Where is Khakassia - lakes, Krivinsky bull, Lebyazhye lake, oglahty, Lake Bele

Siberian Stonehenge and other 10 places in Khakassia that are worth visiting

Interview with Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Khakassia Nikolai Evdokimov

The 2020 season will be remembered, among other things, by breaking stereotypes - it will begin with domestic tourism, which finally seriously interested tour operators. To prepare the industry for a new reality, Profi. ravel together with Rosturizm launches a new section "Know Ours!" It will help you see something new on the map of Russia, in addition to Sochi and Crimea. And also - he will acquaint with the heads of the tourist authorities "without a tie": these will not be interviews with officials about statistical data, but with real people about the most interesting and brilliant that is in their region. In the first issue, we spoke with the Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Khakassia, Nikolai Evdokimov.

Nikolay, tourism came under your control only last winter. What was the first decision you made then?

Yes, last December the head of the republic Valentin Konovalov transferred tourism to our department from the Ministry of Culture. He made this choice based on the opinion of the tourist community. And it has become a good tradition to listen to the voice of business. Actually, my first decision was about the same: in order to deeply understand the topic, I needed to get acquainted directly with entrepreneurs. I started with meetings with them. Agree, not a single sphere can be developed only by the efforts of the authorities - without understanding the realities of the market, there is a high probability of error. I was convinced for a long time: in order to work for people, and not for a “tick”, one must have a good understanding of the interests of business.

Market players helped me understand what is outdated and does not work, and what the industry is desperately lacking. Together with them, we drew up a plan of the main activities in the field of tourism. Some have already been implemented, some had to be postponed due to the situation with the coronavirus. And now we are developing a Strategy for the development of tourism in the region until 2035 - again, together with the main players in the industry. Therefore, we clearly know where and how we will move.

What does Khakassia have in common with Switzerland

What myths exist about your region? And why do tourists go to Khakassia at all?

One of the most common is that Khakassia is a steppe region. In fact, almost two-thirds of the republic is occupied by forests and mountains. It is not for nothing that Khakassia is called Siberian Switzerland. Just think how many people dream of seeing beautiful mountains, and are convinced that this is possible only abroad. And here it is, everything is near, everything is dear - come and enjoy!

In general, everyone comes to us, probably, for their own. For example, residents of Siberian regions are attracted by our lakes. We have more than 500 of them, the most popular - Tus, Shira, Bele, Itkul - are located in the Shirinsky region, these are the favorite places for tourists to rest. goes to see the ancient burial mounds, stone statues, rock paintings, settlements, which have no analogues in the world. We are looking for "places of power", many are attracted by the unique structure of antiquity, the largest barrow in the south of Siberia - Salbyksky; they are going to ask for blessings from the "mother of mothers" - a stone statue of Ulug Khurtuyakh Tas. And for the main point on the map of Khakassia is the hydroelectric power station, the largest hydroelectric power station in Russia.

In winter, many freeriders come to ride in the Ivanovo Lakes region - and for a reason: the slopes of the mountains there are among the top best places for freeriding in Russia.

Are there any popular places you would advise tourists to visit? And where do you like to visit yourself?

You should definitely come to Abaza! This small town surrounded by mountains, in my opinion, is the perfect place to be alone with yourself, away from the hustle and bustle. Here you go into this cozy guest house - like at your dacha, only you don't need to cook and clean up - it's beautiful! Immediately pulls the mobile phone off, take a fishing rod and go fishing. And in the evening, try taiga delicacies - fern, jam from wild berries and pine cones. Or go to the taiga. Well, in general, it doesn't even matter what exactly you are doing here, when there is pure mountain air and such nature that it takes your breath away.

Profession guide

The talks about how Khakassia can become a tourist Mecca have been going on for a long time. It is not clear only why things are still there. Maybe the problem is that they are discussing it in the government and the budgetary institutions created by it, and things are done at the level of private initiatives?

The other day “Pulse of Khakassia” talked about this with Vladislav Nechkin. Our guest - an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a public figure, an energetic person - set out to build a tourist destination from the Urals to Khakassia, found interested companies and a client base ... But suddenly faced with a misunderstanding of those who indirectly convinced him of success: Tourist Information Center of Khakassia , who is actively present in all social networks, refused to help a real person. Vladislav was not even included in the group, which at the very moment when these lines are being written is teaching the guides.

- Today tourists from all over the country willingly go to Baikal, Crimea, Abkhazia, but they have not even heard about Khakassia, and this is the result of the work of our TIC. Such a zero point and the lack of agreement between individual objects of tourist infrastructure in Khakassia greatly slows down the work of the direction. More than once I attended joint meetings and forums of tour operators in Khakassia and came to the conclusion that everyone thinks within their camp site. We are not ready to do something together. Apparently, this is due to the difficult entrepreneurial experience of previous years and the inability of budgetary institutions to organize such work. No, each one individually - numerous travel companies and tourist centers, the Tourist Information Center of Khakassia, the State Tourism Committee of the RH, the State Reserve "Khakassky", the Khakass Museum of Local Lore, finally, are working. Meanwhile, there is a problem of lack of road infrastructure: there are no parking lots with toilets, there are practically no signs and information boards. In a specialized store in Yekaterinburg, where they sell maps and guidebooks, the only guide to Khakassia, published 10 years ago, was hardly found. When I needed information support in the form of printed printing with a map of Khakassia, sights and telephones, for which budget funds have already been spent, the TIC refused to provide even electronic source codes, the printing of which I would order at my own expense. They announced the training of guides - showed up, fulfilled all the conditions, wrote an essay, explained what I was doing in the Urals, why I needed all this. Not included in the group. Apparently, they found more worthy applicants, only I need training not for general development, but for work. After all, the initial communication with a potential tourist must be carried out competently, including from the side of the guide, - my interlocutor shares his observations.

They are from the Urals

Meanwhile, Vlad Nechkin's idea is valuable for its geography. "His" tourists will go to Khakassia from the Ural cities with a population of over one million: Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, as well as from the Far North - Surgut and Novy Urengoy.

- I myself have lived in the North of the Urals for 15 years and I know very well the mentality of people living in the city where watermelons are brought once a year. Since 2004, friends from Serov and Severouralsk began to visit me in Khakassia. They have much more emotions from travel than residents of Yekaterinburg, who regularly visit other countries and 5-star hotels, so the Russian North for tourism in Khakassia is our everything.

- Vladislav Yuryevich, do you have experience of working with tourist groups not only of a private order? Tell us about the first steps in the tourism business. Why are you interested in this area?

- Since October 2018, I have been representing the interests of entrepreneurs of Khakassia in the Urals, and we have a circle of entrepreneurs who, like myself, provide various kinds of services. At the moment we are opening representative offices in the Ural cities with a population of over one million. There is money there, so it is easier to make money in the Urals than in Khakassia.

- I understand. Oil and gas, solvent population ...

- Exactly. Representative offices will be opened in Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Omsk, and the idea of ​​sending tourists from this region to Khakassia is due to logistics. The Abakan-Moscow train goes through these cities, which makes it very easy to form groups: someone sits in Yekaterinburg, someone in Perm, everyone comes to Abakan at the same time, and a full-fledged group is already traveling around Khakassia, visiting sights. Tour operators in Yekaterinburg, who are engaged in excursion services, assured that they are ready to cooperate with us, because their clients are asking for new routes, there is potential.

- One of the partners has a client base of about 1.5 thousand people of regular travelers, others have up to 2 thousand people. All have already traveled to Crimea, other union republics and want new routes. In Khakassia, they have no one to work with and now we are solving this issue. The other day I met with the director of SayanyEkoTour, my task is to connect the Ural tour operators with partners from Khakassia. I would like budget organizations to participate in the project. We do not ask for funding, but we will be grateful for any informational and moral support. Unfortunately, understanding has so far been found only with the director of SayanyEkoTour LLC, Mrs. Egorova.

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The prevailing terrain in the center and in the northern part of Khakassia is steppe and forest-steppe with low mountains. The western part is made up of the Kuznetsk Alatau ridges covered with forest with average heights of about 1000 meters. The southern part of the republic is rocky peaks of the Western Sayan with heights of up to 2900 meters. Mountains and forests occupy more than 2/3 of the republic's area. The steppe zones located in the center of Khakassia are represented by hills with meadow forbs and absolutely flat dry steppes.

Khakassia is a republic in the south of Siberia. Tourists come here for the local landscapes - to admire the lakes, caves, mounds and reserves. We will tell you about ten interesting places that are worth adding to your itinerary in Khakassia.

Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP - the highest dam in Russia

The Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP stands on the Yenisei River near the city of Sayanogorsk. Construction began in 1963 and was officially completed only in 2000. This is the tallest dam in Russia - its height is 242 meters, two and a half times higher than the Statue of Liberty. The length of the dam along the ridge is more than a kilometer.

There is a museum at the power plant. The dam is a secure facility, so you can't get here just like that. If you want to visit the museum, you need to call the power plant a few days before the date of your visit. The exposition of the museum is dedicated to the construction of hydroelectric power plants and hydropower in Russia. One of the exhibits is Gagarin's shovel, which the cosmonaut used to lay concrete at a construction site. The central exhibit of the museum is a small copy of a computer-controlled dam, on which a spillway can be triggered.

Opposite the dam, a viewing platform for tourists has been set up, from which a beautiful view of the hydroelectric power station opens, and where everyone is photographed. Here, in 2008, a monument to the first builders was erected - seven bronze figures of the builders of the dam.

Mud Resort on Lake Shira

Lake Shira is a resort where tourists from all over the country come to swim, sunbathe and get treatment. From Abakan to the lake 160 kilometers, from Krasnoyarsk - 340. Shira is a slightly salted lake with a high content of magnesium, which is useful for strengthening bones and muscles, as well as for diseases of the nervous system. Silt mud is collected from the bottom of the lake. This mud is used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes - they make masks, treat arthritis and sprains.

Big Salbyk Kurgan - Siberian Stonehenge

The Salbyk burial mound is a burial monument in the Salbyk tract. Scientists say it was built around the 7th century BC. The burial resembles a stone forest - along the perimeter there are huge slabs of stone, on which ancient runes are engraved.

Archaeologists are excavating the burial mound. Nearby, a museum “Ancient burial mounds of the Salbyk steppe” was opened, where you can see the artifacts found: knives, millstones, and earthenware.

Chests - Ancient Observatory

The Chests Mountain Range is 8 separate hills, which are more than 370 million years old. The first mountain resembles a chest in its shape - hence the name. For millions of years the winds have blown out the soft rock, thanks to which the "chests" have acquired their unusual shape.

General information about the Republic of Khakassia

The Khakass Republic with its capital Abakan is part of the Federal Siberian District and occupies an area of ​​62 thousand km2. This subject of the Russian Federation extends in the left part of the water area of ​​the river. Yenisei on the Sayano-Altai Upland and in the Minusinsk Basin.

The population of Khakassia is 537.5 thousand people. The population density is expressed at 8.73 people. per 1 km2. By ethnic composition, the approximate ratio is shown in the table.


Major Industries

The power system of Khakassia includes the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP (part of the Yenisei HPP cascade, the most powerful in Russia, 6400 MW), the Mainskaya HPP (321 MW capacity) and three thermal power plants with a total capacity of 300 MW.

Sayanogorskiy and Khakasskiy aluminum ones are located on the territory of the republic (all belong to “Russian aluminum”).

Coal mining is also carried out in the region (LLC Coal and Chernogorsk Branch of OJSC Siberian Coal Energy Company).

Coal mining is carried out by two mines (Yeniseiskaya, Khakasskaya) and five open-pit mines with a total annual production of more than 6 million tons.

Among other non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises, OOO Sorskiy GOK (ferromolybdenum and copper con (copper rolled).

The coefficient of per capita electricity production is 7.3, the highest in Russia; for coal - 5.3 [31].

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