Ural Mountains: Legends of shamans, mysterious Dyatlov pass, pedestrian crossing between Europe and Asia

We are going to the South Ural: mountains, lakes and caves

The Subpolar Ural has long been famous for its northern beauty and therefore it is so in demand among active tourism. The popularity of these places is gaining momentum due to the uniqueness of the mountain peaks. You can see the highest peak in the Subpolar Urals. This is the well-known mountain Narodnaya. Tourists can notice the most attractive mountain of these places, Manaraga. In addition to the popular peaks, you can also follow the routes to other interesting places. It could be the Bell Tower or Saber tops.

Mountain Narodnaya Ural

Many experienced climbers consider the Subpolar Urals one of the highest mountain systems in Russia. And indeed it is. After all, it is in this place that the highest mountain in the Urals, Narodnaya, is located. Not every climber can conquer it, as it has an impressive height of 1894.5 meters. These peaks are quite difficult to climb. In addition to the incredible extreme, you can notice the amazing beauty of the north. So if you want to get to know the Urals in all its glory, then feel free to choose this route for mountaineering.

Experienced guys have long been familiar with these routes, namely, they are attracted by the road along the Sablinsky ridge. But if you do not want to go through such a difficult route, then for recreation you can choose the territory of the National Park under the interesting name “Yugyd va”. These places are truly untouched and clean, and the park is even listed in UNESCO as “Virgin forests of the KOMI republic”.

Mount Manaraga

This mountain with an interesting name is approximately 1662 meters high. Located in Komi.

How is it considered remarkable? First of all, for the extraordinary shape. Let it be a hard work to climb on it, and yet Manaraga beckons many tourists with its sharp ridges. The difficulty is one B.

For those who are afraid of a difficult journey, you can rent a helicopter for an air ride in these parts.

A mountain peak called the Bell Tower

It is 1724 meters high. You can find the Bell Tower in Komi.

Mount Sablya Subpolar Urals

The summit is 1497 meters high. Like Manaraga, Saber is located in Komi.

Description of Azau - a ski resort in the Elbrus region

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How do you assess the activities of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Alexey Teksler?

SEC Gorny Ural is a driver of ecological tourism development in the Russian Federation

December 17/IP Vesti Urala /. 2020 has rightfully become the year of development of domestic tourism for Russia. Almost all spheres of tourist activity in the regions received a serious impetus, despite the fact that this is not Moscow, St. these are the resorts of Gorno-Altaysk, the demand for flights to which increased by 70%, Yoshkar-Ola, whose popularity increased by 65%, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk and Murmansk (Kola Peninsula, Khibiny), whose popularity increased by 35% and 30%, respectively, and etc. Noteworthy is the fact that the most demanded was the sphere of sports, ecological tourism, which in the world, according to various estimates, occupy about 25% of all tourism activities.

Today ecotourism is one of the most developing types of tourism. People travel with great pleasure to the most remote regions and visit the farthest corners of Russia without destroying the environment.

So, the resorts of the South Urals have become a real discovery this year. The Chelyabinsk Region has become a driver for the development of domestic tourism for the whole of Russia, as evidenced by the Gorny Ural tourism and recreation cluster (Gorny Ural TRC) created and personally supervised by Governor Alexei Teksler, as well as the inclusion of the head of the South Urals in the government commission for tourism development in Russia.

In particular, the director of the Taganay National Park notes that all attendance records were broken in the summer months. More than 70 thousand people visited the national park, which is 20 thousand more than last year's figures.

The Gorny Ural tourist and recreational cluster was created in record time. The team under the patronage of Alexei Teksler included specialists from the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Environment, the Taganay and Zyuratkul national parks, representatives of municipalities (Zlatoust, Satka, Kusa, Katav-Ivanovsk, Trekhgorny), guides, local historians and local entrepreneurs.

“The preparation of the cluster project in such a tight time frame demanded maximum efficiency from all members of our team, for which I am very grateful to my colleagues,” said Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Yegor Kovalchuk.

Now the tourist flow on the territory of the cluster is estimated at 618 thousand people, but it can be increased to 2 million. At the same time, due to the creation of eco-trails, a system for collecting and removing garbage, the anthropogenic load on natural objects will not increase.

The Gorny Ural shopping and entertainment center unites the territories of Ashinsky, Katav-Ivanovsky, Kusinsky, Satkinsky and Chebarkulsky municipal districts, as well as Trekhgorny, Ust-Katavsky, Karabashsky, Zlatoustovsky, Miassky and Chebarkulsky urban districts. On a small territory, many types of tourism are organically combined: hiking, water, speleo, industrial, event, recreational, etc. All-season routes are being formed - full-fledged tours for 7-14 days, where every day will not be similar to the previous one.

“According to our data, 2.5-2.8 billion rubles remained in the tourism industry of the Chelyabinsk region over the summer. This is how much the tourists brought with them and paid for transport, tourist services, meals, accommodation and so on, ”notes Yegor Kovalchuk.

Ski resort Azau in Elbrus region: description of slopes, roads, how to get there. Weather conditions, independent travel, cafes, restaurants, ski rental.

The Ural Mountains are called the "Stone Belt of the Russian Land". The mountain range stretches for 2500 kilometers, just look at the map: from the Arctic Ocean to the desert in Kazakhstan! The Ural Mountains are five geographical zones: Polar, Subpolar, Northern, Middle and Southern Urals. The ridge runs through nine regions of Russia: the Arkhangelsk Region, the Komi Republic, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, the Perm Territory, the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Orenburg Regions, and Bashkortostan.

The Ural Mountains conditionally divide the two parts of the world. Numerous obelisks and memorial signs remind of this, stating that Europe ends here and Asia begins. Where the oldest sign was located - a wooden post near the city of Pervouralsk in 1837, in 2008 a majestic 30-meter granite column was erected with a double-headed eagle on top. It's funny that a pedestrian crossing was made in this place, and in a few seconds you can move from Europe to Asia, and then return back.

Highest point: Mount Narodnaya, 1895 m

Total length: 2500 km

Age: 600 million years

Ural Mountains on the map of Russia

Mountain height

The Ural Mountains are inferior in height to the Caucasian, Altai and Sayans, but they are the most ancient mountains of our planet. This ridge is about 600 million years old, older than only the mountains in New Zealand.

The farther south, the lower the height, and in the South Urals, inaccessible rocks are replaced by plateaus. This has its advantages: even beginners can do hiking on wooded slopes. Although for extreme climbers there are hard-to-reach peaks and sheer cliffs here.

The mountains of the Urals attract tourists with their harsh beauty: rocks with jagged ridges, steep river banks, ancient bizarre stone outcrops.

The center of Russia, which is little known both in the West and in the East.

The center of Russia, which is little known both in the West and in the East

The South Ural is a region of Russia that unites the Chelyabinsk, Orenburg regions and the Republic of Bashkortostan. The mountain system separates the western part of Russia and Siberia, and residents of both parts of the country can easily and quickly get here. However, tourists rarely favor these lands. And in vain, because the South Ural is fraught with many interesting trails and natural beauty. Inna Subbotina has been hiking in the South Urals since childhood. She told us about the most unusual places.

Taganai National Park, Chelyabinsk Region

Getting to know the South Urals should start with the Taganay National Park. By the way, this is the first national park in the South Urals.

There are two paths running through the park: the lower and the upper. It is impossible to get lost here. The upper trail begins at the foot of Bolshoy Taganai, and, having chosen it, you can take turns walking all the main peaks of this ridge: Two-headed Sopka, Mitkiny Skaly, Otliknoy Ridge. The lower path passes through the Big Stone River, and one cannot but see it. Both trails are connected in several places by paths.

Great Stone River

This is the first of the natural attractions on the lower trail. The name speaks for itself: this is a real river of stones, or a scattering of large boulders. The scale of the kurunnik is truly impressive. The stream of stones stretched for six kilometers, and the width in some places is more than 500 meters! From the ground, the whole scale cannot be appreciated, but if you climb on a drone, then you will definitely be amazed.

Responsive Crest

The Responsive Ridge Ridge is a solid stone wall 150 meters high. From different angles it resembles either the back of a dinosaur, or a sleeping bear, or even a castle with many turrets. You can climb to the top, but there is no clear path, since the entire ridge consists of huge stone blocks, rocks and rocky embankments. We walked with a local guide, and he deftly brought us to the top, although he himself was just in shale. From the top, a panorama opens up for many kilometers around.

Mount Kruglitsa

Most tourists only make it to the Responsive Ridge. And in vain, then the most interesting begins. Almost untouched nature, tundra vegetation: undersized conifers, shrubs, bright green mosses - you walk along them, as if on a soft carpet. In summer, you can pick berries or junipers. And all this is surrounded by stone outliers. The place even got the name "Valley of Fairy Tales".

Mount Kruglitsa is the highest point of the Big Taganay ridge. To get to it and return back in one day, you have to walk at a brisk pace all the time. The road in one direction alone will be about 14 kilometers. If you don't like to rush, you can spend the night at the shelter or in your tent.

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