Where to go in October

Mountain tourism in October

In the dock era, this place had a cool selection of countries where you can have a cool rest in October. However, the uncertainty with closed borders and the timing of their opening, quarantines, vaccines, tests have made their significant adjustments.

We rewrote everything anew, taking into account the current situation. The article will be adjusted depending on how direct flights are resumed and quarantine restrictions are lifted. We will tell you about all the countries where you can book tickets and tours right now, as well as how to get there if there are no direct flights.

Where to go by sea in October


Yes, this is the only direction with a warm sea in October, where you can easily get from Russia - there are direct regular flights and charters to Turkey.

October in Turkish resorts is the velvet season. Last year, in October, the average air temperature in Antalya was +26, water +24, only 3 rainy days for the whole month. No sweltering heat, cool, refreshing breeze in the evening. There are much fewer people.

Hello everyone! I would like to tell you briefly about my vacation in Belek. Our rest fell on the first half of October. The agency advised us to Belek, and we immediately took the vouchers. The month of October at this resort, as it turned out, is the velvet season. During our entire vacation there was not a single rain, and the weather was pleasing throughout the entire time, but, of course, there was no such heat as in the middle of summer. It even played to our advantage. It was so nice to walk in the Kaprulu Canyon coniferous park without sweating from the heat. I played golf for the first time in my life, to be honest, I still don't understand this activity. The beach of the resort is clean, the water in the sea is pleasant. The hotel is good, the service is excellent, almost all the staff speaks Russian. Animation lit every evening, well done guys! They returned home charged with energy for the whole year, - from the reviews of tourists.

We went to Kemer in October with my family. We like to relax, if possible, in the velvet season. Kemer in October is perfect for the climate. It was a pleasure to spend time on the beach, the water in the sea was still very warm, and the sun was warming with gentle rays. But in the evening it was cool, and we stocked up with warm sweaters in advance. Another plus is that there were already few tourists at the resort, and we managed to spend our vacation in a calm, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It rained only once, mostly sunny weather.

Where else to relax in Turkey:

  • Bodrum is the most elite resort on the Aegean coast. Stunning nature - Pamukkale thermal springs just 3 hours away, ancient attractions, magnificent sea.
  • Dalaman is very well located: there is an airport nearby and in addition, you can go to other resorts yourself - Fethiye, Oludeniz, Marmaris.
  • Antalya is a large resort, hotels mainly within the city. The cost of vouchers is lower than in Marmaris, Fethiye and Bodrum.
  • Alanya is the most popular resort among Russians this year. The reason is the lowest prices for accommodation.

Where to go in October

The route from Maikop to Dagomys is the most beautiful mountains, the first glaciers of the Caucasus on the peaks, where the sun is closer, but the snow does not melt in summer, and a little lower it is hot, and you can swim in the river that flows from the glaciers to mountains Fisht and Oshten.

The former All-Union Thirty is a unique route. Only here you can walk through all the landscape zones of the country. Starting from the Kuban black earth steppes, deciduous and coniferous forests, ascending to subalpine and alpine meadows, eternal snow and severe glaciers, and descending to the southern side of the Main Caucasian ridge - to the coast, falling into the subtropics to palm trees, bamboo and magnolias.

Why is the trip called "thirty"? Many people think that this is the length of the route, but it is not. During the trip, tourists will cover much more than 30 km. The walking part of the route is 8 days. Every day, participants walk about 10 km on foot (with halts). This is quite a lifting load even for tourists without trekking experience.

If you are going on a hike for the first time and want to get the most out of your trip, feel free to choose the all-Union route 30 through the mountains to the sea. Note that he is nearly a hundred years old. The exact date of the launch of the famous "thirty" is unknown, but already in the 30s of the last century it was very popular.

Daily program


We meet with the group at 8-00 at the Krasnodar-1 railway station. We sit down in a minibus and hit the road.

The route starts in the mountain resort of Khadzhokh - aka the village of Kamennomostsky - and passes mainly through the territory of the Republic of Adygea. Khadzhokh is an amazing combination of sun, mountain rivers and rocky gorges.

The Belaya River in Khadzhokh is central. There are many such secluded corners on it, where the rocky banks of the river are fabulously beautiful: river rapids boiling in the rocks, clean transparent water, gentle sun. It is in such a place that we will settle down. It's 15 minutes walk from Khadzhokh. We set up tents right on the shore, here will be our camp, from here we will go to radial exits (walks without backpacks), examining the local beauty. We will visit the Rufabgo waterfalls.

The next day we have to move to the Great Caucasian Nature Reserve and a walking day with backpacks.

Where to go and where to relax in October and autumn - on the beach, abroad, in Russia. MEGA review! All options after coronavirus! Updated article.

October - mid-autumn. Someone thinks that this is not a suitable season for a vacation, but someone, on the contrary, loves this particular time and feels comfortable while traveling without heat and heat. This month is no exception in the calendar year, and many people have their annual and long-awaited vacation in October.

In modern realities dictated by this year, the question arises - where to spend your October vacation? It is difficult to fly to warm countries by the sea, and many do not even want to risk their own health, and it is already cold on the coasts in our country - it is hardly possible to enjoy a sea vacation 100%.

I have compiled a selection of places in Russia where it will be interesting to visit in the fall. they are great for spending your fall 2020 vacation. This list is my vision, or rather the places where I would love to go if my vacation was in October. I hope this information will be useful to someone.


Agree, a non-standard approach to choosing a place, not a trivial and familiar direction. But this region is really rich in interesting places and is ready to welcome tourists from all over the country.

It's still warm here in the middle of autumn, the weather is mild and comfortable. Of course, rain is not excluded, but most of the days are warm and sunny. The temperature is kept within the range of +8 - +18 degrees Celsius (this is in Maikop), but it is important to understand that the higher you go to the mountains, the colder the weather will be. High in the mountains, in the second half of October, snow and rain or the first snow may fall, but this does not spoil the impressions of the rest.

This region is rich in mineral springs, so here it is quite possible to combine relaxation with treatment or recovery. One of the most famous and popular local attractions is the Lago-Naki plateau, so beloved by supporters of mountain tourism. There are many different hiking trails and routes, trekking is developed, the “thirty” route, known since the "Union times", is very popular among tourists. It begins in Kamennomostsky and passes through the Lago-Naki plateau, going out at the Black Sea coast - near the village of Dagomys. passing along this route, tourists cross the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, which offers gorgeous views of nature and local attractions.

On the way there are numerous caves, dolmens, waterfalls and places with gorgeous panoramic views. It is also popular for outdoor activities such as horse riding, mountain climbing, quad biking, jeep tours, etc.

It is safe to say that Yalta is one of the warmest resorts in Russia. after all, even in the first half of October it is quite warm and comfortable here, although in the second half of the month the weather can worsen significantly - it will rain, it will become damp and cool.

Nevertheless, in Yalta in October a special and unique atmosphere reigns in its own way. and if for swimming the sea may already seem cool to someone (the water warms up to + 17 + 18 degrees on average), then other recreation options are still relevant. The city has many interesting objects and attractions, not to mention the fact that you can go on excursions to other cities and villages of the peninsula.

Among the noteworthy sights I will note the Massandra Palace, the old Armenian church, Orthodox churches of various periods of construction. From nearby places it is worth going to Simeiz, Alupka, Livadia, Gurzuf.

If you went on vacation with children, then include the Yalta Zoo, Glade of Fairy Tales, an aquarium and a crocodilarium in the list of places to visit. It will be interesting for both children and adults!

In October the temperature is still above zero and at the beginning of the month you can enjoy the "Indian summer". But it rains more and more often, and by the end of the month snowfalls begin, the transition to winter time begins.

The flow of tourists dries up and prices at tourist centers and hotels are becoming much more attractive than in summer. Wrapped in warm clothes, you can enjoy walks along the Katun or go to Lake Teletskoye.

Martian landscapes of Altai and Kuekhtanar lakes

Weekend hike in Gorny Altai in summer 2020.

"Kuekhtanar Lakes and Mars"

June is already real summer in Altai! Lights (frying) bloom en masse, all the hills and valleys in Altai are covered with a bright orange carpet and you can safely go hiking. Altai-Pokhod offers to make a fascinating trip to Altai during the June holidays, see blooming fields, go on a small hike to Kuekhtanarskie lakes, visit the Martian mountains of Kyzyl-Chin. On the first day you will move along the famous Chuysky Trakt, on the second - a walk to the high-mountainous lakes Kuekhtanar and in conclusion you will go to Altai Mars - the colorful mountains of Kyzyl-Chin!

We invite you to have an unforgettable June holidays in Altai!

  • An unforgettable journey along the main road of Altai - Chuysky tract;
  • Chike-Taman and Seminsky passes;
  • Review of ancient petroglyphs and stone statues left to us by the Turkic era;
  • Magnificent blooming fields of lights!
  • We will visit the unique Geyser Lake of incredible turquoise color;
  • We will admire the snowy peaks of the North Chuya ridge; <
  • We will see the confluence of the Chuya and Katun, the two main rivers of Gorny Altai;
  • We will walk to the high-mountainous Kuekhtanar lakes;
  • We will see a real miracle of Altai nature - the Martian landscapes of Kyzyl-Chin!

Holidays in Altai Mountains (Mars in Altai)

Tour program "Kuekhtanar Lakes and Martian landscapes"

Meeting of the group at 8-00 at the railway station in Biysk. Loading into transport, after which we set off along the famous Chuysky tract through the high-mountain passes: the highest is Seminsky and the most winding is Chike-Taman. On the way, we will stop at beautiful places and places of mass flowering of lights. We will see the confluence of two large rivers Chuya and Katun. In the evening we will be accommodated in tents at the Nomad base.

Today we continue our journey and visit the Geyser Lake - the only one of its kind, rare in beauty and origin. After the excursion to the lake, we continue our way. We will see the Kuraiskaya steppe, grandiose views of the snowy peaks of the North Chuisky ridge will open to our eyes. Then we go on a light walk to the high-mountainous lakes of Kuekhtanar. The lakes are located in a chain in the western part of the Kurai ridge, in the Kosh-Agach region. The walk will take about 5-6 hours. In the evening we return to the tour. azu.

Planning a vacation in October is difficult enough. Therefore, the weather in most popular resorts becomes poorly predictable. At the same time, prices for tours are in no hurry to fall. But we are sure that with our rating of countries and a description of all the risks, you will succeed.

By mid-October, the countries of the Middle East and Asia, where it is still quite hot, are gradually starting to enter the market. In terms of prices, it is best to focus on North Africa, Cyprus and Greece.

Where to rest in OctoberCountryVisa ♥ When to comeTurkey - 4.8/501. 0-14. 0Malta + 4.7/501. 0-14. 0Tenerife + 4.5/501. 0-22. 0Cyprus + 4.5/501. 0-14. 0Israel - 4.4/501. 0-31. 0Egypt - 4.1/510. 0-31. 0Greece + 4.1/501. 0-20. 0Tunis - 4.1/501. 0-22. 0Maldives - 4/522. 0-31. 0Sri Lanka - 4/522. 0-31. Goa-4/522. 0-31. 0ОАЭ-4/522. 0-31. 0Tanzania - 4/501. 0-10. 0Jordan - 3.8/510. 0-31. 0Dominican Republic - 3.5/522. 0-31. 0

The velvet season in Turkey lasts until mid-autumn. But we recommend coming on vacation at the turn of September and October, so as not to catch the first rains. In this case, it is better to choose southern resorts. Even in Kemer, the first rains may occur in early October, and in the north it is already frankly cool and unpredictable.

Alanya or Side in early October, I guarantee comfortable weather and a well-warmed sea. There will be no crowds of tourists on the beaches, and the entire infrastructure of the hotel will work only for you. And such a personal approach will cost 20-30% less than in summer.

In Larnaca and Paphos, summer heat will last until the third decade of October. In the last week, the thermometer will drop below 25 degrees. Therefore, it is better to come to Cyprus in the first 2-3 weeks of the month using hot tours.

The sea water is gradually cooling down, but will be above 22º until November. So you can swim throughout October. Another significant advantage of applying for an online visa in 2 working days.

You can spend your free time on excursions. Cyprus is not particularly colorful in autumn, but there are plenty of historical monuments. With a good guide and a good car - you should definitely take a ride at least once during your vacation!


Malta is a good option for a short trip of 4-6 days. The archipelago is still warm enough to swim in the sea and see the surroundings. In early October, this is one of the best places for a seaside holiday in the Mediterranean basin.

The main leisure time in your free time is an independent examination of architectural monuments of all eras. Stone temples, palaces, cathedrals and knightly fortresses will not leave indifferent fans of active tourism! Thrill seekers can combine the beach and excursions with diving. The scuba diving sites in Malta are considered some of the best in Europe.


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