What should be the ideal touring bike

What should be the ideal touring bike

Mountain bikes are in demand among professional athletes and those who want to ride off-road. In connection with the development of the bicycle industry, many models have appeared with different technical characteristics.

How to choose a suitable option, which are included in the rating of the best mountain bikes - this will be discussed below.

Mountain Bike Types

A mountain bike is a bicycle transport that is designed for riding off-road and flat terrain. On average, its weight ranges from 6-20 kg, depending on the type and attachments. The main features of the device are strong wheels, a thin trapezoidal frame, a raised carriage, and a soft shock-absorbing fork. There is also a chain drive with gear shifting.

There are different types of mountain bikes on the market. They all differ in terms of wheel diameter, frame geometry and design, alloy, number of gears, and shock travel. So, the following types of bicycles are distinguished depending on the type of ride:

  • X-Country - lightweight, strong and lightweight. They have a lower fit and are equipped with high-level attachments.
  • Bicycle trial - have powerful brakes, a solid small-sized frame. Often this design lacks a saddle and wings. Bicycles are designed to overcome obstacles, perform different tricks.
  • Downhill - equipped with 2 long-stroke shock absorbers and powerful brakes, heavy frame. Used for downhill skiing.
  • Freeride bikes are versatile bikes that can be used in virtually any discipline.

What to look for when choosing

Frame material. Modern bicycles are equipped with aluminum, carbon, steel and titanium frames.

  • Steel. This design is robust. Good vibration and shock absorption. It has a low price and a good roll. Cons - heavy weight and susceptibility to corrosion.
  • Aluminum. Resistant to corrosion, lighter than all other types. Such a frame allows the bike to easily climb uphill, quickly pick up speed. Minus - less wear-resistant, transmit vibration, accumulates "metal fatigue".
  • Titanium. Such structures are quite strong and durable, absorb shock and vibration well. Titanium frames combine the advantages of steel and aluminum. The downside is the high price.
  • Carbon frames. They are distinguished by their reliability and durability. Here we are talking about high-quality carbon fiber, cheap options, on the contrary, do not last long.

Number of speeds. A necessary parameter for a mountain bike, since you will have to ride on a flat surface and uphill at different angles. The more gears, the wider the possibilities. In children's models, the indicator is lower than in adults. The speed range can vary from 18 to 30.

Wheel diameter. The classic wheel diameter is 26cm. There are also 24cm, 27cm, 28cm, 29cm models. For a teenager, bicycles with 24-inch wheels are suitable, for tall ones - 26-29.

Mountain bikes - the best models of 2020

Mountain bikes - how to make the right choice

Mountain bikes are the most common and versatile of all types of bicycles.

This class has gained such popularity due to the combination of such important features as good cross-country ability, increased reliability and comfortable ride on almost any road surface.

In this article, we will dwell on the issues of how to choose the right mountain bike, we will tell you how to buy an inexpensive, but at the same time, high-quality bike that will be ideal for you.

Determine what we need it for

In order to choose the right mountain bike, we first need to figure out how you will use it, namely the area of ​​its application.

This will help us to determine the type of mountain bike that is suitable for a particular area, which in turn will provide us with the best choice of price - quality.

As stated above, the range of applications for mountain bikes is very wide, but we tried to divide all possible options into 3 groups.

For short bike rides in the park or out of town, entry-level hard tails are great. They have a sufficient margin of safety, and most importantly, a low price. If you don't have that much money, then this view will appeal to you.

If your budget pulls a double suspension, it will help add more comfort to cycling over bumps and bumps, which is very important when looking at the quality of the road surface.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we would not advise you to buy very expensive models right away. First, you should take a mountain bike in the entry price segment.

Firstly, it will be quite enough for driving, both in the city and beyond its chapels, and secondly, if you suddenly do not get involved in movement on two wheels, an inexpensive bike will not hit so hard on Your pocket. Thirdly, buying your first bike is always a huge risk of making the wrong choice.

What to look for when choosing a mountain bike? Rating of the best models from the budget, medium, premium segment. Prices and specifications

Actually, it would be more correct to call the note “How I see a touring bike”, because the concept is very broad, and you can put anything into it. But now I have in my head a certain ideal image that I want to share with my readers. However, I cannot say that I really need touring at the moment.

I own an excellent hybrid Focus, which has already covered tens of thousands of kilometers under me. But I see its shortcomings, and accordingly, over time, I would like something more suitable for long-distance roads.

Hybrids and mountain bikes have a peculiar geometry, which makes it not very comfortable to roll on them day after day. You get used to everything, but you still feel that it could have been better.

Highway and cyclocrossing vehicles have opposite geometry to MTB, which is also bad for long-distance travel. The steering wheel is very sensitive, which is not conducive to relaxation on the road. The wheelbase is very short, the rear wheel is very close to the seat tube, which in some cases can cause heels to hit the bags located on the trunk with your heels.

Whatever one may say, but all these road racers or hybrids are mostly sports equipment, with all the ensuing advantages and disadvantages. Of course, these types of bicycles may well be used for cycling, but once you have the opportunity to compare with real touring, then understanding comes quickly.

I spent a couple of days riding the Surly Long Haul Track steel touring, and now I am deeply convinced that no hybrid or cyclocrossing vehicle is even close in comfort and feel.

Just a fantastic combination of that very warm lamp (s) steel and a long wheelbase.

The bike feels very stable and rolling on the road. Steel actually dampens small vibrations, and this is not self-belief. ? In short, I want this particular frame and no other.


I'll probably choose self-collecting here. Let's take the classic route, so to speak: Shimano XT hubs, Mavic A719 rims and DT Swiss Comp 2 spokes. Again, I'm waiting for counter options for components or a proposal for a ready-made touring wheelset.


I usually travel with Continental Sport Contact, but it would still be wise to listen to the experience of around-the-world travelers who prefer the Schwalbe Marathon Plus.

They say that this tire has a huge resource and does not prick at all. For touring, I would choose 32-35mm. And it is desirable that there is a reflective strip on the side of the rubber, the visibility in the dark increases significantly.

A wide variety of women's bicycles can be found in stores today. It is quite difficult to understand the assortment, especially without experience. You need to know what characteristics and qualities are important for driving in certain conditions.

Our review of the best women's bikes of 2020 will help you understand what to look for when buying and how models for the city differ from those that are positioned as mountain ones.

If there is no experience of independent driving, it is better to focus on the reviews of other buyers, having previously studied the most important selection criteria.

We present the top 10 best models in terms of price-quality ratio:

FORWARD Evia Air's Best City Bike for Women

The women's bicycles ranking is topped by a novelty in 2020 from a recognized brand. It stands out, first of all, for its stylish design with a rounded front frame, which is comfortable for women, and a curved steering wheel.

Available in several colors. The model is designed for walking in urban conditions and on easy routes in rough terrain. The optimum wheel diameter of 26 inches is suitable for girls and women of any height.

The fork is rigid here, no cushioning. Chain drive, three speeds available. Due to the aluminum frame, the weight is reduced to 15.5 kg, which is important if the owner lives in an apartment building - it will be easier to lift and hold. Double rims on wheels provide structural reliability, steel tires.

Wanda P186 protects against foreign objects and splashing. V-BRAKE brakes on the front and rear wheels guarantee a safe stopping, work accurately. Chain protection, footrest are provided. The steering wheel and seat can be adjusted to suit your height. You can buy this model for 23,000-24,000 rubles.


Best Women's Silverback Stride SLD Mountain Bike

More and more people are abandoning public and private transport in favor of a mobile vehicle such as a bicycle. It helps not only to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to get to the destination quickly enough. If fairly experienced riders are already well versed in the market for such products and can easily find the optimal model, then people who are just going to start cycling have a distant idea of ​​the rules for choosing a bicycle. That's what our roundup of the best city bikes of 2020 is for today.

However, before we start directly analyzing the characteristics of specific models, let's look at what factors are most important when buying a bike. With this, perhaps, we will begin our article.

What do people look for when choosing a city bike?

Experienced and professional cyclists say that a city bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. The choice of such a product is largely associated with the need to carefully select a number of the most important units. First of all, they look at the frame and the material from which it is made. The frame can be closed or open. The first type of construction is characterized by an increased level of rigidity. They watch that its height is about 10 cm lower in comparison with the perineum - this will prevent serious injuries during the process of sudden or emergency braking. Open frames are also called female frames. They are devoid of the upper cross member, it is much more convenient to sit on them.

The frame can be made of steel, carbon or aluminum. The classic material, of course, is steel. These bicycles will be inexpensive, they are excellent at handling vibration, and the frame is easy to repair if necessary, but the structure is quite heavy. Aluminum is practically not inferior in strength to steel, but it is much lighter. The carbon frame will weigh about 3 kg, such bicycles are designed for very fast movement, however, it should be borne in mind that carbon is a fragile material, and it is also expensive.

They look at the depreciation system, if you plan to drive exclusively on flat asphalt, then you don't need to pay too much attention to this issue. The main requirement is presented to the saddle - it should be comfortable to be in it for a long time. For city bikes, wheels with a diameter of 26 or 28 inches are optimal. The first option perfectly dampens unnecessary vibration - these products are installed on bicycles equipped with an open frame, or on models designed for light loads. 28-inch wheels are well suited for rigid frames, especially since they easily cope with low obstacles and run smoothly over bumps, including holes.

Modern city bicycles are equipped with several speeds to make it easier to move up and down the hill. There are four main types of transmissions. The first ones are the simplest, designed for driving on flat surfaces with a maximum speed of 25 km/h, they do not require special maintenance. The multispeed variant has two sprockets on the front wheel and seven or eight on the rear. It is installed on a rigid frame, such a model requires careful maintenance. The most common species for walking models is the planetary species. The design is carefully protected from various harmful influences. Maintenance is simple - it only involves an annual inspection. Another fixed variant is characterized by rigid connecting rods that are tightly connected to each other. This model is used on high-speed youth bicycles.

An important point is the braking system. Almost modern bicycles are equipped with rim brakes or V-brakes. These are efficient constructions that are able to stop the bike quite quickly even on wet surfaces. All of these considerations guided our selection of the models to be included in our list of the best bikes for the city, as well as user feedback and value for money. Now let's start directly analyzing the performance of the models.

Inexpensive Models

Stels Pilot Z

The model was developed by the largest European bicycle manufacturer, the company is the leader in sales in our country. The product fully complies with all basic quality standards for this product. All accessories can be purchased at sports stores or from authorized dealers. There are a large number of service centers, and the bike has a fairly long warranty. This model is an excellent choice for cycling long distances. The pedals here are plastic, even if your foot slips off them, it won't hurt. The transmission here is based on a bogie with loose bearings. They need regular maintenance: it is necessary to change the lubricant in them from time to time, as well as to clean them from all kinds of contaminants. They can be replaced quickly and cheaply if necessary. If the rider's weight is more than 70 kg, then experienced cyclists are advised to install so-called industrial bearings instead.

The fork is quite stiff here, so this bike is best for riding on fairly flat surfaces. The frame is made of high quality steel, equipped with a folding mechanism, so the bike will take up a minimum amount of free space during storage. The saddle is quite comfortable, has an ergonomic shape, covered with artificial leather that is resistant to abrasion and fading in direct sunlight. In general, it perfectly withstands any physical activity. The rims are made of aluminum, all elements are painted with durable compounds.

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