Weekend in Nizhny Novgorod with training in skiing - Exploration: description

Cycling - Beauties of Meshchera - Moscow region: description

The route passes through the picturesque places of the Moscow and Kaluga regions. One of the main attractions will be the Raduzhny waterfall, which is located on the banks of the river. Nara, 5 meters high. Where else can you see this in the suburbs. In addition to nature, we will visit the abandoned communications center "Sun" (an unfinished military facility) and several pioneer camps. And of course, obstacles await us on the way - dirty roads, no one will leave this hike clean, not even the instructors; there will be several fords, so be prepared for the fact that you will have to plunge possibly to the waist, or maybe a little deeper, no one will go dry either ?; we will walk through the forest without paths, wade through thickets of trees and bushes or through a felling, it will be interesting!

And all this happens in late autumn.

Therefore, IMPORTANT information.

-The temperatures at night can drop to -5 (-8), so you need warm clothes, a warm sleeping bag (or 2 regular ones);

- We carry products and equipment on the route from start to finish;

- Daily mileage is about 30-35 km. Above average pace;

-Overnight is meant by an awning (possibly in a tent), so see the 1st paragraph;

-It may rain or snow, which will be an additional challenge!

-Be ready to ford waist-deep or slightly higher!

Daily program


We will meet at the Kievsky railway station at 18:30. We get on the train to the Bekasovo-1 station, here we have half an hour to buy a ticket and go to another platform. We go to the platform 252 km, from where we will walk a little (about 2.5 km), to a ravine with a stream (tributary of the river Ocha) and stop for the night. Dinner and acquaintance.

Gastronomic tourism

The route is really not easy. In addition to the mileage, the main difficulty is sand, which covers a large part of the path. Somewhere on it is easy to roll, and somewhere you have to "fight", and sometimes there is a bicycle nearby. Also, depending on the weather, huge puddles can come across, to bypass which is not always comfortable with a loaded bike. You are not the first day "in the saddle", have the experience of long-term movements by bike, you know why the sand coating deserves individual lines in the description? Then you can enjoy this journey of the Meshchersky forest and enjoy the rest at the evening fire in the company of like-minded people. They never went anywhere on the city park, are going to buy a bike tomorrow to discover a new type of tourism, do you have a narrow highway tires? Then be prepared for what it will be difficult for you, and with the choice of bike and components, do not hesitate to contact the instructor.

Equipment for hike Bicycle equipment: <

  • bike with speed switching, with a radius of wheels from 26 ", the width of the tire from 2., with the tread (bald rubber is not suitable for the vesnet),
  • led - Drew (you can take a hire in our office),
  • Velo-trunk (metal trunk over the back wing, on which a bicycle backpack is attached).

program by days

Day (Saturday) <

We meet in the morning at 07-50 at the Kursk station and sit down on the train, departing at 08-23 to the cockties platform (can be countered in the train at other stations). In 10-35, we arrive at the station, where we quickly buy and distribute products, "saddling our horses" and go on a trip.

Today we are waiting for 44 km of the route. The nature of these places will not leave anyone indifferent, and so. The path is not easy, in the middle we will make a hot lunch at the bore. There is no suitable water source in the place of lunch, therefore, 1 liter of water, each of us will have to be gained in the spring at the beginning and carry it with you. To get there today we have to the river field. Here, the Spring has a camp, we will prepare dinner and stay over the night, spending a wonderful evening by the fire in the company of like-minded people.

Day (Sunday)

Lifting the group at 08-00. While breakfast is preparing, we must collect all the tents, pack things and be ready for exit. Today is a distance of 37 km. Our path will be held mainly at the rolled road in a pine forest. Hot lunch will do in the picturesque shore of Lake Mehdhachye, and after will go to the platform Tugoles, from where we, satisfied and satisfied with the removal from civilization, the train will communicate home. An indicative time of arrival at Kazan station - 21:00.

Gastronomic tourism Delicious travel Cretan cuisine Crete is a divine island washed by the Mediterranean Sea. It is not only a popular beach destination under the gentle

Tour with a program of training and enhancing skiing technology. The territory of the ski complex is a picturesque forest park, which offers an excellent panoramic view of the Oka and its protected surroundings. We will live in the resort hotel, one step away from the ski lifts. The complex is represented by 11 tracks of varying difficulty, including 4 illuminated ones for evening skiing.

We will ride in a small group, where everyone will be given maximum attention during training, which is very important for beginners, that is, you can go with us, not knowing how to ski at all, and learn how to ski here.

A fascinating excursion included in our trip will tell you a lot of interesting things about the ancient Russian city - Nizhny Novgorod. This is the majestic Kremlin, towering on a steep bank over the Volga, and the old city buildings of the 17th - early 20th centuries, magnificent temples and monasteries.

For lunch and dinner, there are numerous cafes located throughout the resort. The resort has a lot of entertainment for both children and adults, so you won't be bored: a real camel (you can feed it yourself and take a selfie); a stable where you can not only ride, but also learn horse riding skills; tubing, banana riding, shooting range (pneumatics, crossbow, bow), zip-line, climbing wall, skating rink, wood-fired sauna ...

Daily program

Day (Check-in)

Arrival at the railway station in Nizhny Novgorod. Transfer to the resort yourself by taxi. Accommodation at the hotel during the day, starting at 14. 0. Meeting with the instructor at the sports village. Dinner, acquaintance. Survey "lecture" on the resort.


Training sessions begin today. 10 simple safety rules. Acquaintance with the equipment, the basics of riding technique. How are the tracks different? We leave for the slopes. First steps. Sliding turns. Why is it scary, and how should you act? Elementary descents.

City sightseeing tour (for the first half of the group), with transfer there and back


We continue to study. We increase the level of skiing, turns of different radii. Sliding turns. The slopes are of medium difficulty. It's not scary anymore))

The Moscow region is a very large and rich in sights region. It was not easy to plan a trip there before, and Governor Andrei Vorobyov drew attention to this in an address to residents back in 2013. Since then, the situation has changed, and tourists from Russia and abroad have gone on vacation to the region. On the eve of the Governor's new appeal, "360" tells how tourism in the Moscow region was made interesting and convenient.

Russia has always been famous for the abundance of territories, and, accordingly, the cultural monuments presented on them. The Moscow region is one of the richest regions in this sense. On the eve of Andrey Vorobyov's new appeal, "360" recalls what has already been done to develop tourism in the Moscow region.

In 2019, the Moscow region entered the top three regions in Russia for tourism. When compiling the rating, the level of development of the hotel business and infrastructure, the importance of the tourism industry for the regional economy, income from tourism and popularity among tourists, including foreign ones, were taken into account.

Open Moscow Region

The Moscow region should become the most advanced platform for tourism, Governor Andrei Vorobyov said in his 2013 address to residents. He noted that the region has many museums, ski slopes, various estates and historical sites, but tourists do not know about them.

At the end of 2018, the “Winter in the Moscow Region” project was launched in the region. Those wishing to get out for the weekend or New Year's holidays were offered ready-made routes to interesting places in the Moscow region.

Lovers of antiquity, for example, were offered to go to Zaraysk. The city has preserved the ancient Kremlin and the water tower. It is the most ancient city in the region.

In Zaraysk, you can look at the walls of the ancient Kremlin.

For those who are close to art, the museums "New Jerusalem" and the historical and art museum of Serpukhov opened their doors. There you can see rare works by Shishkin, Surikov, Polenov and other masters. "Winter in the Moscow Region" is a fun carnival, sleigh rides, skating rinks - entertainment for every taste.

A wide Shrovetide is best celebrated in a large company.

Recommends ...

There are many more ski resorts in the Moscow region than some skiers think. Today I decided to describe only the best options with affordable housing, the best tracks and high quality services.


Ski club "Tseleevo" is a full-fledged complex of various leisure activities with its own golf club. The complex has 4 tracks for skiing and snowboarding. There are places for cheesecake and ice skating. There is a cross-country ski trail. Snowmobile routes have been laid out (card issued).

The resort has the opportunity to take training in skiing and snowboarding. The prices for this service are adequate. Especially considering the location of the club. The infrastructure of the resort is well developed: cafes, restaurants, hotels, ski equipment rental points.

  • Prices for ski passes: from 35,000 rubles/month
  • Distance from MKAD: 42 km
  • Address: Dmitrovskoe shosse , 42nd km.
  • Phone: +7 499 2153145
  • Website: tseleevo. u.

Hotels near the Tseleevo resort

In the village of Tseleevo, in close proximity to the ski club, there are enough inexpensive hotels. Every vacationer will be able to choose the right option without any problems. Some hotels provide a shuttle service. There are ski equipment rental offices.

Park Hotel Tseleevo. The complex has direct access to the ski slopes. Guests are offered comfortable rooms with free toiletries. Cost from 7 650 rubles (breakfast). On the territory: free parking, ski equipment rental. Implementation of ski passes. Storage room for ski paraphernalia.

Cottage with a sauna and a fireplace in Dedenevo. The house is located in close proximity to the ski slope. The cottage is designed for company accommodation - about 14 people. Has 6 bedrooms, private sauna, parking. Ski equipment rental point. Luggage storage. The sale of ski passes has been organized.

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