Topic: Central Tuva: mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts

Topic: Central Tuva: mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts

Central Tuva: mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts July, g

I propose a simple bike trip in Central Tyva, in which we will go, and more than once, all the natural zones of southern Siberia: dry steppes, larch forests, dark coniferous taiga, mountain tundra, large and small rivers, salt and fresh lakes , and even swampy deserts. The route is completely unpopular, hardly anyone traveled there on bicycles, about 10 walking days, on soils, stones and sands, about 600 km. On the way to the steppe, you often come across ancient burials. Tentative dates July 23 - August 4, 2016

5-kilometer route map:

(the map can be downloaded in full size)

You can download the track project and see its height profile here

A distinctive feature of this hike is a simple transfer scheme: by bus Krasnoyarsk - Kyzyl to Turan, and exit from the route by bus from Kyzyl. 1st day. At night we go by bus, in the morning we arrive at the regional center of Turan, we are taking food for 2 days from Krasnoyarsk, so we don’t have to buy anything, we’ll go straight away, then - Khadyn village - pass through the ridge. Uyuk (1360 m) - r. Bayan-Kol. 65 km 2nd day. R. Orta-Khem - Kara-Tal village - Ezhim village - per. Chymchan-Art (1100 m, it is possible to go around it along the banks of the Yenisei) - r. Demir-Sug - ferry crossing through the Yenisei - Shagonar (purchase of food for 2 days). 70 km. 3rd day. Shagonar - we will specially go to the village with the funny name Choduura - the village of Torgalyg - r. Torgalyg, there will be a great climb to the pass through the ridge. Western Tannu-Ola. 65 km. 4th day. Bayan-Tagny pass (2100 m) - river again. Torgalyg, but already different, southern - again Torgalyg, again another, aka Dus-Dag (salt mountain) - Chaa-Suur - r. Irbitay. On this day, everything is downhill, 85 km. 5th day. R. Irbitei - Lake Amdaigyn-Khol (sol.) - Ak-Chira settlement - Khol-Oozhu settlement. 100 km in very desolate terrain, there may be water problems. 6th day. Search for the optimal path to the mountain lake Kara-Khol (1739 m). It would seem that you just need to go up the river. Hol-Oozhu, which flows out of this lake, and then there are no passes on the way, but there is no such road on the map, you need to find out from the locals. You can stop at the lake for half a day, depending on your mood. 30 km. 7th day. lake Kara-Khol - r. Durgen - lake. Chagytay (big, beautiful, fresh) - lake. Khadin (sol.). 60 km. 8th day. You can choose from the very popular salty lakes Dus-Khol (Svatikovo) or Cheder (sanatoriums, resorts) - Kyzyl. 60 km. Remains in stock for 1-2 days.

In some places, our path falls into the 5-km border zone, so you need to issue a pass. Now this can be done on the website of state services, for which first register there and choose the service "obtaining an individual pass to enter the border zone" of the Frontier Directorate of the FSB for the Republic of Tyva. In the application, indicate the full name, address, place of work and list all areas of southern Tuva: Mongun-Taiginsky, Ovyursky, Tes-Khemsky, Erzinsky (up to heaps), and the visit period is from 2016. 7.1 to 2016. 8. 1. Purpose of the trip - cycling tourism. In the text message, indicate “please send a pass to the address. , Full name., Contact. Tel., Email. " It's all free, you can order a pass at least every year just in case, no one will actually force you to go. After 2 days I received a message that it was fulfilled, it remains to wait for the postage. Or you can, in the old fashioned way, first send a letter to the PU of the FSB of Russia in the rep. Tyva with a statement (667001, Rep. Tyva, Kyzyl, Druzhby st., 42 A) tel. 8 (39422) 27919. But this is much longer, and the letter can lie there for weeks.

I invite all those who are interested, we will discuss the timing, clarify. Tel. +79509806159 (Tele2), +79131996977 (MTS), +79333348361 (Megafon).

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Topic: Central Tuva: mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts

The Tyva Republic is a region in the south of eastern Siberia, located near the border of Russia with Mongolia. The rich history of these places is reflected in numerous archaeological finds: ancient rock paintings, Scythian burial mounds, Buddhist shrines. The natural attractions of Tuva are no less diverse - there are several dozen nature reserves on the territory of the republic. We have collected the most interesting tourist sites in the region, which are worth your time to see.

Apartments for rent:

Por-Bazhyn Fortress

In the southeast of Tuva there is a large lake Tere-Khol, on one of the islands of which the ruins of the ancient fortress Por-Bazhyn were discovered. This unusual archaeological site has been known since the beginning of the 18th century; the first serious research was carried out in the 1950s. Today, scientists believe that the fortress was erected more than a thousand years ago, in the 8th century AD. ., it belongs to the ancient Uyghur culture.

Why visit:

Por-Bazhyn is interesting for both scientists and ordinary tourists due to its mystery. Despite the excavations, there is still no consensus about why the fortress was built. Someone believes that there were temple buildings here, someone is inclined to the version about the military significance of the complex. At the same time, archeologists agree that for some reason the fortress, the construction of which took a lot of effort and resources, was almost never used.

Although the main part of the complex has been destroyed by time, the remains of the outer adobe walls, whose height reaches 12 meters and the width - 10 meters, as well as traces of internal buildings, are still preserved on the island. In dry weather, tourists can get to Lake Tere-Khol by car; a pedestrian bridge leads to the island from the shore.

Address: Por-Bazhyn, Tere-Kholsky district, Tyva, Russia.

Biosphere Reserve "Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina"

On the border of Russia and Mongolia, there is a large salt lake Ubsu-Nur, surrounded by unique natural landscapes. On the territory of Tyva, adjacent to the lake, in 1993 the Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina nature reserve was founded.

Why visit:

The reserve is divided into several clusters, traveling through which you can see glaciers, taiga forests, desert and steppe zones, mountains with alpine meadows. Hundreds of animal species live in the protected area, including more than 80 species of mammals. Among the most interesting local inhabitants are snow leopards, mountain sheep, camels.

The territory of the "Ubsunur Basin" is suitable for different types of recreation:

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