Traveling in Gorny Altai by car

Traveling in Gorny Altai by car

Chuisky tract is a 968 km long route from Siberia to Asia. It starts from Novosibirsk and ends in the border regions of Mongolia. National Geographic has listed this motorway, which has its own museum, in the top ten most beautiful highways in the world. The historical Chuysky tract begins in Biysk and has a shorter length compared to the modern highway. It is the most interesting for tourists. There is a mountainous section of the highway and the highest passes of the highway - Seminsky and Chike-Taman. In Altai, the road ran along the main river of this region - Katun.

Let's take a trip to all the most significant and impressive places of the Chuisky tract, which in itself never ceases to delight along its entire length. Ancient petroglyphs and megalithic complexes of indigenous people dating back more than one millennium. Primordial nature with mesmerizing landscapes of majestic mountains, against the backdrop of vast steppes full of herbs and blooming maral on the slopes, crystal clear lakes feeding on glaciers.

Let's come close to the Bolshoy Aktru glacier. We will see the stunning beauty of the river valleys, crowned with no less beautiful lakes. Multi-colored, mind-boggling slopes that create cosmic landscapes. All this is saturated with the special atmosphere of Gorny Altai with its own way of life and order.

We move by minibus, which will always be with us, which will provide us with convenience and mobility. We will go for a lot of light walks to see the most beautiful places and take the best photos.

Most of our overnight stays will be in traditional yurts, we will get acquainted with the life and customs of the Altai and Kazakhs. We will see a geyser lake, constantly changing shades and patterns on the surface, picturesque passes. There will be campfire evenings, new acquaintances and interesting stories.

Accommodation. At recreation centers in cottages for 4 people or yurts for 4-6 people. The bases have electricity.

Communication. Almost all the time. MTS has the largest coverage area.

Skips. For Russians, a pass is not required. For participants with citizenship of other countries, we issue passes to the border zone. It is required to provide us with passport data in advance. The period for issuing a pass is at least 2 months. Choose your trip dates in advance!

We all have a great trip! We look forward to)))

Daily program


Meeting the group in Gorno-Altaysk at the airport at 10:00

We sit down in a minibus, which we will not part with for the next few days. Moving a few hours, during which we will hear a lot of interesting things from the instructor and get to know each other, stop at a cafe for lunch.

ATOR summed up the tourism results of 2020 and talked about three scenarios in 2021

Today we will tell you how to organize an unforgettable trip to Gorny Altai by car through its spectacular places. The proposed route will start from Barnaul and end in Kurai. Experienced tourists always carefully plan their trip to Altai by car - this allows you to see the maximum of sights in a short period of time. When planning, such tourists provide for the possibility of maximum savings. One of the useful tips if you are going on vacation to Altai by car is to use services that allow you to pick up fellow travelers for a moderate fee.


Just in case, check your documents for a trip to Altai by car.

  • Driving license
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • OSAGO (it can be ordered online Compare from and Strahovkaru. u)

To Altai by car from Barnaul

The proposed example of a trip to Altai by car is provided with a starting point from the capital of the Altai Territory and towards Gorno-Altaysk. The route to Gorno-Altaysk is very good, so you can get around by car without much discomfort. Probably, this became possible due to the fact that the Chuisky tract belongs to the federal highway. At the entrance to Barnaul, 17 kilometers away, a modern four-lane road begins right up to the junction on the Chuysky tract. After it there is a two-lane road to Biysk, but settlements and cameras are rarely found along it. At the beginning of the working week, the traffic is not very intense here, so you can get there without traffic jams and special complications on the roads.

At the entrance to Biysk, open the navigator and see if there are traffic jams in the city. If not, then it is better to drive further through it, and if it shows difficult traffic, go around. A road is being built outside the city, but the work does not hinder traffic. Between Biysk and Gorno-Altaysk on the road, settlements are found much more often. The road in Altai by car from Barnaul to Gorno-Altaysk takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the number of stops expected.

We are going to Altai by car: road from Gorno-Altaysk

After Gorno-Atlaysk, the next point of travel to Altai by car is Lake Teletskoye in Artybash, located 150 kilometers from the city. In general, the journey here will take about 2 hours. When setting off, take care of a sufficient amount of fuel there and back, since the Lukoil filling station, which is the most optimal in terms of prices and maintenance, is located on the outskirts of Gorno-Altaysk. Also popular is the Gazpromneft gas station in Maima, which is distinguished by its low prices, so if possible, refuel there if possible. If you see that there may not be enough fuel, then it is best to fill in petrol or diesel in the middle at Sibneft in Verkh-Biysk - among the drivers, reviews about it are also positive.

When driving towards Lake Teletskoye, be prepared for the fact that you can get into the mountains shrouded in fog.

On the way to Gorny Altai by car you can see many beautiful landscapes, but be careful, as the track is narrow and the quality of the track itself, frankly, leaves much to be desired. Moreover, there are frequent turns on it, and literally 10 kilometers before Verkh-Baysky, a small serpentine begins, covered with rubble.

From this point, the road will run along the Biya River - right up to Artybash. You can stop for a rest on its shore, especially since there are entrances in many places. Just remember that the water there is mostly cool, and the current is strong. On the way to Artybash, if possible, visit the bank of the river near the village of Kebezen, where there is beautiful nature and atmosphere.

First-hand news

Main impressions

A large sightseeing tour, during which you will see and visit the most famous sights of Gorny Altai:

1. Drive almost the entire Chuisky tract (one of the five most beautiful roads in the world)

2. Rivers: Rafting down the famous Katun river, passing the Biya river, seeing the confluence of Katun and Chuya, sailing through Chulyshman, walking across the bridge over the Bashkaus river. There is also a horse ride along the Katun River.

3. Lakes: you will have a cruise through the largest lake of the Altai Mountains - Teletskoye Lake (78 km.), And a picnic on the shores of Lake Ak Kol, located at the foot of the Sofia Glacier, you will pass through Dead Lake, Trout Lake, Smelly Lake, Fish Lake, etc. ...

4. Waterfalls: extreme trekking (18 km.) To the Uchar waterfall (165 m.) And Kurkure, a walk to the Korbu waterfall, you will also admire the waterfalls of Ayu kechpes, Estyuba, Tudan, Ak-Karasu, Mergen-Yaryk, Dyol Oozy, Shirlak, Kudirge , Kamyshla.

5. Trekking to Stone Mushrooms and Geyser Lake, walk along Altai Mars

6. You will overcome almost all known passes: Seminsky pass (the highest point of the Chuysky tract - 1717 m.), Chike-Taman pass (the steepest pass of the Chuysky tract - 1295 m.), Ulagansky pass (the highest mountain pass - 2080 m.), Katu pass -Yaryk (the steepest and most dangerous pass in Altai - 1200 m.)

7. You will visit the foot of the largest glacier - the Sophia glacier (3885 m.)

8. Historical places: you will have an excursion and tasting of local dishes in the ethnopark and a sightseeing tour to the Kalbak-Tash tract (a place of accumulation of rock paintings of ancient people). You will also see the ancient Yaloman settlement, walk along the world's first double-circuit bridge and along the ancient Silk Road. Also, you will have a walk to the Chemal hydroelectric power station and to the Patmos island (a church located on the island of the Katun River).

Every day of the tour is thought out to the smallest detail - active rest is combined with an excursion, tasting of local dishes and a throat singing concert in a national dwelling - aile, a hot bathhouse by a mountain river and porridge cooked over a fire.

Gorny Altai attracts tourists with breathtaking landscapes, snow-capped peaks, crystal lakes. Connoisseurs of outdoor activities come to see amazing natural attractions, try their hand at rafting, skiing, mountaineering. Traveling in Altai by car will allow you to visit the most interesting corners, visit the most beautiful places and feel the spirit of this fabulous land. Nature captivates with its beauty in any season, but going on a trip is more convenient in summer: in winter the road is difficult even for an experienced driver.

Traveling in Altai by car: preparation

If it is easy to get to Gorno-Altaysk by air, then in the republic itself there is only a bus service.

Pros of road trip

The advantages of traveling by car for tourists are:

  • mobility ;
  • convenience ;
  • self-guided route planning;
  • the opportunity to see more attractions, visit remote corners , enjoy the beauty of pristine nature;
  • independence from public transport timetables;
  • great impressions;
  • traveling with a large company or family.

Inhabitants of nearby cities of Siberia prefer to come to Altai by their own car.

Table 1. How long does it take to get to the Altai Republic by car

A convenient option for tourists from other regions who arrived by plane is to rent a car. A passenger car is offered here for 2000–3000 rubles per day. Fuel is paid separately. It is more profitable to arrange a rental if you are traveling with a company in order to share the costs for everyone.

What to take

Before setting off on the road, check the technical condition of the car, make sure that all systems are in good working order. Be sure to put a spare wheel, a set of tools for minor repairs. Calculate your approximate fuel consumption. It is advisable that there is a can of gasoline in the trunk - refueling is less common on a road trip through hard-to-reach areas than on the main highways. Take with you on your trip:

I am telling you about the most popular route for the first acquaintance with Altai - traveling along the Chuysky tract by car. You will learn how to go to the Altai Republic and drive along the highway to Mongolia, what sights you must see on the way, how to visit Shukshin's homeland, climb into the clouds to a height of 3000 m and visit Mars.

Gorny Altai is Mount Belukha, glaciers of the North Chuisky ridge, protected plateaus, mountain passes, numerous lakes, waterfalls and confluence of mountain rivers. For tourists, routes of varying difficulty have been developed here: hiking, horseback riding, combined from 1 to 12 days. So, a hike to the mountain Shavlinsky lakes takes 8 days, a tour to the foot of Belukha - 10 days. Despite the variety of tours, it is impossible to explore Gorny Altai in one trip.

If you are planning a trip for the first time, it is enough to ride directly along the Chuysky tract to Kosh-Agach, then the Tashanta point, bordering on Mongolia.

This road is marked by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful in the world.

Chuisky tract is a section of the federal highway P 256 Novosibirsk - Tashanta, the length of which is 940 km. Historically, it began in Biysk, but it is customary to measure the mileage from Novosibirsk. This will be the starting point of our route. The road goes through the Novosibirsk region, Altai Territory and leads to the Altai Republic.

I covered the entire route in 6 days. This is enough for exploring the main attractions of the Chuysky tract.

Map of Chuysky tract

Route start, airport, car rental

Our road trip along the Chuisky tract begins in Novosibirsk. The largest airport in the region is located here, which receives flights from all over Russia.

Follow the link to find out what to see in Novosibirsk

Fly here and rent a car at the airport. If you are from Moscow, it is pointless to drive your car here. It will be expensive and spend most of your vacation on the road.

To rent a car, you can contact the Avis Russia representative office at the Novosibirsk airport. The coverage of the Chuisky tract is in perfect condition throughout the entire journey, so a sedan will do. For example, Hyundai Solaris, when rented for 5 days, will cost 3000 rubles per day.

Minor roads leave a lot to be desired. This is either gravel road or complete off-road. Therefore, if you plan to independently climb the Aktash repeater or deviate from the route and visit the Chulyshman valley, rent a car with a high ground clearance. For example, Hyundai Creta - 3900 rubles per day.

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