TOP-10 Kits for tourism that will definitely come in handy

Choosing camping utensils: how and which one to choose

Food cooked on an open fire has a unique taste and aroma, and the mere mention of a picnic in the countryside causes increased salivation. In the meantime, the preparation of field meals does not require any special skills. The main thing is that the backpack contains the necessary food, a supply of water and camping utensils for cooking over a fire.

Everything is clear with the first components, because every tourist has his own food supply. With dishes it is more difficult. It is believed that any old saucepan or bucket will work for campfire.

As a result, having eaten stew from a galvanized or enameled container, "smart people" get digestive disorders, poisoning. To prevent this from happening, the cookware must meet the criteria described below.

How does tourist tableware differ from homeware

Almost all campfire cookware models have an oval bottom. This ensures fast and even heating of the container. Perhaps this is the main difference from home pots with a flat base.

The containers will have to be carried by yourself, so opt for compact versions made of lightweight materials. This is insignificant if you are planning a country picnic and everything you need is transported in the trunk of a car, but it is important on long journeys, when every extra gram behind you becomes a burden.

The lightest campfire cookware is made of titanium, extruded aluminum. Stainless steel products are slightly heavier. Non-lifting cast iron is not at all suitable for carrying in a back bag.

To save space in your backpack and not overload your spine when hiking, ditch bulky fire utensils in favor of a pressure cooker. A universal, multifunctional container is suitable for cooking the first and second courses, frying fish, boiling water for tea.

Basic trekking set

The days when tourists were limited to a bowler hat, knife and spoon are long gone. Now hikers are not accustomed to deny themselves comfort, and, going on a long expedition, take a set of dishes with them.

TOURISM KITS. If you prefer active rest and it brings you pleasure and joy of direct communication with nature, in the company of good friends, this review is for you.

You are going on a long-awaited journey to the forest, to the river, to the seashore. What to take with you besides the tent? Nowadays, there are many accessories and household items to achieve maximum comfort even here, far from civilization.

And we begin our collection with dishes, a wonderful set for a tourist, you should definitely put it in your backpack. And what kind of set it will be, you will decide after reading our review.

Stanley Adventure - a set of cookware for tourism

A set of a famous brand, originally from the USA. The dishes of this manufacturer are made in the style of minimalism, but the strict design in no way makes the items less attractive, especially since the manufacturer has provided its products with an eternal guarantee.

Let's go back to the set. It consists of two steel pots, 1,2; 2.3 liters, scoop, scoop and two bowls. The dishes are conveniently folded, one in one, which is very convenient for transportation, lightweight, easy to clean, in the field.

It is worth noting that experienced tourists love these high-quality, hardy dishes, which never fail and do not create problems in cooking, such food, which is especially tasty in the bosom of nature.

Snow Peak Touring Titanium Cookware Set

Outwardly, this set from a Japanese manufacturer looks very simple and rather primitive. But do not rush, it is nevertheless worth paying attention to these dishes. Behind the external simplicity, there are such positive qualities as lightness, practicality and reliability.

Consists of a set of 4 elements: 2 saucepans (1 liter and 0.77 liters) and two convenient pans. There is a measuring scale on the sides of the dishes. Made of titanium, it has simple wire handles, which explains the very low weight, imperceptible even on foot. The set is packed in a nylon bag. 15 by 10 cm, this volume will be occupied by the dishes in your backpack.

And the credibility of the manufacturer providing tourists with everything from tents to small accessories is beyond doubt.

Optimus Terra - a tourist set of dishes from a Swedish manufacturer

This company specializes in the production of tableware, specifically for hiking and cooking in the field.

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