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For several years now, Uralstroykompleks has been a leader in the construction market, also providing industrial mountaineering services in Chelyabinsk. The main services of climbers are as follows:

  • installation of suspended cradles or scaffolding in high-rise buildings with a complex roofing system, or a special facade configuration;
  • lifting and installation of aerial platforms to the work site;
  • high-quality and safe implementation of any high-rise work;
  • washing windows of multi-storey buildings and their facades;
  • installing air conditioners, television antennas and advertising banners;
  • repair and construction activities: thermal insulation, puttying, painting of external walls of buildings, insulation of inter-panel joints, change of pipes and much more.

Experienced climbers always work according to instructions and technology, ensuring the fulfillment of the terms of the contract as soon as possible. An acceptable cost of the services performed and an individual approach to each client are provided.

The VELZ high-rise construction company has been engaged in industrial mountaineering in Chelyabinsk for over 12 years. The company carries out the following types of outdoor work:

  • thermal insulation and installation of a ventilated facade;
  • siding exterior walls of the building;
  • preliminary preparation and painting of facades;
  • thermal insulation of oil pipelines, heating networks, building facades and their foundations;
  • installation of metal structures on high-rise buildings;
  • soft roof repair.

The VELZ firm also performs internal types of work. These include:

  • interior decoration;
  • installation of floors and decorative facades.

Due to the high qualifications of our employees, all orders are executed promptly. The implementation of applications is carried out taking into account all the wishes of customers. The company provides a flexible price system.

The "Alp-Leader" company carries out construction work at height and offers services of industrial mountaineering. These include:

  • maintenance and restoration of inter-panel seams;
  • applying anti-corrosion coating to metal structures;
  • renovation of industrial buildings;
  • cleaning the roof in winter;
  • installing banners and air conditioners;
  • sealing concrete structures;
  • welding;
  • applying fire retardant spraying.

The main advantages of Alp-Leader LLC are:

Industrial mountaineering services in Chelyabinsk

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Ski center "Eurasia", located 180 km from Chelyabinsk. The complex operates all year round, in winter as a ski center - there are 12 ski slopes with a total length of more than 10,000 meters with a vertical drop of up to 240 meters. For freestyle lovers, the resort has built 2 parks with jumps and railings of varying difficulty. For "Intermediate" riders and above, there are special tracks with obstacles. For beginners, there is a training slope with a separate lift.

All trails are served by a 4-chair lift, which will take you to the top of the mountain 610 meters in just 7-8 minutes. The training slope is served by a drag lift.

On the territory of the ski center there is a hotel, a cafe, a climbing wall, a trampoline hall, a tubing track 200 meters long, an ice rink, barbecue areas, a rental point and walking tracks with a length of 500 m to 5 km.

Great prices for the winter of 2021, choose any option that suits you!

The cost is indicated for arrival for two people:

Double room

Tariff "Let's go, ride!" transfer Chelyabinsk - GLTs "Eurasia" - Chelyabinsk, accommodation in a "standard" room, meals: breakfast, use of a chair lift.

Tariff "In the mountains for the weekend" accommodation in a "standard" room, meals: breakfast, use of a chair lift.

Additional charges: cost of the card - 50 rubles. To be paid locally, the amount is not refundable. Dates of arrival:

05-07. 2 12-14. 2 19-21. 2 26-28. 2

Arrivals: winter 2021Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Industrial mountaineering in Chelyabinsk is developing rapidly, and every year the number of companies engaged in this type of activity is growing.

The best excursions in the city

The most interesting facts about the city, its locals and visitors on a guided walking tour

Opportunity to get acquainted with the city, one of the ten largest cities in Russia

Get to know one of the highest mountainous cities in the Urals and visit the Taganay Park

Wonderful rest on the shore of the lake and climbing a mountain range in the Zyuratkul park

An excellent opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful lakes in the Chelyabinsk region

Visiting the Kungur Ice Cave - one of the most popular sites in Russia

6 best excursions in Chelyabinsk with experienced guides, prices for tours from 600 ₽

Excursions in Chelyabinsk: prices and descriptions

To get acquainted with the "industrial heart of Russia", the mighty city of Chelyabinsk, you will need several excursions. After all, the famous Tankograd and the permanent Pig-iron capital of the country is famous not only for its machines and military equipment. In a modern metropolis with a population of over 1 million people. there are amazing temples, unusual monuments, and theaters with a rich repertoire. Excursions around Chelyabinsk are an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the city's military glory.

Museum expositions are worthy of special attention. So, among the 300 thousand exhibits of the Museum of Local Lore, you can see a fragment of a meteorite that fell in 2013, and in the Victory Garden you can see dozens of types of released military equipment, which played a decisive role during the Second World War.

Connoisseurs of painting will definitely not bypass taking out the Exhibition Hall with the works of the members of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. Here not only hundreds of iconic works of art are collected - the hall itself is the largest in Russia.

Interesting monuments, colorful old buildings and spectacular modern skyscrapers, famous factories and corners of untouched Ural nature - these are just a few of the sights that city excursion programs will allow you to get to know.

Hikes in the Urals stand out for their diversity. And not for nothing - the Ural Mountains are spread over a vast territory and include various natural landscapes.

There are a lot of unusual, bizarre and unique places in the Urals that are perfect for intense hiking in the Urals. Some of them are popular holiday destinations for wildlife enthusiasts, which is why weekend hikes are popular. And there are corners that are not open to everyone. Getting to them is not so easy - you need a close-knit team and the appropriate experience from the organizer.

Hiking in the Urals

All our hikes in the Urals start from Yekaterinburg, Ivdel, Chelyabinsk, Ufa and Perm (depending on the route). We always do the most convenient logistics so that it is easy for participants to reach and join the hike.

YT has been surfing them far and wide since 2012 and is ready to show the most unusual and fantastic places in the Urals. The wild forest of taiga corners and endless red tundra, ancient mountains and sacred places await you. We make hikes in all regions of the Urals:

History of the Ural Mountains

Did you know that the Old Ural is the most ancient mountain system in the world? It stretches from the cold shores of the Kara Sea to the yellow steppes of Kazakhstan. And here Europe and Asia converged. The age of the mountains is estimated by geologists at 350-200 million years. And according to the estimates of the same geologists, our mountains were once higher than the Himalayas. However, time takes its toll - the mountains are gradually collapsing. It took millennia. Wind, rain, frost and the sun created amazing shapes - our mountains are rich in unusual rock formations and stone outliers. While hiking in the Urals, you can even find ancient fossils.

Legends of the Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains are a kaleidoscope of fairy tales and legends of different peoples. And it was not in vain, because in these places they found real jewelry: gold, gems, crystal, emeralds, jasper, ruby ​​and many other precious stones and metals, and where should they come from, if this is not someone's treasure or a destroyed crystal castle. By the way, some of our trips in the Urals are very much immersed in the special atmosphere of local legends and everyday life.

And how many secrets and mysteries are kept in the Ural Mountains: here are preserved sites of ancient people, rock paintings, ancient settlements and stone castles, places of worship of indigenous peoples. And even ancient coral reefs (Sterlitamak shikhans). Did you know that several hundred million years ago there was an ocean in the place of the Ural mountains? Therefore, here you can truly touch the secrets of antiquity.

The nature of the Urals

The nature of the Urals is unique and diverse. Here every path is covered with mystery. And the further you move into the forest, the more you immerse yourself in this fairy tale. On your way, you will also meet sonorous streams, which will offer you to drink with their thin voice of invigorating living water, seething mountain rivers and transparent waterfalls, mysterious caves and grottoes, a fabulous forest filled with fragrant fir trees, gnarled cedars, and gloomy firs. And if you want to take a break in the shade of trees, you will feel like you are drowning in soft moss as if in an old grandmother's featherbed, and you will forever fall in love with the beautiful fabulous Ural.

Hiking and traveling is a special world, a special rhythm of life. We have created the Outing Tourist Club to share this with you. We don't have clients, we have friends. ?

Plan of upcoming events in the calendar from Google: . l/sqUWHA

Good news! On Friday we invite you to our traditional Guitarnik, where the ETRI group will perform. Hurry up to snatch a place! PTConcert from 21:15 to 23:15, and then a soulful guitarist, until we disperse. The cost is 150 rubles.

The ETRI Group is a trio: Olga and Vyacheslav Kozlov, Andrey Mantorov. Winners of the winter Grushinsky festival, the stage "Mesopotamia" and other festivals. Show in full.

Exclusively for "Outings"! Limited number of seats. Manage to book a ticket using the link: . le/FoJ7bGuRJDnRioX9A

Friday, February 12, Otkritie Center at 130 Kirov, building 3. We are going to start at 20:50

You should take with you: - a mug for tea (there will be no plastic cups!); - we walk without outdoor shoes (WILL NEED (!) Warm socks, Slippers or other second shoes); - guitars and other musical instruments; - guitarists and other musical craftsmen; - something for tea: fruits, cookies, own production, etc. - friends and comrades!

Entrance fee - 150 rubles.

? Did you know that if you fall into a wormwood, you have to get out on the ice, throwing your leg? And not only to increase the load area on the ice edge. And so that the water flowing from the jacket into the pants does not drag you back. and a dozen more nuances, each of which will help to survive.

On February 19 - 23, 2021, the All-Russian Seminar on Safety in Tourism in Zhevsk with practical exercises in the natural environment is held.

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