What are ankle boots

What are ankle boots

Ankle boots are high lace-up boots that perfectly fix the ankle.

The origin of the name is related to the term “tibia”. This is the part that goes from the knee to the foot.

They began to be produced during the Second World War. Classic military shoes at that time did not hold the ankle, therefore paratroopers often injured their legs. At the end of the war, the American army completely began to wear ankle boots.

What is ankle boots


Boots are made of rough leather, so they look brutal.

High military shoes cover the main part of the shin area. She saves her from dislocations, fractures, injuries and other injuries that can occur in the army.

Winter models are made with a thickened sole, with a fur lining. Water resistance is achieved due to the impregnation of the leather with a special composition and stitching along the diameter edge.


Combat boots are extremely durable.

Ankle boots are adjusted to the maximum for temperature conditions, kinks, dampness and slipping.

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At the moment, ankle boots from a highly specialized element of uniforms for military and security officials have turned into a universal footwear loved by many. They are loved and worn by many - from airsoft fans to office fans, and practical people simply use the good performance of high lace-up boots. In winter, the best purchase will be winter boots, warmed for comfortable wearing in cold weather. We will tell you which ankle boots to choose and how to choose them correctly in the article!

What ankle boots to choose - TOP-15 best ankle boots for the winter

TOP-best ankle boots for the winter

Which winter boots would you choose or recommend?

The best domestic winter boots

Domestic ankle boots are of different quality, style and performance. Among them, you can choose both statutory models for military personnel, and reliable shoes for winter fishing trips. However, all of them are united by one factor - the price, sometimes several times less than the cost of those pairs of shoes that are produced abroad. In addition, with their search there are no problems - not only in online stores, but also in retail chains in most regions. Unfortunately, the quality is pretty much walking from one party to another.

Domestic firm Bizon has gained popularity due to low price and a wide range of remedy shoes. Their winter model has a popular form of "duck" - that is, a non-classical anatomical boot, having a flattened toe similar to a duck beak. This is not suitable for the armed forces, but is actively used by representatives of security enterprises and various police structures that have some kind of freedom in the selection of uniforms. The model is to urban wearing, which says lightning on the side, facilitating wear. Insulation - woolen fur that will not make the leg sweat with moderate frosts.

Bizon (Bison) Duck U-21 Winter

  • outer material: genuine leather;
  • inner material: wool fur;
  • Fixation on the leg: laces, zipper;
  • Accessories: champs;
  • Fastening of the jog: glue.

  • Low price;
  • Comfortable form;
  • lightning for high-speed wear.

  • sole is sometimes spacked.

Another budget model, which, thanks to a low price, is actively bought by tourists, fish and those who need you need cheap practical shoes with high berets. A significant audience is the airsoft workers who buy these beents, planning to "kill" on the landfills, because such shoes do not feel sorry. The view is severe and simple: grainy yal skin, inside an artificial fur, which is not so stronger as natural, classical, a bit of an ax and good quality.

EliteSpecules Vityaz 64m Winter

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Most of the male population does not like to walk in short pricks, but prefer stylish and elegant beris. This is a practical shoe that is operated at any time of the year, with any weather and terrain. Such universality of sneakers, for example, do not differ, which makes them less in demand. It is important to understand that the choice of shoes is a heavy process. No matter how easy it seems easy, many factors should be taken into account that will allow you to buy a useful product. The editorial board of the "Yanashla" prepared for you the ranking of the best beans for 2021.

What is it?

Berbs - special shoes on the lacing, which is mainly used in servicemen and is the main attributes of the equipment.


The advantage of such a model from Kizzy boots - dense foot fixing due to high-quality lacing, but the ankle remains mobile, which minimizes the risk of random injury.

Ankle boots are most often used in the armed forces, but this does not prevent them from being popular and in demand among civilians. Extreme sports, hunting, fishing, travel - army footwear is in demand here. After all, it provides the user with adequate comfort and safety.

Main selection criteria

Most of the shoes with high tops are called ankle boots. Of course, the difference between touring and military models is minimal, but they are. It is important to understand that the product is produced not only in the territory of the Russian Federation, but is popular all over the world. Therefore, it is easy to buy goods from an unverified seller. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to pay attention to:

  • Top material. Ankle boots are made of chrome leather. Because it has high strength values, is resistant to rainy weather and elastic. Equally important is the ratio of price and quality, here the shoes are not inferior even to the top representatives made of genuine leather. Therefore, for such models, the cost is not the main criterion for evaluating, this should be taken into account.
  • Outsole. This element has completely different requirements. Because the outsole fails in 80% of cases. Every soldier knows about it. It also affects the comfort of walking or running. For this reason, it is imperative that it be made of durable materials. The soft and thin outsole is redesigned for summer use, while TPE is a good choice for winter. The tread is taken into account, the better the relief is drawn, the more reliable the quality of adhesion with different surfaces. Weight is also taken into account, as the outsole affects the final mass. To choose according to this parameter, it is necessary only taking into account your own preferences and for what purposes the shoes are bought. The presence of impregnation and fire resistance, of course, this is an optional requirement, but it will be useful for people working in such conditions.
  • Lining. This element does not have any special requirements. So thin, designed for summer use, it is a porous mesh made of polyester. Its presence allows you to absorb excess moisture, which is formed during prolonged wear, and also helps to reduce the friction force. Such actions create favorable conditions for the leg and reduce overheating of the leg. In winter models, this element has additional insulation, which reduces the risk of freezing, even at -25 degrees. Lining inserts from natural or faux fur.

What to look for when choosing a winter model?

It is important to approach the issue of choosing winter ankle boots with the utmost responsibility. Because the condition of the legs depends on it. Although this is the main parameter, it is also desirable that the shoes be waterproof. Some models are produced from synthetic holofiber, its cost is several times higher than that of products with fur, but the leg is warm and cozy. Therefore, if you plan to buy ankle boots for long trips in winter, then this option is preferable.

What else can you spend your time with?

Boots High ankle boots Hunting shoes Professional Boots with high ankle boots

The Butex Company is a leader in the market for the production of footwear for special purposes. For more than 15 years, the company has been creating professional footwear, which is the standard of high quality and durability, in Russia and the CIS countries.

The range offered by our company is wide enough and will satisfy the needs of any client. Here you can buy ankle boots, forest footwear, hunting footwear, boots with high ankle boots and much more.

Technologies and materials

Butex products are quality and reliability, since we use only high quality materials when creating models. SuperRoyal liners are made from durable non-woven materials. Almost every model has TecnoGi reinforced thermoplastic material. For winter shoes, a system for improving thermal insulation is provided and for this, PrimaloftEcoFootwear insulation is used. Special leather "Matrix", which is covered with PU coating, competently completes the picture and increases the level of wear resistance.

Shoes for extreme types of recreation or lightweight ankle boots, to buy from Butex is the best choice for those who value quality, reliability and comfort at an affordable price. This is not only our opinion, but also our many regular customers, as well as those who have tested our shoes for strength at least once.

The BUTEX company uses in its products such materials as high-quality velor, natural leather and nubuck produced by the best manufacturers in Russia. If you decide to buy lightweight summer ankle boots, then we add that linen and 100% cotton are used for the spring-summer models, which allows you to lighten and provide maximum comfort.

Soles deserve special attention, which are one of the key elements of any footwear, especially for professional models. The soles of Butex boots are made of polyurethane (PU), thermoplastic elastomer (TEP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC). All new models in the X-BOOTS series use modern PU soles plus rubber, as well as rubber with increased wear resistance.

Butex, reliable footwear

The Butex company is constantly updating the line of boots, creating new ones. New, modern models of boots from the x-boots series have soles with two layers (polyurethane + rubber), and some of them are equipped with soles with the Italian anti-slip system "ALPIROTOR". Butex shoes are ready for the most difficult and extreme conditions.

Modern technologies and many years of our own developments allow us to create high-quality footwear - whether it be boots for the forest, fishing, hunting or tourism, sneakers, ankle boots.

Compared to the products of other manufacturers of tactical footwear, Butex products cost 20-30% less. However, there is no need to worry about a possible decrease in quality: according to reviews, Butex boots and sneakers are no less reliable and durable than more expensive footwear from other famous manufacturers.

Natural linen, used for sewing the top of the Butex sneaker, is inexpensive for shoemakers: after all, it is a local product. High-quality domestic polymers used for molding soles are also purchased from national manufacturers.

Canvas Leather Breathable Military Tactical Demi Tactical Boots

Army demi-season camouflage ankle boots

Black demi-season tactical boots with non-slip soles

Heated Winter Insoles

A set of equipment for law enforcement agencies

Special Forces Uniform Set

Tactical Uniform Set

Military equipment set

Tactical outfit set

A set of army equipment

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