Tourism in Crimea in 2019

Tourism in Crimea in 2019

This week, travel enthusiasts, employees of travel companies and people related to such a phenomenon as tourism celebrated their professional holiday - the day of tourism.

World Tourism Day was established in 1979 by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and September 27 was chosen as the date of the holiday. The purpose of this holiday is to popularize tourism, develop friendship and cooperation on the basis of travel between peoples and countries, as well as highlight the importance of tourism in the economy, culture, and social spheres. In Russia, this holiday has been celebrated since 1983.

According to the generally accepted concept, tourism is considered to be trips to another area, other than the place of permanent residence, for a period of less than a year, for any purpose other than employment. Of course, tourism took place back in the gray centuries. In ancient times, the main goal of travelers was knowledge of the world, education, trade. Ancient Greece gave us such a direction as sports tourism (trips to the Olympic Games were common). In the Middle Ages, trips to Muslim and Christian shrines became popular, as a prototype of religious or pilgrim tourism.

Tourism acquired a mass character in the 19th century, when specialized enterprises appeared, working in the field of organizing travel and trips. The expansion of the material base in the tourism industry begins, new types of tourism and new principles of tourist services appear.

The fact that tourism in Crimea is one of the most important sectors of the economy is no secret to anyone. From year to year, not only in the warm summer months, but also in the off-season, millions of tourists flock to the peninsula. Someone travels overseas and a passive vacation on the beach, someone plans to spend their vacation actively, without parting with a backpack. Guests of Crimea visit sights, taste dishes of Crimean cuisine, discover new entertainments.

Today on the territory of the peninsula there are 770 hotels and health resorts, the total capacity of which is more than 160 thousand beds. The so-called private sector, which is popular with individual tourists, is also widely developed. Many private estates, boarding houses, guest houses are open to their service, and apartments for rent are also offered. In addition, 11,500 monuments of history, culture, architecture and 87 natural monuments are registered in Crimea. As you can see, we have a lot to do!

Our today's article will briefly talk about what types of tourism are common on the peninsula.

Hiking, mountain, sports tourism in Crimea

This is one of the most popular types of tourism on the peninsula, represented by many of its varieties. Fortunately, the resource base allows us to satisfy the needs of everyone who wants leisure activities. In Crimea, there are caves, rocks, and mountain trails. Hiking or hiking tourism in the Crimea in Soviet times was popularized at the state level. Routes were laid and marked, tourist centers and mountain shelters were rebuilt, and workers were provided with vouchers for hiking trips. This type of tourism is extremely popular today. Groups under backpacks stomp along the paths of Chatyr-Dag, Demerdzhi, Ai-Petri, survey the surroundings from the southern cliffs of Karabi, explore the crypts of cave cities, photograph endless fields of poppies at Cape Tarkhankut. Hundreds of sites are found on the Internet at the request "a hike across the Crimea". It remains only to choose the route you like and hit the road.

Those who prefer not to admire the rocks, but to conquer them, will not get bored in Crimea either. Rock climbing is very popular on the peninsula, and there are more than enough natural climbing walls. Traditionally, rock climbers practice on the routes of Mount Sokol (Novy Svet), on Krasny Kamen (Gurzuf), on the rocks of Bakhchisarai and Foros. Several climbing schools have been opened in Crimea, where beginners can learn the basics of rock climbing techniques and go, subsequently, the first easy route. For professional conquerors on the Crimean rocks there are “tracks” of high difficulty (8a and 8b, with a maximum of 9c).

Crimean caves, as a tourist resource, are being explored no less actively. Speleotourism on the peninsula is widespread and popular, both in sports and excursion forms. Today, 8 equipped caves are open to the public in Crimea: Marble, Emine-Bair-Khosar and Emine-Bair-Koba on Chatyr-Dag; Kizil-Koba or Krasnaya in the area of ​​Perevalnoye; Aypetrinsky caves Trekhglazka, Yalta and Geofizicheskaya; Skelskaya cave near the village of Rodnikovskoye (Balaklava region). These are well-known objects of tourism, for descending into which you do not need special equipment - the caves are equipped with paths, railings, lighting.

For fans of extreme caving, hundreds of caves are available, where you will need a rope, helmet, lanterns, carbines and other items of equipment with tricky names. Novice conquerors of underground palaces can test their strength in light caves with a low category of difficulty - Gugerdzhin-Khosar (Chatyr-Dag), named after Kruber (Karabi-Yaila), Tavrskaya cave (Bakhchisarai district).

In recent years, visitors to the Crimea have been interested in water tourism, namely, kayaking or sup-surfing (a kind of surfboard). Almost all routes are easy for beginners, so kayaking can be a great pastime for almost all guests of the peninsula. The most beautiful routes for kayaking and sup-surfing are laid from Balaklava to the Aya and Fiolent capes, from Gurzuf to the Adalaram and Ayu-Dagu rocks, along the Novosvetsk bays, as well as along the snow-white Atlesha (Tarhankut) rocks.

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