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The best camp sites in Gorny Altai with swimming pools in the season 2021

Altai is a land of majestic mountains and azure lakes, the beauty of which will be appreciated by admirers of pristine nature. It is interesting to spend a vacation here both with the whole family and with a youth company. Inexpensive recreation centers are located near natural attractions; in Gorny Altai, accommodation prices are affordable for families with an average income. In summer, hiking and horseback riding in picturesque surroundings, climbing to peaks, swimming and fishing await travelers. In winter, alpine skiing lovers come here.

Where to relax in Gorny Altai inexpensively

The most budgetary option is accommodation in a tent camp on the territory of tourist complexes. Also, the reasonable cost of living in summer houses. It is advisable to book rooms and negotiate conditions before the start of the season.

Country Estate

The base is located in the Chemal region on the banks of the Katun. Accommodation offers rooms in cottages, summer houses, places for tents (400 rubles). There is a kitchen for self-catering, a cafe, barbecues, a sauna, a playground, parking. Excursions, river rafting are organized. The price is 900-2100 rubles/day.


The complex is located near the village of Ust-Koksa. There are rooms in a comfortable building, family cottages. There is a bathhouse, a cafe, and wellness procedures. Guests are offered tours and excursions to the most interesting corners of Altai. A place for a tent will cost 260 rubles/day, room rates 1150-5000 rubles.


The base is located at the foot of Belukha, on the right bank of the Katun. There are well-appointed rooms and 2–4-bed rooms in the "Tourpryut", which is open in the summer. There is a cafe, a bathhouse, a sauna, a tent area (space from 200 rubles), a parking lot. The cost of living is 800–1800 rubles per day.

Green Kolobok

Eco-base in the area with. Aktash has cabins and a camping site. There is a shared kitchen, barbecue area, sauna, parking. A place for a tent will cost 300 rubles/day, a room in a cottage - from 2200 rubles.

Quiet Coast

Inexpensive recreation centers in Gorny Altai: prices, accommodation conditions

Jolly Roger Bay Camping

Only family vacations with children, only positive, nothing more! There are three swimming pools on the territory: A large heated pool with a size of 10. * 15. meters with a variable depth from 70 to 145 centimeters, keeps the temperature not lower than +28 degrees (in summer). The lagoon is designed for children under the age of 7 litas, the depth is 40 centimeters, the temperature is not less than +30 degrees. Swimming pool with mini-water park, equipped with water slides, 90 centimeters deep. The pool offers an incredible view of the Katun.

Cost of living: Room of "P/Lux" category in June 2021 at the moment costs 3. 50 rubles for 4 people.

Address: Altai Territory, village Aya, st. Soviet 26

Svoya Usadba camp site

Frame pool equipped with sun loungers. The website does not say anything about the presence of heating.

The cost of living in rooms of the "Standard +" category is from 6.00 rubles without meals for 2 + 1

Address: Altai Republic Chemalsky district of Uznezya settlement

Zhemchuzhina Hotel

A cozy hostel in the village of Aya. As the owners of the camp site promise on their website: - You can swim in our pool even in cloudy weather! The pool is heated, the hotel administration guarantees a water temperature of at least 26 degrees.

The cost of living in the VIP Studio apartments in July is 7. 00 rubles.

Description of inexpensive recreation centers in the Altai mountains, prices for accommodation, offered entertainment, amenities, excursions. What to do on vacation in this region.

Gorny Altai is called "Russian Switzerland", because the local landscapes are not inferior in beauty to the Alpine ones. The region is located at the junction of several natural zones: taiga, steppe and semi-desert, taking from each of the most picturesque views. Prices for tours in Altai are available to almost everyone, in contrast to holidays in the mountains of Europe. The tourist flow in this direction is steadily growing, new routes appear.

All hikes in Altai differ in the main type of movement: walking and water. The latter are designed for experienced and hardy tourists, in whose blood adrenaline boils. Hiking tours also vary in difficulty. In 2020, auto tours to the Altai mountains were added, where tourists cover the main part of the path on powerful off-road vehicles. Some autotravels combine elements of hiking and water tours - there are river rafting and mountain trekking. For lovers of equestrian tourism, there is a separate tour of the steppe Altai on horseback.

This page contains all active tours to Altai.

Hiking Trails: Popular Destinations

The Multinsky Lakes are the pearls of the Siberian taiga. A cascade of reservoirs at the foot of the Katun ridges. Local landscapes are very reminiscent of alpine ones. The crystal clear water reflects the sapphire sky, contrasting with the bright green grass, and the bulk of the mountain peaks fascinate with their monumentality. We have several tours with a stop at the Multinsky Lakes, including winter ones.

Mount Belukha. One of the most famous and mystical mountain peaks of Altai, the beauty of which was inspired by Nicholas Roerich. Local shamans believe that this is where the entrance to the mythical land of Shambhala is located. Tours in Altai with an ascent to the top of Belukha are included in the collection of our best routes. At an altitude of 4500 m above sea level, the world seems completely different, and everyday problems are far-fetched and so small, compared to the greatness of pristine nature.

Shavlinsky lakes. Another picturesque lake cascade, which is very beautiful at any time of the year. In summer you can swim and sunbathe here, in winter you can skate on ice and admire the snow-covered taiga. A popular location for family and romantic hikes.

Chuisky ridge. Hiking along the snowy highlands rejuvenates and cleanses spiritually. Majestic mountains in a gray haze of clouds, green meadows strewn with bright flowers, lakes and waterfalls - all this will be in abundance. Tourists will climb Mount Pyramida (3150 m above sea level), spend the night in tents on the shores of lakes and exits to glaciers.

Katunsky Nature Reserve. A unique location in terms of landscape, flora and fauna, which has received the status of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Water routes: popular destinations

Car and horseback tours

These routes are longer than walking routes. They include trips to the most popular tourist locations in the mountainous and steppe Altai. Such trips are ideal for everyone who first came to Altai and wants to see the maximum of the region's attractions.

We have routes for tourists with completely different levels of training. Some hikes are designed for a wide range of travelers, as a rule, these are car and hiking tours on flat terrain. Other routes include rafting and climbing steep trails. Such trips are suitable for tourists with hiking experience and good physical fitness.

Recreation centers and boarding houses located in the Altai Mountains are very popular among tourists. The massive construction of facilities for recreation and tourism took place in the 70s and 80s of the last century.

The specifics of recreation in Gorny Altai

Gorny Altai, the recreation centers of which annually receive numerous holidaymakers from various cities of the world, is called "Russian Switzerland". The region is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and an autonomous region within it. The capital of the republic is called Gorno-Altaysk.

The region has common borders with geographic objects:

Until 01. 6. 922, the Gorno-Altai region was called the Oirot Autonomous Region. Beginning in 1948, it was renamed the Gorno-Altai Autonomous Region. In 1990, the region was renamed the Gorno-Altai Republic.

Due to its geographical location in the very center of Eurasia, the republic, in different time periods, has combined different traditions and culture. Gorny Altai is considered the birthplace of the Turkic people.

For a long time, the lands of Gorny Altai were part of the Dzungar Khanate. The local population was called White Kalmyks. After the fall of the Khanate, Gorny Altai voluntarily came under the rule of the Russian Federation. The northern peoples of the region (Kumandins, Tubalars and Chelkans) became part of Russia much earlier than their southern counterparts.

The first settlement formed by the Russians is called “Ulala”. It was built on the site of a small Teleuts village. The settlement became the site of a major spiritual mission, where priests and missionaries met. After a while, numerous Biysk merchants moved to the settlement. The small village has become the largest shopping center in Biysk district in Tomsk.

The relief of the Altai Mountains is characterized by numerous mountain ranges, which are separated by narrow rivers and intermountain hollows. On the territory of Gorny Altai there is the world famous highest point of Siberia called "Belukha". Local residents call it "Uch-Sumer" or "Kadyn-Bazhy". Its height is 4,509 m above sea level.

More than 20 thousand rivers flow through the territory of Gorny Altai, the total length of which is almost 70 thousand km. The total number of lakes is almost 7 thousand, their area is more than 550 square meters. km. The largest rivers in the region are called "Katun" and "Biya". In the place of their confluence, the main river of the region called "Ob" is formed. The largest lake in the region is Teletskoye or Altyn-Kol. The lake's water surface is 231 sq. km, its depth is 325 m.

Gorny Altai, whose recreation centers leave only positive impressions on tourists, is located in a seismically unstable zone. 27. 9. 003, at once in 6 regions of the republic, one of the most destructive earthquakes in the last century took place. The intensity of the earthquake at the epicenter was 8-9 points, the magnitude of the tremors reached 7.3.

By giving preference to a trip to Altai, tourists make the right choice. People who do not want to relax in noisy hotels and dream of retirement in silence, for this purpose can choose small villages, recreation centers in mountainous areas among clean air and forest spaces. Here you can find everything you need for a comfortable and high-quality rest: fishing on mountain rivers, excursions to forests and reserves, to apiaries. Also, you will not be bored, as there is a rich folklore program here.

It should be said that not many people dare to rest in Altai and increasingly prefer Turkey or France, but in vain. After all, the Motherland is also rich in beautiful landscapes and high-quality beaches. Not a single foreign country will be able to give such beauty that is in our area, and you can get acquainted with it in the Altai Territory. Here the climate is sharply continental, summer is very hot, and winter is frosty and snowy.

In Altai, you can enjoy hiking and horseback riding, at recreation centers to arrange gatherings around the fire. If you check into a hotel, you can book a trip to the most beautiful places there. Holidays in the Altai Territory will be remembered by a boat trip along the lakes and rivers between the mountain slopes.

Historical and geographical reference

In 1991, the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR passed a law to form the Gorno-Altai Soviet Socialist Republic. The language of the Turks was formed on this territory. Industrial enterprises work here, agriculture is actively developing.

Large companies are engaged in the extraction of minerals. Agricultural products are processed here, building materials are produced. Due to the geographical features of Altai, many tourists come by cars, buses or fly by plane.

Due to the special climate and natural conditions, you can do different kinds of sports. Balneological resort centers and sanatoriums are actively working here. Travel and excursions are organized for tourists to acquaint with the culture of the area. In summer, you can go hiking and sports. These are mountain-pedestrian types of travel, horse routes. Mountaineering, water and speleo tourism are especially popular.

Altai has a favorable geographic location. Here you can visit nature reserves, mountains and other interesting places. Before traveling to this area, you need to find out the cost of the trip, how to get there and what to see upon arrival.

Climatic conditions in summer

Climatic conditions depend on geographic location and difficult terrain. The territory is dominated by a temperate continental type of climate. Summer is short here, and abruptly gives way to cold snap.

Altai is located in the middle zone of the northern belt. On the slopes and in deep valleys, there is a minimum amount of light. A predominantly arid climate prevails in the mountains. On the territory of mountainous Altai, summer is hot, the air warms up quickly. There is a continental climate here, which is favorable for recreation and tourism.

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