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While on vacation in Anapa, most people get bored of doing nothing on the beach on the second or third day, and after a sightseeing walk around the city, a reasonable question arises: "What excursions from Anapa are organized?" Vacationers at one of the most popular resorts in the Krasnodar Territory have many opportunities. The main thing is to know where to choose and book an ideal tour in terms of content and cost. This is what will be discussed in this review.

You will find out where it is better to select interesting excursions from Anapa as part of a group, and where - in an individual format. Get direct links to excellent tours to Abrau-Dyurso and the reserved Utrish, author's "reviews" in Anapa and outbound programs in the Krasnodar Territory. You can find the perfect excursion program to Crimea and Abkhazia to go to Bakhchisarai, Sevastopol, Yalta, Koktebel, Sudak or Feodosia. Find your way around the price range of the best excursions from Anapa and read the reviews of those who have already traveled.

Where to buy excursions from Anapa in a year

You can go on vacation without preparation, because on the spot you will definitely be offered a large number of different tours - both in a survey format around the city and outbound. But in this case, it will not be possible to quickly navigate the prices and understand whether the local organizers have broken the horse price tag. Yes, and no one will share their impressions of the trip with you, unless you plan to meet tourist buses and ask excursionists leaving them. To avoid unnecessary fuss and overpayment, we advise you to book a good excursion to the sights of Anapa online. If you look for more at home, then you will not have to waste time on this vacation. At worst, a reservation with a stable Internet access can be made on vacation, spending less time and effort than traveling to agencies.

Where to look? What online travel portals are reliable? If you need individual programs, we recommend Tripster - an online service with a half-million audience that has been offering private tours for travelers around the world since 2013. And for group trips, it is better to go to Sputnik - this online platform has been operating since 2012, is the owner of the prestigious My Planet award and a finalist in the Startup 2013 competition. On both portals, you can buy one-day excursions from Anapa, as well as sightseeing walks around the city, at direct prices from the organizers. It is important that you will not be bored during the trip, because there will be an experienced, friendly and talented guide nearby, and not a dull and tired “old guard” guide.

For more information on the Tripster portal, see our dedicated article at this link.

Prices for excursions from Anapa for a year

Another advantage of online booking is the ability to find out in advance how much excursions in Anapa cost and how much outbound tours are offered. Tripster and Sputnik clearly demonstrate the price range. On Sputnik, you can use a filter to select tours with payment on the spot, that is, without making an advance payment, and the Tripster filters help to rank excursions from the cheapest to the most expensive. By the way, the trip “From Anapa to the reserved Utrish” turned out to be the most inexpensive trip on the Tripster - 2600 rubles for 1-6 guests, the excursion is individual. And the most expensive individual "review" "Business cards of Anapa" - 5300 rubles for 1-4 excursionists.

Analysis of tariffs shows that the cost of excursions from Anapa is higher - and this is understandable. The price includes the cost of transport, and often - for lunch. And the longer the route, the more you will have to pay. The format also affects the cost - individual travel is usually more expensive than group travel. This criterion, however, is conditional, if you remember that for group excursions, a fee is charged from each participant, and in individual excursions, the total fixed cost and the maximum number of excursionists are indicated. So it is often more profitable for those traveling with a large family or a friendly company to buy an individual tour. Let's say each of 6 friends pays only 434 rubles for the aforementioned trip to Utrish.

Individual excursions from Anapa

Trips organized in an individual format do not have the disadvantages that group tours often have. Many tour guides willingly adjust the route and content, taking into account the personal interests of tourists, add or remove certain locations. Sightseeing such excursions in Anapa will help you visit without haste and eternal prodding from the guide. When choosing a guide with a personal car, it will be possible to make stops on demand to visit the restroom or shoot the views you like. And because of the small number of tourists, it will be possible to ask the guide all the questions of interest. But the main thing is to get ready for a truly exciting excursion in Anapa and the surrounding area, where you will not be bored, spend time on annoying expectations and get upset because of unpleasant surprises. Tripster specializes in author's individual tours, so learn all the original routes at this link.

The best excursions from Anapa | TOP 10

Anapa is a resort town where the beaches are sandy, the water in the sea is warm, and the air is transparent and clean. It is most suitable for family vacations - recreation and recreation for families with children of different ages, even one year old.

All conditions have been created in this resort town for a quiet, calm and pleasant pastime for adults and children. But one should not think that young energetic people get bored here - no, such vacationers will find what to do and how to have fun in order to get a boost of energy, health and good mood and then share their memories for a whole year, waiting for the new holiday season.

This could be, for example:

  • Inquisitive diving (scuba diving, but you have to swim far and deep into the sea);
  • Brave surfing (riding on lightweight special boards on the waves of the Black Sea );
  • Extreme windsurfing (sailing on a sailboard);
  • Original kitesurfing (water licks and parachutes will give the opportunity to rush over the waves);
  • Brave wakeboarding (skiing where a boat, motor boat or even a helicopter is involved);
  • Fun riding an inflatable banana or scooter.

You don't even need to talk about beach volleyball, football, cycling - balls, bicycles, nets are always waiting for their fans.

Family vacation in Anapa

Anapa is perfect for families with children, because:

  • not deep sea
  • clean sandy beach
  • yacht trips at affordable prices
  • cheap and quality fruits and vegetables of local origin (in June, watermelons, cherries, apricots, melons, in August, grapes and everything else).
  • dolphinarium on the high seas
  • walks along the promenade

Besides all this! Warm sea water, local flavor, iodine-rich air and the warm Black Sea coast - all this contributes to a wonderful holiday. Moreover, from year to year, Anapa in August is famous for its consistently sunny weather.

What else can you do in Anapa in the summer

Of course, this city is not only famous for the sea. There are many restaurants, cafes where you can spend wonderful summer evenings tasting seafood and meat, vegetables and fruits prepared by the best chefs.

Excursions from Anapa 2020-2021. Prices for excursions in Anapa. Description of individual and group programs. Reviews of tourists on excursions in Anapa.

Anapa is one of the most popular cities in the south of Russia. It is located 1,500 kilometers from Moscow and 190 kilometers from the capital of the Krasnodar Territory.

The favorable location of the seaside town - at the junction of the Greater Caucasus and the Tamansky Peninsula makes it extremely attractive for tourists and vacationers, especially in the summer season.

The nature here is diverse - wooded foothills and flowering valleys successfully coexist with each other, there are also sea estuaries. Today you can not only swim, sunbathe and sleep here. The tourism industry of the Black Sea coast offers a variety of excursions in Anapa.

Across the sea

Of course, the very first excursion that may be of interest to lovers of sea recreation is associated with this very sea - a boat trip with additional sightseeing will leave an unforgettable impression. This excursion lasts 5 hours.

Represents an activity according to the following plan:

  • Departure from Anapa by minibus
  • Visiting the Caucasus Mountains
  • Russian Bells Museum
  • Spring - Church of St. Barbara
  • Observation deck from the cliff
  • Travel to Bolshoi Utrish island
  • Yacht trip within 3 hours
  • Returning back

Such a vacation will allow you to get acquainted with various sights, make unforgettable photos and get vivid impressions.

An excursion involves visiting observation platforms with unique landscapes, viewing monuments, for example, the majestic eagle that guards the beginning of the Caucasus Mountains, etc.

In the church of St. Barbara, you can collect holy water from a healing spring. You can also get acquainted with the amazing traditions of the peoples living on this land for more than one century.

Krasnodar Territory is the most famous place on the territory of the Russian Federation for recreation on the seashore. Recently, the demand for trips and tours to the resort areas of Anapa has greatly increased. For many, the main criterion in choosing is where Anapa is located, what entertainment and excursions are offered there, as well as how high the level of service and the variety of tourist services.

Where is Anapa and how to get there

Anapa is one of the most visited resorts in Russia. This was influenced by various factors: a developed infrastructure, a wide range of entertainment, the presence of healing springs and mineral waters, quality service, hospitality of local residents, and, of course, a convenient location. The city is located in the southern part of the Russian Federation - in the Krasnodar Territory on the Black Sea coast, on the border of the Taman Peninsula and the Greater Caucasus mountain range.

You can get to Anapa by various means of transport: by car, by train, by bus or by plane. There is a large airport on the territory of Anapa, where flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other large cities of Russia land. It is possible to get to Anapa by train only in summer, during the rest of the period the train arrives to the station, which is located 30 km from the destination. Residents of the areas nearby prefer transport on wheels; traveling by own car is considered especially convenient and exciting. The main thing is to prepare for such a trip: buy everything you need, study the route, weather conditions and other subtleties.

The main flow of tourists is observed in these places from May to September. It is this time period that is most favorable for swimming, spending time on the beach or in nature. Summers are quite hot, sunny with moderate precipitation, and winters are mild with an average temperature of + 5 ° C.

Food, accommodation and entertainment in the resorts of Anapa

Resorts, sanatoriums and hotel complexes in Anapa have been very popular since the times of the Soviet Union. However, after the massive funding for tourism development allocated in 2010, there are even more tourists in these areas. New hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants have been built. And yet, many tourists invariably visit their favorite dispensaries and sanatoriums, as they did several decades ago.


The resort city has an incredible selection of places to stay for tourists. A huge number of boarding houses, sanatoriums, recreation centers and hotels for every budget and level of desired comfort. There are several main tourist areas in Anapa. For those who prefer more modern European-class hotels and enjoy a rich entertainment life, it is recommended to stay in the central areas on Pionersky or Vityazevo. Well, those who have come for calmness and measured rest without any special frills should choose housing in Blagoveshchenskaya or Sukko. Many guests of Anapa choose options in the private sector as a temporary home. Thus, you can not only save good money, but also communicate with local residents, in the person of the owner of a rented estate or a room in it, learn a lot of useful information and tips for planning leisure time.


Food in Anapa is a separate kind of entertainment. Guests of the city are offered an incredible selection of catering outlets. Barbecues, canteens, bistros, pizzerias, snack bars, street cafes, restaurants are found here at every turn. In local resorts, both dishes from foreign countries and delights of local cuisine will be delicious. First of all, it is worth trying the Black Sea seafood. They can be bought not only as a ready-made dish in a restaurant, but also as a raw product on the market to cook on your own, if possible. A traveler should definitely drink such food with wine, which is produced in Anapa. Well, for dessert, oriental sweets are ideal: churchkhella or baklava.

Kuban diy-shiks, musicians and publishers Dima Ping (pinxpin) and Dima Radiator (xradiatorx) tell where to go wakeboarding and diving in Anapa and its environs, which mountain to climb in order to catch the coolest view when feed the swans at sea and remember the "Kubana".

Dima Radiator (hereinafter - DR): In June and September, there are few people, and the sea is awesome.

Dima Ping (hereinafter referred to as DP): Of course, in summer or autumn: the water is warm, a lot of people, a lot of new acquaintances, resort romances - rest in one word. At the same time, you should not swim on the central city beach in August-September, since at this time algae bloom, filling its coastal part, and there is not a very pleasant smell from their decomposition.

What to visit?

DP: Of course, it is best to visit the sea, beaches, but not in Anapa itself, but in the surrounding resort-type villages. These are Small or Big Utrish, as well as Sukko. Nature is a fairy tale, the cleanest sea, fresh sea air, pebble rocky beaches.

Here originate the Caucasus Mountains, shrouded in forests that you can climb, there is an opportunity to visit the lake, where cypress trees stand right in the water. More precisely, the local thickets can hardly be called forests (for those who have been in the taiga, these are, rather, shrubs), but still beautiful.

In these parts there is the Blue Valley, where one of the mountains has a bluish tint. On the cypress lake in Sukko and in its vicinity, horseback riding, fishing are organized, a knightly tournament is held, etc. African village.

There are several good observation platforms in the vicinity of Anapa, from where excellent panoramas open to the surrounding mountains, rocks, beaches and the sea. Two of them are located in the village of Supsekh, one is on the Kozel mountain, the other is at the churchyard, on a cliff. By the way, here you can sometimes see paragliders in the sky. Cool landscapes open from Mount Sukko, as well as on Bolshoy Utrish, where you can climb the highest peak and have a great picnic there.

The entire Utrish as a nature reserve is a great place! Here you will find a juniper listed in the Red Book, and lagoons along the coast, where you can go hiking, there is also a small waterfall, salt lakes, a dry crack, a dolphinarium, and diving.

There is a mud volcano or lake in Veselovka. During the festival “Kubana”, people smeared themselves from head to toe with mud, and then ran dashingly to wash everything off themselves into the sea.

What about concerts, festivals?

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