Tour to North Ossetia Ingushetia (without tents and backpacks) March 6-13, 2021

10 reasons to go to Armkhi

Brand new resort

Armhi opened just three years ago. Back in early 2013, here, on the Caucasian ridge, opposite the Stolovaya Mountain, there was only a dense forest and dilapidated buildings of former sanatoriums that were empty after the collapse of the USSR. Now two hotels with 180 beds are working for tourists - they were rebuilt from scratch.

How much

Accommodation (breakfast included)

Double room - 2000 rubles

A separate house for 6 people - 6000 rubles

On New Year's holidays + 20% to the cost

Subscription for a day - 1000 rubles

Skis and snowboards - 1000 rubles/day

The main piste - one kilometer long - is certified as "red", not every skier dares to go to this level. There is also a 200 meter blue slope suitable for intermediate skiers.

- We want to extend the slope - you can finish building up to 4 kilometers. The new track is designed to be "blue". I think then we will have more skiers, - says Magomed Khamkhoev, who created the ski infrastructure here.

As in other Caucasian ski resorts, the trails are illuminated, there are artificial snowmaking systems, a chairlift and a drag lift. There is a rental shop for equipment: skis, snowboards, sledges, helmets and ski clothing.

A small resort in mountainous Ingushetia, named after the river and village of the same name, is located among the picturesque mountains, 60 km from Vladikavkaz airport and 80 km from Magas airport. This is one of the six ski resorts in the Caucasus. True, there are only two tracks here - green and red, their length is only one and a half kilometers. And winters in recent years have little snow, so the management of the resort has relied not on skiing, but on medicine and spa treatment. Moreover, since Soviet times, "Armkhi" has been positioned as a health-improving complex, and local residents still call it shortly and simply - LOC.

Ingush "Sinai": we are treated and hardening

Sinai Medical Center in Army opened at the end of 2019. It is positioned as a multidisciplinary, but do not hide that pulmonology will be the main focus. Pure mountain air and healing pollen of pines, covering the slopes of the surrounding mountains, are extremely useful for diseases of the respiratory system. Therefore, in Soviet times, miners from coal regions corrected here.

In Archs plan to invite Moscow and foreign doctors to "tour" - so that the specialists have diagnosed and prescribed treatment, and the actual recovery can be passed and without them, under the supervision of local doctors. While this system is only being uploaded, but the vacationers can already pamper themselves with massages, mud, healing souls and spa treatments.

Health Staircase: Walk and take pictures

But even before the opening of the medical center, tourists enjoyed hiking. One of the most popular routes is on the dining room, which is located directly opposite the resort building. At the top there is a pagan temple of mint-villages, and the mountain itself is of particular importance for local. It is not for nothing that it is depicted on the arms of the Republic of Ingushetia and the city of Vladikavkaz.

Everyone who settled in the Room of the Army Hotel overlooking the West and had the camera, at the same time, photographed the picturesque landscape outside the window when the first rays of the sun begin to illuminate all the folds of the sacred mountain.


But much more pleasant to meet the dawn is not at the hotel, but on the grief above it, rising in the wooden steps of the health stairs to the hotel "Seagull" or even higher - to the Ersi restaurant. Here you can eat, and arrange a photo session - for this there are not only amazing views, but also other entourage: Wooden thrones and animal figures.

Dolphin and Mowgli: We swim and play

In addition, tourists are waiting for three pools. Two summer - in the open sky, with a tower for jumping into the water - and one indoor "Dolphin", which works all year round. And this is the subject of special pride of the resort: Swimmers of the Russian team, athletes from Moscow and Krasnodar are trained in it. Training in the conditions of highlands is especially useful, and water in the pool, as in the hotel's rooms is served from Spring. This is the purebred drinking water. By the way, it is sold in bottles under the brand "Obang." Plant for bottling water and non-alcoholic beverages is located in the village of Arch, not far from the resort; Products are popular with local residents, which speaks of her quality.

In the pool building, in addition to shower and changing rooms, there is a gym - small, but with new equipment.

Armkhi is perfect for family recreation: there is a Mowgli rope park for children, adults can play billiards, and all together - ride bicycles (they can be rented at the rental point, like skis and snowboards in winter), play paintball, take a steam bath and go on an auto tour around the Dzheyrakh district, famous for its towers.

The road is exactly the "thread" that has united people, cities and states from time immemorial. And the fewer obstacles along the way, the more joyful the meeting with those waiting at the other end.

Thus, in the mountains of the republic, for the first time on the site of gravel roads, a high-quality asphalt road appeared, connecting previously inaccessible villages in the mountainous terrain of Ingushetia. All this made it possible to loop the main tourist routes, as well as to create comfortable conditions for movement of local residents living in ancestral villages, to ensure the availability of social infrastructure.

A bit of history: terra incognita

Literally 20 years ago, mountainous Ingushetia for tourists was an ancient mysterious "land of towers", "a fairy tale in reality", unexplored land. The twentieth century was unmerciful to this land: depopulated after the mass deportation of the Ingush in 1944, he never recovered from the upheavals. If anyone was going to mountain villages, they had to get there through North Ossetia and Vladikavkaz. Not to mention the asphalt road, in the mountainous part of Ingushetia there were no roads at all. According to local residents, they traveled to certain villages on foot, sometimes it took from two to three days.

As Ramazan Khamatkhanov, a resident of the Dzheyrakh district, who currently works in the regional road repair service, commented to the Ingushetia newspaper, this road is vital for local residents.

“From 1992 to 1998, we walked there. There was not just a grader road, there was no road at all. It took us two whole days to get to Alcun. The only temporary suspension bridges were built by tourists. Also, if suddenly it was necessary to urgently go to the hospital, there was no option to leave. I had to call a military convoy and drive through North Ossetia to the nearest hospital. Some survived, while others were less fortunate. And now there is a road and a large, solid regional hospital, which eliminates many problems, ”the source said.

According to him, this road is also important for tourists.

“They come here on special off-road vehicles, and already on the spot it turns out that you can visit every attraction in a regular passenger car on smooth asphalt, without noise and dust,” added Khamatkhanov.

Only in the 2000s a dirt road appeared there, along which it was possible to get to the main attractions - to the villages of Egikal, Targim, Vovnushki, the Tkhaba-Yerdy temple. It connected mountainous Ingushetia with the lowland Nazran and Magas, so it was faster to get to the sights of the eastern part of the Dzheyrakh region from the Ingush side.

On an asphalt road from Vladikavkaz, one could quickly get to the western part of mountainous Ingushetia - the villages of Dzheyrakh, Armkhi and further, to the Lower Guli. At that time, in the spring, the road to Vovnushki was impassable for transport due to flooding of rivers. The last couple of kilometers had to be walked, and the final part was along a narrow stone edge along the river bank.

Bridges connect roads Roads connect people

In 2016, the authorities of Ingushetia transferred the motor road leading to the mountainous part of the republic to federal ownership for maintenance and service.

Have you ever seriously thought about spending your vacation in the Republic of Ingushetia? I am sure 49% of people will simply answer “no”; another 49%, grinning nervously, will say “are you kidding me?”; 1% of the respondents will not hear the question at all, and only 1% of the rest, having vaguely uguk, will say that they probably would like to know more about this corner of Russia, but the opportunity did not happen, and this is unlikely to happen in the nearest future so, then there is no point in talking about it.

Indeed, we have a lot of stereotypes about Ingushetia - it is dangerous there, there is no service, you have to walk there with your head covered, girls are stolen there. What to hide, we really think so, and this is the fault of the snatches of news that pop up in our memory about how "the militants opened fire ...", "they died in the terrorist attack ..." we hear. Meanwhile, the region is actively developing and is turning to welcome tourists, welcoming guests. Comfortable hotels, cafes with amazingly delicious local cuisine appear here, and residents are sincerely glad to see guests and ... Girls are no longer being stolen here. Yes, this custom is now legally prohibited, violators will have to pay a fine of 600 thousand rubles.

And in order to finally dispel fears and stereotypes about the mountain republic, the editors of Somanyhorses magazine. u independently went to Ingushetia, with three girls, came back safe and sound and now talks about why you should definitely go there.

reason: the time is right

The first reason why you should definitely visit Ingushetia is the most obvious. This is not even a reason, it is finally a reason and a sign that it is time to go there. The borders are closed and it is not known when they will open, and sitting at home, to put it mildly, is sick of it. You can, of course, go to Crimea, but it seems that this year the local resorts, where even in a usual situation it is impossible to squeeze your towel on the beach, will be overcrowded this year. In Ingushetia, however, you will hardly meet locals if you go to the mountains - not like tourists. This amazing republic is really not crowded, and something tells us that you will like this information. We also note that you can get to Ingushetia by car - you will cover 1,700 kilometers in a quiet mode in about a day, and the roads along which you will go there are good and very good. Well, a very important argument in favor of spending a vacation in Ingushetia is prices. Here, indeed, very inexpensive, delicious Caucasian, and the people are very hospitable.

reason: infrastructure

If a couple of years ago it was possible to safely say that while traveling around the republic you would have to spend the night in a car or pitch a tent on the plain, now the situation has changed for the better, and we are sure it will continue to change and beyond. There are several small hotels, as well as a separate mountain resort "Armkhi". The latter is located in the village of the same name in the Dzheyrakhsky region of the Republic of Ingushetia, at an altitude of about 1300 m above sea level, and an incredible view of the Caucasus Mountains opens from its windows (tested on our own experience!). We advise you to find out in advance if there are vacant rooms, as the place is very popular among tourists. At the disposal of tourists here are ski slopes, a paintball court, a rope park, ATVs and horseback riding, indoor and outdoor pools, a bathhouse and even a full-fledged SPA zone.

As for the state of the roads in Ingushetia, mainly there is excellent asphalt on the highways. But for those who want to get closer to various historical sights, namely to tower complexes, an SUV will be useful, because rocky country roads can become a real obstacle for some sedan with a low clearance. Although, I must say, the locals drive Priors, and nothing ...

reason: unique nature

Many of us, traveling across the expanses of Europe, do not even think that everything is the same, namely breathtaking landscapes, original culture, mountain peaks piercing the clouds, we also have, in Russia. Why, once again, going on a trip, we ignore the beauty of our nature? Just look at the mountainous part of the republic - at the northern slopes of the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Range and proud birds soaring above them, at the incredible beauty of meadows and horses grazing on them, at mighty spruces and pines, mountain rivers and waterfalls. Having seen this nature once, you will definitely want to come back here again and again. We advise you to visit the Tsei-Loam mountain pass (2100 m above sea level), from where a magnificent view of the Dzheyrakh gorge (or "Sun Valley") and the snow-capped peak of Kazbek (5033 m) opens up, the very one that many climbers dream to climb, because it - one of the highest peaks of the Caucasus.

The Ingush especially revere another mountain - Tsei-Loam or the “Throne Mountain of the God Sela” (3171 m). It is very often shrouded in clouds or covered with fog, which makes it look very mysterious. It is not surprising that during paganism it was she who became sacred - rituals were held here and even sacrifices took place. I would like to say that having visited many countries of the world and seeing many mountain beauties, our editors agreed that this mountain pass deserves to be called one of the most beautiful in the world.

reason: rich history

In addition to the unique nature, the beauty of which would be quite enough to keep wailing for a few more weeks after returning from a trip, there are also incredible monuments of architecture. These are the Ingush tribal tower complexes, which are located in the Dzheyrakh region of the republic. The Ingush people lived in these towers since antiquity - approximately in the tenth century and the first three villages appeared - they have survived to this day, these are Egikal, Targim and Khamkhi. Complexes of stone towers are the cradle of all people - they are revered as a shrine. Note that around eight dozen similar fortresses were later built around them - each family made similar structures for themselves according to a single model. To this day, every Ingush knows where his ancestral village is and tries to visit this place with his family at least once a year.

We spend the March holidays in the Caucasus Mountains - in North Ossetia and Ingushetia! This hike was created for mountain lovers, no matter who you are - a water diver, mountaineer or a big fan of the history of the peoples of the Caucasus! We will be united by a fascinating journey and a sea of ​​adventures, a combination of simple trekking and an excursion component. Moving on our bus, we will visit the maximum number of interesting and legendary places in both republics. One day is dedicated to the harsh and uncompromising Karmadon Gorge with its thermal baths, and on the other we will be in the highest mountainous monastery in Russia, and then the Tsei Gorge will be replaced by the Dzheyrakh Gorge. Every day is filled with new locations, every day - new emotions and impressions! Anyone will find something of their own in these parts, and in winter the mountains are especially beautiful. Sleeping bags and tents will not be needed on this trip, since we will live in a comfortable hotel.

Report on the trip to New Year's holidays 2021. NO PLACES. WAITING LIST

Type of routeDurationLength (km) Thread of the routeDifficulty of the route Walking 8 days 900 km by bus (in total) and 80 km on foot Vladikavkaz - Armkhi - Karmadon - Upper Fiagdon - Nizhny Tsey - Dargavs - Erzi - Midagrabin gorge - Vladikavkaz

Attention: if you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, be sure to inform us about it in your application. For non-citizens of the Russian Federation on this route, it is necessary to issue a pass to the border zone in advance.

The route may be changed due to weather conditions and the condition of the road surface. Mountains are serious.

Hike dates: March 6-13, 2021 NO PLACES. WAITING LIST

Trekking plan:

Day 1. Meeting of the participants at the railway station in Vladikavkaz at 14:00. Today is our introductory day. Collection, transfer by bus (about 40 km) and check-in at a comfortable hotel in the mountain village of Armkhi. In the evening, dinner at the hotel and meeting the participants, the first walk around the area.

Day 2. Wake up early. Today we will spend the whole day actively and profitably! We move to the Karmadon Gorge. On the way, everyone will learn the difficult history of this place, visit the monument to the film crew of Sergei Bodrov. The road is not difficult. The next target is the lower Karmadon baths. One way - 5 km. The dirt road ends at the border sign. There are also famous medicinal baths. Hot water gushing from the ground fills ordinary enamel bathtubs. You should definitely climb into them and admire the winter mountains standing around! A completely different view from a warm bath! ? Way back by the same road to the bus. Return to our hotel. Dinner and rest.

Day 3. Wake up early, breakfast. We load into our bus and leave. Today will be a very busy day - we are going to the Kurtat Gorge! Today in the program: the medieval cave fortress Dzivgis - the largest in the Caucasus! A colossal defense system of the gorge, built in rock. We will definitely look at it!

Day 4. Alagirskoe + Tseyskoe gorges! Here everything is the most beautiful and interesting, which is the Transcaucasian Railway itself, and even in winter! One of the most spectacular sights of the gorge is the steel Uastardji - the guardian of these places, menacingly hanging right over the road! The gigantic figure of a hero from the epics of the Narts, helping all travelers and wars.

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