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Rafting in Nepal: Sun Kosi on catamarans and trekking in the Annapurna area: description

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal has published instructions for foreign tourists to follow when visiting the country. The original source of information is here. We will remind that earlier the government of Nepal announced the opening of the country's border to foreign tourists from October 17, 2020.

Cancellation of -day quarantine in Nepal

As we expected, the rules for accepting foreign tourists in Nepal will be relaxed. As of today, the government has decided to allow foreign tourists with a negative PCR test result to enter Nepal after October 17 and lift the mandatory 7-day quarantine.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers, held last night at the Prime Minister's Residence, approved a proposal submitted by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to allow foreign tourists who test negative for coronavirus 72 hours before leaving their home country , visit Nepal without staying in a hotel for 7 days.

However, arriving tourists are required to undergo an antigen test or an instant PCR test for re-confirmation immediately upon arrival at Kathmandu airport. The government also plans to drop US $ 5,000 COVID insurance for inbound tourists, but travelers must ensure that their medical expenses are covered by them or by service agencies if they contract Covid-19 while in the country. Eligible foreigners will also be granted a visa upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport after October 17th.

The Ministry of Tourism has confirmed that preparations are underway for the introduction of new protocols for foreign tourists, including the above provisions, to stimulate tourism activity in the country. Speaking to a reporter for The Himalayan Times, Minister Yogesh Bhattarai said his ministry will announce the protocols after consulting with the COVID-19 crisis management center in a day or two. “We are ready to promote tourism activities by answering questions from stakeholders,” he added.

Conditions of entry of foreign tourists to Nepal

These rather harsh conditions have displeased many Nepalese tour operators. And we very much hope that they will be softened in the near future. Therefore, we will do our best to send all interested tourists to Nepal in October-November this year.

Autumn tours to Nepal with AlpIndustry

Nepal New Year Program

We invite you to celebrate the new year 2021 among the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas in the Trekking to Everest program (December 26 - January 8, 2021).

It is clear that many will refuse to visit Nepal this year, so in the hope of improving the situation, we are already planning our spring programs in Nepal. Plan your spring now and join our groups!

International medical exhibition

This route is an incredible walking and water adventure in a sparsely populated region of Nepal. The Sun-Kosi River is rightfully included in the world top 10 rivers for rafting and rafting, and we will pass it ALL in one trip! On the river there will be sections of 2-3 categories of difficulty, during which you can enjoy the amazing nature of a distant country, and rapids of 3-4-5 categories, striking in their power and beauty. At the end of the route, we will have an exciting trekking to one of the favorite tourists in the Annapurna National Park, where we will ascend to the top of Poon Hill (3200m above sea level) and see almost the entire Himalayan ridge.

The route is suitable for participants with minimal rafting experience and good physical fitness, for those who are ready for adventure and want to plunge into a completely different world! In terms of complexity, this rafting is comparable to the complexity of the Katun rafting in low water. Shafts up to 2. meters, local rapids, after which there are sections of a calm river.

Let's go on catamarans created on the basis of Sterkh-4 and improved to order specifically for Nepal. Catamarans will be waiting for you in Nepal! You don't have to carry them in your luggage on the plane.

Do you need a visa to Nepal?

Citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS must apply for a visa upon arrival. Registration takes about 40 minutes (or 15 minutes if you fill out the form on the embassy's website in advance and print the final page with the barcode) and costs from $ 30 to $ 50 depending on the validity of the visa. Also, for registration, you will need 2 color photos of 3x4 size.

How to get from the airport to the guesthouse?

From Kathmandu airport to the guesthouse, you can take an organized transfer with a meeting instructor or take a taxi on your own (if you arrive early or at other times). The address of the guesthouse will be indicated in the memo that participants receive 7-10 days before the hike.

The ride takes 20 minutes and costs about $ 10 per car. There are many taxi drivers at the airport at any time of the day. Agree on the cost with the driver before the start of the trip - if the driver "wriggles" the price, you can safely, but politely, bargain up to $ 10.

How can I buy a local SIM card?

A local SIM card can be bought for 1200 rupees (about $ 12) at the airport upon arrival, which is faster and more convenient, or in Kathmandu, the recommended operator is Ncell. When buying, specify how much internet traffic is included in the price.

Mobile Internet on the track is not everywhere - the higher, the weaker the signal, but during the rafting there is almost always 3G.

From 4 to 6 October 2016, the 25th anniversary International Medical Exhibition was held in Kiev, organized by Premier Expo

Recent Feedback

After reading the book "Annapurna" about the first ascent of an eight-thousander in the history of mankind, I had a dream - to see Annapurna with my own eyes. The dream came true - I cried with happiness, and in front of me among the huge snowy peaks, she stood. Now I really want to go to the trek to Everest base camp. Nepal is enchanting - nature, mountains, people, loggias, food - it all adds up to a classy atmosphere. Thank you My Way for making your dream come true! See you in the mountains.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is called the trekking capital for a reason: high mountains, interesting culture, unusual religion, the most beautiful tracks - Nepal gladly offers all this to anyone. This country is significantly different from those in which we are used to traveling. However, this originality only makes it more interesting and exciting.

The mountain peaks of Nepal are covered with blocks of ice and snow, and watching the sunrise in the mountains is a pleasure. The highest peaks go far into the sky and hide behind the clouds. Only the most daring people risk climbing the mountains and enjoying their splendor. This is just a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

According to one of the versions, the name of the country is associated with the word "niampal", translated as "holy land". According to legend, more than 2.5 thousand years ago, Buddha was born here.

A little about Nepal

If you decide to visit Nepal, you have probably already read the reviews about this country and its peculiarities, but it still doesn’t hurt to refresh your memory in this case:

  • Nepal lies between Tibet and India. Perhaps that is why religions and cultures are so intricately intertwined here.
  • The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. It is a millionaire city that regularly opens its doors to tourists. The first thing people see when disembarking in a given city is a crowd, bustle and noise. Kathmandu can indeed be considered a very lively city.
  • Nepal is the most mountainous country, since almost half of its entire territory is located above three thousand meters above sea level.
  • This unique country, occupying 94th place in area, allows you to see all climatic zones: the jungle, snow, and glaciers await tourists. At the same time, highlands are often replaced by plains, and vice versa.
  • Nepal is bordered by the Great Himalayan Range. Yes, the same Annapurna, the highest Everest and the beautiful Kanchenjunga and 5 more eight-thousanders are in Nepal.

What makes Nepal popular?

Of course, interesting culture, unusual traditions and a peculiar religion are not all that attract tourists. So, Nepal has to offer:

  • Mountains. There are no such high and beautiful mountains in any other country. Tourists are invited to contemplate with their own eyes all the charm of these peaks.
  • Security. Given that tourism in Nepal is quite active, the authorities of this country decided to do everything in order to ensure the safety of people who arrived to enjoy the beauty. Thus, trails were marked, guesthouses were installed where you can have a snack, information on routes was facilitated.
  • Atmosphere. Even if there were no trekking in Nepal, people would visit this country on their own and all thanks to the atmosphere that reigns here. Actually, it is better to see it with your own eyes than to read about it.

How to get to Nepal?

Only mountains can be steeper than mountains. If you agree with this statement, then you should definitely visit Nepal and go to the trek. If you do not agree, then go to Nepal anyway: believe me, you will change your mind.

Once, on April 1, for fun, or rather quite seriously, we decided to conquer one of the most beautiful tracks on Earth - the Annapurna ring. And now 17 days later, we completed our flight of 200 km. Every day we woke up before dawn, ate porridge, packed up our backpacks and hit the road.

Nature has changed several times throughout the day. We visited elven valleys full of waterfalls and green hills, serene fields of Hobbitania, dense coniferous forests of Mirkwood, deserted steppes, alpine deserts on the slopes of raging rivers and even on the outskirts of Mordor. And of course, silent dazzling snow-white giants watched us from everywhere. How majestic and unwaveringly gorgeous they are! It is impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of staring at it until they are hidden by the storm that invariably overtakes during the day and lasts until the morning.

We thought that it is so indescribably beautiful only in films and on postcards, but a person could not think of anything better than there is on our land. Welcome to Nepal, welcome to the Himalayas!

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a small country located between India and China. And even if it is small in area, its greatness is undoubted. The fact is that Nepal is the highest mountainous country in the world: 40% of the state's territory is located at an altitude of more than 3000 meters above sea level. And these are not just high mountains - these are the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world. Nepal has 8 out of 14 eight-thousanders, including the highest of them - Everest.

Trekking in Nepal is a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the most impressive landscapes on earth, to see the highest mountains in the world and to do it quite easily, at ease and on a budget. There are tracks of different difficulty levels, but in general you don't need to have any special skills, just be in good physical shape.

The hardest part on the way

Oddly enough, but from a physical point of view, the first two or three days of the journey will be the most difficult, although in fact they are the simplest. The body gets used to heavy loads, all muscles ache. To minimize this suffering, it is recommended to thoroughly prepare before the track - take a walk in the mountains, or at least go actively to the gym.

The biggest difficulties were in my head. The first and foremost of them is “expectation-reality”. You wake up in the morning, look at the map, and you get the impression that today, according to the program, is a fairly simple day. But no matter how it is: if the starting point is at an altitude of 3000 meters, and the final one is at an altitude of 3100, this does not mean that you have to go all the way in a straight line.

This track is endless ascents and descents, so don't even count - there will be no easy days. And it turns out that it is also very difficult to do the second part of the path: starting from the highest point downward. Because you seem to be already the king of the world, you have achieved your goal. But it only seems, because the goal is not to reach the top point, but to descend from there as well. And psychologically it was very difficult. So get ready and don't relax until the very end!

Not the simplest living conditions should be noted separately. If you are an experienced hiker, have visited and seen many places in Asia, then this item will not surprise or disturb. But, if you don't have such experience, be prepared that the conditions on the track may seem harsh - there are no five-star hotels (and even three-star ones) on the way. Rooms are often blown out, hot water is not available everywhere. But, in my opinion, this only adds romance and authenticity to the path. You live in the same conditions in which the Nepalese highlanders live, you share the roof and food with them. And even though it is not always warm inside, the windows invariably offer the most stunning views on Earth! And it interrupts everything else.

Friends, who else wants to come with us - hurry up! One participant cannot get out of work, so we have 1 PLACE free! Only one, and it is still with a discount - 10%. Hurry up =)

Anyone who wants a cheaper vacation (21,000 rubles tickets

20,000 - 25,000 rubles) and more relaxed - you to India. We will walk around Goa, sunbathe - swim, eat fresh fruit, dress up in Indian clothes and practice rock climbing and paragliding!

Everyone who wants to go to Nepal, but does not get into the first group - you are in the Yoga Track. We will climb to Annapurna, get acquainted with the Gurung tribe and every day we will meditate and practice yoga with a Nepalese teacher who will accompany us on the trek. The price - $ 1000 includes EVERYTHING! (Except for flight and visa).

For all questions, please contact the organizers! We are always happy to answer all your questions)

Friends-comrades! I spent a lot of time in Nepal, I know firsthand these wonderful and sympathetic people, whose kindness often turned out to be some kind of miracle and revelation for me and my friends. I have been there 4 times and have lived there for 4 months last year.

Nepal is in trouble today. My friend, Yegor Terentyev, a paraglider and a real Man, has organized a fund to help! On their website . rg/help_ru/he collects a charitable foundation and publishes reports on the funds spent.

After all, you can refuse 1 meeting in a cafe with coffee and pastries and help wonderful people in trouble.

For a snack - video: this is all that remains of the village of Langtang, Himalayas. . e/rAdrOK_P6UA

Hello my dears. Yesterday was a very sad day - the trip to Nepal ended, which lasted for the last two weeks. Everything went very well, and the guys who came to me here in Nepal turned out to be just a wonderful group!

Today I will talk about our mini-journey, which included everything - hot springs, snowy peaks, games in anticipation of dinner, and small victories, achievements, joys, oranges straight from the tree, mountain sickness , hugs, difficult decisions, fatigue, a lot of hot tea and much, much more.

And now I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the guys who came here to me, who trusted me, listened to me and, I hope, are now my friends (I am definitely your friend =) I am very, very glad, that each of you found something in Nepal that will remain a good memory and a strong impression, I am glad that you, too, fell in love with this country, and that our whole mini-trip, which was sometimes difficult (and for me too, you know! = )) ended happily, cheerfully, and someone will even have a gorgeous photo album about Nepal =) YOU ARE ALL VERY COOL!

And now I went to cry again, because I just can't get used to the fact that my "kids" don't live in the next rooms, and no one knocks on the room saying "Iloooon, but when will we. (eat , walk, sleep, walk, ride, etc.) ".

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