Where to go with tents in Altai: climb the mountains and see lakes of different shades

Let's go to Altai! 8 ideas for summer vacations

Sometimes you want to leave everyone to the ends of the world. And this very edge may well become Altai. There are many places where you can take a break from everyone and everything. Camping in tents is very popular in the region. It can be divided into two categories: in civilized campsites, where you will have a certain level of comfort, and "wild". In the second case, you will test yourself for strength and learn all the delights of life in harmony with nature.

You can go with tents in Altai in the steppe, mountains, to the shores of lakes. Everyone can find an option for themselves.

Best places to stay by the water

Zavyalovskie lakes

The Zavyalovskie lakes of the Altai Territory are a real natural phenomenon. Just imagine: on one patch of land, nature has created three lakes at once - fresh, salty and alkaline.

Tourists from all over the country come here not only to relax, but also to recover. The water in the salt lake is truly curative, and at the bottom and along the banks there are deposits of healing mud and blue clay. Due to the high concentration of salt, it is impossible to drown here, the water itself keeps you on the surface.

Alkaline Lake is no less unique. The water in it is mineral (chloride-carbonate-sulfate type), to the touch it seems soapy.

Bathing in Zavyalovskie lakes helps to improve the condition of arthritis, intervertebral hernias, neurodermatitis, psoriasis.

The lakes are surrounded by a relict pine forest, so the air here is not only clean, but also very useful, it contains an increased amount of phytoncides.

There are tourist centers and campings on the shores of the lakes. Most of the campers are accommodated in tents. It is very budgetary and at the same time there is all the necessary infrastructure nearby - showers, attractions, cafes.

How to get there

Cave Falls

Where to go with tents in Altai: climb the mountains and see lakes of different shades

This year Altai promises to become a real tourist mecca: Turkey and Egypt were canceled - local beauties will completely replace abroad. Recreational facilities, main tourist routes and service facilities are already ready for the high season. "AiF" tells where to go, what to see and where to stay for guests and residents of two regions - the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic.

Republic of Altai

Gorny Altai is without exaggeration the main tourist region of Siberia (by the way, completely independent from the Altai Territory). It is equally good here both in winter and in summer: the Manzherok ski resort, the mighty Katun - the most interesting rafting "track" in Russia, archaeological sites like caves and ancient settlements, healing cedar forests, but most importantly - the mountains. There are alpine meadows here, and completely Turkish rocks, and even its own Everest - Belukha, beautiful in its inaccessibility. Lakes - Aiskoe and Teletskoe - should be a separate point on the tour route: the first is more suitable for a beach holiday, the second - for a thoughtful journey to untouched by civilization places.

On horseback and uphill

To understand Altai, you need to see it, be inspired by its mountain air and inexplicable energy. The Saylyugemsky National Park invites you to a fascinating journey to the Kosh-Agachsky region - a mysterious corner of Altai, lost at the junction of the borders of Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Designed to preserve a unique natural site, the park offers tours with improved service that allow you to experience all the beauty and power of Altai.

The park has several houses made in the national Altai style, a separate kitchen, tents with all the necessary equipment and a traditional Russian bath, so it will appeal to both completely "wild" travelers and those who cannot deny themselves the minimum amenities. The territory of the park is under the protection of state inspectors of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Park“ Saylyugemsky ”.

However, you need to go here, of course, not only for contemplative rest: the National Park organizes great trips - by off-road vehicles, horseback riding or walking tours. If you wish, you can be taken to the mountains or you can create an individual route with all modes of movement. On the territory of the Saylyugemsky National Park, you can make routes of any category of complexity: from simple walking walks, weekend hikes to complex high-mountain tours to inaccessible and impassable places.

Horseback riding has a healing effect, providing an active load on the entire body. During the hike, all the necessary equipment, including personal and group cargo, is transported not by travelers, but by additionally provided pack horses.

In off-road vehicles you can visit the spurs of the Sailyugemsky and South Chuisky ridges, the landscape of which will amaze you: sparkling glaciers and unique alpine lakes - you will see all this for yourself.

Saylyugemsky is great for photo hunting: argali, cat-manul, marmot, corsac, saker falcon, owl, ibex, maral, wild boar, bear, fox, wolf - and everything in their natural habitat ... If you are very lucky, there will be traces of the life of the snow leopard.

FSBI “National Park“ Saylyugemsky ”is not a private organization, nor is it a travel company. The Saylyugemsky National Park is a state environmental institution, the main goal of which is environmental education and nature protection. Rest in Saylyugem is for true connoisseurs of unique, fabulous places! And most importantly, our prices are quite affordable for everyone!

Altai Republic,

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