We are going to Kyrgyzstan: everything you need to know before the trip

We are going to Kyrgyzstan: everything you need to know before the trip

In Kyrgyzstan, the number of tourists who choose cheaper tours and travel on bicycles and large cars has recently increased. Foreign tourists are interested in Kyrgyzstan for its untouched nature.

In Kyrgyzstan, the number of tourists who choose cheaper tours and travel by bicycles and large cars has recently increased. Foreign tourists are interested in Kyrgyzstan for its untouched nature.

There are few people in Kyrgyzstan who can guarantee the safety of foreign citizens who come for new experiences.

A study of publications in the media has shown that police officers or false policemen are involved in the attacks of unknown persons on foreigners for the purpose of robbery. At the time of publication of the material, the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not manage to get answers to questions about attacks on tourists, but "Azattyk" is ready to publish the answers of the Ministry to our request. We will talk about this a little below.

While we decided to find out how safe tourists feel in Kyrgyzstan, whether they are abandoning their routes after the attack on four cyclists in Tajikistan.

Petra Khrabkova came from Slovakia. During the conversation, Petra, who stayed here for 3-4 days, said that she was collecting the things necessary for the trip and was preparing to hit the road:

-This dish is used to prepare food, there is a small gas cylinder. I set up the dishes and cook for myself. This is a sleeping bag, a tent, these are pockets for tools, batteries, food in case you suddenly want to eat.

After half an hour of preparation, Petra set out on her own. Her new friend, Australian Tai, with whom she met in Bishkek, fell ill, so he would not be able to keep her company. Despite the heavy traffic on the roads, Petra does not slow down:

- On the Asian continent, I cycled through Thailand, India, Indonesia. I don't know, but somehow I feel safe in all countries. I'm not really afraid. I go on routes where there are a lot of tourists. In general, you know, an accident does not choose a country. Of course, I care about my safety, I don't walk alone in the evening, I go around narrow and dark streets. They do not find fault with clothes. But in some countries I pay attention to clothes, if they cover most of the body, then I try to dress like that.

After the information about the attack on foreign tourists in Tajikistan, Petra did not abandon her plans. According to her, such an unpleasant situation can occur in the center of Europe:

- Yes, I heard about an unpleasant incident in Tajikistan. But this cannot interfere with my journey. Because this can happen in any country in the world. Upon arrival in Bishkek, I was impressed by the mountains, went to Ala-Archa. In Bishkek, I liked the parks, flowers, monuments and fountains. I liked the Osh market very much. In whatever country I am, I am worried about cars and motorcycles. They create a dangerous situation. I have health insurance. I took care of my health. All medications with me, vaccinated. But at the same time I am very afraid of stray dogs.

Petra found information about the tour "Traveling through the mountains on the Great Silk Road" in social media. The event, which brought together about 90 cyclists from around the world, was first organized by British citizen Nelson Tris:

Help without borders

Central Asia is history, culture, nature and exoticism. Alesya Osadchaya spoke about Kyrgyzstan in two parts.

Central Asia is history, culture, nature and exoticism Alesya Osadchaya spoke about Kyrgyzstan in two parts

Travel in Central Asia is only gaining momentum, according to the forecasts of the World Tourism Organization, by 2020 the Silk Road will become the most popular route among tourists on the planet. Of course, the leaders in tourism among the Central Asian countries are Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with its ancient cities of the Great Silk Road - Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara. Kyrgyzstan, thanks to the accessible peaks above seven thousand meters in the Tien Shan mountain range, is considered the Mecca of international mountaineering. More than 75% of the country's territory is occupied by the Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai mountain ranges.

But Kyrgyzstan attracts not only by the mountains: thanks to the low tourist flow, the country has preserved its original culture, crafts, traditions and customs of nomads, ancient architecture and soulfulness, which is so lacking in tourist developed regions.

So it's time to pack your bags and backpacks and go to Kyrgyzstan, until mass tourism gets there, and it will be interesting to spend a vacation there for both beach lovers and adventure seekers.

The Russian name is Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan), but locals will be much nicer and more correct if you say Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan).

The country borders on Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The main centers are Bishkek and Osh. Bishkek is the northern and official capital, Osh is the southern one.

The season depends on where you want to go. In summer, in the valleys, the temperature rises above plus 35 degrees, but in the mountains it will be cool. In autumn, winter and spring, the highlands are covered with snow, so the ski resorts are open for skiing from November to April. It is better to go to high-mountain pastures - jailoo - from June to September, when there are nomad camps. For hiking and climbing, we recommend going from May to October.

The best seasons for a combined trip are the beginning and end of summer or the beginning of autumn, when the mass tourist flow decreases, it is not hot and snow sometimes falls on the tops of the mountains.

By plane to the capital of Kyrgyzstan in the north - Bishkek, to the south of the country - to the city of Osh. Or through Kazakhstan - Alma-Ata. The cost of a flight to Bishkek is about 10,000 rubles one way, to Osh - 5,000 rubles one way, to Almaty - 12,000 rubles.

You can get from Almaty to Bishkek by taxi, bus or train.

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