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What to visit in the village of Dakhovskaya (Adygea)

Lago-Naki is an all-season resort, but in winter here you can get into a real fairy tale. One and a half meter snowdrifts and slides, age-old fir trees and thermal springs, skating rinks and frozen waterfalls will suit lovers of sledges, SPA and excursions.

Ski resort Lago-Naki in Adygea in 2020 and 2021 - these are tracks of different categories of difficulty on five slopes. Snowboarders and skiers will appreciate them. A great place for beginners and freeriders, there are instructors and equipment rental points.

The incredible nature and accessibility of entertainment have made Lago Naki a popular resort. Over the past seven years, the tourist flow has doubled, last year 453 thousand people rested here. New hotels are constantly appearing, but at the peak of the season there may not be enough places for everyone, so it is better to book rooms for the New Year in advance.

Rafting Workshop

Ski season

The weather in Lago Naki is as stable as the Russians' love for football. It is almost always sunny and calm here, the mountains, which have enclosed the plateau in a ring, protect it from hurricanes. At the beginning of winter, nature can still surprise: in one day the temperature often drops from +16 to 0 degrees, and one and a half meter snowdrifts grow overnight. But then everything settles down: usually snow falls in mid-December and lasts until April. It is during this period that skiers and snowboarders come here.

There are practically no crackling frosts, the climate here is mild. During the day, the temperature is kept around -3 degrees, at night it drops to -10. It is cooler high in the mountains, but due to the sun it is not felt much.

Be sure not to be caught off guard by accidents. When choosing an active holiday, take out insurance. You can handle any mountain!

Length and difficulty of tracks

Don't expect wasted tracks at the level of Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi. The Lago-Naki ski resort in Adygea is much simpler. In the near future local and federal authorities are planning a large-scale project with modern lifts and "black zones". In the meantime, fans of boards and sticks have access to only five equipped slopes for skiing. They are located on the main peaks of the republic: Fisht, Oshten, Pshekha-Su, Abadzesh and Blam.

For those whose middle name is "risk" and who prefer extreme sports, there is a site near the Instructorskaya gap. But even athletes are not advised to ride there alone, without warning the Ministry of Emergencies: the place is full of surprises.

Every year the length of the tracks changes, it all depends on the amount of snowfall and the behavior of rocks. On average, the length can range from 100 meters to 2.5 kilometers. The difference in heights is up to 800 meters.

Almost all areas are flat, there are no clear discharges and exits, as well as obstacles in the form of pines and spruces, large bushes. This gives you the opportunity to practice freeriding, get your dose of adrenaline and not worry about possible avalanches and cracks.

Ski resort Lago-Naki in Adygea 2020-2021

Are you planning to spend your vacation at the healing thermal springs of Adygea? Prices in 2021 at the recreation centers of the republic are quite acceptable, so the Adyghe balneological resorts are in demand among tourists. Find out about the most popular tourist centers, treatment features, prices for accommodation and services.

Features of the thermal springs of Adygea

The territory of Adygea is mountainous, and there are many outlets of geothermal waters. Almost everywhere they have temperatures above + 20 ° C. Some baths have been known since time immemorial, but the main strata of underground mineral waters were discovered during exploration work already in the 20th century.

Most of the recreation centers in Adygea are located near thermal springs. Prices in 2021 for bathing and accommodation in the republic are much lower than foreign balneological resorts. Tourists come to the foothills of the Caucasus all year round, so treatment with healing water has long become one of the income items of the local budget.

(Photo: booking. om/Hotel "Lago-Naki")


The health resort hotel is located on the Krasny Most farm, at 20 Shosseinaya Street. "Lago-Naki" belongs to the most famous thermal springs in Adygea and Krasnodar Territory. Learn about winter recreation on the Lago-Naki plateau.

Infrastructure. The territory of the hotel complex is surrounded by a picturesque park. Guests use the sauna, gym, swimming pool and enjoy spa treatments.

Water temperature and composition. Low-mineralized slightly alkaline hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium water flows from the underground source, which is similar to the famous Truskavets water "Naftusya". It is heated to + 38 ° C.

Treatment. People come to "Lago-Naki" to cure diseases of the spine, joints, diabetes, relieve stress and get rid of excess weight.

Prices. A double room with breakfast costs from 6900 to 9300 rubles. In addition, tourists are offered accommodation with full board. The price includes the use of the pool and drinking mineral water.

The gorgeous nature and the availability of entertainment have made the Lago-Naki ski resort in Adygea very popular, the skiing season here lasts from December 2020 to April 2021.

Holidays in the Lagonaki mountains are a great alternative to the crowded sultry Black Sea beaches

Let's just say - to see everything and keep within 3 days, you need to try. What can we say about those daredevils who go to the mountains for one day - the way back and forth will take longer than the rest itself, and there are still so many interesting things to do.

We begin our journey along the highway from Maykop to the village of Kamennomostsky, on the way we admire the yellow fields of sunflowers, slender rows of apple trees and peacefully grazing cows.

Rest in Kamennomostsky

Kamennomostsky, or in another way Khadzhokh, is the gateway to mountainous Adygea. It is worth stopping here on the first day to see all the sights on foot. The Khadzhokh gorge is a visiting card of the village, this is the first place that the locals will advise you to visit. Walk along the miraculous bridge in the rock, see the figures bizarrely carved by time and winds and capture it in photographs.

It will not be difficult to stay at the Kamennomostskiy hotel - there is a large choice here, from camping sites in the form of wooden houses to respectable hotels with large swimming pools and air conditioning in the rooms.

After freshening up in the room and having a snack, we go to explore further, time is running out. And the Mishoko gorge awaits us. The ascent to it passes through a quarry, at the depth of which a green lake was formed, popularly called Red. Why? A mystery for tourists, but the locals have their own explanation, maybe. you are lucky to catch a pinkish tide of water. Having gone upstairs, it is difficult to resist not to look down, where the automobile road ran like a narrow ribbon.

But we got up here not just like that, but for exciting impressions. Try yourself as a rock climber, ride a trolley on a steel cable along a gorge, swing on a swing when there is an abyss under you - this is our maximum plan. You will have enough emotions from this adventure for a long time. And if you still do not dare, we offer a ride on a horse. Horseback riding is so good because you can overcome a long distance on horseback and see places that cannot be reached by car. For beginners, we recommend the routes "Panorama of the Una-Koz Ridge" and up to the Devil's Finger rock. The trip will take you 2 to 5 hours.

By the way, if you are planning to go further into the mountains, then it is better to immediately buy provisions in local stores, as there are none in the mountains. If you want to try local products, we advise you to look at the Khadzhokh apple market - there are local apples of different varieties, and natural juices from them.

Perhaps the program was completed on the first day. We return to the hotel, where the rest of the evening can be spent in the gazebo in the fresh air, admiring the rapid flow of the Belaya River.

Rest in Dakhovskaya

The second day we start with another famous location - Rufabgo waterfalls. They are located along the road between Khadzhokh and Dakhovskaya. To get to the waterfalls, you need to cross the bridge, the entrance is paid. There is an opinion that you can get around from the other side and see for free, but this option is not for everyone - there are quite dangerous sections of the path. Everyone who was here, in complete delight, is definitely worth seeing this natural beauty. By the way, if you plan to devote maximum time to waterfalls, book a hotel directly opposite - a good place, and conditions are decent, and the food is delicious.

And we go further, having met along the way - literally in the middle of the road - another attraction - the Cossack Stone, about which the locals will tell you different legends, each one his own.

Mountain routes, extreme sports - not all that is needed for the development of tourism in Adygea. The potential is enormous. This was once again proved by a scientific and practical seminar, at which tour operators and specialists in the field of culture, tourism, protection and use of cultural heritage objects from the regions of the Southern Federal District discussed the possibilities and traditions of hospitality in the republic. The priority is a relaxing family vacation.

Conservation path

New Year's holidays are over, but there are still no places in hotels in the mountainous part of Adygea.

These days, according to the traffic police, about 200 thousand people have visited Adygea. Ski tourism is especially popular with tourists. On the slope of Lagonaki, tourists go skiing, inflatable sledges, which are immediately rented for 200 rubles per hour, just breathe fresh air and enjoy beautiful views.

Horse routes in the republic also attract tourists. The trails run at an altitude of 600 to 2000 meters above sea level. The horse can take the rider to places not yet touched by civilization. This service costs about 500 rubles. in an hour.

Guests and residents of the republic go to the Rufabgo waterfalls to relax with their families. They are good at any time of the year. But those who have been there in winter will certainly remember what an amazing sight the frozen waterfalls in the snow-covered gorge represent. And streams of water under a layer of ice create an unusual melody. The ticket price for Rufabgo is 300 rubles per person.

Since January 1, 2015, four natural ecological tourist routes have been opened in the republic. Here are just a strong wind, which blows off the stinging snow from the slopes, temporarily closed access to them.

The "thread" of the route was laid with the help of special equipment - along the Kamennoye More ridge, along the spur of Mount Oshten to the Abadzesh pass and back. Such a 24 km round trip takes about three hours on average. However, a hurricane suddenly intervened in the plans. Therefore, the route is still closed, like all trips to the upper observation deck on the plateau, ”says Gevork Gazaryan, head of the Caucasian Nature Reserve Department.

And fans of extreme recreation invariably choose a cable crossing through the Mishoko gorge, at an altitude of 200 meters, or jeeping.

Falling Ruble Challenge

The village of Dakhovskaya is called the center of tourism in Adygea for a reason. The secluded town is surrounded by extraordinarily beautiful mountain ranges, alpine meadows and waterfalls. Travelers come here to admire the picturesque landscapes, visit the places where ancient settlers left their traces, visit numerous sports and entertainment facilities. The sights of the village of Dakhovskaya will amaze tourists with their diversity and originality.

What to see in Dakhovskaya in the first place

Traveling along Dakhovskaya Street cannot be accommodated in one day, but if a tourist does not have a lot of time, he should pay attention to the main attractions of the village. Visiting them is easy for a day.

Una-Koz Ridge

  • Coordinates on the map: 44.50360, 40.19510.

A majestic ridge stretches along the village of Dakhovskaya, the name of which translates as "go - be afraid." So it was christened by the ancient Greeks, whose caravans were often attacked by robbers hiding in the darkness of the caves.

The once dangerous place is today considered one of the most attractive sights of Adygea. Time, winds and rains have formed amazing stone figures on the rocky slopes of the ridge. The human imagination sees fruits, animals, human faces and mysterious devil signs in them.

Hiking, horseback riding, mountaineering excursions are organized along the ridge, involving caves, canyons, the aforementioned stone statues and viewing platforms, from which a breathtaking view of the valleys and snow-capped mountain peaks opens up.

Rufabgo Falls

  • GPS coordinates: 44.69545, 40.88185.

Cascades of waterfalls are located upstream of the Belaya River. A tourist route has been laid to them, starting at the mouth of the Rufabgo stream. Excursion groups follow the pedestrian bridge that passes through the most beautiful places of the natural complex. Here sixteen waterfalls make their way through the rocks, not similar to one another.

The first thing tourists see in all its glory is the Three Brothers waterfall, which consists of three inseparable streams. A little further from it, a powerful waterfall "Shum" gushes out with jets, whose bass rumble can be heard from afar. Directly below it is the stone "Chalice of Love" - ​​a favorite place for swimming.

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