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The routes of the majestic Pamirs; the highest mountain range of Central Asia

Mysterious Turkmenistan is the pearl of Central Asia, one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region. Turkmenistan attracts travelers with the majestic Karakum desert, unique nature, historical sights, stunning mosques and magnificent palaces.

Country overview

Turkmenistan is located in Central Asia near Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan. The western regions are washed by the Caspian Sea. Almost the entire territory of the republic is covered with the sands of the legendary Karakum Desert. Turkmenistan became famous for its hardy Akhal-Teke horses.

The weather is shaped by a harsh continental climate with frequent temperature extremes, droughts and blowing northerly winds, causing sandstorms in summer and severe frosts in winter. In the capital, the temperature rises to + 50º, it is better to come here in late spring or autumn.

How to get from different CIS countries

Turkmenistan is considered a post-Soviet republic; residents of Russia, Ukraine or Belarus will not have any special problems with travel. There are direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Ashgabat six days a week. The average flight duration is 4 hours.

From Kiev and Minsk to Turkmenistan, you will have to fly through Moscow, Istanbul or Tashkent. To visit the territory of Turkmenistan, Russian citizens will need a special visa and medical insurance.

Recreational and ski resorts in Turkmenistan

The tourist zone of Avaza, which is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, is considered the visiting card of Turkmenistan. A modern spa center with luxury hotels, sanatoriums and hospitals. The place will delight tourists with parks and restaurants, a yacht club and sports complexes, pools with sea water and discos, as well as beautiful fountains and geysers.

At the same time, the government of the republic plans to equip this resort of Turkmenistan with a water park, an oceanarium and an amusement park. In the mountainous region, visit the largest climate center, Firyuza. Previously, there was a military sanatorium. The resort is famous for its picturesque landscapes, gorges and colorful flowers.

Ski tourism in the country is just emerging, so it's better to go skiing to neighboring Uzbekistan. It should be noted that the first center with a cable car, funicular, viewing platforms and restaurants is already being built in the country.

Russia as a tourism market is of increasing interest among Asian tourists and participants in the Asian tourism industry. This opinion was shared by tour operators who took part in the largest regional tourism exhibition ITB Asia-2019.


From October 16 to October 18, Singapore hosted one of the largest annual international tourism exhibitions in the Asian region - ITB Asia, which was attended by 110 countries, including Russia.

The Russian tourist product at ITB Asia was represented by Rosturizm and the leading tour operators of the entry market included in ATOR: Intourist, Academservice and UTS. ussia.

According to the press service of Rostourism, among the promising markets for Russia, the exhibition focused primarily on China, Korea, Japan, as well as other Asian countries in which tourism plays an important economic role.


According to tour operators, they are satisfied with the results of their participation in ITB Asia. Thus, the specialists of the Intourist tour operator held dozens of meetings with tour operators from China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, India, and Macedonia. Contacts were also made with potential partners from Singapore and Myanmar.

Nuria Yermidi, deputy director for marketing of the tour operator "Academservice", also speaks about the large number of meetings. According to her, the exhibition was held in an active mode, she managed to communicate with many partners.

As noted by Alexey Krylov, Head of Asia Department of UTS. ussia, ITB Asia exhibition - "these are always positive plans and good results."

“The Asian market is growing by leaps and bounds. This year was no exception. More than 30 meetings were held, 80% of which were with new clients, ”he says.


According to Russian experts, Asian tourists are still interested in classic routes in Russia, but the demand for trips to "new" regions is also growing.

So, UTS partners. ussia was asked about tours to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, but offers for tours to Murmansk and Baikal, the demand for which has been growing for the third year in a row, did not go unnoticed.

Recently, tours to the east have become popular among tourists, Asia more and more attracts tourists with its secrets, and therefore many have a desire to plunge into this exotic world. Here is a completely different civilization for Europeans, with its own extraordinary customs and history. Traveling in Asia will open new horizons for everyone.

Travel, Asia, the best cities and countries

Tourists are different and Asia is exactly the place where everyone will find something for themselves. Those who like to hike can visit Vietnam. It is in this region that you can look at the beauty of the jungle or admire the beautiful waterfalls. Vietnam is characterized by a large number of wonders and that is why it attracts tourists.

Cambodia is another extraordinary country that attracts tourists not only with its wonders, but also with the preserved history of ancient civilizations. Antiquity is present here in every millimeter of the territory, which attracts those who decide to travel across Asia. Those who love extreme travel will be pleased with the trip to Cambodia.

Travel Notes in Asia

You won't enjoy a full Asian journey if you don't go to Bali. Our readers have repeatedly received reviews about this stunning island. Spa treatments that tourists can try on themselves are famous all over the world, and modern cuisine will impress even the most demanding gourmet.

Another country that our traveling readers have rated is Singapore. It is he who can surprise with wonderful shopping. Yes, it is the shops, of which there are a lot here, that became the main advantage and got into the travel notes of the site. Plus, everyone has the opportunity to visit restaurants with incredibly delicious cuisine.

Description of the sights of Asia

The sights of Asia are scattered throughout the cities, but if you see at least some of them, you can rest assured that your trip was a success. Of course, the most famous attraction mentioned by tourists is the Great Wall of China. This structure is the largest of those that have ever been created by people.

We cannot mention all man-made and miraculous monuments, but we simply have no right to write a description of the sights without the world-famous Taj Mahal. The history of this palace impresses many, because the reason for the construction of this building was the omnipotent love. Do not disregard this place, because it is worth seeing it.

Asia is a magnificent country full of its secrets, sights and wonders. If you decide to travel to Asia, then be sure to visit the places that are famous for their history, and do not miss the opportunity to see all the man-made and miraculous monuments.

Southwest Asia

In the countries of this zone, the attention of tourists is attracted by the warm sea (especially widely - the Mediterranean, washing the shores of Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Israel), a favorable subtropical climate for recreation. Ancient cities or their ruins, numerous cities with their historical and cultural population attract fans of educational tourism. Among them are Istanbul (Turkey), Amman (Jordan), the ancient cities of Lebanon - Baalbek, Sayda, as well as the country's tourism center - its capital Beirut, Nicosia (Cyprus), the Iranian cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Hamadan. There are many interesting historical, cultural and archaeological sites outside these centers.

Certain countries of the Arab East, as well as Turkey, attract many "shuttle traders" - participants in shopping tours. Afghanistan has interesting tourist opportunities, but the events of recent decades make it impossible to use them. As part of South-West Asia, there are tourist macro-regions: Turkey and Cyprus, Palestine, Arab states (the Middle East), the Middle East.

Turkey and Cyprus

They are also private visitors to neighboring Turkey. At the same time, the latter also attracts recreational tourists: the coastal areas (along the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara, Black Seas) are known for their numerous swimming seasons (warm sea, subtropical climate), which contributed to the emergence of famous Mediterranean resorts (Antalya, Alanya, etc. ). There are resorts in the interior of Turkey based on the use of mineral springs. For example, springs near the city of Bursa were used by the Byzantines.

Other centers of educational tourism in Turkey: the capital Ankara (where both ancient buildings and the mausoleum of the founder of modern Turkey Ataturk (Kemal Pasha) are located; Izmir (which is famous for antiquities and annual fairs); Bursa, Adana, Erzurum (with their ancient monuments and numerous mosques).

Most of Turkey is plateaus and low mountains, which in the east of the country turn into high-altitude regions, where the altitudinal zonation is well expressed (up to the nival zone), is located sacred for Armenians (but located after World War 1 on territory of Turkey) the Ararat massif, where, according to the biblical tradition, Noah's Ark ended its journey, a large and very picturesque Lake Van. So there are many natural attractions in the east of Turkey. However, so far this undoubtedly potential resort area has been little developed.


This macro-region includes the state of Israel, inhabited predominantly by Jews (indigenous people and immigrants), and Arab territories that have been fighting for the creation of an Arab Palestinian state for many decades.

But, of course, the largest number of tourists is attracted by Jerusalem itself, associated with the relics of the Jewish, Christian, Muslim religions. This is really a city of three historical confessions and therefore attracts countless representatives of them, as well as simply curious tourists. Among the historical and cultural monuments, it is enough to name the Jewish Wailing Wall, Christian shrines - the chapel of the Holy Sepulcher, Golgotha, where Christ was crucified, the rock where he prayed (and many more places associated with evangelical subjects). According to Islam, the Muslim prophet Muhammad later ascended to heaven from the rock where Christ prayed (the magnificent Omar mosque was built here). It is no coincidence that during the division of Palestine after World War II, the UN made a decision on the special status of Jerusalem, which is historically divided into the Old and New City.

Of other cities in the region, the actual capital of Israel, Tel Aviv, should be named (although the government considers Jerusalem as the capital, which is not recognized by most countries in the world) with its Haaretz Museum of Mediterranean Art and an art gallery. Among the streets of Tel Aviv there are Korolenko, Zola and others. Jaffa practically merged with Tel Aviv, in contrast to the very young Tel Aviv, which has existed for several centuries. In this city you can walk along Pushkin Street, Pestalozzi, Michelangelo, M. Gorky, Ozheshko, Dante.

Another city of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea, Haifa, is even more ancient. Therefore, in these cities there are also historical and cultural objects of previous centuries. Sea resorts are located on the Mediterranean coast, especially in the Natanya area and in the Eilat area in the Arabian Gulf of the Red Sea. There are resorts on the coast of the Dead Sea located below ocean level, the very high salinity of the waters of which allows swimmers to freely float on the water. A corresponding infrastructure has been created for tourists in Israel.

Pamir is a large mountain system in the south of Asia and mountains of extraordinary beauty with the highest peaks in the territory of the former USSR. The Pamir is one of the highest mountain systems in the world, located in the south of Central Asia. The Pamirs are located at the point where the greatest mountains of Asia converge: the Himalayas, Karakorum, Hindu Kush, Tien Shan, Gissar-Alai and Kunlun.

The Pamir Mountains are located on the territory of several states: Tajikistan, Afghanistan, China and Pakistan. But in a narrow sense, the Pamir is usually understood as the Gorno-Badakhshan region of Tajikistan, since most of the mountain system is located here. The Pamir Mountains in China are usually also referred to as the Kashgar Mountains. Pamir in Afghanistan is located in the province of Badakhshan.

100 years ago it was believed that the Pamir Mountains are the highest in the world. After the appearance of modern methods of measuring altitude, the Pamirs fell into the middle of the top ten in the altitude list. However, on the territory of the former USSR, he has no equal. At the same time, the highest peaks are located in the Chinese Pamirs. These are the peaks Kongur (7649 m), Kongurtyube (7530 m) and Muztag-Ata (7546 m). In the Tajik Pamir, the highest peaks are:

  • Peak Somoni, formerly Peak Communism (7495 m - the highest peak of the ex-USSR);
  • Peak Avicenna (Ibn Sina), from Kyrgyzstan still called Lenin Peak (7134 m);
  • Korzhenevskaya Peak (7105 m).

Aside from the hard-to-reach ways to get to the Pamirs via Afghanistan and China, there are two main routes to get to these mountains:

  • north through the Kyrgyz city of Osh;
  • west through the capital of Tajikistan Dushanbe.

The northern route through Osh is much easier, but it has one critical flaw. When traveling from Osh, almost immediately from a low altitude, you get to an altitude of more than 4 thousand meters above sea level. Such a sharp rise in altitude is extremely dangerous for health due to the risk of developing altitude sickness, which can lead to death. The western route through Dushanbe is more favorable, since the increase in altitude is gradual and the human body has time to adapt. Therefore, the main route through the Pamirs lies through Dushanbe, passes through the mountain system, and ends at the exit from the Pamirs to Osh (Kyrgyzstan).

For foreigners to visit the Gorno-Badakhshan region of Tajikistan, you need an official permission from the country's authorities. The easiest way to get it is in Dushanbe. Registration of a pass will take 2-3 days, for this you need to contact the police station and provide a scan of your passport and the date of your intended entry into the region. The cost is about 20 TJS with personal receipt, if done remotely through a travel agency, then the issue price increases to 90 TJS - 100 TJS.

There is only one road leading to the Pamir from Dushanbe - the Pamir Highway (part of the M41 Mazar-i-Sharif - Osh highway). From Dushanbe you need to leave in the eastern direction, and in the town of Vahdat choose one of two paths leading to Khorog:

  • south through Kulyab;
  • east through Faizabad.

Most of the East Pamir Highway runs at the mouth of the Pyanj River on the border with Afghanistan. In Khorog, the road also bifurcates:

  • the southern path continues in the Panj valley;
  • a straighter and shorter, but difficult path lies through the high-mountain villages.

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