Tour to Ossetia and Ingushetia

Tour to Ossetia and Ingushetia

North Ossetia - Alania is a republic with a unique ancient culture, amazing picturesque nature and incredibly hospitable people. Half of the territory of the republic is occupied by mountains, including the famous majestic Kazbek (over 5000 m high). Beautiful, deep and clean rivers descend from the mountains, amazingly beautiful lakes await in the gorges, and blooming alpine meadows in the lowlands. Ancient villages, traditional villages and monasteries in the mountains - this is also North Ossetia. And ski resorts - remember the famous Tsey and Mount Monk, about which Yuri Vizbor sang. And even balneological hospitals on numerous mineral springs, which in Alanya are no less than, for example, in Kavminvody. In a word, there is everything in North Ossetia and for almost everyone who is just ready to put up with a very weak tourist infrastructure for the sake of a simple vacation, to a fair extent independent, but economical and spiritual.

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A bit of history

These places were inhabited more than 1000 years ago. The local culture of that time was called Koban after the village of the same name, in which the oldest evidence of people living in present-day North Ossetia was found. At the same time, a people was formed, which later gave the name to the republic - the Alans. These lands fell under the rule of the Russian Empire in 1774, and under Soviet rule, Alania formed one of the autonomous republics of the USSR.

Popular hotels in North Ossetia

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There are many unique places in South Ossetia that can attract thousands of tourists from all over the world, but this requires serious financial investments

TSKHINVAL, 1 March - Sputnik, Diana Kozaeva. The head of the Federation of Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding of South Ossetia, Leri Tedeev, spoke at the Sputnik press center about the prospects of the ski track in Tson, the training of athletes and the attraction of tourists to the republic.

The main sporting event of this winter in South Ossetia was the opening of the ski slope in Tson. She not only gave the opportunity to hundreds of residents of the republic to try their hand at this sport, but also attracted an additional flow of tourists.

There is a result

"There is no prepared track in Tson, for this, at least, a cable car must be built there. While people come there, they just have a rest. I hope that soon we will be able to equip a full-fledged resort at this place," - said Tedeev.

According to him, in the three years that he has been closely involved in winter sports, we can talk about some results. For example, he was able to train and prepare about 380 people, some of them could take part in the competitions that take place in Tseya or the Elbrus region as early as next year.

"We will gradually rise, develop and strive to attract more people," Tedeev said.

He noted that since the opening of the track, even though it is not well equipped, several thousand people have visited Tson.

"Especially on weekends there are so many people ..." - he said.

The President's Money, Time and Promise

It will take tens of millions of rubles and about two years to turn Tsong into a full-fledged resort. As an impetus for development, you can build a ropeway for beginners there to begin with.

"And then you can develop further, equip tracks for professionals, extreme sportsmen, just amateurs. And all this in one place. In addition, in Tson, you can prepare a biathlon track, about ten kilometers long", - told Tedeev.

The government of the republic is also familiar with the proposals of the ski federation, Tedeev hopes that help and support from them will not be long in coming. The president also gave a promise to help.

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Ossetia and Ingushetia are interesting for their unique combination of interesting and beautiful places - the majestic mountains of the Caucasus and ancient pagan sanctuaries and necropolises, amazing ancestral towers of the warlike Caucasian peoples that came to us from time immemorial. Here you will enjoy everything - the views around, interesting stories and delicious national cuisine. In recent years, a qualitative leap in the development of tourism has taken place in these Caucasian republics - comfortable hotel complexes have appeared here, where we will stay. Imagine going out onto the balcony in the morning, and you have beautiful mountain landscapes in front of your eyes ... and then you go swimming in the pool at the foot of these picturesque mountains!

If you like:

  • walking in the mountains, but without a heavy backpack
  • living comfort in a hotel, without giving up the benefits of civilization
  • studying the history of ancient civilizations and explore their monuments
  • meet new people who love travel just like you ... then this tour is definitely for you!

What will you see on a tour of Ossetia and Ingushetia?

Natural beauties of the Caucasus:

  • snow-capped mountain peaks
  • glacial rivers and waterfalls
  • beautiful mountain flowers (June tour)
  • mesmerizing view mountain gorges

Unique architectural complexes:

  • Erzi's large castle complex
  • several small but interesting tower complexes Khuli, Lyalakh, Salgi, Beini, Galiat
  • ancient pagan sanctuaries Mago-Yerdy, Myat-Seli, dzuar of the Izad gorge
  • a unique structure - the city of the dead Dargvas
  • ancient villages of Makhchesk, Kamunta, Khanaz, Furtoug
  • museums of famous Ingush and Ossetians - the revolutionary Gapur Akhriev and an interesting woman who lived in the days of the Alans Nana Zadaleski

Friends, we tried to make this tour as comfortable as possible, but you need to remember that it will take place in the Caucasus Mountains, where the tourist infrastructure has been developing not so long ago. You also need to understand that walking in the mountains is not walking along Red Square or other city attractions. The program includes cross-country walks, which can be difficult for people with a sedentary lifestyle.

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Transport in South Ossetia

To travel around South Ossetia, several types of transport are offered and the main one is a regular regular bus. There is no railway, as well as aviation (except for helicopters) communication in the Republic.

The main and only transport hub of South Ossetia is located in the capital, the city of Tskhinval. This place is called Vokzalnaya Square, it is located in the western part of the city not far from the Alan Hotel. The square receives and dispatches buses to virtually all areas of the State of Alanya. In addition to internal communication, buses to Vladikavkaz go from Tskhinvali Station Square.

There are only two cities in South Ossetia, so let's take the capital of the Republic as an example of intracity transport. The main way of getting around in Tskhinvali is a regular taxi. In addition to him, minibuses work, but they run quite irregularly. The route of the minibus: from Hafez Street, located in the south of the city, to the northern outskirts, passes through Vokzalnaya Square and Heroes Street.

The road to the Roki tunnel

Station Square in Tskhinval

Tskhinvali bus station on Vokzalnaya square

It will not be superfluous to draw attention to such a fact as the deterioration of the car fleet in South Ossetia, which is why both fixed-route taxis and regular buses do not always reach their destination. Flight cancellations also happen.

Where to stay, hotels in South Ossetia

It is sad, but we have to state that two hotels operating in South Ossetia since the times of the Soviet Union, Iriston and Alan, located in Tskhinvali, are currently in a deplorable state.

The Iriston Hotel began its work in 1937 and during the Soviet era enjoyed a certain demand among tourists. However, with the collapse of the Union and the subsequent separation of South Ossetia from Georgia, the hotel fell into disrepair. Nowadays, there are only 9 rooms in a fairly large-scale three-story building. All amenities are on the floor, which in no way adds to the popularity of the hotel. There is also good news - the authorities of the Republic promise to allocate funds for the overhaul of the Iryston hotel next year.

North Ossetia, unlike Adygea and Caucasian Mineral Waters, is not the most popular place for tourists. But this is exactly the reason why it is worth visiting Alanya right now. Topaz mountain rivers, so transparent that if you put your hands in them, you can see how the holes on the nails turn white. An endless piercing chain of mountains. Reserved springs. And people are special. Wherever you go on vacation in North Ossetia - puffing fresh pies with cheese will already be waiting for you on your arrival. Another mentality: you are not a guest - you are a relative who has finally returned home.

Local guides through stone canyons, cave fortresses and Midagrabin waterfalls say that Ossetia does not immediately make you its own, but then more than once it will come with vivid memories in dreams, and next year you will want to come back here again. Holidays in North Ossetia will fill you with impressions, we have collected all the most interesting things that you should definitely see here in 2021.

stunning places in North Ossetia to return to

Midagrabin waterfalls

Midagrabin waterfalls - a place in the upper reaches of the Gizeldon gorge, where meters decide everything. They are also called the valley of waterfalls for their multi-stage nature. They are considered the highest in Europe and are only slightly inferior to Angela, Tugela and Yosemite Falls, but, unlike them, they are not so famous. Therefore, they are no less majestic.

The largest of them is Big Zygelan. The height of the continuous fall of water is 750 meters. According to legend, if you stand next to him and make a wish, which must certainly come from a pure heart, then the concentrated energy of water will quickly raise your goal into the Universe. Knowledgeable people say: there have not yet been desires that have not been fulfilled here.

The waterfalls are located in the border area, so you need to have your passport with you in case of checking.

To see the Midagrabin cascade in all its powerful glory, you need to go in late July or early August. These waterfalls are seasonal-pulsating, powered by a melting glacier, therefore, "fullness and grandeur" are recruited only in summer. By the way, there is such a noise from the water that you cannot hear the songs of your interlocutor nearby. Songs? Well, yes, the beauty here is such that it's hard not to sing.

City of the Dead Dargavs

Rest in North Ossetia in 2021 will be incomplete if you do not look at Dargavs - the republic's business card and its best view from a postcard. The Ossetian city of the dead is under the auspices of UNESCO, but, to be honest, its best defense is sacred history. Locals try not to go inside the necropolis unnecessarily, so as not to disturb the souls of the dead and do not come close after sunset. They have not been buried in Dargavs since the 30s of the 19th century, when the process of resettlement of the highlanders to the plain began. Now it is more of a tourist pilgrimage site.

After the Kolka glacier disappeared in 2002, the road leading to the village was destroyed, and Dargavs was left without communication with the outside world. You can get here only along the mountain serpentine, which begins in the Fiagdon Gorge. The road is difficult, but the beauty of the place is worth it.

There are three types of crypts in the "city of the dead": those that are completely underground, semi-underground, ground-based. There are 97 tombs in the necropolis, the stone quadrangular roofs of which resemble pyramids or eastern pagodas. Thanks to them, the crypts remain dry even during heavy rains. Water flows down the roof in cascades and does not get inside the buildings./n>

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