Tourist routes in Bashkiria

January 20, 2021 // Press breakfast with Kommersant-Bashkortostan // Hilton Garden Inn Ufa Hotel

Bashkortostan is the most populated republic of the Russian Federation. Its attractions are the cultural and national diversity of the region. Also, Bashkiria is one of the leading republics where the tourism infrastructure is constantly growing.

The importance of the republic in the modern world

Bashkortostan is one of the republics of the Russian Federation, a subject of the Volga Federal District. The capital of the republic is the city of Ufa. Bashkortostan is located on the western slopes of the Cis-Urals and the South Urals. The area of ​​Bashkortostan is 143 thousand sq. km.

Bashkortostan became part of Russia in the middle of the 16th century. Bashkiria is the first historical region in the Russian Federation that received the status of autonomy back in 1917.

The republic borders on the Orenburg, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions, as well as on the Perm Territory and the republics of Tatarstan and Udmurtia.

This republic got its name from the chronicle name of this area since the Middle Ages. In Arab, Persian and European sources it was called "Baskardia", "Bashgirdia", and the inhabitants were called "Bashgirdia". Today the official name of the republic is Bashkortostan, and the unofficial name is Bashkiria.

The largest cities in the Republic are Ufa, Dyurtyuli, Starlitamak, Meleuz, Salavat, Belebey, Kumertau, Neftekamsk and Oktyabrsky.

The fastest way to get to Bashkiria is by flight. There are 8 airports in the Republic, the largest are located near the cities of Ufa and Magnitogorsk - they have an air connection with 27 cities in Russia. Ufa airport still has an international status and therefore it is possible to fly from it to cities such as Antalya, Barcelona, ​​Istanbul, Tashkent, Frankfurt am Main, Khujand.


The Republic of Bashkiria has its own state symbols:

    flag (horizontal combination of blue, white and green, with a coat of arms in the middle);

    Mountain tourism in the republic of bashkortostan

    The most popular tourist routes in Bashkiria at your choice. Differ in difficulty level, travel experience, geography and duration

    The Wonders of Bashkortostan Route

    This route is designed for 4-5 days.

    Route "Western Bashkiria"

    The route is designed for 7-8 days with stops at city hotels. Tourist groups carry out the search for hotels and room reservations on their own.

    Route along the Golden Ring of Bashkortostan

    You can compose it yourself. The "Golden Ring" includes seven natural and historical complexes, allocated on the basis of territorial proximity:

    • "City of Ufa"
    • "Yangan-Tau - Iremel"
    • "Assy - Inzer"
    • "Abzakovo - Yakty-Kul"
    • "Irendyk - Talkas"
    • "Agidel - Shulgan - Tash"
    • "Nugush - Muradymovo"
    • <

    Tourist route in the national park "Bashkiria"

    is indicated on the map, it can be downloaded from this link (2, 5 mb).

    Legend of the stages of the route through the National Park "Bashkiria" on the map:

    1. from. Nugush 2. Irgizly village 3. Kuperlya karst bridge 4. Kutuk-Sumgan tract 5. Bear glade 6. Baislan-Tash cave 7. Muynak-Tash cave 8. Pyatistnik river canyon 9. Kurgashly tract 10. Tract "Akavaz" 11. Cave Sumgan 12. Water-walking route "Karst bridge and Kuperlya waterfall" 13. Horse-riding route "To the Velsky open spaces" 14. Horse-riding route "Mysterious Sumgan" 15. Horse-riding route "Bashkir interfluve" 16. Horse-riding route "Along the spurs of the Southern Urals" 17. Horse-riding route "Akavaz tract" 18. Walking excursion along the ecological trail "Beyek-Tau" 19. Walking excursion along the ecological trail "Tally" 20. Lake Kukkul

    The importance of Bashkortostan in the modern world, when and how the republic arose, why it is called that, the area where it is located, the capital, coordinates and borders, attractions, how to get there, do you need a visa, climate, peculiarities of nature, national dishes, population, currency, public transport hours, fare, what to see for a tourist, types of recreation, prices, souvenirs for memory - all this is further in the article.

    Is Bashkiria a tourist “Mecca” for Russians?

    I have personally heard for many years that Bashkortostan has a significant tourism potential, and domestic tourism needs to be developed and achieved widespread recognition of the republic, but so far I do not see any progress in this direction.

    In a recent interview with the RBC TV channel, President of the Republic Rustem Khamitov said that work on brands in Bashkortostan is being carried out at the local level. Only 2-3 cities have developed and promote their own logos, which is clearly not enough to achieve good recognition of Bashkiria even within the Russian Federation, let alone the international level. Rustem Zakievich admitted: "We work poorly with this, we do not know how to work."

    I partly understand President Khamitov, who is in no hurry to develop and promote the image republican superbrand "Bashkortostan", since the logo should have a powerful tourist infrastructure. And, alas, it is not yet in Bashkiria. There are no tourist superclusters where tourists could come and receive the widest possible range of tourist services, moreover, at any time of the year. The tourist will not be full of beautiful pictures and appeals. He needs to be given high-quality and varied tourist services, including those with a national Bashkir flavor.

    Disadvantages of Bashkir tourism

    The deplorable state of many historical, natural and national-cultural objects of the republic speaks of the extreme underdevelopment of our tourism industry. Recently I had a photo report about the Idrisovskaya cave in the Salavat region, which was mutilated by vandals. With the right approach, it would be possible to make a candy out of this place, where tourists from all over Russia would be drawn. In addition, there is a good romantic basis for this in the form of a legend about the stay there of Salavat Yulaev, a colleague of Yemelyan Pugachev.

    Recently I watched a video about the so-called Akhunov menhirs in the Uchalinsky district of Bashkortostan. If you are not in the know, menhirs are stone sculptures (the simplest megaliths) that were installed by our distant ancestors to keep track of time.

    The Akhunov menhirs are also called the "Bashkir Stonehenge" for the obvious similarity of this object to the British Stonehenge. A very interesting and attractive place from a historical point of view, but absolutely unattractive from a tourist point of view. There is no tourist infrastructure around the Bashkir Stonehenge that could catch visiting guests.

    And there are many such examples. And around the shikhans, and numerous waterfalls, and most of the lakes of Bashkiria, there is no infrastructure that could serve tourists on a turnkey basis. And that's the whole problem.

    Ways of developing tourism in Bashkiria

    And now the answer to the question: what to do? In my opinion, it is necessary to adopt a republican program for the construction of 5 diverse tourist superclusters in the south, north, west, east and central part of Bashkortostan. Financing is shared, that is, with the involvement of budget funds and private capital. But it would be even clearer to attract small businesses to megaprojects by giving them small shares of the project. In this way, a greater attachment of the clusters to the region could be achieved.

    An example of successful cooperation between the state and business can serve as innovation centers, which open everywhere in the regions of Russia. The scheme of interaction is as follows: the state creates conditions and helps with money at the start, and business leads the project until it reaches full independence. Gradually, the state goes out of business, and the proceeds from the sale of its share are invested in other projects.

    Clusters in Bashkortostan should be diversified, that is, not repeating each other and not competing in any way. I think there will be no problems with this, since each region has its own zest, they can be taken as a basis.

    Bashkiria has always been one of the main tourist centers of the country. The unique nature, ancient artifacts and national flavor attracted a wide variety of guests: from those who like to relax in the depths of the linden forest to foreign scientists who came to get acquainted with the locals, their customs and rituals.

    During the Soviet era, the Bashkir Autonomous Republic held all-Union tourist gatherings every year. Moreover, fans of mountain hikes, explorers of caves, and even fans of extreme recreation found their place in the BASSR.

    2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Bashkir ASSR. Throughout the year, various festivals and holidays will be held on the territory of the republic. If you have never been to Bashkortostan, now is the time. "MIR 24" - about the tourist wealth of Bashkiria.


    If you go to Bashkiria, then first of all in order to admire nature. Pristine forests, clearings and whole reserves, which practically did not see people. Unique weather conditions have developed in the republic, the climate is close to ideal. Early spring, long but comfortable summers and short but snowy winters. Therefore, immediately start hiking in the famous Bashkir linden forests - you can walk there all year round.

    The region has several hundred caves, impressive mountain ranges and turbulent rivers. It's a separate pleasure to come to Belaya, praised by Maxim Gorky, or to raft along the mountainous section of a small reservoir. Climbing Yamantau should be tried by every fan of extreme recreation. Climbing in general is no worse than climbing Elbrus or the Altai Mountains.

    If you just want to enjoy the flora and fauna as intact as possible, there are long walking paths for you around three state nature reserves, headed by the famous Shulgan-Tash. The Bashkirs inhabited this land two and a half thousand years ago, so it's enough to imagine yourself in the cradle of civilization. Especially walking along the rivers Ai, Ik, Kama and others, where the first stops of people were recorded.

    If you want to combine gazing at the unique nature with physical activity, you can always contact a bicycle rental or an equestrian club. All conditions have been created for these sports in the region. Finally, if you are drawn to the water, then you should visit the lakes Asylykul and Bannoye. They traditionally gather thousands of tourists every year.

    And if you want to watch everything at once - then for you the fresh program "Bashkir Around the World". It was organized in 2018. Now the tourist can enjoy the beauty of the republic and not miss a single rare plant or animal. In general, there is something to see. The main thing is to find the time to travel.

    Photo: Tsibin Konstantin, Wikipedia

    The State Committee of Bashkiria for Tourism, the heads of the Toratau and Yangan-Tau geoparks and archaeological scientists spoke about the development of tourism in the geoparks, as well as the trends and prospects of entrepreneurial activity at a press conference organized by Kommersant -Bashkortostan "at the Hilton Garden Inn Ufa hotel.

    According to Elina Gataullina, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism of Bashkiria, today investors from among the republican entrepreneurs show the greatest interest in the construction of glamping sites (from the phrase "glamorous camping" - "Kommersant"). This is a relatively new type of ecotourism in Russia. Glampings allow you to combine relaxation in beautiful natural places with the comfort and coziness familiar to a city dweller. Tourists are accommodated in equipped heated tents, tents, yurts or eco-houses.

    Last year a concept for the development of glamping was developed, this year we expect to take measures to support the organization of engineering infrastructure and the acquisition of the complexes themselves "

    Investors are provided with federal support: they can receive grants in the form of subsidies provided by Rostourism based on the results of the competition. At the same time, at least 30% of the amount of the requested grant must be invested by the entrepreneur himself. Last year, the maximum amount of federal support was 3 million rubles.

    According to Elina Gataullina, 33 sites have been identified in Bashkiria for the placement of glamping sites in the Gafuri and Salavat regions. They are placed on the investment attractiveness map of the region and on the investment portal of the Republic of Belarus. Most of them are located near rivers for tourists-rafters to stop there. Also, work is underway on another 110 sites, which will appear on the investment portal in the near future, said Mrs. Gataullina.

    According to the State Tourism Committee, over 100 thousand tourists visited the natural parks of Bashkiria last year. During the New Year holidays, the occupancy rate of tourist centers in the republic reached 90-110%, which is 2% more than in the same period of 2020. One-day routes and sanatoriums were in the greatest demand.

    Another promising area that the State Tourism Committee is trying to actively develop is Geoparks. In Bashkiria, two geoparks have been created and are functioning: Yangan-Tau and Toratau. Today, the government of the republic is developing a package of measures to support and develop them, as well as discuss additional preferences for their residents, said Elina Gataullina.

    General Director of the Geopark "Toratau" Ainur Samanov said that several points of attraction for tourists have been identified. Among them is the shikhan "Toratau", where an eco-hotel built by local entrepreneurs together with the administration of the Ishimbay region is operating, and the construction of a visit center is nearing completion. Also, the Geopark Directorate intends to create an ecotrail on the Shihan this year in order to minimize the damage to nature caused by visitors. In one day off the mountain is visited by about 1.5 thousand people, on weekdays - about 400-500, Ainur Samanov said. The eco-trail will be made of eco-friendly materials. It is planned to place it on the most gentle northeastern rise.

    The eco-trail should not disturb the general background of the mountain and be as invisible as possible. Since the shihan has a protective status, all work is carried out in agreement with the Ministry of Ecology of Bashkiria "

    An arts center will be built in the village of Voskresenskoye, Ainur Samanov said. The concept of its creation won the All-Russian competition for the best projects to create a comfortable urban environment in the category "Historical settlements". For its implementation, the Geopark will receive 45.4 million rubles from the federal center. Also in the village is located the oldest copper smelter in the South Urals, which is another point of attraction, said Mr. Samanov.

    In 2019, Yangan-Tau, created in 2017 in the Salavat region of the republic, was the first in Russia to enter the global network of UNESCO geoparks "

    According to the director of the Yangan-Tau Geopark, Ildar Sadykov, by 2023 it is planned to build three anchor objects there, designed to attract tourists. This is a museum of geology in the village of Mechetlino, where the famous geological section of international importance is located, containing a rich complex of fossils of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants aged 290-285 million years, the ethno-village Karavanserai in the village of Novye Karatavly and a memorial complex dedicated to the Bashkir national hero Salavat Yulaev on the site of the former village of Tekeevo, where he was born, and destroyed by the troops of Empress Catherine the Great after the suppression of the Pugachev rebellion in 1775. Pre-design work is underway to conclude contracts for the development of projects for these facilities, Ildar Sadykov explained. He stressed that the Geopark is ready to work with tour operators, and its facilities have great tourism potential.

    In addition, tourists can be attracted by archaeological sites.

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