Where to go skiing and tubing in Voronezh and the region

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Event tourism needs to be developed in Voronezh and the region

A meeting of the Committee on Tourism and Historical Heritage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Voronezh Region was held in the "GREEN cafe" of the "Alye Parusa" park. The main topic of the meeting is the development of event tourism in the region. The meeting participants discussed this serious issue in an informal setting over a cup of coffee.

According to Rosstat, since 2011, inbound tourism in the Voronezh region has grown by 19%, but despite this, the region uses only 30% of recreational resources.

- One of the reasons for the underdevelopment of the travel and recreation industry is the lack of a special structure in the management staff responsible for the direction of tourism, - says Sergey Fedotov, chairman of the committee of the Chamber of Commerce for the development of the tourism industry. - In our region, only two people supervise tourism. Moreover, to create this structure, it is not necessary to increase the staff, this area is closely related to sports, culture and economy.

Sergey Fedotov also considers it necessary to create an information center, the main task of which will be to increase the recognition of the region as one of the tourist centers of Russia and increase the awareness of guests of the region about all aspects of possible recreation.

Representatives of regional business present at the meeting supported this proposal:

- I recently managed to visit the Liskinsky Museum of History and Local Lore, - says entrepreneur Gennady Shatalov. - I was very pleased and surprised by its rich exposition! But it is unlikely that all people passing through Liski are there, and this is a problem that needs to be solved.

- It's not about the reconstruction of the track, but about the low level of event tourism. Compared to Voronezh, Kazan hosts events of various levels almost every day, which attract nonresident residents.

It is worth noting that this year the Russian Event Awards, a national award in the field of event tourism, was established, and it is she who should contribute to its development.

- The geography of our project is extensive, - said Sergey Kalinin, chairman of the organizing committee of the Russian Event Awards. - Unfortunately, not only in our region, but throughout Russia, people are more fond of burying themselves in papers. The founders of the award reported about it in various media and social networks, that is, the event was sufficiently covered. Nevertheless, we received only three applications from the entire Voronezh region, so you can draw your own conclusions ...

Representatives of the region's tourism industry and leaders of different ranks are interested in the development of tourism, which would bring additional funds to the budget. Based on the existing problems, three main areas of work were outlined: the development of the hotel business, event tourism and local history.

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The best excursions in the city

Sightseeing tour of the architecture of Voronezh, with a story about the history and legends of the city

Walking excursion along the "square" route: navy, Baroque castle, South-Eastern Railway Tower

Under the yellow lanterns, the stories and legends of Voronezh take on a completely new shade

Travel to a town that has preserved many monuments of Russian urban planning

Visiting an 18th century architectural complex that has preserved its historical appearance

A trip to the site of one of the largest tank clashes in the history of Russia

6 best excursions in Voronezh with experienced guides, prices for tours from 500 ₽

Excursions in Voronezh: prices and descriptions

In 1586, a city was founded on the banks of the Voronezh River, in which more than a million Russians live today. Voronezh does not belong to the number of popular resorts or "pearls" of the Golden Ring of Russia, but it proudly bears the status of the homeland of the Russian fleet, and after the Second World War it received the title of a city of military glory. It is here, on an excursion in Voronezh, that you can see an exact copy of the very first domestic ship, the construction of which was personally supervised by Peter the Great. Centuries later, monuments were erected in honor of the emperor in the city and even a beautiful park was named.

Numerous city memorials remind of the heavy battles that took place in Voronezh during the Patriotic War: the Chizhovsky bridgehead and the ruins of the city hospital, the Monument to Glory, obelisks and sculptures. Several memorial complexes are located on Victory Square.

Ship - "Goto Predestination"

Constantly remembering the heroism of their ancestors, the city residents continue to enjoy life. Voronezh has several interesting museums and unique monuments. At the entrance to the former cinema "Mir" visitors are greeted by an amusing sculpture of a kitten Vasya from Admiral Lizyukov Street, the hero of the popular Soviet cartoon. Another well-known city monument - "Voronezh - the birthplace of the Airborne Forces" is located within walking distance from the kitten.

This was discussed at a meeting of the tourism committee.

Going skiing or snowboarding in the mountains is a great way to spend your leisure time on the slope on weekends or in the evenings after work. Ski club "Chertovitsy" is a center for education and training in skiing and snowboarding all year round. They spend their free time here actively, you can breathe fresh air.

Characteristics of the Chertovitsy ski base

The base club was founded about 35 years ago, becoming a favorite place for those who prefer active rest. There are 6 drag lifts at the base. The advantage of such devices is that you can jump off the road and go down at any time.

Slopes of various difficulty levels are built here. This allows both amateurs and professionals to ride.

With the help of mobile snow guns, the perfect condition of the track is guaranteed in any weather.

Snowcat slopes are systematically leveled. They ride here until nightfall, as the tracks are well lit.

Here they have fun with friends or family and drive them down the slides on inflatable cheesecakes. Tubing will give you a lot of sharp and pleasant sensations, and will charge you with an excellent mood for a long time.

After skiing at the base, you can sit by the barbecue or have a meal in one of the 2 cafes. The lower cafe is designed in the Apres Ski style. In the institution you can drink a glass of herbal tea or mulled wine, enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.

On the territory of the base there is a club of fans of alpine skiing and skiing. Professional skiers and snowboarders of the organization will be happy to share their experiences with beginners. With the help of qualified athletes, “Devil's” often hosts competitions in accordance with all the rules of the Russian Federation Sports Federation.

Prices for rent and services

A ski pass for using the lifts in Chertovitsy is bought for a certain number of days. It is better to buy it in the summer. During this time, the Ski-pass will be 15% cheaper.

Ski and snowboard equipment will cost:

  • adults from 500 to 600 rubles. per day;
  • children - 300 rubles.

Most of the winter entertainment was waiting in the wings - snowfall hit the Voronezh region on the weekend, January 20 and 21. Numerous active recreation complexes have begun work. Places where you can ride tubing, downhill and cross-country skiing, horses and snowmobiles - in the review of RIA "Voronezh".


Complex of "nodes"

Address: Alye Parusa park (Arzamasskaya street, 93), a park near the Arena shopping mall (Pobedy boulevard, 23b).

Working hours: on weekdays and weekends - from 10:00 to 22:00. The complex will start working with the establishment of sub-zero temperatures.

Rental price: 30 minutes - 200 rubles, 60 minutes - 300 rubles.

Deposit: any document, except for a passport, or 1,000 rubles.

Restrictions: children over five years old are allowed to ride on tubing. Weight limit - up to 120 kg. You cannot ride on your own tubing.

Dongor Ski Complex

Address: Voronezh Region, Semiluki, Chernysheva Gora.

Working hours: on weekdays - from 15:00 to 23:00, on weekends - from 10:00 to 22:00, closed on Monday.

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