Tour to Chegem from Rostov: paragliding and hiking

Tourist club

We invite you to spend a ski weekend in Arkhyz. Weekly tours from Rostov-on-Don on a comfortable bus with accommodation in a bright and cozy cottage of the Sosnovy Bereg base.

  • Dates: weekly from December 18, 2020 to March 14, 2021;
  • Departure from Rostov on Thursdays at 21:00, from Arkhyz - on Sundays at 17: 00;
  • Accommodation: "Pine Coast" (standard 2-bed rooms), pos. Arkhyz;
  • Cost: 7200 rubles/person;
  • What is included: travel, accommodation, transfer to the slope, guide.

Season Tour Dates/

Tour Schedule

Accommodation and cost

The Sosnovy Bereg tourist base is located in the village. Arkhyz, on the bank of a mountain river. A 10-minute walk - shops, cafes, souvenir market. On the territory of the base there is a canteen where food is tasty and inexpensive.

Accommodation - in new 2-storey cottages. In the cottage:

  • 4 double rooms and two bathrooms on each floor (shared bathrooms, not in the rooms), in total - 8 rooms and 4 bathrooms in the cottage;
  • kitchenette for preparing breakfast and evening gatherings;
  • balcony and veranda.

Important! We bought out the entire 16-bed cottage. This means that in our "house" there will be no strangers - only "ours", sweet and kind.

On the territory of the base there are gazebos and barbecues for cooking barbecue, descent to the river. If you are planning to travel alone/alone, single occupancy is possible (with an additional charge), or we will find you a place to stay.

2-bed accommodation 7200 rubles/person 1-bed accommodation 10 500 rubles/person Child up to 12 years 6700 rubles/person

Our tour to Chegem from Rostov: paragliding and hiking is mega-interesting. Here's why:

  • 2 days off - September 19-20, 2020.
  • Paragliding in a mountain gorge,
  • Ancient necropolis (13th century) and Svan tower,
  • Hiking in the gorge on the lung,
  • Only 4500 rubles.

How it will be:

Our "Tour to Chegem from Rostov: paragliding and hiking" starts at 21:00. We leave Rostov-on-Don (Krasnoarmeyskaya 65a, stop towards the railway station). Estimated travel time is about 9 hours.

Day 1 We arrive early in the morning, set up tents, and rest. From 11 o'clock we begin to fly. If time remains on the same day, we will see the necropolis and the Svan tower. In the evening we can make mulled wine, puff with a hookah, fry kebabs and talk about Gogol's sexuality.

Day 2 Hiking in the Chegem gorge. Optionally, you can jump with a rope, ride the Via Feratta, ride horses or ATVs. 17:00 - we leave home.

Tour to Chegem from Rostov: paragliders and hikes in the photo:

Where to live:

This "Tour to Chegem from Rostov: paragliders and hikes" is designed for living in your own tents. You must take the tent with you from Rostov.

If you do not have a tent, and do not know where to get one, please contact. We will help you. Rent of 1 set costs about 500-800 rubles. Accommodation on the paradrome and use of the entire infrastructure are included in the price. Kitchen, shower, sockets will be at your disposal.

How much does the Tour to Chegem cost from Rostov: paragliding and hiking:

Our "Tour to Chegem from Rostov: paragliders and hikes" costs 4500 rubles.

  • Travel by club minivan. Blankets and pillows for a comfortable stay are always available.
  • Accompaniment of an experienced guide,
  • Accommodation on the territory of the paradrome,
  • Chegem waterfalls,
  • Visiting the necropolis,
  • Caring and attention.

So our club has survived to the 11th Anniversary of Hiking. We must celebrate! And at the same time relax with friends in a picturesque place on the banks of the river.

It was decided to change the coast of the Seversky Donets to DON-father, and we found two places.

1. A clearing in a remote place - this is if there are auto-places for everyone.

2. The recreation center is if we go on a custom-made minibus. Then 350 rubles/person/day, but everything is there (though except for water)

I suggest, like last year: everyone should take something from the treat for themselves and their friends. the question is: who makes the kebab at all? We'll throw in the money ... A birthday cake - let's order it like last year?

Money for travel (there/back): as the pilots of the car crew say, well, or 800 rubles per person (if by minibus) Distance to the place of the holiday: 160 km

What else you need to take: - tablecloths and bedspreads to recreate a "table" on the ground. - water containers for EVERYONE. - take care of the tent space!

Shashlik + cake = I think no more than 600 rubles per person. stretch: on the M-4 highway behind the village. Dawn (near the crossed-out pointer)

There will be a walking path only if a minibus takes us there - it will not reach the clearing, so you will have to walk 1.5 km.

The "Horns-" ... - July motor trip

Attention! This is exclusively Auto Hiking! Anyone who has a car, or who takes care of a place in a friend's car, participates.

A gully named Horny is located by the Kalitva River. It is covered with a ravine forest, and there are many springs in the lowland. I would like to see everything and taste the spring water. Well, in general, there are beautiful and unusual places. Date of the hike: July 28-29 We go by car, camp with tents, radial exploratory walks. and at the moment there are 2 crews and all the seats are occupied. Distance in one direction: 220 km, part of the way along old asphalt and about 10 km along country roads on rough terrain.

Trip "Kudykina Gora-" - June

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