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Hot winter in Dmitrov

At the ski resort of Leonid Tyagachev in the Dmitrovsky urban district, the season is open. And on December 7, the most massive race will take place here within the framework of the large-scale festival “Sport! Snow! Laughter!". An unforgettable celebration awaits guests with a concert, horseback riding and fireworks.

The ski slope of Leonid Tyagachev is not only for amateurs and professionals, but also for beginners. If you have never skied, the local instructors are ready to teach you from scratch.

The ski club will provide you with everything you need

Boots, of course, are better to have your own, because they become practically an extension of the leg. But, if you do not have your own - here, at the rental, you will be provided with all the equipment, including skis. People who ski for the first time will be taken to the smallest slope. So beginners have nothing to worry about. The instructor will show you how to stand up correctly, keep your balance and what to focus on.

“If you drop your arms here, your shoulders are back, and you're not pushing enough. Therefore, hands are in this position, ”said Nikolay Borisov, instructor of the ski club of Leonid Tyagachev.

Feet need to be nailed down. This will help to slow down at the right moments.

"Skis set at an angle to each other are called a plow in alpine skiing," said Nikolai Borisov, instructor at the ski club of Leonid Tyagachev.

It can be scary at first, but then excitement appears. And you want more and more new heights.

“The main slopes, as you can see, are on that side. They are already prepared. But this is for good skiers. And everyone starts here. On this children's learning slope. I am nearby, ”said Nikolai Borisov, instructor at the ski club of Leonid Tyagachev.

Photo source: TV channel "360"

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So what about Turkey? (spoiler: you can take it)

Today I will tell you in detail about all the nuances of trips to Turkey this season: what about charters, security measures and prices. I have great news: the charter program has been confirmed. This means that you can already buy full-fledged package tours without overpayments for the regular flight (with departure dates from August 10th). render completely.

In order for the trip to be perfect, and you returned from vacation even healthier and more tanned :) than you were before leaving for it, airlines and hotels have taken a number of measures.

In my opinion, all these measures are absolutely adequate and do not darken travel in any way (and in some ways they even make it better, but more on that below), but as your travel agent, I consider it important to give you have a complete alignment - so that the decision to 'fly/not fly' is made consciously.

In the summer of 2017, in order to carry out cultural and leisure activities, a swift rush into the taiga was made. For rafting down the taiga river. Today I will show you a few photos of the preparatory period on the shore and the construction of a catamaran, which became for a couple of weeks a means of transportation on rough and not very waters ... Assembling a catamaran is a very exciting experience.

Stop just dreaming about mountains - it's time to take the first step!

Dmitrovsky Mountain Tourism Club announces admission to the School of Mountain Tourism of the basic level of 2018!

you will learn at our lectures and seminars * how to walk safely and with pleasure in the mountains, collect a backpack and a cool team, cross rivers, provide first aid and much more;

you will learn how to reliably set up a tent and make a fire, cook hearty food and easily navigate the terrain during weekend hikes around Moscow;

you will improve your fitness and understand how to deal with fears and anxiety - training on natural terrain and competitions to help you!

you will discover an amazing world of mountains and great guys, enthusiasts and travelers, and in the summer you will go on your first real mountain hike!

Requirements for students of basic level SHGT: age from 18 years, no medical contraindications, good physical fitness, desire to go in for mountain tourism, go hiking!

Classes start: November 23, 2017! All classes are free!

* lectures and seminars will be held once a week, in the building of the Dmitrovskaya Interdistrict Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Dmitrov, Professionalnaya St., 1a).

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