Where to go for snow if you live in Krasnodar

The Krasnodar Territory most clearly showed all the consequences of the impact of the pandemic on the work of the tourism industry

Winter in the Krasnodar Territory is so "harsh" that only occasionally presents with snow. In the New Year, it is always a natural roulette - whether it comes up or not. And more often than not.

You don't have to drive 300 km to ride in the snow. This is especially not necessary for those who do not know how to go down the snowy slopes on skis and snowboard, but only want a dose of festive mood and a few beautiful photos.

Resorts of the South. they tell where to go for snow if it is not in Krasnodar. We are talking about the mountainous regions of the region and Adygea, and how to get to the ski resorts of the south of Russia, to Arkhyz, Dombay, to Krasnaya Polyana and in the Elbrus region, we wrote here.

Seversky District

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Travel time/Distance: 25-30 minutes, 30 km

The closest thing to Krasnodar is the “Countryside Rest Club” in the Seversky District. Some 30 km (depending on the point of departure) - and you are already making a snowman and skiing. It is convenient to leave Krasnodar through the Yablonovsky bridge, after 20 km, exit to the Krasnodar - Novorossiysk highway. At the entrance to the village of Severskaya, you will need to turn right twice, first from the highway, and then along Engels Street and move to a dead end. Of course, the slopes here are not the same as in the major ski resorts, but when there is only one or two days off, this is enough. At the first frost, the Snowpark starts working in the club. The slope, specially equipped for skiing and snowboarding, is covered with snow at temperatures from -2 ° C. Both advanced athletes and beginners can ride here.


Travel time/Distance: 2 hours 15 minutes, 166 km

The village of Kamennomostsky (Khadzhokh) is located on the way to Lagonaki and Guzeripl. This place is perfect for anyone interested in sledding. In addition, here you can organize horseback riding or a tourist excursion to the sights: Mishoko gorge, Khadzhokh gorge, Devil's finger rock, etc. From Krasnodar to Khadzhokh can be reached by the route Krasnodar - Maykop - Khadzhokh.


Krasnodar Territory, one of the key recreational regions of the country, most clearly showed all the consequences of the impact of the pandemic on the work of the tourism industry, and Kuban companies were the first to look for options for business diversification in the changed conditions. What are the main trends that emerged in the crisis year of 2020 will continue to determine the work of the resort and tourist complex of the region in 2021?

According to the Minister of Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage of the Krasnodar Territory, 11 million tourists visited the Krasnodar Territory in 11 months of 2020, 33% less than in the same period last year. By the 2020 summer season, 124 collective accommodations have not opened at all, while the industry has lost a total of 17,000 rooms. Of the 109 children's health resorts in the region, less than half, only 44, worked this year, and the total number of children who have rested has decreased by more than 10 times over the year, from 291 thousand to 27 thousand. The volume of services provided by large and medium-sized organizations of the resort and tourist complex of the region in January - September, amounted to 42.5 billion rubles, which is 12% less than in the same period in 2019. A decrease in revenue was noted in all municipalities of the region, including the resorts of the Black Sea and Azov coasts. The volume of tax revenues from enterprises of the sanatorium, hotel and tourist complex to the consolidated budget of the Krasnodar Territory for the first nine months of 2020 decreased by 34% and amounted to 4.8 billion rubles.

New Year's fireworks from the window of the room

The regional authorities are consistently extending the high alert regime and related restrictions. There is a ban on holding mass festive events on New Year's Eve, resorts and hotels are preparing an alternative entertainment program that allows them to observe the isolation regime and "watch the New Year's fireworks from the window of the room." It was also decided to return to Sochi the practice of observing tourists who come to the resort with signs of an infectious disease for the New Year holidays. The epidemiological situation in many Russian regions remains tense, no one undertakes to predict the further development of events, which affects the demand for rest and affects the situation with early booking of tours next year. What, in the opinion of the expert community, awaits the tourism business of the Krasnodar Territory in the current unstable conditions?

Most hoteliers are pinning their hopes on the upcoming New Year holidays: the demand for rest in the Black Sea resorts during the winter holidays inspires optimism. The resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, in particular the ski resorts of Sochi, occupy leading positions in the ratings of the most popular destinations for holidays for the New Year holidays. Despite the ban on holding mass festivities on New Year's Eve, imposed by the regional authorities, the occupancy rate of hotels in ski resorts, as of mid-December, exceeds 90%. According to the regional administration, the occupancy of accommodation facilities on New Year's holidays on average in the region increased by 2% compared to last year; 398 thousand guests are expected in the Kuban during the New Year holidays, which is 8.5% more than in 2019.

“For the ski season and the period of the New Year holidays, an increase in tourist traffic of about 10% is expected compared to last year. Based on existing bookings, the length of stay in the winter months has increased significantly: now it is an average of nine nights (last winter - four and a half nights). There is an increased interest in accommodation in expensive hotels: during the peak dates of the New Year holidays, the occupancy rate of some 4 * –5 * hotels is approaching 90–100%, ”Sergey Khvorostyaniy, Deputy General Director of Rosa Khutor Resort, confirms the optimistic forecasts.

According to experts of the tourism market, throughout 2020, there was a steady downward trend in booking depth, which will continue in 2021, and this does not allow industry representatives to make long-term forecasts with full confidence.

“If we exclude the New Year holidays, for which the resort's occupancy is already more than 95%, and we talk about the loading in the winter season, now it is about 60%. For comparison: in December 2019, the winter season load reached 40%. At the same time, the depth of sales last year was greater: at the beginning of the winter season, there were already bookings for the end of March and for April. There is no significant depth of sales this year, most of the bookings are in January - February. Tourists are in no hurry to plan their vacations, and in the current situation this is absolutely normal, "explains Olga Filipenkova, director of development for the Krasnaya Polyana resort, a member of the expert council under the committee for physical culture, sports, tourism and youth affairs of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

As for other large resorts in the Krasnodar Territory, then, according to the booking service “We are going-to-guests. y ”, over 17% of Krasnodar residents will visit the Anapa resorts of Dzhemete and Vityazevo for the New Year, and about 7% of residents of the Kuban capital choose Gelendzhik for the holidays.

If the situation looks optimistic with the demand for the New Year holidays, the experts make long-term forecasts for 2021 with caution - there are too many factors that are difficult to plan. The general opinion is that in 2021 the tourism industry is unlikely to be able to fully recover to the pre-crisis level, and market players will have to look for new approaches to recreation in order to survive. The full recovery of the industry - launching charters, opening new directions - according to the forecasts of market players, should be expected no earlier than 2022.

According to the professional community, in 2021 the trend of growth in demand for unorganized auto tourism, sanatorium health services, recovery programs after COVID-19, exclusive and family vacations in isolated areas, as well as active recreation in fresh air.

“Trends have really changed a lot, tourists will certainly continue to travel, but will go into 'self-isolation'”. Independent, automobile, ecological tourism will come to the fore, that is, travel, where you can maintain a social distance and risk less health. More often than before, guests will choose secluded accommodations, glampings and campings, and individual cottages. I suppose that almost the entire year of 2021 will most likely be held in the regime of closed external borders, which is why domestic tourism will receive additional opportunities for development. As for the approaches to the work of the industry itself, the trend towards cost optimization and additional "chips" for guests will continue. But you need to understand that it is unlikely that it will be possible to return to the pre-crisis level, taking into account the winter restrictions. The sanatorium and resort industry can recover most quickly, although it is still tied to seasonality - the demand for rehabilitation and recovery after the pandemic is very large, ”says Alexey Volkov, vice president and executive director of the National Union of the Hospitality Industry (OSIG).

Oksana Dorozhkina, the best guide of the Krasnodar Territory according to the results of the competition "Resort Olympus -":

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