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Irkutsk is an old Siberian city, the oldest buildings of which date back to the 18th century. and built in a unique style - Siberian or Irkutsk Baroque. The city has preserved its stone buildings and monuments of wooden architecture. Nearby is Lake Baikal.

On the map of Siberia, Irkutsk, like most Siberian cities, appeared in the middle of the 17th century and was founded as a winter quarters at the mouth of the Irkut River. Located on important colonization and trade and fishing routes connecting the European part of Russia with China, Mongolia and the Russian Far East, Irkutsk developed and grew rapidly.

Today Irkutsk is one of the largest regions of the Russian Federation and has the status of one of seven cities with a unique historical and cultural heritage.

An adventure for the bravest: the tour "Crossing Baikal" - a two-day sledding tour on the frozen ice of Lake Baikal 49,000 rubles.

Sledding from 10 minutes and from 2,500 rubles.

Explore Olkhon Island! Arrivals on any day from 38,500 rubles.

Yenisei cruise. Various program variations from 10 days.

How to get to Irkutsk

From Moscow to Irkutsk - 5000 km. But this is not a hindrance, because the capital and one of the largest cities in Siberia are connected by numerous flights and several trains. The main thing is desire and perseverance (the latter is relevant for those who appreciate the clatter of wheels and the romance of long trips). To see the beauty of Irkutsk, you will have to spend 5-6 hours on the plane, and more than 3 days on the train. The car ride option is for the most desperate adventurers.

Read more about how to get to Irkutsk on this page.

Car rental in Irkutsk

Car rental can come in handy in any life situation. Undoubtedly, the use of personal transport is much more convenient both when traveling and on business trips. The car rental market in Irkutsk is represented by many players and is by no means stingy with offers. So, you can rent a car here at a price of 1600 RUB per day. True, additional money will be required for a pledge (from 5000 RUB), which will be fully refunded at the end of the transaction. You will need a passport and driver's license to complete a rental agreement. In standard cases, the process of concluding a contract takes no more than 10 minutes. Prices on the page are for November 2019

7 best travels for the New Year in Russia

December 1, 2016 16 comments about 5 minutes to read

Drive to the Barguzin Valley.

Nikolay Semenyuk traveled through 27 cities of Russia.

History and traditions of the people living in the Irkutsk region.

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Cross-country or walking skiing is one of the most affordable winter activities. One or two hours in the fresh air will cheer you up and will only have a positive effect on your health. We decided to tell you where you can walk or run classically or skate in the city or beyond.

So, let's start with the Dynamo ski base on Karpinskaya, 119. Open every day (except Monday) from 09:00 to 21:00. You can get there by public transport or car, there is parking for cars. The rental of a set (sticks, skis, boots) will cost 200 rubles per hour, with your own equipment you can ride for free. The track is intended for both skating and classic skiing. There are several circles of different lengths, artificial lighting works in the evening. On the territory there is a rental room and warm changing rooms, on weekends and holidays a buffet will be open. Base phone - 8 902 578 40 31.

At the Dynamo ski base. Photo of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Irkutsk Region

Another full-fledged place for skiing is the Angarsky ski and biathlon complex (the sixth kilometer of the Angarsk-Savvateevka road). The rental in the building of the LBC ski center in the 189th quarter of the city is open from 10:00 to 17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday, at the ski and biathlon complex itself - from 10:00 to 20:00 from Wednesday to Sunday.

A single visit to the track will cost 100 rubles, there is a place to park your car. On the territory there are warm changing rooms and cafes. Phone (3955) 68-11-58.

An overview of the 7 best travels for the New Year in Russia will help you choose an excursion tour. Popular destinations and prices for holidays with families, children, couples

It all started with a dream, a dream of seeing the purest ice of Lake Baikal, touching the shrine of Siberia, feeling the power of the lake and absorbing its beauty. Although, in addition to such highly moral thoughts, the idea of ​​just skating on a hefty skating rink and taking pictures of the Baikal ice beauties does not leave. In order to help you achieve these goals this year, we have made several options for routes along Lake Baikal. The first one is for those who just want to enjoy ice and skating. Second - who needs an element of challenge, struggle with oneself and with the elements. The third is for families with children.

Classic ice skating route around Lake Baikal

The classic route will include an excursion program to local attractions and skating along Lake Baikal 150 km long.

You will see different areas of Lake Baikal, visit the Small and Big Sea, visit the nerpinarium, the Limnological Museum, the Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture, as well as a sightseeing tour of the most interesting places in Irkutsk.

Ice skating route across Lake Baikal

A sports route is a 250-300 km long path along Lake Baikal on skates. A real test for the brave in spirit! You will spend the night in tents and stay in complete silence on the ice of Lake Baikal. The complexity of the sports route lies in crossing a large area of ​​open ice, from MRS to Bolshoy Goloustnoye. This is a large extended section of almost 200 km. There are very strong winds here, with which the participants have to fight or rely on their mercy when they blow in the back. There may also be cracks and hummocks that need to be overcome.

You will visit the wild places of Lake Baikal, where, except for you and wild animals, there will be no one else. You will spend the night in the village of Sandy Bay, which consists of only 5 houses and is located far from civilization. You will heat houses with wood and steam in a real Siberian bath.

Tourist route around Lake Baikal by jeeps

The tourist route is a journey that will forever remain in your memory and hearts! A journey that will open for you the unique landscapes of ice Baikal, new emotions and impressions. Indeed, on this tour you will visit the most beautiful and secluded corners of Lake Baikal, walk through the ice caves, take part in a photo session with Siberian sled dogs and ride snowmobiles to the Circum-Baikal Railway.

And there will also be real jeeping, a Siberian bath and rafting on an ice floe. Yes, you understood correctly - rafting on a real ice floe! This tour, according to the National Geographic Traveler magazine, was included in the "30 Most Unforgettable Travels". We invite you to go around the floor of Lake Baikal in one week and get charged with emotions for the whole next year!

Join our expeditions in 2019!

On the territory of the Irkutsk region there are 5 specially protected natural areas of federal significance, with a total area of ​​1,844, 858 thousand a, which is 2.38% of the area of ​​the Irkutsk region, 4 of them are located in the Baikal natural territory protected natural areas (State Natural Reserve "Baikal-Lensky", Pribaikalsky National Park ", State Natural Reserve" Krasny Yar "), with a total area of ​​1,126.347 thousand sq. and or 61% of the area of ​​specially protected natural areas of federal significance.

Specially Protected Natural Areas

federal significance in the Irkutsk region

Pribaikalsky National Park

Location: Irkutsk, Olkhonsky, Slyudyansky districts

Document of title: Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR dated 13.2.6g. № 71

Specially protected natural area, created to preserve the unique nature of the Baikal region and the development of educational tourism.

According to the rating compiled by the analytical agency TurStat, the Pribaikalsky National Park is in the top 3 natural parks of Russia popular for ecological tourism in terms of the number of tourist visits.

The park was created on February 13, 1986, it stretches for 470 km along the Baikal coast - from the village of Kultuk in the south to Cape Kocherikovsky in the north. Its area is 417.3 thousand hectares - it is the longest national park in Russia.

The territory of the Pribaikalsky National Park is a dynamic combination of steppe and forest landscapes, with inclusions of steppe lakes, picturesque sandy bays and bays of Baikal, decorated with bizarre cliffs and capes.

The Baikal National Park surpasses any other protected area of ​​the Baikal region in the richness and uniqueness of flora and fauna, the number of rare species of flora and fauna, a variety of landscapes, an abundance of archaeological monuments.

To visit the territory of the Pribaikalsky National Park and the Baikal-Lensky Reserve, please contact the Tourism Department: Tel. 8 800 302 04 58 (free)

Alain Laguta. Photo from the author's archive

May 15, 2012 1 comment about 14 minutes to read

Drive to the Barguzin Valley.

Nikolay Semenyuk traveled through 27 cities of Russia.

History and traditions of the people living in the Irkutsk region.

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Mongolia is an amazing country and I want to tell you about my second trip here in August 2009. I will share my impressions and useful tips, maybe someone will decide to go on their fascinating journey.

My wife Elena and I went to Mongolia together. The visa was made independently at the consulate of Irkutsk. True, the invitation was sent by my Mongolian friend. It took about a month to prepare the vacation program.

The first part of my story was about preparing for the trip, crossing the border and the first evening in the Mongolian capital. In the second part, I talked about the sights of the city, its surroundings and a trip to the famous Turtle Rock. The third story deals with local sightseeing. We managed to visit the Manchurshi monastery, the National Museum of Mongolia and many other interesting places

Early in the morning we packed our things, loaded them into the car, drank coffee and hit the road. Last night, three Korean girls became our neighbors, and for some reason they couldn't sleep at 7 am either.

We drove along Ulaanbaatar among empty roads, a map for orientation was no longer needed. After a while, our "Bullet" was already rushing along the highway to the fork at Darkhan and Kharkhorin. The asphalt was of good quality. It was laid by the Chinese in 2007. But in some places, apparently, it was not calculated that rainwater in such quantities would drain from the mountains, and therefore the asphalt in these places was either completely washed away or significantly damaged.

Having driven about 100 kilometers, we found that the asphalt suddenly ended and the road turned into a lot of ruts rolled into the field. But since it rained in Mongolia for several weeks, and it also rained on that day, all the tracks turned into a continuous mess. Elena was dozing, and I, choosing the driest areas, tried to drive so that at least one car was in sight. In the end, this is what let me down. Rushing after one car, judging by the map in the navigator, we moved further and further away from the future track indicated in the navigator. But since I knew until 2007 that local drivers could take shortcuts in this way, I stubbornly followed this car until it suddenly stopped near one of the yurts.

We asked how to get to the city of Lun, where the asphalt was supposed to resume. We were shown the way. We drove along it, but it suddenly turned into salt marshes, and the car began to slip. I chose a drier place and stopped to walk forward and see what would happen next. And then there was even more mud with bogs.

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