety throughout your stay in Uzbekistan

What to try in Budapest: TOP-10 Hungarian dishes

Skiing in Uzbekistan is real. Near the capital of the country, Tashkent, is Chimgan - a ski resort, a place where you can go skiing. This hill belongs to the western Tien Shan. A recreation center with good infrastructure, slopes and places to stay was organized here.

Location of the recreation center

Big Chimgan or Beldersay is a mountain range that is part of the Tashkent region. Its maximum height is 3300 m. The mountain is located 80 km from the capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent. Several tracks lead to it, deliveries of tourists and independent travelers for skiing octopus, a quiet rest are organized.

Features of the location of the Chimgan resort:

  • Tract. It is located at the foot of the mountain, called "The Twelve Keys". The main highway Tashkent-Brichmulla passes through it.
  • There are two ski resorts - Chimgan and Beldersare. The distance between them is 7 k. The average height is 1300-1500 m.
  • There is only one chairlift, built in the USSR.
  • Work on the restoration of recreation facilities began in 2011.

The top of the mountain is domed, which allows you to make smooth slopes of varying difficulty. There is little vegetation on the slopes, there are areas for freeriding. Trails or lifts do not lead to the peak. You can hire a helicopter for extreme skiing or snowboarding on the slopes.

Description of the ski resort

Of the two recreation centers, Chimgan is the most popular. There is a hotel of the same name on its territory, which has been recently modernized. Local residents have equipped cafes and restaurants with local cuisine near the slopes. According to reviews, even the peak season there are no queues for the lifts.

Facts about the Chimgan ski resort:

  • Lifts - chair and drag. The length of the first is 800 m, the second - 550 m.
  • Equipped tracks - "blue" and "red". For well-read athletes and amateurs, a descent with a length of 1500 m is made. Professionals can try their hand at a slalom track with a length of 900 m.
  • Maximum altitude difference - 390 m.
  • Average ascent time - 10-15 minutes.

There is a hotel on the territory of the recreation center, where you can order rooms - single, double, family, suite. The cost of accommodation can include meals - breakfasts or full board. Entertainment - sauna, steam bath, billiards, tennis. Discos are held in the evenings, the nightlife is active.

How to get there

Hungarian cuisine is fragrant, always very tender and savory in taste, hot dishes, delicious pastries. We will tell you what every tourist should try in Budapest. We have compiled a list of 10 dishes with photos and descriptions so that you know exactly what to look out for first.

Despite the fact that Uzbekistan is not among the leading tourist destinations, in recent years, thanks to the efforts of the local government and the development of infrastructure, its popularity among travelers has grown. Ancient architectural monuments, many sights, mountain landscapes, unusual national cuisine and hospitality of the local population - these factors make the rest in Uzbekistan bright and interesting.

Major Resort Locations

Uzbekistan has no outlet to any of the seas, with the exception of the Aral Sea. However, there are many resorts in the country, both medical and ski resorts, sanatoriums and rest houses. Most of them are concentrated in the mountainous regions of the country: unique landscapes and clean mountain air attract tourists here. So, not far from the Charvak reservoir on the territory of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park there is a rest house "Khodjikent", and in a pine forest at the foot of Mount Chimgan there is a mountain resort "Archazor". Magnificent mountain landscapes, excursions and various entertainments make the rest in modern Uzbek boarding houses of high quality and full value. We will consider ski resorts in more detail below in a separate section.


Uzbekistan's lack of access to the sea does not hinder the development of beach recreation in the country. Popular places for recreation by the water in Uzbekistan are Lake Aydarkul, called "the sea in the sands", and the Charvak reservoir.

Aydarkul is an artificial reservoir that appeared in the Kyzylkum desert in the north-east of Uzbekistan in the 60s of the XX century. after the construction of the Syrdarya dam. The lake is famous for sandy beaches, clear salt water and unique fauna: dozens of bird species nest on the shores, including black vultures and curly pelicans listed in the Red Book. Fishing is popular both among locals and vacationers. In the lake, carp, catfish, pike perch, bream and other fish species are found in significant quantities. There are no specially equipped places for swimming on the lake, but the sandy shores allow you to swim almost anywhere. Fans of more active recreation can take excursions to the nearby yurt camp or ride a camel in the desert.

Another artificial reservoir - the Charvak reservoir, is located in the Tashkent region, about 60 km from the capital of Uzbekistan and has convenient transport links with it. You can get to the reservoir either by car or by suburban bus. Motels, boarding houses and children's health camps are located along the shores of the reservoir, and equipped beaches are equipped with sun loungers and parasols. Here you can not only swim, but also fly over the reservoir on a paraglider, ride a catamaran or scooter, and also take an excursion to the Chinar cave with preserved rock paintings of ancient people.


The tourist infrastructure of Uzbekistan is constantly developing: new hotels are being built and old ones are being restored. The largest number of hotels is concentrated in Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand. There are both huge hotels and small private boarding houses. Before booking a room, you must make sure that the hotel has a permit for the settlement of foreign citizens, in the absence of it, the tourist risks receiving a large fine.

Interesting! It is customary to bargain in private hotels: this way you can reduce the indicated cost of living several times.

Rest in Tashkent

Tashkent is the oldest and largest city in Uzbekistan: the population is about 2.3 million people, and the history is more than two thousand years old. However, according to a number of travelers, the modern capital of Uzbekistan is far from the most interesting city in the country. This is due to the fact that the ancient city was almost completely destroyed by a strong earthquake in 1966, and there are almost no historical monuments preserved in it. Such a point of view, although it has a right to exist, does not correspond to reality. Modern Tashkent is a huge multicultural metropolis, in which, along with modern buildings, there are many architectural monuments of past years. There are many mosques and mausoleums in the city, as well as in an amazing way religious buildings of several faiths coexist: Catholic cathedrals with Orthodox, and Evangelical Lutheran churches with madrasahs.

In groups and individually

Organized at any time convenient for you in groups and individually

The best mountain hotels in Uzbekistan for a comfortable stay in the mountains in winter -

Seven days tour for individuals and groups

The ClimberCA Consortium offers you organizational support: registration of passes, permits, ground and helicopter transfer, if necessary, meals, rental of BC equipment, cooks, porters, guides with experience of climbing Mount Everest, etc. - for your expeditions to any mountain of the Himalayas from Tibet and Nepal.

We guarantee real prices and transparency of pricing. In Kathmandu you can stay in our inexpensive but very comfortable hotel.

Main site of the international consortium ClimberCAwww. limberCA. om

Attention, all active recreation programs in Uzbekistan are carried out with the participation of the best local tour operators in this area and professional guides who are partners of the international consortium ClimberCA.

Rest in the Mountains of Uzbekistan

The mountains of Uzbekistan are a very popular holiday destination. In Soviet times, the Chimgan Mountains were a recognized tourist center. Thanks to the All-Union Festival of Artists' Songs, the Chimgan Mountains of Uzbekistan were known to every self-respecting bard. At that time, hundreds of athletes from all over the Union came to the Chimgan Alpiniad, and the sonorous names of popular recreation places in the mountains of Uzbekistan, thanks to the work of Sukharev-Nikitin, were heard throughout the country. Many still remember the words from the song about Chimgan and the golden Brichmulla. And although much has changed since then, for example, the mountains of distant countries are now available to fans of outdoor activities in the post-Soviet space, but the mountains of Uzbekistan have not become less beautiful from this.

In groups and individually

Organized at any time convenient for you in groups and individually

The best mountain hotels in Uzbekistan for a comfortable stay in the mountains in winter -

Seven days tour for individuals and groups

Main site of the international consortium ClimberCA www. limberCA. om

Brief description of multi-day mountain routes in the Uzbek mountains

Pulatkhan Plateau Route one (PT - The last stronghold of the Steel Khan)

Best time for the tour: June - October Route (5 days): Urta-Kumbel (1850 m.) - Beldersay river - Chet-Kumbel (1880 m.) - Kumbel pass (2550 m.) - Takhta (2620 m.) - Jar (2936 m.) - Karangur ridge - Karangur mountain - Pulat pass (2590 m) - Pulatkhan plateau - sources of the Kara Archa river - Karangur ridge - Mingzhilki ridge - Mirzabay ridge - Nurekata river - Chet pass -Kumbel - Beldersay tract. More >>>

Cost: U $ 230 per person for a group of 4, 5 and 9, 10 people.

Attention: Throughout the route, the group is accompanied by a guide, who is also a mountain guide. For groups of more than 5, 2 mountain guides are provided (more than 10 - three). The guide provides tents, group mountain equipment, kitchen equipment and meals. Donkeys/horses, drivers and porters are charged separately. Transport cost is not included. The cost of living in a hotel (guest house) is not included. Sleeping bags, personal utensils and other personal items are not provided. No insurance provided. Alcohol is not provided. Service Provider: ClimberCA International Consortium your. limberca @ ya. u +7 966 065-53-44 - whatsapp/viber +7 771 467-41-93 - telegram Short inquiries: +998 977009846

Attention, all active recreation programs in Uzbekistan are carried out with the participation of the best local tour operators in this area and professional guides who are partners of the international consortium ClimberCA.

Pulatkhan Plateau Route 2 (PT - Citadel of Khan Pulat)

Best time for the tour: End of June - September Route (8 days): ur. Beldersay - Marble river - lane. Urta-Kumbel - Chet-Kumbel - Nurekata - Akkul ridge - Imetei peak - Akkul peak - Aksakata pass - Mingzhilki ridge - Karangur peak - Pass - Pulat (Pulatkhan Darvozi) - the sources of the Kara-Archa river - Pulatkhan plateau - Takhzhta ridge - - Bolshoi Chimgan peak - Komsomolets pass - Kichkin peak - Refrigerator - Mazarsai - Gulkam - Gulkam gorges - Yangikurgan - Charvak. More >>> Cost: U $ 360 per person for a group of 4, 5 and 9, 10 people.

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