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Mountain tourism in the republic of tajikistan

One of the oldest states in the world, colorful, hot and mysterious Tajikistan is rapidly gaining an increasing flow of tourists from the CIS countries. The reasons for this are obvious: there are a lot of ancient attractions - what are at least the monuments of the Zoroastrian civilization of Sogdiana and the fabulous cities of the Great Silk Road, the richest climbing opportunities - the Pamir mountain region, the famous Peak of Communism and a lot of secondary, but no less interesting peaks, healing thermal springs, finally, a varied and very tasty cuisine (pilaf! pilaf! pilaf!) and lovely colorful cotton robes and skullcaps. No visa and only 4 hours on the road - and now you are in the heart of Ancient Asia.

Cities and regions

The main cities are Khujand, Kulyab, Kurgan-Tyube, Khorog.

Time difference with Moscow

How to get to Tajikistan

Tajikistan Airlines and UTair depart from Moscow to Dushanbe every day. Travel time is 4 hours 20 minutes. On Thursdays and Sundays, Tajikistan Airlines fly to Dushanbe from St. Petersburg, the journey will take over 5 hours. The national air carrier of Tajikistan also offers direct flights from Moscow to Khujand (daily) and Kurgan-Tyube (on Fridays).

Citizens of Ukraine and Belarus will have to fly to Tajikistan with a transfer in Moscow.

You can also arrive in Tajikistan by train (5 days on the way) or by car, while the route will pass through the territories of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Visa to Tajikistan

Citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus do not need a visa to visit Tajikistan. Since 2015, the entry into the country of Russians is only possible with a passport (before that, for several years there was a possibility of entry also through the internal one). In addition, for the entire duration of the trip, you must take out health insurance in advance.


Amounts over 500 USD or their equivalents in another currency must be declared on arrival. The maximum amount allowed for import is 5000 USD. Import and export of national currency is prohibited. It is also prohibited to import drugs, weapons and ammunition, poisonous and explosive substances, pornography and any printed materials, photo and video materials that contradict the norms of Islamic morality. Precious metals and stones can be exported only if there is a document confirming their purchase in a store in Tajikistan.


Mountain tourism in the republic of tajikistan

tour price $

Tour features

2 countries, 3 languages, 4 ancient cities with rich cultural heritage. Culture and history of Central Asia (Turkestan and Sogdiana).

And of course people, kind, hospitable, speaking a familiar language.

Take a great chance to show your child the beauty and power of nature.

Perhaps together you will conquer a mountain peak.

Forget about the heavy load behind your back and tedious multi-day treks.

One-day radial hikes and small auto adventures to see more.

Variety of natural landscapes, mountain trekking, lack of mass tourism.

Fruits, nuts, fresh meat and clean air. Spring recharges in these places!

Tour program Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

The heart of ancient Asia, Tajikistan is the ancient monuments of Zoroastrianism and the treasures of the Great Silk Road, the

According to the Committee for Youth, Sports and Tourism under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, in the first half of 2014, about 74 thousand people visited the country for tourism purposes, spending about $ 37 million.

These numbers are growing from year to year, but still do not reflect the real possibilities of Tajikistan. And they are almost limitless in the country.

Two troubles of Tajik tourism

In Tajikistan, they can already offer tourist routes of varying degrees of difficulty, health, ecological, mountain and ethnographic types of tourism, rock climbing and mountaineering, other extreme sports, visiting historical, cultural and natural attractions, hunting and fishing, cycling, car and horse routes and much, much more.

The number of tourism organizations is growing from year to year - out of 134 companies that have received licenses, 90 actually work. The number of visitors to the country and domestic tourists is also increasing. The conditions for their reception are improving, infrastructure is developing: roads, bridges and tunnels are being built, which facilitate movement both within the country and in transit through its territory (especially between the southern and central parts of Tajikistan and its northern regions, as well as the Pamir); many catering establishments have been built - restaurants, cafes, bars, and many hotels - from the five-star Hyatte Regency, Sheraton and Serena to budget guest houses (family guest houses). A hostel has even appeared in Dushanbe, where a bed costs 55 somoni (or $ 10) per day. The number of flights to and from the country is growing, and a new terminal at the Dushanbe international airport has been built. But there are also problems that seriously hamper the development of the industry, which is included by the government of Tajikistan among the priorities for the development of the country's economy.

According to Fattokh Fayzullayev, chairman of the Tajik Association of Tourist Organizations (TATO), there are two main "troubles" in the tourism industry of the republic: firstly, the staff is a lack of professional workers, and, secondly, advertising, or weak opportunities to familiarize potential external and internal tourists with the services, products and opportunities of Tajikistan.

“Tourist organizations are in dire need of professional staff who have passed not only theoretical, but also practical training. It should be noted that universities have finally begun to listen to us. For example, at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Service, our tourist workers, including company directors, began to conduct practical classes. Today, with the support of GIZ [German Society for International Cooperation - Ed.], There are three polytechnic schools that train tourist workers - in Penjikent, Khujand and Dushanbe. Yes, the number of organizations is growing from year to year, but I would like it to be a qualitative growth, for professional people to work there, ”Fayzullaev said.

One of the most important ways to solve the second problem, the TATO chairman considers participation in international tourism fairs, where companies and, in general, countries can clearly and easily present their services and products to potential partners, sponsors and clients.

“We have already created a group that is preparing to participate in the ITB [International Tourism Exchange - ed.] in Berlin. I think that next year we will participate not only there, but also in English and Japanese fairs. Also, after the event in Berlin, we want to take part in the work of the fair in Moscow, which will take place in March. Today we must turn our face to the Russian tourist, we must invite them, show them Tajikistan. It used to be this way and now it should be so, ”Fayzullaev said.

National Tourism Organization will join forces

The theme of the next Meeting of Tourist Organizations (STO-2014), which took place last week in Dushanbe, was the creation of the National Tourist Organization (NTO). Representatives of commercial and public industry companies, government agencies and international organizations discussed the possibilities of the new structure to influence the acceleration of tourism development through the coordination of efforts, the development of public-private partnerships and the involvement of all interested market participants.

Philip Riedl, invited expert, World Bank International Tourism Adviser, who headed NTO in the UK for several years, believes that the creation of such a body in Tajikistan will help coordinate the provision of tourism services in the country, make them easier and more convenient for the buyer , to unite the fragmented (consisting of many elements) industry, as well as to professionally “sell” the opportunities of specific territories. In his opinion, the widest circle of individuals and organizations receive benefits from tourism.

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