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Hiking in Crimea 2021

Mountain Crimea can be an ideal place for any traveler.

Mountain Crimea can be an ideal place for any traveler

On the peninsula, the sea is adjacent to the mountains, the temperature is comfortable almost all year round and there are still wild, untouched places. The only thing that is still missing here is good infrastructure, but this is the reason to consider Crimea as a place exclusively for active tourism.

We have already written about the little-known sights of the peninsula, and now we tell you where you can go beyond the mountains, air and nature.

Hikes and trips to nature reserves of Crimea

Crimean National Park

On the territory of this reserve there is the highest point of Crimea - Mount Roman-Kosh (height - 1545 meters). You can get to the park only by car. The site states that "in the future, it is planned to create a pedestrian route", but when this will happen, it is not specified. It also does not say that tickets can only be bought until 12 noon. Usually, guests who arrive later find out about this already on the spot, after which they have to turn around and leave with nothing. Such a regime is dictated by safety, since the entire route consists of steep mountain serpentines, along which it is dangerous to drive in the dark.

There are two possible options for visiting the reserve: complete and incomplete. Incomplete gives access to half of the full and, accordingly, costs half as much. The full route is not circular, it starts in Alushta at the visit center at the address: st. Partisan, 42, and ends in Massandra. On a full route it is worth starting from four hours, but the whole day is better, for an incomplete one - about two hours. If you don't have your own car, you can go here with the guides from the list at the end of the article. Another option is to book an excursion in the park itself or contact travel agencies that also come here.

Incomplete route: ecological and educational route "Kosmo-Damianovsky monastery - trout farm". This is a circular route, it starts and ends at st. Partizanskaya, 42. First, you will see several ponds in which trout are bred. By the way, this is an open-air scientific laboratory. The monastery is interesting because there you can get water from the holy healing spring Savlukh-Su.

Full route: ecological and educational route "Reserved Crimea". Its length - 60 kilometers, is a difficult mountain serpentine. Let us remind you that you cannot go there on foot, only by car. The road is one-way, so it will be scary for the first time in two cars without driving experience in the mountains. Most of the way will pass along the Romanovskoye highway, built in 1913 on the instructions of Nicholas II.

Types and directions of tourism in Armenia

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Published by yanch Ned, 20/02/2011 - 12:33

The heyday of the tourist career of mountain tourists, which make up the GC, fell on the days of the former Soviet Union. There were no borders between the republics, the Caucasus was accessible (a reserved seat from Kiev to the Ministry of Water cost 17 rubles with a scholarship of 40 rubles and a minimum wage of 120 rubles. And it is absolutely safe. Even in Chechnya. parcels and it was quite inexpensive. The Union's name led to a significant complication, and in many cases to the impossibility of walking according to the old principles. and the Carpathians. Note - not in the summer, but in the presence of snow. Such hikes have been carried out and have been carried out for almost ten years. There was not a single NS either in the groups issued by our MCC or in the groups of the Krokus m/c. for the growth of tourists to hikes of 5-6 grade. Since there are plenty of materials on them, it was high time to either legalize them, correct the threads, LP, etc. it is not done. There are plenty of materials both in hard copies and in electronic form. Any member of the CMCC can read them at any time. there is one thing - desire. New and new reasons are being invented. About the need for "expert assessment", i. the presence of this very expert in the groups - but the supporters of this idea themselves are in no hurry to go out on the routes. the theses about climatic danger (as if ski trips for beginners are something fantastic) are combined in a wonderful way with the lack of altitude for mountain trips. But the absence of problems with altitude in the higher mountainous regions after K-K is already confirmed by decent statistics. children emasculate the idea of ​​the GP in K-K when the dates are shifted and the season is declared off-season, and winter is outlawed. But mountain convertibility of K-K with traditional mountain regions is just possible only during the period of snow cover. And this period is different for the Crimea and the Carpathians. what is offered instead? Go to the Caucasus? So it has long ceased to be not only a place where it is worth taking newcomers and security does not guarantee. ttp://www. isk. u/users/savage77/14887/# c124925 Putin for some reason doesn't go to Cheget, only to Krasnaya Polyana. No, I understand that it is as easy for him to agitate Russian tourists to travel to the Elbrus region as to indicate a personal income statement. Only for whom are articles written about "smart who go to the mountains" - read the Caucasus? Where should they go. Smart people will not go to the Caucasus now and will think many times whether it is possible to fly to Central Asia not through the Domodovo terminal. Because they kill there. And here - sheer concern about the "safety" and "truth of mountain tourism" and the setting off of the regions with the rich capital, which conducts more complex trips not in the Russian Caucasus. The future development of GT - for a constructive approach, openness, the inclusion of new tourist sites - the mountains of Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, etc. The history of tourism in general and mountain tourism in particular teaches that at first tourists went, and then classifiers appeared. And the methods for assessing LP have long been described and known.

We also need to pay attention to Norway. Looking at stories and publications - getting a visa can be relatively easy without booking a hotel. unlike the Crimea, the Carpathians, Bulgaria, Aladag, there are glaciers, and some other. Needless to say that the rocks there, too, everything is fine. there are practically no prohibitions (except for a fire in the summer).

Spend about 7 thousand hryvnia to go to Norway or Turkey or Altai in your first mountain unit? Buy a bunch of equipment and invest a lot of money in a hike, for a person who does not know what he is investing in and does not know what mountain tourism is? With this situation, this sport (mountain tourism) will become inaccessible to ordinary people.

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Tourism in Armenia: how to get to Armenia from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Where to stay and what to visit in various types of tourism.

Hiking routes in Crimea cannot be called quite easy, because most of them pass through the mountains and are replete with ups and downs. But the beauty that can only be seen by walking along the peninsula is worth it.

Hiking in Crimea in 2021 will provide an opportunity to truly appreciate the grandeur of the mountains, feel the power of rivers and waterfalls, and see the sea surface from the tops of the city. Even if on the way I wanted to turn back more than once, even though the road seemed irresistible, and the backpack pulled my shoulders to the ground, all this is forgotten and only vivid memories remain.

This is why tourists from all over the country come to the peninsula. Hikes in Crimea are organized at any time of the year, because there are no severe cold weather and prolonged rains, and evergreens, especially on the South Coast, create a feeling of summer even in January.

Popular resorts of Crimea

The best routes in Crimea

Crimea is beautiful all over, wherever you go, and everywhere it will be different: steppes, mountains, semi-deserts or alpine meadows. You don't have to stray far from the cities to see the incredible landscapes. Only around Simferopol there are many picturesque mountain tracts, grottoes and caves. However, tourists also have favorite routes, we are talking about the most popular hikes in Crimea in 2021.

Simferopol - New World

It will take you about a week to travel from the center of Crimea to its eastern coast. The path runs through the mysterious valley of the Red Caves, which has a positive energy, Dolgorukovskaya Yayla (a picturesque mountain plateau as part of the Crimean Mountains), the Burulcha River, Karabi-Yayla with "lunar" landscapes, Mount Karaul-Oba as part of the Novosvetsky Wildlife Refuge and, in fact, the village of Novy Svet is the most beautiful place in Crimea, which is also famous thanks to a winery that produces sparkling wines.

It is better to go on a hike in a group of about 10 people. Overnight stays are supposed to be in tents, food preparation - on a fire. All the necessary things will have to be carried in a backpack. The hike is designed for adult tourists.

Perevalnoe - Rybachye

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