Where to go in Russia in winter

Where to go in Russia in winter

There is no person on the planet who is indifferent to winter, crunchy crust underfoot, "milky" snowflakes flying from the sky, blinding sun and snow-covered tops. To the tops of the mountains! Mountains, whose peaks beckon with their inaccessibility, test endurance and courage. And where is the most of such beauty? The answer is simple - in Russia. The country that owns the most beautiful and dangerous peaks-tops.

And it is not surprising that the winter ski resort in Russia is so developed. After all, only here is the real winter - frosty, fresh and invigorating. We will show you where to relax in winter in Russia in 2021.

Ski resort in Russia

The territory of Russia occupies an incredibly large area - about 17,075,400 square kilometers. The most diverse relief wealth belongs to its borders. From steppes and hilly plains to plateaus and mountain ranges.

And the climate is tempting to spend your winter holidays in Russia and not only relax, but also improve your health. After all, there are whole protected republics here, and remote places untouched by the human hand.

It would be superfluous to remind that Russia has collected within its borders the largest number of mountain systems, within which the most luxurious winter resorts in Russia operate, known for their snow-capped and unconquered peaks all over the world.

Winter Resort - For Those Just Getting Started

Let's not argue about who prefers what kind of vacation. Whatever the result of the dispute, one thing is clear - every traveler or vacationer will sooner or later want to try new sensations. Change summer to winter. And, as you know, you need to start small.

For example, prefer winter tourism in Russia to any other country. Why? The answer is simple. Because the winter resorts in Russia are very diverse, because this is where it is worth learning to stand on skis, ice skates, snowboard and so on. After all, it was on the mountain slopes of Russia and skating rinks that its Olympic champions were trained.

How to start a ski resort in Russia

Where to relax in winter in Russia in 2021

Winter Thach

Hiking in the mountains in winter with overnight stays in tents and booths

Difficulty of the route: winter hike Duration: 7 days

Dates - tour schedule

Hike in the forest in winter with overnight stays in tents and booths

Difficulty of the route: winter hike Duration: 7 days

Dates - tour schedule

Greater Sochi

Winter hiking with a light backpack with overnight stays at the hotel

Difficulty of the route: sightseeing tour Duration: 7 days

Where to relax in winter in Russia in 2020-2021. Ski resorts, tourism and outdoor activities in Russia. Top best places for winter holidays.

In just a few days spent on the southern coast of Crimea, you will learn the basics of technical mountaineering and rock climbing, master snow and ice techniques, and also make several technical winter ascents to the most beautiful peaks of the Crimean mountains

Prepayment for booking 7 000 ₽

If you cancel your participation in less than 90 days, all payment is non-refundable!

1. Instructor for three full days

2. Transfers along the southern coast of Crimea as part of the program

3. Daytime light snacks, tea

4. Public climbing equipment (ropes, guy lines, carabiners, loops, etc.)

5. Consultation about the place of residence, organization of transfers to the hotel and back (at the expense of the client)

6. excursion service during the program

1. Accommodation (according to your taste, the manager will advise on this issue)

Where to go in Russia in winter for great impressions and emotions? An interesting trip can be arranged not only in the summer! So if your vacation fell on the winter, or you are looking for where to go on vacation, study this material and go on a trip! Skiing or snowboarding, majestic mountains and rugged northern beauty, volcanoes, dog sledding trips… there are a lot of ideas.

So, keep the best places to stay in Russia in winter - chose 22 options!

Where to go in Russia in winter: ski resorts


One of the best ski resorts in the country and certainly the most famous in Siberia. A variety of tracks for different levels of training, soft and fluffy snow, opportunities for both freeriding and beginners. Add to that the annual festivals like the Grelka Fest, which set the record for descending in swimwear, and you can see why so many return here every winter.

How to get there? The main point for access to the resort is Novokuznetsk. Flights here have recently been inexpensive, as an option you can fly to Kemerovo and Novosibirsk, and then by train. And already from Novokuznetsk a branded train runs to the Chugunash station, docked with a bus further to Gesh, plus buses and transfers. During the season, there are many buses from different cities of Siberia, including travel agencies.

Where to stay? The choice is large - chalets, hotels, hostels from 400 rubles per person per day.

Prices. A single skipass for the whole day costs 1,700 rubles, for children under 7 years old - free of charge. You can take a one-time rise or for 2/4 hours, and even for several days - the tariff system is quite flexible.

Krasnaya Polyana (Rosa Khutor)

The main and most famous ski resort in our country: 30 km of slopes of varying difficulty, 13 ski lifts, a high level of service, well-developed infrastructure and all this in a picturesque area and not far from the Black Sea. The tracks can accommodate up to 2400 people per hour. There are ready-made package tours from some cities of Russia to Krasnaya Polyana. I recommend booking in advance, hotels can run out quickly during the season.

How to get there? By any transport to Sochi (Adler), and further from the railway station of Adler or the airport to the resort several times a day "Lastochka" runs, the journey takes 45 minutes. In addition to the train, you can go by buses # 105, 105c, 105e from the center or from the Sochi railway station, and by buses 135 and 135e from the Olympic Park.

In winter, you should take everything that is written in the article on universal personal equipment, and below I will indicate some additions and changes to this list related to the cold season.

We are buying a warmer sleeping bag than for the summer, with a comfort temperature close to -10. Since a winter sleeping bag will already be heavier than a summer one, you can also start a downy one, if you are not afraid of course of condensation in the tent, which is always present in winter.

Usually in winter people rarely go and buying an expensive sleeping bag for a couple of nights a year is not profitable. In this case, the creation of a system of two thin sleeping bags inserted into one another will help. The ideal option is a down sleeping bag (warm and light) inside a synthetic sleeping bag (protects the down sleeping bag from condensation).

You can read more about choosing a sleeping bag by clicking here.

The easiest and cheapest option is to buy a second Izhevsk foam for 350 rubles. You can buy the same foam, but double thickness, 16 mm. A more advanced option is to buy a steep foam from Termarest. Self-inflating or regular - it doesn't matter.

Useful in winter, late autumn, early spring - in parking lots and in the evenings. Fits over a thin windbreaker jacket. Any one you like. Even the one in which you walk in the city. Just do not burn it at the stake) It is a puff with down inside that is good because it is light and warm and takes up a small volume in a backpack. The downside is that if it gets wet (rain/sleet), its thermal insulation qualities are difficult to restore (dry, etc.).

In the off-season, they do not allow dirt to stain the bottom of your pants, in winter - to get snow into your boots. It is better if attached around the leg, they will be not only Velcro, but also a zipper. In stores you will find membrane shoe covers, they cost three to four times more expensive than usual. The fact is that when you walk, your feet sweat, and under ordinary shoe covers by the end of the day you will find frost, and the membrane, while it is still in a vaporous state, will, of course, bring it out. But one must bear in mind that due to inexperience it is very easy to burn shoe covers at the stake. If you have to walk on stones, in the mountains, for example, then pay attention to the material and construction of the cable under the boot - how long will it live by rubbing against the stones and how difficult will it be to fix it? There are shoe covers with metal cables.

Any gloves will do, but windstopper fleece is best - windproof. They are always needed in winter and in the mountains, on the water in autumn and spring and sometimes even in cold summer. Mittens should ideally fit over gloves and serve to warm your hands while you are not doing delicate work (for this we have seals).

More details about mittens and gloves can be read HERE It is better to have mittens with an elastic band around the wrist so as not to lose.

Needed for severe subzero temperatures, when the nose falls off from the cold. Accordingly, this device must close it.

If you roll it up on top, you get a hat :) But still, such a mask is not always convenient as a full-fledged replacement for a hat (too thin), if you have a fleece without a hood, you should still take a hat. It must be remembered that about 30% of the heat of the human body leaves through the head, and thermal insulation on the head is a very important point.

Pants with insulation. In a winter hike, it will be useful for guys if the temperature is over -20, for girls if it is warmer. Choose self-dumping trousers with side zippers that allow you to remove and put on such trousers without removing your boots. Ordinary pants (not self-dumping) are usually too lazy for everyone to put on/take off on the go. Usually for this you need to take off your skis, find a stable position, take off your leggings, boots, change your pants ... And then put everything back on :)

If the temperature is up to -10, then it will be hot for guys in such pants to move actively. It is better to wear regular running synthetic pants and thermal underwear pants. Thermal underwear pants for the winter can be taken thicker, for example, fleece - its task is not only to drain water, but also to warm you.

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