Traveling in Russia by car

About rest in Altai at recreation centers and savages with tents

Traveling in Russia is a phenomenon that most Russians have discovered for themselves this year. Our country is incredibly beautiful, and there really is something to see here. Where to go? How to plan your trip? What are the pros and cons? Read below.

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Pros and cons of traveling in Russia

  • Road trip = freedom. You plan the route yourself and the amount of time allotted to each point
  • Saving time spent at airports and train stations
  • Minimum number of contacts with other people
  • Opportunity to see maximum sightseeing along the way.

There are very few minuses and they do not concern the travel itself, but the car: it can break down, the fuel tends to run out, and the driver and passengers get tired.

How to plan your trip?

  • Determine a sufficient budget to include an item for additional costs
  • Understand which is more important to you: see fewer places, but in detail, or cover more distance, looking at everything "on top"
  • Think in advance where to stay for the night
  • Eat where truckers eat - as a rule, these are proven places where they cook well.

Several cool routes in Russia

Golden Ring

There are sights at every step, so there is no need to explain the expediency of this route.

  • Length: 700 kilometers
  • Approximate route: Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Suzdal, Uglich, Vladimir, Gusi-Khrustalny.

A ride along the Crimean coast is a must-see for everyone who wants to diversify their vacation in Crimea.

Road trip in Russia

Autotravel across Russia by car is the best way to relax for those who like to have a good rest. Someone likes to have a rest with relatives in the countryside, while someone wants to escape to nature, others just rent a car and go somewhere to other cities. So where to go in Russia in summer by car, and where in winter?

Where to go in a year: routes

In the summer, you can relax in cities such as:

Anapa. Here you can go to a dolphinarium or a water park, you can ride in an amusement park or spend days at the beach. A great time for a comfortable stay, but also for health improvement.

Gelendzhik. This is a great place for those who love outdoor activities and sports, as here you can ride a yacht or spend time in a safari park, admire the waterfalls and dolmens.

Crimea. This place is specially created for tourists, it fascinates with its beauty, blue sea and high mountains.

Sochi. The popular resort has grown several times over due to the Olympic Games held in winter.

In winter, you can go to the following destinations:

Kola Peninsula. Most people come to the city of Murmansk to admire the incredible northern lights. Sleigh travel to the top of the mountains is the most interesting activity.

Kazan. A city that is rightfully considered a beautiful place in Russia. In winter, everything is covered with snow and a fairy tale begins.

Moscow. In winter, you can add such entertainment to all the attractions: skating, Christmas markets, New Year's grace that adorn the entire city.

St. Petersburg. Winter is the time for visiting museums.

Some travelers prefer white beaches in exotic countries, others prefer a measured vacation in Europe and the USA, where they enjoy overseas food and culture. But there are tourists who do not seek to fly on vacation to distant countries. Autotravels in Russia, where they themselves lay the route, seem to them no less fascinating. Why such tourism is no less interesting will be discussed further.

Traveling in Russia by car: what you need to know

Before you start a long route through Russia, you should pack everything that may come in handy along the way. Of course, you shouldn't take 10 bags with you - you can get by with one on the road. The main thing is to prepare all the necessary documents for traveling around the country:

  • OSAGO policy;
  • vehicle passport (PTS);
  • certificate of car registration;
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • compulsory health insurance policy.

If a child is going with you, then you need to take the basic documents for him. First of all, a birth certificate.

Best Travel Routes

Russia is an incredibly huge country with a unique history and culture. Each region is somewhat unique, so travelers are interested in visiting not only Moscow or Kazan. A tour of Central and Central Russia, Kaluga, Chelyabinsk, Voronezh, Moscow or Saratov regions will be fascinating. Eight cities of the Golden Ring will leave an indelible impression of your stay. Traveling around your home country in your car can be no less exciting than a sea cruise or a voyage to exotic islands on a liner. But which routes deserve special attention and are especially popular with tourists?


Among all the variety of routes, Baikal deserves special attention. It is worth going here, at least for the reason that nowhere else in the world is there such a deep lake. The optimal time to travel to Baikal falls on the period from late July to early August. It is at this time that the path to the lake is most comfortable, and the weather is warm and clear. However, you should still take warm clothes with you, as the clean waters of Lake Baikal are cool.

Another popular route for traveling by car is Sochi. It will not be difficult to get to the most popular tourist city in Russia by car. As a result, you will not be disappointed with the landscape that unfolds before your eyes. In Sochi you can:

  • see the mountains;
  • go downhill skiing in Krasnaya Polyana;
  • swim in the Black Sea;
  • see local attractions, including the Olympic Park.

If the route includes just walking around the city and its environs, then it is better to avoid rest during seasons with a high influx of tourists. They fall at the end of June and the last days of November. It is optimal to go to Sochi in early autumn or spring.

Recently, another route has appeared in the atlas of travels in Russia - this is the Crimea, where you can have a great rest by the sea and soak up the luxurious coastline. To enjoy the views during your voyage, it is better to choose the path through:

Is it possible to find the landscapes of Norway and Iceland in Russia, how to drive a car in the mountains and where to stop to rest, eat and take pictures? Detailed report from the author Matador. ech.

One of the most beautiful highways in Russia, namely Kislovodsk - Dzhily-Su, runs through three regions at once: Stavropol Territory, Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. It is a must to go there on one summer weekend or while on vacation in the Caucasus. If you have not been to the northern Elbrus region, then you will never understand the enthusiasm of other auto travelers on the theme that the fascinating landscapes of Norway and Iceland are also in their homeland.

The beginning of the path from Kislovodsk to the observatory on the Shadzhatmaz plateau - read here.

After the observation deck next to the observatory, there is again a rather sharp drop in altitude, this time a descent of 620 meters - from 2020 to 1400 m - into a small valley of the Hasaut River. It is called the Valley of the Narzan, but you are not looking for sources of healing water here. Those narzans that await us in Jily-Su are not for nothing considered much more effective than in the Valley.

Immediately behind the Kabardino-Balkaria mark, a sharp descent to the Narzan Valley begins

On the way to the Valley we admire a small but very picturesque waterfall - it is simply impossible not to notice it.

Waterfall in Narzan Valley

On a long descent, your pads may start to burn. Did you check the brakes before leaving? In the parking lot downstairs, the first thing you can smell is burning rubber.

What to see here? The most popular object is the building of the Narzan Valley tourist center, which looks like an old castle. The place is beautiful but neglected. Although photo shoots are often arranged here.

The Narzan Valley Castle-tourist base.

Construction is all around, which is quite typical for the developing tourist North Caucasus. Although there is no single construction concept, and in combination with dilapidated buildings of the Soviet era, all this is more like a kind of "Shanghai".

It is very popular among our compatriots to rest in Gorny Altai by savages by car. We will tell you where to go and what you can see, as well as list the recreation centers where you can conveniently stay overnight if you get tired of living in tents in the middle of nature.

Ecotourism is developing quite actively and there are many people who prefer real nature without embellishment and civilization to snow-white beaches and luxury resort hotels. Indeed, it is in this case that you can put things in order in your own thoughts, achieve harmony and balance, know yourself and enjoy the natural beauty of this world.

Why come here?

Altai is the name given to the entire Altai Territory in geographic terms, and the Republic with the same name is also referred to it. Although, in fact, these are two different regions. In any case, it will appeal to those who want to relax away from noisy cities, civilization and learn the culture of this wonderful place.

In addition to the amazing nature, people come here to get in touch with shamanic magic rituals, to see extraordinary ancient actions, to get to the fabulous land called Belovodye, which is associated with many mystical stories and legends. It is here that old superstitions, belief in magic, service to gods and spirits, communication with nature at an energetic level remain in force. It is not surprising that Altai attracts curious tourists more and more every year.

Most of the region's attractions are natural sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These include Belukha Mountain, Lake Teletskoye, Ukok Quiet Zone, Altai and Katunsky Nature Reserves. Some plants and animals are considered rare and can only be seen in this area.

How to get there?

Altai Territory is located in the south of Russia and borders on Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. The climate is continental. Summers are hot but short and winters are long and frosty. The geographic relief is distinguished by high mountain ranges, river valleys, intermontane basins. There are more than seven thousand lakes and even more rivers on the territory. Earthquakes are not uncommon here, the strongest happened in 2003. Therefore, before going to Altai, check the weather forecasts and check the level of seismic activity in the region.

To get to the desired natural sites, you can use different types of transport:

  • By plane - direct flights from Moscow and other cities of Russia fly to Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk and Novosibirsk. Airlines such as S7 and Pobeda operate in this direction. From each settlement you can get further by buses or cars to any recreation center. Some of them organize bus tours (Busfor) and pre-booked transfers (Kiwitaxi). You can check the price of air tickets on Aviasales.
  • By train - it is convenient and cheap to travel from Moscow to Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Biysk. The cost of the trip in this case depends on the destination. So, it will be inexpensive to travel to Novosibirsk - only 5500 rubles, and to Biysk - 12 300. But remember that trains may not run every day, so it is important to clarify the timetable, for example, on tutu. u. Further, the road is also crossed by local buses, transfers or by car.
  • By car is the most popular way to relax in Gorny Altai with a company or with children. This will be not only more profitable financially, but also much more convenient. You can choose any direction, not depend on the availability of rooms in the hotel, schedules and schedules, excursion offers, etc. If you wish, you can get to any natural site and the most beautiful places in the region using your own transport.

In order to get to the recreation center by a personal or rented car, you need to adhere to the only road - Chuysky tract. Its condition and coverage is considered perfect. At any exits to third-party roads, be prepared for the fact that they will be broken and even impassable. The only drawback is the renovation work carried out here occasionally in the summer.

To overcome all the difficulties of the path and enjoy an independent vacation in Altai as a savage, to get to the most remote places, you will have to take seriously the choice and preparation of transport. A low-speed car is not suitable for this. It is best to drive a high-rise SUV or jeep.

Be sure to check its technical condition before the trip, and also stock up on tools, spare parts and gasoline so as not to stall in the middle of the road, where other vehicles rarely go. Be prepared for the fact that navigators will be of little help to you. It is best to navigate the terrain using maps, since navigators “do not see” off-road and unpaved areas.

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