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Climbing Elbrus from the North - 10 days

Nalchik is known as a unique balneological and climatic resort. "Horseshoe" - this is how the name of the city is translated, because the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria is surrounded by mountains from three cardinal points, which creates a mild climate. Autumn and winter in the city are warm, so it is pleasant to come here at any time of the year. Where to take a walk? How to see the city from a bird's eye view? What to order for lunch? And what are the restrictions due to the pandemic? About this - in the material "AiF-SK".

City walks

The Nalchik resort is located at the foot of Mount Kizilovka. People come here to get medical treatment and to prevent diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, circulatory system, nervous and endocrine systems, and skin diseases. There are many sanatoriums, a hydropathic establishment, a drinking gallery and a park. In Nalchik there are about 10 sources of mineral waters, for the healing properties of which thousands of tourists go to the city.

The walk does not end at the exit from the park. Recently, part of Kabardinskaya Street was restored, giving the townspeople a beautiful quarter for walking. The local "Arbat" is part of the old Nalchik. Historical buildings have survived on Kabardinskaya, where creative workshops, the Perimeter art space, a publishing house, cafes and shops are located. Near the Pobeda cinema there is the Society of Book Lovers and a monument to the poetess Inna Kashezheva, who dedicated her poem to Kabardinskaya Street.

From here you can walk to the square of the 400th anniversary, or, as the people of Nalchans call it, Maria square. In the center there is a monument to the Kabardian princess Maria Temryukovna - their marriage to Ivan the Terrible marked the annexation of Kabarda to Russia. Behind the monument is the building of the Musical and Russian Drama Theaters, the National Library of the KBR, the National Museum of the KBR and the Gorky Square. There is also a scooter rental on the square, it is convenient to move around the city on them, and you can leave two-wheeled vehicles at one of the 8 parking points.

Mosques and churches

Most residents of the capital of the KBR are Muslims. The cathedral mosque of Nalchik is made in a high-tech style, while the national flavor is guessed in the building. The iconic building is decorated with local stone, glossy stained glass windows play in the light, and strict symmetry gives the building a futuristic character. Contrary to tradition, the facade of the mosque does not face Mecca, but during the construction this forced error was taken into account and the prayer hall was designed according to the Muslim canon.

Approximately one fifth of the inhabitants of Kabardino-Balkaria are Orthodox Christians. Not far from the entrance to Nalchik from the side of Pyatigorsk, the golden domes of the temple rise above the crowns of coniferous trees. The Cathedral of Mary Magdalene was consecrated quite recently, but has already become popular with pilgrims. The temple is named in honor of the heavenly patroness of the wife of Ivan the Terrible, the Kabardian princess Guaschenya, in the baptism of Mary. The cathedral is made in the Byzantine style, and inside it is painted in the technique of Andrei Rublev. The church contains particles of the relics of saints and ancient icons.

History and Culture

Theaters and museums provide a rich cultural life in Nalchik. In difficult coronavirus times, the work schedule and the poster should be clarified by phone, and when visiting the theater and museum, do not forget to wear a mask and gloves. For operetta and ballet, you should go to the Musical Theater. In the Russian Drama Theater, you can see performances of classical and modern plays in Russian. Performances in the Kabardian and Balkarian languages ​​can be seen in the Kabardian and Balkarian theaters, respectively. There is no need to worry about the difficulties of translation, since the audience is provided with equipment with Russian-language audio recording of the performance at will.

The expositions of the National Museum tell the best about the history of Kabardino-Balkaria. In the Kabardino-Balkarian Museum of Fine Arts. AND. . Kachenko collected works of Soviet artists who worked in the republic, and modern creations of local authors. In the resort area of ​​Nalchik, there is the Memorial House-Museum of the Ukrainian writer Marko Vovchok, who lived and worked in Nalchik in the last years of her life. Here you can get acquainted with the work and life of the writer, enjoy the Ukrainian flavor.

National cuisine

You can feel the gastronomic spirit of Nalchik by tasting the local national cuisine. No one will be left indifferent by the Balkar khychins (the finest pies stuffed with meat, potatoes with cheese, cheese and herbs) and zhau-baur (juicy lamb liver cooked on coals), Kabardian lyagur (jerky with potatoes) and gedlibzhe (chicken in sour cream sauce). Sauce sips (based on broth) and brine (made from fermented milk products with spices) perfectly complement the local cuisine. It is best to wash down a hearty lunch with homemade ayran or tea made from mountain herbs, barberry and sea buckthorn. There are many cafes and restaurants serving local cuisine in the city, they are mainly concentrated in the center and in the Atazhukinsky garden. On average, a meal per person will cost 300-500 rubles.

Relax and heal

Khanapiy Tolgurov aka "Khan" is a personal and group trainer at the resorts of Cheget, Elbrus and Terskol.

If you are looking for a good, experienced instructor in Cheget, ask the instructor at Cheget Glade, they will tell you how to find it.

Khanapiy Tolgurov aka "Khan" is a personal and group trainer at the resorts of Cheget, Terskol and Elbrus.

If you are looking for a good, experienced instructor in Cheget, ask the instructor at Cheget Glade, they will tell you how to find it. 7 (928) 716-0987chegetsky @ gmail. om


The site was created by Khan's students for Khan as a sign of friendship, appreciation and gratitude!

Thanks for the many years of friendship and incredible experience conveyed by the teacher on the slopes of Cheget and Elbrus.

We really want as many people as possible to touch the skill of this magnificent person!

Instructor and guide with a capital letter - Khan s Cheget

Actually, the correct pronunciation of his name is Hanapius. You can just instructor Han. We call him Hanapi - he forgives us.

Let's start with the fact that instructor Khan does not forgive:

  • you cannot "be smart" on the slope (you will get it with a ski pole :-).
  • you cannot "whine" on a mountain slope (you can get it with a ski pole :-).
  • you cannot ask to "go for a day to Azau" (Elbrus). The answer will be exactly as shown in the picture.
What Hanapi can do:
  • help you realize that you don't know how to ski;
  • help break your ability to "ski like God on wasted slopes" :);
  • help to understand what the correct skiing technique is;
  • will teach you how to ski on Cheget.
  • will help you fall in love with Cheget;
If you can win Khan's trust:
  • will teach you life;
  • takes you on a hike across the Elbrus;

Russian National Ski School Instructor Certificate

Khanapiy has been improving his skills all his life. I went through many steps. And they all submitted to him. He is the Master!

Kabardino-Balkaria is better known for the Elbrus region. But the capital of the republic is also a resort - climatic and balneological. Is it worth going to Nalchik on New Year's holidays, what to do there and how much it will cost - AiF-SK found out.

How to get the most vivid impressions from your trip to the region? We have prepared a selection of what tourists can do in the region

The Kabardino-Balkarian Republic is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Russia. There is a healing climate, clean air, incredibly beautiful nature - mountains, lakes, reserves, as well as many attractions and cultural values.

Climb the highest mountain in Russia and Europe

Mount Elbrus is two peaks of an extinct volcano. One - 5642 meters above sea level, the second - 5621 meters. Physically prepared tourists can climb the mountain. Of course, this should be done under the guidance of an experienced instructor. They say that in good weather from the top you can see two seas - the Black and the Caspian.

Less prepared tourists or families with children can use the highest cable car in Europe to explore Elbrus - it will take guests of the region to a height of 3,847 meters. Dizzying views await them all the way. In winter, you can go downhill skiing or snowboarding with a breeze.

Trekking in the mountains

Tours of various complexity and beauty await tourists in the Elbrus region, Chegemsky and Chereksky gorges, Bezengi. The latter is especially loved by climbers and rock climbers.

Do you know that seven out of eight five-thousanders of the Caucasus are in Kabardino-Balkaria? All, except Elbrus, are located in the upper reaches of the Bezengi gorge. For their severity and inaccessibility, these places were named "Russian Himalayas".

One of the oldest alpine camps is located here, on the territory of which an ethnographic corner was built - a small aul with a tower-museum.

Try extreme sports

Schedule of ascents to Elbrus from the North


The tour takes place in places of pristine beauty and wild mountainous terrain. Spacious plateaus with stunning views of Elbrus, glacial and spring lakes, turbulent rivers, crystal clear streams with trout, birch alpine forests, alpine meadows, glaciers, waterfalls, mineral springs, ancient ruins of settlements, menhirs, passes: here is just a small part of what the proposed expedition abounds in.

The program is designed for 10 days, one extra day and one rest day in case of bad weather or additional acclimatization. The travel time is oriented and may vary, depending on the specific conditions on that day. This tour is designed for tourists who want to wander through the wild mountains to experience real mountain tourism and mountaineering. The tour allows you to see the most beautiful place in Kabardino-Balkaria - the northern side of Elbrus with the Dzhyly-su springs.

Today, the Mountain, like an affectionate mother, will smile at you with the rays of the hot sun, even at the top, and you can go to it almost in a T-shirt; and tomorrow she suddenly and unpredictably turns into a hysterical woman who spares neither "her" or "strangers" and mows everyone in a row with powerful charges of snow pellets flying at a speed of 50 meters per second, roars with a fierce wind, flashes with lightning, covers with a thick veil of fog , in which it is no longer clear where is "earth" and where is "heaven". And often her moods and conditions of the game can change to diametrically opposite ones and do within a matter of minutes. There are no easy mountains, there is only exceptional luck, there is experience of guides, which helps to understand the Mountain and develop an adequate approach to it. Elbrus is not a simple, big mountain, which at times may seem calm and understandable, but inside itself there is always a storm that does not know compassion and mercy ...

This climbing program provides an opportunity to climb Elbrus along the route of the pioneers. However, a little later, climbing from the South side began to be considered a classic. According to statistics, successful ascents from the South side - about 80%, from the North - about 30%, these figures, as well as possible, allow us to conclude how much more difficult an ascent from the North than an ascent from the South. Today the northern side of Elbrus can be considered wild and pristine: hence the ascent can be considered more "honest". There are no snow groomers and cable cars, here you have to go everything yourself. Infrastructure of the South allows you to get "easy" to an altitude of 5100 m (Cable car up to 3800 m, and then - snowcat up to 5100). This option is suitable for those for whom the presence at the top is more important than anything else. For those who crave hard work, harsh slopes, spaciousness and majesty of untouched nature - the northern side of Elbrus is much more suitable in order to realize themselves, grapple with the elements and try to win. Here, work begins at an altitude of 2600 m and all acclimatization and ascent tracks will have to be completed on our own. The space on the southern side of the Mountain is squeezed into gorges, bounded by mountain walls, and is noisy with a lot of people, technology and ambitions, which, however, may be quite close to someone. On this northern side, the terrain is more changeable and different: in the background - the Kanzhol and Bermamyt table mountains, in the middle - the Tashlysyrta ridge, the Karakai and Balyksubashi massifs, the very near plan - the spacious Irakhiktyuz and Irakhiksyrt plateaus, glacial and mineral lakes, hot springs, narzan springs, waterfalls, river valleys, crystal brooks with trout, white-headed vultures soaring in the sky, eternal gophers flashing here and there, and in the forests a little further away - wolves and wild boars. Everything here is harsher, stricter, and, perhaps, more truthful, since it is closer to nature.

We have tried to structure our program in such a way as to increase the chances of success within the capabilities of each of the participants. The success of this expedition in our understanding, in addition to a successful ascent, is when a person took with him not only a photo from the top, but also the warmth of the sun in his heart, this proud Caucasian sun, which is nowhere else on Earth. When his soul became a little wider and larger, like the vastness of these places. When a man himself, as a man, became "taller" and "stronger" like the surrounding granite masses. When, in the end, it became cleaner, like this air, like these waters. When he could feel himself here, in these harsh conditions, as if at home, he fell in love with it forever, and took it with him. Here they say: "There is nothing worse for us if a person begins to feel like a Guest with us, we want him to be like at home."

We love these mountains. We love honestly, from the heart, at the most difficult moment leaving nothing for ourselves. The mountains periodically reciprocate. The mountains have become home to us. Our home is your home, together we will try to do this big, difficult, and wonderful business ... "

Day One:

Day two:

Day three:

Day four:

Day Five:

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