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Tourism and Hospitality Colleges

Geotechnology and Mining is one of the educational programs that are highly popular among applicants to the Slovenian College of Velenje. The demanded specialty in this educational institution is acquired by both Slovenian and foreign students. The program is of interest to those who expect to find a high-paying job in Slovenia, any other European country or at home.

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Significance and prospects of the specialty "Geotechnology and Mining"

Mining is one of the most important human activities. Largely thanks to the extraction and processing of minerals, the growing level of development of human civilization is ensured. The science of geotechnology is engaged in the study of the methods and processes of the development of the Earth's interior. Students enrolled in this program study the theoretical foundations and engineering solutions for the search for mineral resources and the development of natural deposits.

Certified specialists in the field of geotechnology and mining know the technologies and methods of developing deposits of various minerals. They also have knowledge of the operation of a variety of equipment that is used in mining enterprises. Students enrolled in this program acquire the skills and practical skills necessary in their further daily work.

There is a constant need for specialists in this area on the European and domestic labor market. That is why the field of geotechnology and mining is attractive to current applicants. Qualified specialists are in demand in any country with a developed mining industry. Workers in this industry have competitive wages that provide them with a high standard of living.

Where young specialists are employed

A diploma in Geotechnology and Mining allows you to get a job as an engineer in a mining industry, a foreman of a coal mine, a mining technologist, a mechanic for the maintenance of special equipment, a specialist in the mining department. The knowledge and skills acquired at the educational institution allow one to work as a mine surveyor (a specialist in carrying out spatial and geometric measurements on the earth's surface and in the depths).

The list of professions available to young specialists also includes a drilling and blasting specialist and a safety engineer at a mining enterprise. In turn, those who want to work in the office can get a job as a sales manager for equipment for a mining and processing complex. Successful career growth at an enterprise or in a company will allow in the future to take the position of chief engineer, project manager, director of management.

Slovenia is characterized by rather large volumes of coal production. Many graduates of Velenje College easily find work at the coal mining enterprises of this country. The mining industry is well developed in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Greece. An international diploma in the specialty "Geotechnology and Mining" allows you to find a job in any of these countries. If you wish, after studying, you can return to your homeland and find a worthy application for yourself there.

Features of training on the program

To obtain the specialty "Geotechnology and Mining" at Velenje College, you can study full-time for 2 years (4 academic semesters) or part-time for 2.5 years (5 semesters). Graduates of secondary schools and secondary vocational education institutions are eligible for admission. Teaching is conducted in the Slovenian language. A language certificate is not required. If necessary, you can take courses in the Slovenian language, this will be enough for college education.

Specialties of the College of Professional Education Velenje:

St. Petersburg State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution College of Tourism and Hotel Service

The College of Tourism of St. Petersburg is the winner of the Priority National Project "Education", is training highly qualified personnel for the tourism industry and hotel service.

Based on the competitive selection of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Federal Target Program for the Development of Education for 2016-2020, in accordance with the Protocol of July 31, 2017 No. 1 of the meeting of the commission of the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION and the Order of the Education Committee of St. Petersburg "On the creation of a platform for networking" No. 2082 - R from 11. 7. 018, the College of Tourism of St. Petersburg was awarded the status of "Regional platform for networking" in the field of training "Art, design and services."

According to the results of the monitoring carried out by the Union "Agency for the Development of Professional Communities and Workers" Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia) ", the College of Tourism of St. Petersburg was included in the list of TOP-100 best educational organizations of the Movement" Young Professionals "( WorldSkills Russia).

In accordance with the Order of the Education Committee dated 04. 8. 014 No. 3364-r "On approval of the Regulations on the regional innovation platform" and the Order of the Education Committee dated 25. 5. 016 No. 1538-r "On recognition professional educational institutions resource centers for training specialists in St. Petersburg ", the College of Tourism of St. Petersburg is a resource center for training specialists in St. Petersburg and organizes innovative activities in the field of tourism, hotel services, catering and trade.

The topic of the innovative educational program: "Organizational and methodological foundations for the development of an educational program for secondary vocational education based on professional standards within the framework of network interaction."

Today the College is one of the twenty best educational institutions of secondary vocational education in the Russian Federation, introducing innovative educational projects.

By order of the Education Committee of St. Petersburg No. 207-R dated 26. 1. 017 "On the implementation of the priority project" Education "in the direction of" Training of highly qualified specialists and workers taking into account modern standards and advanced technologies " ("Workforce for advanced technologies") The College is recognized as a leading professional educational institution providing organizational and methodological implementation of Federal state educational standards for the most popular in the labor market, new and promising professions and specialties in St. Petersburg.

Our main task is to train qualified specialists who are competitive in the labor market, competent, responsible, fluent in their profession and able to navigate in related fields of activity, capable of effective work at the level of world standards, ready for continuous professional growth , social and professional mobility.

The teaching staff of the College creates all the conditions for the development of a stable tendency in the student to master professional knowledge, skills, abilities that contribute to the professional self-realization of the individual. Awareness by students of the main goals of their professional activities is the most important stage in his formation as a future specialist.

College graduates are in demand in the labor market of St. Petersburg and the North-West region.

Contact information

The colleges of tourism and hotel service existing in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities provide for a special and comprehensive study by students of the structure and principles of hotel business and the specifics of the tourism business.

The specifics of tourism colleges

These colleges train specialists in tourism and hospitality.

Students receive fundamental training in all matters related to:

  • tourism structures;
  • forms and methods of serving clients of hotels and tourist complexes;
  • personnel management systems in organizations;
  • principles of customer service;
  • technologies for the reception and accommodation of tourists;
  • the possibilities of using information and communication resources in this area.

The educational process involves the passage of practice in existing hotel and tourist complexes.

Peculiarities of admission and training in tourist colleges

Colleges of this type are secondary specialized educational institutions.

Upon admission, standard exams are taken - in the Russian language and mathematics.

Usually, applicants are also required to know a foreign language (English).

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