Trekking in Albania - a chance to see the disappearing color

17 beautiful cities in Albania (photo and description)

During a hike in Albania, you will see with your own eyes how some peoples are able to integrate into civilization and preserve ancient customs. The route will be relatively easy. Mountain trails and canyons will periodically be interrupted by excursions to museums and sightseeing of castles with a thousand-year history.

Our track will start from the tourist center of the country - the city of Shkoder. We will wander through its streets without backpacks, as we spend the night in a hostel. The next day we will move to the starting point of our route, the Qafa e Torre pass and try to unravel the mystery of the Blue Eye Lake, over which even scientists are puzzling.

Let's make two ascents, one to the highest mountain in the country - Maja e Jezerces, 2694 meters high and the second most popular - Maja e Rosit. We will visit the ancient tower of "Blood Vengeance" that is terrifying to Europeans, and at the same time we will learn that lynching has never been carried out there and rumors are too embellished. And, of course, we will sit inside the famous bunkers.

We will end our trip with an extreme cruise on Lake Koman, maneuvering between two hundred meter stone cliffs with waterfalls and making our way in a canyon no more than 25 meters wide.

Trekking conditions in Albania

To take part in a hike in Albania, you need to send an application. We will contact you, discuss all the details and tell you what to do next.

When hiking in Albania, we ourselves carry food, equipment and personal belongings in our backpacks. We spend the night in tents, we cook food on a fire or a gas burner. The recommended maximum backpack weight for men is 18 kg, for women 12 kg.

The guide can change the route of the hike based on the weather, group conditions and other factors.

If the cost of the trip seems too expensive, choose a discount for yourself.

If you do not have your own tourist equipment, and there is nowhere to borrow it, you can rent it (in this trip, we ask you to have your own equipment).

You do not need a visa to travel to Albania.

Meeting the group at the airport of Maria Teresa (Tirana) no later than 11 am. Or already in Shkoder. We will book a hostel there. On the last day of the hike, you can be at the airport by 13:00.

Trekking in Albania - a chance to see the disappearing color

For a long time, Albania was considered a closed country. The situation has changed over the past decade. Albania's seaside resorts attract tourists from Russia and Europe with picturesque landscapes, acceptable living conditions, and low prices. These are not only beaches, but also thermal springs, mineral waters for treatment, health improvement. Tourism in Albania is gaining momentum. Resorts have something to offer vacationers with different needs, financial capabilities.

Holidays in Albania - where is better

Due to the convenient geographical location, 300 days a year in the resorts of Albania there is warm weather. The air temperature in summer rises to +30 degrees and above, in winter it drops to +10 degrees. In the holiday season, the heat is practically not felt, the sea breeze saves near the coast.

The state is washed by the Ionian and Adriatic seas, resorts on both shores hospitably welcome tourists and offer comfortable conditions for rest, pleasant memories of the vacation. It remains to decide where to go?


Resorts in Albania on the Adriatic Sea are more suitable for holidays with children. The main type of recreation is the sea and the beach. The snow-white coast with sand and gentle entry into the azure waters, secluded bays will not leave anyone indifferent. Such resort towns as Shengjin with chic restaurants and comfortable hotels, Durres with green parks and white sandy coast are worthy of special attention.

We definitely recommend visiting Vlora Bay. Its shores are covered with comfortable beaches. Connoisseurs of ecological tourism and "savages" gather in the lagoons. Those wishing to get closer to nature are advised to go to the fishing village of Shengjin. Its visitors not only fish, but also go to museums, to ancient monuments, first of all to examples of the fortress architecture of the medieval period.

Beach areas are strewn with catering establishments, entertainment infrastructure. Brilliant pine forests grow nearby. The choice of hotels will satisfy any discerning vacationer, both in terms of price and conditions. We definitely recommend visiting Durres, located near the capital of the state. But it is useful to remember about a large port, which is liked only by a part of tourists.

Ionian Sea

While in the resorts of Albania on the Ionian Sea, the tourist infrastructure is more developed, and an active life is in full swing. People come here for new impressions and positive emotions. In addition to pebble beaches, clear waters, cozy hotels and boarding houses, tourists are offered fascinating diving or mountaineering activities, educational excursions, and sleepless nights. Pay attention to the resorts of Himara, Vlora, and Ksamil. From here, Greece is just a stone's throw away, and local attractions bring closer the history and culture of the Middle Ages.

Those who value calmness and measured pastime are recommended to go to Saranda. The coastline of the city allows you to enjoy distant views of Corfu, blurring in the haze of the sea. We also advise you to visit Dhermi, famous for the harvest of olives and citrus fruits. The Dhermi authorities have taken care of the active expansion and strengthening of the infrastructure.

Let's climb the highest point of the country - Mount Maja e Jezerces, 2694 m. We will see majestic panoramas, waterfalls, the mysterious Blue Eye Lake

Tourism in Albania is currently underdeveloped, but it is developing rapidly. In 2009, the country had 369 hotels with 5,888 rooms and 11,932 beds, according to a report by the National Statistical Institute of Albania. In 2009, Albania was visited by about 1.5 million foreign tourists, of which about 236 thousand stayed in hotels and spent 540 thousand person-nights there [1].

Albania attracts tourists with a rich archaeological heritage from the times of Ancient Greece and Rome, as well as from the times of the Ottoman Empire, artifacts from the Cold War, pristine beaches, mountain trails, traditional Albanian cuisine and the distinctive atmosphere of the countryside. The American online edition of the Huffington Post in 2013 gave 10 reasons to visit Albania [2]. In August 2011, Albanian American actress Eliza Dushku visited Albania to film a documentary about her father's homeland entitled Dear Albania [3] [4] [5] [6]. Albania is often called “the new love of the Mediterranean”, and recently - “the last secret of Europe” [7].

The bulk of foreign tourists come to Albania from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece and Italy [8], there are also tourists from Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as Western European countries - Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Scandinavian and other countries [9]. Before visiting Albania for the first time, tourists are strongly advised to consult online or print publications and Internet travel forums for specific itinerary questions or to book a tour with a local tour operator. Backpackers in Albania prefer to stay in hostels, campgrounds in the countryside or on the coast. Organized tourist groups usually visit numerous archaeological sites and historic cities. There is a growing demand for rafting tours, bike tours, and off-road hiking in the countryside. Recently, car rental agencies, travel agencies and tourist information centers have been opening in Tirana and other cities. Medical tourism to Albania is becoming popular, primarily dental tourism, since Albanian dentists offer services at much lower prices than in Western Europe.

However, the development of tourism in the country is constrained by many factors, such as the poor quality of roads and utilities, unauthorized landfills, illegal construction and poaching, and unregulated property rights to land plots. Despite this, the country is undergoing reconstruction and construction of roads, catering facilities and treatment facilities are being reconstructed with the help of funds from the European Union. The private sector in Albania and foreign investors are investing heavily in real estate and the reconstruction of historical sites, as well as expressing interest in the construction of resorts and ports.


Attractions [edit]

Cities and archaeological sites [edit]

The most visited cities in Albania by tourists:

  • Durres
  • Berat
  • Gjirokastra
  • Kruja
  • Shkoder, the city where there is, in particular, the Rozafa Castle
  • Tirana, the capital with a vibrant nightlife
  • Vlora
  • Lying
  • Pogradec
  • Saranda
  • Cramp.

Most visited archaeological sites:

Natural attractions [edit]

Albania is known for its breathtaking landscapes. The most popular ones:

Albania is comfortably located on the very shore of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the beautiful neighbors of Greece and Montenegro. Among the picturesque mountain landscapes and magnificent beaches, the Albanians have erected small but cozy and beautiful settlements. The cities of Albania, although they are inferior in size to many European megacities, are not devoid of originality and flavor. So let's go on a journey through the streets and avenues of cities to see all the Albanian sights, namely the most beautiful cities in Albania.


Let's start, of course, with the Albanian capital of Tirana. The city was founded back in 1614, but received the status of the capital of Albania in 1920.

Located in a picturesque mountain valley 40 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, Tirana has become a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world in recent decades. Its streets are filled with the spirit of antiquity, and the surroundings are mesmerizing with mountain landscapes.

The main city of Albania is twinned with the Russian capital. In addition, both European capitals have a radial-circular layout in their architecture.


One of the most beautiful resorts in Albania is located on the shores of the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula with the poetic ancient name of Lichtinida. But now the reservoir is called Lake Ohrid, and it is located at the very border with Macedonia.

This is a relatively young city, but it already has a glorious history. There is a special mountain climate, which makes the resort popular among tourists. Drilon National Park is located not far from the city among the majestic gardens.

In this place of Albania, you can not only improve your health, but also visit the mountain springs, as well as get acquainted with the historical monuments of the Antiquity period.


There are few cities in the world that were founded by women. But Albanian Lushnya is known for just that. During the years of Ottoman rule over the Albanians, it was founded by a woman named Salyusha.

Grateful Albanians glorified her name in the name of the urban settlement, and the old residents still affectionately call their homeland "Salyusha".

In 1920, the city was the capital of Albania for several months. But after a small council of the leaders of the clans, held in one of the buildings of Lushni, it was decided to move the capital to Tirana.

Albania is located in the westernmost part of the Balkans on the coast of the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic. In its neighborhood, the countries that are more popular with tourists compete with it: Greece with its rich ancient history, as well as small and friendly Montenegro. The Albanian leadership is making successful steps in the right direction. Its well-developed tourist infrastructure leaves no choice. And the main choice of every tourist is the best place for rest, which is deservedly so Albania.

By the way, speaking about the merits of the country, its affordable prices immediately come to mind. Here you will not see the crowds of endlessly migrating tourists. The prices for food and housing will be pleasantly pleased. Albania will be able to surprise even the most discerning tourist: clean and comfortable beaches, picturesque corners of untouched nature and a whole list of cultural and historical monuments that everyone needs to see.

There is simply no need to talk about the service. Consider that you are very lucky and you have won the lottery, in which the European level of comfort, in full compliance with all accepted quality standards, is combined with the hospitality of the local population.

So, what should a tourist who comes to Albania need to do?

Choose the sequence of actions yourself, but you simply must get to know the gifts of the local national cuisine. Culinary masterpieces are in no way inferior to France, which has won the hearts of many gourmets with its delights. The picture of the holiday will be complemented by tasting of the most popular varieties of the noble drink. heed our advice and drive to Berat, Pogradec.

The modest and compact size of this country allows you to make a detailed acquaintance with all the sights of Albania in a short period of time. For those who first came to Albania and do not know what to see.

Museum of Ethnography in Berat

In the second half of the 20th century, or rather in 1979, an ethnographic museum was opened. As conceived by the author, the building bears the features inherent in traditional Berat architecture.

Classic Chobo Winery

Chobo winery is located within walking distance from the city of Berat. This is a unique opportunity for those wishing to get acquainted with a classic example of the wine industry. Some secrets of their family business will be revealed to you with the opportunity to taste this or that drink, which is a separate pride of the Albanians.

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