Tourism in Montenegro

Mountain tourism in Montenegro

Montenegro is a beautiful and interesting country for independent travel. Here you can relax on the beach, go on an excursion, look at the beautiful Gulf of Europe. It is difficult to choose what to visit in Montenegro on your own, for this you need to know all the sights, their location and description.

Benefits of rest in Montenegro

This resort Balkan country combines beach holidays, treatment and excursions. a harmonious mixture of beach and excursion programs. In one day you can swim in the sea, go to the Ostrog monastery and have fun in the nightclub in Budva. To this can be added the absence of megacities, each resort town is surrounded by picturesque mountains.

Features of rest in Montenegro:

  • Few All Inclusive offers. They can be found in several hotels; most tourists book villas or apartments.
  • Low prices. The cost of living in the summer is from 40 euros per day. Meals for two per day - from 30 euros.
  • Clean Adriatic Sea, air, well-equipped beaches. There is no large industry in the country, pollution is minimal.
  • Historical past.

Before planning what to visit in Montenegro, you need to choose a place to stay. Beginners stop in Budva or Becici. Experienced tourists choose Herceg Novi, Bar.

Beaches in Montenegro are pebbly, there are concrete, less often - sandy. There is a combined coastline where sand spreads on top of concrete slabs. They are considered the main natural attractions of the country. The second place is occupied by mountains and rivers, where you can order rafting or excursion along the canyons.

Montenegro is a small country, you can go around it in one day. But because of the mountainous terrain and the complexity of the roads, it is difficult to do it yourself. It is necessary to draw up the correct tourist route. Beginners book excursions in agencies, experienced tourists rent a car.

A travel plan must be drawn up in advance, determine the distance to the point of interest, the time of departure. Drinks and food are taken with them, the cost of service in roadside cafes and restaurants is high.

Durmitor National Park

What you need to visit when traveling in Montenegro, attractions

Winter holidays can be spent in hot countries - Egypt, India, Indonesia. But they are not suitable for skiing, excursions to the mountains. An alternative is to go downhill skiing in Montenegro at one of the resorts. There are two of them in the country - Zabljak and Kolashin. They differ in location, ski slopes, list of services.

Ski resort Zabljak

The Zabljak ski resort is located at the foot of the Durmitor mountain range. It is located at the highest point in Montenegro. It is a large village with developed services for winter recreation. Skiing in Montenegro is popular with the local population. Therefore, at the resort you can meet many Montenegrins practicing this sport.

Features of the Zabljak ski resort:

  • there are again canyons nearby, in some of them there are tourist routes;
  • a national reserve in Montenegro, where you can find 1500 species of plants, some of them are listed in the Red Book ;
  • a convenient road that can be taken from any city in the country.

There are several ski slopes in Zabljak, but there are three popular ones - Savin Kuk, Yavorovacha, Shtuts. The first is designed for experienced athletes. The length of the track is 3.5 km. You can get to the top using eight lifts. 4 drag lifts, two with comfortable chairs, the third is for children.

Length of the Stutz descent - 2.63 km. It is flat, mountain skis in Montenegro glide on it comfortably. Can be used by professionals or amateurs. Part of the route must be passed with an instructor.

Beginner skiers use the Yavorovac track. The descent duration is only 800 m, there are lanterns along the entire route. There are three lifts - two drag lifts and one for children. Of the 12 routes in Zabljak, these are popular. They can be changed as your skill increases.

Winter holidays in Kolasin

This is a small village located next to the Tara and Pivo rivers. Winter in this part of Montenegro is mild, the snow is not loose. The population of the village is 5000 people. There are hotels for tourists, you can rent houses or villas from the local population. Here mountain skiing in Montenegro is less developed than in Zabljak.

  • the village is located in a valley, there are no strong winds;
  • there is a lot of soil, grass, stones on the slopes, which increases safety;
  • ways of travel - by rented or private car, bus, train.

There are two ski resorts near Kolashin - Belasitsa and Trebvalevo. Regular buses go to them. The total length of slopes of varying difficulty is 15,000 m. The length of the main route is 5 km. The height of the resort is 1420 m above sea level.

List of places to visit in Montenegro when traveling on your own. Benefits of rest, excursions Moraca and Tara canyons, Herceg Novi, Kotor

Montenegro is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and attractive vacation spots in Europe. Tourism in this country is booming, which is not surprising. After all, it is here that untouched nature has been preserved. The favorable picture is complemented by a soft mountain landscape, as well as artificial, sandy and pebble beaches with a total length of 73 km. The swimming season in Montenegro begins in mid-May and ends only at the end of October, that is, it lasts almost six months! For about eight months a year, the average air temperature is around + 27C, which is comparable to the summer water temperature.

The Montenegrin coast reads 117 different beaches: rocky, sandy, covered with pebbles, which have preserved the pristine beauty of wild nature and are comfortable for tourists. Some beaches are open to the immense beauty of the Adriatic Sea for many kilometers, while others are only tens of meters. Some of the coastal zones are located directly in front of the hotels, the other part is hiding in cozy bays, at the foot of rocky shores, on deserted islands, near a pine forest or olive grove.

The most famous Montenegrin beaches are: Jaz, Zhetnitsa, Rafailovici, Becici and Mogren, next to which there are modern hotels of varying degrees of comfort. Since the beginning of the 20th century, tourists have chosen the unique city-hotel Sveti Stefan and the Budva Riviera as a whole. Crowned persons loved to rest here, and to this day these places are visited by world-famous show business figures and actors. In 1991, Montenegro received the status of a country with the cleanest, most protected and untouched nature, which is truly unique and is under the watchful protection of the state.

From a geographical point of view, you will not find a territory smaller than Montenegro, where tourism would flourish thanks to an incredible abundance of historical and cultural monuments. Rich in events, turbulent history has left behind a rich heritage, representing the traces of numerous cultures and civilizations that existed on the territory of modern Montenegro. These traces are found literally everywhere: in urban planning, architecture, sculptures, visual arts and folklore. In this tiny country, there are 50 large architectural complexes, 50 archaeological sites, a huge number of sacred objects and a number of memorial monuments of the liberation wars and battles.

Montenegro - tourism

Tourism in Montenegro is very well developed. Here you will be offered a variety of tours to choose from:

· health-improving, beach and educational rest;

entertaining excursion programs introducing the history and all kinds of sights of Kotor, Budva, Podgorica and Cetinje;

· beach holidays in the resorts of Ulcinj, Petrovac, Becici, Sveti Stefan, Milocer and Herceg Novi;

· outdoor activities - surfing, scuba diving, mountaineering, beach volleyball, hunting, fishing and skiing.

Air transport in Montenegro

We invite all lovers of active and comfortable trips to see the beauty of the amazing cities of the Montenegrin coast.

We will visit the brightest sea cities, as well as go up by transport high into the mountains to the Mausoleum of the most revered ruler of Montenegro - Petr Njegos, where from a bird's eye view we will see the whole country at a glance.

Ancient impregnable fortresses, white-stone cities, red tiled roofs and cozy cobbled streets (like in fairy tales about the Middle Ages!), unhurried cooing of local residents over a cup of traditional coffee, in every sip of which the quiet pacification of the Adriatic are waiting for us.

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About Montenegro

Resorts of Montenegro

Rest in Montenegro is chosen by tourists who want not only to get acquainted with the culture of the country and look at the historical sights, but also to enjoy the magnificent nature. The plane flies from Moscow to Montenegro for 3 hours. Time in Montenegro is two hours behind Moscow time.

Entry into Montenegro in a pandemic

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